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    A Vtuber that is working to share and celebrate music. Currently reviewing metal albums from bandcamp, but hope to do an internet radio series or podcast in the future.
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    Listening to music, playing video games, reading, body-building.

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    Video games, music (mostly metal, but I like a lot), reading, body-building.

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  1. I'm always open for that, especially if you know of any new ones. I usually browse through the latest releases on bandcamp. Cheers 🤟
  2. Oh damn, thanks for the heads up. Here's me: https://youtube.com/channel/UCw3RIpckJrFYIY6EYIRHIUQ
  3. Perhaps you could set parameters for assessment, and stick to categorising rather than romanticising it? Like, x/5 for production, instrumentals, vocals, etc. Even short reviews are helpful 😀
  4. https://youtu.be/4xON9GGzYZI My review for the new Sabaton album. Enjoy! Edit: whoops, embedding didn't work. Here's the link instead!
  5. Hell yeah. How does it compare to this year's 'Elegy'?
  6. Hi friends! I'm here to check out new music and share my album reviews. I like a lot of metal and love finding cool new stuff. I've been making video reviews, and am working on more. Hope to get along!
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