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Found 145 results

  1. hails just joined but very excited to be here and to meet new people with common interests. my favorite genres of metal are black metal, doom metal and death metal
  2. Hello everyone! Here's some new black metal from Finland! One black metal and one ambient track. If you're interested, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you if you listened!
  3. I know that they’ve released albums with bands like Absurd and a couple other NSBM acts, but the frontman said that it’s not about nazism, but rather fully about satanism no matter the circumstances. They’ve been barred from festivals and stuff. I personally like the band, but I was wondering how people would react if you had a patch of theirs on your jacket, because I don’t want to be portrayed as a Nazi.
  4. Here is the first band for this year's Inkestas Rock Festibal (free entrance) From Poland, Black Tundra!!! Facebook Event --> https://es-es.facebook.com/events/sopelana/inkestas-rock-festibal-2020/501728287123036/
  5. Got to releasing my 2007 (desolate black metal) Nordicwinter "Threnody" (NMB Records) release on bandcamp. https://nordicwinter.bandcamp.com/album/threnody
  6. So the Under the Black Sun (UTBS) festival is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year and it's my third time to be there. It's a pure black metal festival with only around 1,000 people, great atmosphere and everything you would want from a black metal festival. Unfortunately the location where the festival took place for the last 12 years is not available anymore (and it's a shame because it was nothing less than brilliant), but I'm nevertheless looking forward to going there tomorrow. It just feels like some kind of "home sweet home" for black metal. Following bands are playing this year: ANGANTYR ARKONA BALMOG BEATEN VICTORIOUSES BESATT CHOTZAE CORPUS CHRISTII CRIMSON MOON Cryfemal Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Darkmoon Warrior ENGULFED EVIL SPIRIT Hetroertzen IN THE WOODS ... Inferno INFINITY Kult MAKE A CHANGE ... KILL YOURSELF MONARQUE Nocturnal Depression PANYCHIDA SATAN WORSHIP STREAMS OF BLOOD The Ruins Of Beverast
  7. Hey guy I just finished a new album for my blackened death project Sorrow Enthroned. If you have time it would mean the world if you give it a listen. Stay evil. https://sorrowenthroned.bandcamp.com/album/the-embrace-of-nocturnal-sorrow
  8. Preview: https://archive.org/details/pakkaslumi17 Mp3: https://archive.org/download/pakkaslumi17/Valovoima%20-%202019%20-%20Moonlit%20forest_mp3.zip Flac: https://archive.org/download/pakkaslumi17/Valovoima%20-%202019%20-%20Moonlit%20forest_flac.zip
  9. I was wondering for longtime metal fans to tell me which bands are completely awful live. I've heard of a couple, like Mastodon and Nile, but what do you guys think?
  10. Hello all, really got interested in black metal almost by accident; was once in Leeds and decided to take a chance back then on what I thought was just a load of noise, how wrong I was! Now its not exactly defined generally as black metal, COF Cruelty and the Beast got me started in the realms of metal more importantly and from there it developed into an intense, but short lived psychotic rage almost over Hyprocisy albums (melodic death metal?) the tides switched with a period of illness and had more time to spare on music. Somehow it morphed into black metal interests but can't for the life of me remember how. Here is what i've been listening to of late Belphegor, Baxaxaxa, Ritual, Maniac Butcher and Wolves Eyes
  11. Hi. This is thrash/black metal band Arwat from Croatia with it's first EP. Until there are videos for every song and a bandcamp release, we made this youtube video with every song. Check it out, and give us feedback, it would mean a lot to us. Thanks!
  12. Well it all started from humble beginnings for me, but I do remember been nearly blasted across the room by this massive alien type amplifier system from a very young age, would of usually been synth pop that my parents would listen to, but now predominantly black metal ''for me at least''. Since about 2013 been into Black Metal from listening to some of the late 1990's albums by such artists as Witchbane, Profanum, COF ''Although their exact style never seems to be in one place at any given time'' and early Manes too. Mainly the occult dude.
  13. Hello everyone. I am new to this forum (and forum positing in general) I've been listening to bands like nokturnal mortum, emperor, shylmagoghnar etc - along with some less "black" metal bands on and off for over a decade. nokturnal mortum and emperor are life long loves of mine in particular. I had a death metal phase for a while too - gorotted, gorgasm, dying fetus, pig destroyer, black dahlia murder, etc... Whereas I think my own relationship with death metal was a reflection of a certain time in my life (I don't enjoy it so much as I used to) - black metal seems to have a timeless quality (at least to me). I've been wanting to get into art for a few years.. but have kind of hesitated.. now I am beginning to think I should just ease my way into it and let it grow naturally. I have decided to start making atmospheric black metal. I am not yet a musician.. I cannot play a single instrument.. but in the true tradition of black metal (at least what I understand it to be) - I'm going to start with whatever resources I have (I own an acoustic guitar and have access to music making software) - and go from there. I am hoping there might be some people on this forum who could offer me some tips. I want to buy an electric guitar eventually. Maybe even a drum kit in the future too (when my finance allows - though for the meantime I can use a drum machine). I was thinking I would start by getting to know the guitar via my acoustic. I guess my question is, in terms of learning to play the acoustic, what genre best translates to that classic "atmospheric black metal" sound that we hear? and which ones best translate when moved over to electric? If that makes sense. I have played around a little with simple finger picking exercises.. but knowing which genres would translate best into atmospheric kind of black metal would make a world of difference. And any other advice others have in these regards would also be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks to anyone who comments. Tony
  14. Hi, I was helping out my friend with his side-project and I think it turned out quite interesting. We also have a review of the whole EP (it's coming out 08/21/2019), you can check it out here. It is a pretty diverse EP, there are more black and more blackened with rock-ish riffed songs. One song is out already: Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify (soon) Cheers.
  15. Hailz, Looking for guitarist/bassist interested to form an online/international band. Preferably able to come up with Black metal riffs and do home recording. Im a drummer and I can do home drum recording as well. email me at [email protected], im open to discussions. Cheers
  16. The new album, In Nomine Mortis, is available now through Humanity's Plague Productions! You can listen to the whole album here As well, you can check out the two tracks released for the album via Youtube, The Serpentine Possession Breathing Dust The album can be ordered by visiting the bandcamp link or, for US residents, visiting the Humanity's Plague Productions discogs page.
  17. https://malevolent.bandcamp.com/ Malevolent is a one-piece raw melancholic ambient black metal project from West Tennessee. Harsh vocals, distorted guitars, raw sound, and dark ambient elements. If this is something that interests you please check it out. Thanks.
  18. Hi, I'm thinking about buying a guitar for playing death metal and black metal. Have you goys got any sugestions of what brand the guitar should be or with one it should be? I was thinking LTD or Ibanez. Let me know if i'm thinking right (btw, I'm from Belgium)
  19. I am in a one man band and I make black metal. It is a little on the lo-fi side of things, but I still put a lot of work into it. I've made two full albums now, and really hope you will give some of my tunes a listen. Comments and critiques are much welcomed as well. https://cormetal.bandcamp.com/ https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/cityofrats/city-of-rats-2
  20. Voices of Grief, the Russian Black/Doom Metal band has just had it's self titled Debut EP released by MSH Music Group (UK). The tracklist, 1. Epitaph to Tragedy 2. Schizodramatic Nebulact of Disowning 3. The Gravendark Eclipse 4. Hysteria in the Blasphemous Void 5. Between Forgiveness and Damage Done Below you listen to opening track 'Epitaph to Tragedy' https://youtu.be/LtEmaRlKVqY Buy Link, MSH MUSIC STORE
  21. The first entry in this new blog section celebrating the Finnish BM scene is dedicated to one of the finest split releases I have ever heard. In July 2004, Grievantee Productions released this split EP from two of the most established and revered acts on the BM scene in Finland. A split of real contrast, this offering gave two sides of the coin in every aspect. The lo-fi production of Horna with the shrieking vocals of Corvus at the front of the delivery giving marked difference to the scathing yet melodic attack of Behexen. I have read much criticism of Horna's contribution and to some degree I can understand this. The almost soulless performance sounds empty and devoid of depth in some ways. Yet this in so many ways is also why it works so well for me. The performance sounds authentic and atavistic, like the awakening of something believed to be long-dead and forgotten, now brought back to some living/undead state to unleash its ancient threat on an unsuspecting world. Punky stabs underpin the relentless delivery giving space for some respectful foot stomping as well as neck snapping. The grim and dank nature of Horna's four tracks here match perfectly the artwork that adorns (this version) of the release. It feels like Finnish BM, full of such cold hatred and pure, unbridled suffering. Its grimness punctuated by the already mentioned vocal prowess of Corvus. Horna here remind me of the understated riffing of Darkthrone elevated in an absolute maelstrom of pitch black darkness. By way of contrast, Behexen have a cleaner sound from the off. Obviously more melodic yet still racing and aggressive to make them marginally more accessible than Horna. Hoath's vocals are more buried in the mix than Corvus' but the intense gallop and scathing delivery somehow elevates them just enough. There's definitely more of a feeling of there being a "wall" of noise on the Behexen contribution but the tracks themselves have a more discernible series of transitions that fill the soundscape perfectly, permeating the parts Horna's contribution cannot reach. Despite the marked difference in production values, the Behexen tracks compliment the Horna ones perfectly (and vice the versa). The combination of the two styles make the EP a triumph of opposites and I find this EP works really well on shuffle to emphasise this. Of the Behexen tracks, "A Distant Call From Darkness" is my preferred choice with its blend of galloping riffage, scathing vocals and melancholic melody. The guitar sound on this track is fucking pandemic level infectious! I would encourage any BM fan to purchase and embrace this most essential of Finnish BM releases. 5/5
  22. Hey there I'm Aave. I run Silent Throne Records based out of Iron Mountain, MI. I currently have two artists under Silent Throne, a one man raw black metal powerhouse in SMOG, and the ethereal aural experience that is Aave. Keep in mind though both artists are just hobbyist mostly self taught. If you have any comments or feedback please feel free to express them. Thank you for the time and thanks for the listen.
  23. Láðspell is a two piece created to explore the darkest parts of human history and folklore. Their first song of their upcoming album is titled "Peshtigo". The song is a retelling of the massive fire that consumed over 1,500 people. The song can be streamed at the link below. https://lowthspell.bandcamp.com/track/peshtigo More to come soon.
  24. Czarna Magia is a Polish Black Metal band created by Balrog (Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics) and Jakub (Bass). Lyrics are devoted to occultism and misanthropy. Homerecorded and mixed by Balrog. Our first EP "Inwokacja Pierwotnej Mocy" was released on CD by the label "The End of Time Records" and digital on Bandcamp (Independent) All five tracks are available for streaming here : https://czarnamagia.bandcamp.com/releases