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  1. Debut album from Midgenuun, due for release very soon! I had the pleasure of writing the lyrics for this project and I'm very excited to hear the final product. The link takes you to a preview of War Without End. More to follow soon.
  2. Finnish power metal band Skygazers have released their debut album "Call of Eternity". Singles: Dark Night Suite Living Sun, Dreamin Moon Full album is available on Bandcamp.
  3. Doomshade is almost done recording their new record, Ozymandias. The Doomshade debut album was with Open Grave Records and we toured from 2007 - 2009. We have some new music you can hear at www.reverbnation.com/doomshade We just posted a few live videos on Youtube. Our video budget is non existant so we did it ourselves... Thank You
  4. Hey guys, my friends are releasing their first album soon They're called Black Sun Tales , please check out the first track and give them your support https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAM30m2XslQ
  5. Hi, guys! This thread is dedicated to my fantasy-metal project - FS PROJEKT. Basically it's a my one-man project in which I collaborate with various musicians like Pawel "Pawulon" Jaroszewicz (Hate, Antigama, ex-Decapitated, ex-Vader), Andrey Ischenko (Arkona, Paul Di Anno, Blaze Bayley, Catharsis, Hieronymus Bosch), Oleg Mishin (Catharsis, O.M., ex-End Zone), Evgeniy "Zhenk"Belousov (#####-5deiz) and Rodrigo Abelha (Nacionarquia, Iris Lacava, Luca Orsini). So far there are 6 short releases available (2 EPs and 4 singles). You can listen to it here: http://fsprojekt.com https://fsp
  6. Hello! I am Joel, the lead guitarist and songwriter from Coup de Grâce! Coup De Grâce is a female-fronted power metal band from Singapore delivering heavy metal with an eclectic, avant-garde dimension. From sounds ranging from fast-paced galloping rhythms to a symphonic experience, Coup De Grâce draws its influences from the likes of Iron Maiden, Nightwish and Iced Earth. We just released our EP today, 12/04/18. We are hoping for some thoughts on what you guys think? Maybe perhaps you can help us distinguish our genre? We are unable to classify ourselves but most of the peopl
  7. I want to find interlocutors outside of Russia. Metalheads and just interesting people.
  8. Came across these guys on Spotify - very solid traditional metal...maybe power metalish - killer deal on limited vinyl. I think if you like Maiden, Fates Warning, old school metal...difficult to say who they really sound like - very unique sound, and I think Jim Morris produced all of it. Supposedly have a new album sometime this year - https://www.artizanmetal.com/artizan-merchandise
  9. Yes, Space Vikings! New EP just released! https://spacevikings.bandcamp.com/album/eternal-destiny
  10. Greetings fellow metalheads. We are Obsidian Eyes hailing from the small town of Coshocton, OH. We are a female fronted melodic metal band, combining many different styles in to a unique package. This our first single released titled, Roses to Fill an Ocean. It's dedicated to those with the lung disease Cystic Fibrosis. We hope to have the album released in its entirety by the end of the year. Hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think.
  11. Greetings, Metal Forum community. I'm an artist and lover of things metal. My favorite genres/subgenres are, as tagged, progressive, death, heavy, thrash, symphonic, power, speed, and gothic metal, as well as metalcore, djent and nwobhm. My compositions tend to blend or use these genres most heavily. I play drums, guitar, and sing. I also write rock songs but I won't burden you with the details since this is the metal forum after all :D. Posted a thread in the Promote your Band forum, and will try to give feedback to others as I know, being an artist myself, how important
  12. Check out this new norwegian metal opera ALDARIA. This is a metal opera in the vein of the first Avantasia albums, and has in some reviews been hailed as the true successor to the legendary Helloween "Keepers" albums. The album is out on March 24th on Pride & Joy Music from Germany. The album features stellar performances from members from bands like Helloween, Masterplan, Falconer, Symphony X, Angra, Rhapsody Of Fire, Sabaton among others. Two singles has been released so far, and one lyric video: Another Life - https://open.spotify.com/track/454voKA75FQUiWpnayModp Guardians Of Th
  13. Hello everyone, we are Backscattered, Backscattered is a Power metal band from México and actually have one full EP recently launched in all electronic platforms. If you have spotify you can add us to your play list or just listen by streaming at: Or if you preffer downloadings also you can find us by Aplle Music and iTunes at: https://itunes.apple.com/mx/album/in-the-hands-of-wind-ep/id1206998382 and by Google play at: https://play.google.com/store/music/artist/Backscattered?id=Afrovlmgzj3m2cssd7mmpo2rc54&hl=es or in any other electronic platform just searching
  14. Hi all! I go by Alex Chaos in the musician community, I hail from Canada, and I initially joined to promote an album I had put forth on youtube about 9 months ago which I hope you will enjoy! It is always nice to meet new people , make friends and discussed one of our favorite topics, that being awesome music! That being said I would like to provide a little background about this album! In 2013, I had joined a local Progressive power metal/folkmetal band as their new lead vocalist. Unfortunately it didn't last long as the band decided they didn't want to be a serious project anymor
  15. HAZE band presents the debut work - clip on the key track of the eponymous album I AM THE WAY!! We are looking forward to the feedbacks, reviews, comments and opinions. The inspirer of the whole work is the great David Lynch, creator of the cult TV series of 90's Twin Peaks! Follow us:https://www.facebook.com/groups/HazeMetal/ https://soundcloud.com/hazemetalbandhttps://vk.com/haze.band https://www.instagram.com/haze_metalband/ Thanks
  16. New band out of New York. We'd love to get your opinions on our stuff. THANKS! DEATH OF LICINIUS II
  17. Hey all We are Alastria, a new Power metal band based in South East Kent in England. We take our main influences from bands such as Sonata Arctica, Nightwish and Stratovarius. Please take a moment to give our music a listen and let us know what you think! Here is a trailer for our debut EP which will be released in September: Alive video of us performing our track 'Destruction by Design': And a link to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/alastriamusic/ Cheers!
  18. ShadowLand is a new Metal band from Greece aspiring to broaden music horizons through harmony innovation and lyric poetry. Here is the band's biography as taken from their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/shadowlandgr). Darkness... It was foretold that it would come... Now spread like a fungus beneath humanity's skin, passing over our heads , the black death of this era. Lies, confusion, obedience and delusion. But a crack in the political correctness of the Masters, equals a crack on the gates of Tartarus himself. And deep down in the bowels of existence, lies th
  19. In April 2016 Farseer will release their debut album Fall Before The Dawn; 12 songs showcasing the band’s unique blend of power and progressive metal. Following the release of the album the band are planning an extensive tour of the UK, as well as promoting the album through the rest of Europe and North America. Farseer are a five piece power metal band hailing from the heathen lands of Glasgow, Scotland. Having formed in 2008 Farseer have risen from their humble beginnings to Scotland’s premier power metal band. In 2009 they released their debut E.P. Storm that sold out in a few w
  20. Hi guys, my band called STORMBREAKER. Today we are present to you our new single "Time is running out" and we will be glas to receive from uou any feedback. https://soundcloud.com/tirael/time-is-running-out
  21. Hello I'd like to sale an ultra rare and hard to find vintage Chroming Rose t-shirt concert from Garden Of Eden Tour 1991. This t-shirts are from personal collections (100% authentic). Superb condition and almost like new with no defective items, no rips, holes or stains found! Buy with confidence. Measurement : 21.6" (Body Width) 27.5" (Body Length) 8.7" (Sleeve Length) If interested you can buying directly through : Link 1 or Link 2 or Link 3 or Link 4 FREE Shipping Worldwide! Package shipped with EMS (Express Mail Service) within 2-3 working days after receiving / c
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