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Found 12 results

  1. Hello peeps! My name is Lasse. Im a producer/ guitarist/songwriter located in Denmark. Im looking for a vocalist to collab with. I have a number of different styles to offer though i mostly do melodic death metal/melodic thrash metal. A few things to know: You must be able to record yourself My work is not of professional quality, but i do expect your quality to be matching of the overall production I do everything myself I.e Record, Program midi, mix, etc but if you know your way around a DAW better than my then i would welcome your mix I'm open for either female or male singer, and also for you to put your own take on the songs I.e Lyrics, melodies and themes of the overall project. I'm not aiming for fame and glory, i just love making music and want people to hear it. Here is some of the music that i can offer : The mix is not final https://drive.google.com/file/d/17XgTEudLaCDdDlejA6ZcRuoGOP6PlMYq/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zpr9GZ5BpKL66g3Aj6gx7nIm0RHa75hD/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1poQTMy1DY3W4XuPTYm8xLK39SKgPMfTN/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WKPEDXtE6tpajK4HMbP4-dRZFUuTKWFr/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-wO3GQ97gO35IYESPbAw_ATi-8AuuEBx/view?usp=sharing Personal note I'm a chill dude, loves cats and cookies! I have standards, though with certain things i can be flexible I would like to work with one or more vocalist if such a scenario should arise, though the project will be on a person to person basis.
  2. Our new album "Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era" is available now for free download from our bandcamp page along with the rest of our discography. For fans of melodic metal/melodic death metal, check us out! theneologist.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/theneologist
  3. Good afternoon! We are a symphonic metal band DemUnillusions. We are from a very distant northern city of Russia. The city of Severomorsk. We create our own music and try to show it to the world, to say that we are here. Perhaps you can watch, and most importantly, listen. You might like it. Perhaps you can listen to our material and share your opinion, tell someone about us who might like it. We really want to move on, but there is no metal industry in our country. And we just ask for all possible help from everyone who loves this kind of music. You can listen to us in all our resources - we really need support to move on. Perhaps with your help, bit by bit, we can take the next step. The most important links are below. Perhaps someone will help us on Patreon, someone will just join us on Facebook... We are here. And we continue to write symphonies and metal. Thank you for your attention!) Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/demunillusions_official Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/demunillusions Official Site -https://demunillusions.com YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4tdZZRSwWyCfZh7o1_6yhg?view_as=subscriber
  4. Groth


    Hello everyone! This is my new solo metal project. Groth. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXMYrXXVkDLv2lKArVkaoZA?view_as=subscriber https://grothmusic.bandcamp.com/releases The aim is to collaborate with visual artists as well as other music artists to create storytelling-style music, videos and artwork. The EP is called Vetur (Winter) and features the Faroese language and scenery. There will be more material released in the near future so stay tuned. You are welcome to subscribe, share, like and contact me if you want to upload the material on other YouTube channels and more. Thank you Groth
  5. Hey Peeps! I just want to promote and rant about my band Sadauk a bit. Some info may be totally uninteresting for most of you but what the hell. The band formed back in 1996 and from that era we have 2 members left, vocalist Joppe and on Bass Dice. Before I joined the band Dice used to be the main composer/guitarist, but since he joined Starblind on Bass he wanted to continue on that path. In 2016 he came back to Sadauk after a 3 year absence when we asked him if he could record the bass for A New Dawn. Many of the songs on the album were his old songs that I had put my touch on based on old demos from the 90´s + some newer songs like Battle a God, Sage and Jester and Saling Away. As for me (Mats/Guitars) I joined the band back in January 2014 when it was more or less revived "for real" again after a long hiatus. The band was well known for me as I had met Joppe back in 2001 and got the first demo Theatre of War on cassette (released 1997). In the almost 6 years that we have been working on the future with Sadauk we have done a few but very successful gigs, the latest one at House of Metal festival in the north of sweden. Our debut album is not the typical album you can just listen to and get caught directly, it need time before it grows on you but it´s worth it (hopefully). I love reading reviews where they actually did listen to the album a few times and mention this. Right now we are working on A New Dawn Part II and the pre-production stage is almost done. I hope some of you will take the time to give our debut album a few spins, maybe you´ll like it, or hate it. As long as you give it a chance I´ll be more than happy. Sadauk @ Facebook Sadauk on Youtube: Sailing Away (Lyric Video) Battle a God (Lyric Video) Hourglass (Live 2018) On Tears of the Sun we have lead guest vocals from Mats - Ereb Altor / Isole. On As they Sleep behind the Horizon we have a guestsolo from Jesper Johansson (ex-Morifade) who also composed all the keys/fx on the album. Links for Streaming: Sadauk @ Spotify Sadauk @ Deezer Links to buy the album: Sadauk @ Itunes Sadauk @ Amazon Sadauk @ Pure Legend records Sadauk @ Nuclear Blast Store For anyone interested enough to get all the way down here. Some of our lyrics are in black speech, as is the name of the band. "Sadauk" means Charge!/Attack!. The drums on A New Dawn is recorded by none other than Henrik Åberg (Mörk Gryning, ex-Battlelust, ex-Cyanide, ex-Leprechaun, ex-Hellmasker, ex-Satariel, ex-Wombbath, ex-Overtorture (live), ex-Sectu (live), ex-Gates of Ishtar, ex-Incinerator, ex-Necromicon, ex-Slowgate) (links to Metal Archives). All the art for this album was made by Peter Bergting. The booklet is a 24 page version with art made for every song. It´s a common mistake for media to get the line-up wrong. Since Sadauk was a project when we entered the studio and converted more into a band after it was all finished it got a bit confusing. Sadauk Line-up when recording A New Dawn: (links to Metal Archives) Henrik Åberg Drums Daniel Tillberg Bass Joppe Crambert Vocals Mats Nehl Guitars Henrik Snickars Guitars Guests/Session: Jesper Johansson Keyboards, FX arrangements, Guitars (track 9) Therése Vocals Stefan Bass (tracks 8, 10) Henrik Åberg Drums Lennie Spetze Keyboards (track 1 (Intro) Additional personell: Peter Bergting Cover art Sverker "Widda" Widgren Mastering, Mixing, Recording (Wing Studios) Sadauk line-up 2019: Joppe - Vocals (1996 -->) Therése - Vocals (2016 -->) Daniel - Bass (1996 -->) Mats - Guitar (2014 -->) Hernan - Drums (2018 -->) Tracklisting for `A New Dawn´ released in December 2017 on Pure Legend Records. 1. Overture - Ancient Lithdor 02:44 Show lyrics 2. Act 1 - Melhinis Death 05:39 Show lyrics 3. Act 2 - Cursed Land 05:49 Show lyrics 4. Act 3 - Battle a God 05:42 Show lyrics 5. Epitaph - Funeral Among Roses 02:00 Show lyrics 6. Posterity - Eleannas Prophecy 03:48 Show lyrics 7. Vikingagillets kväde 01:03 Show lyrics 8. Sailing Away 04:53 Show lyrics 9. As They Sleep Behind the Horizon 07:39 Show lyrics 10. Tears of the Sun 03:17 Show lyrics 11. Who Is King in Paradise 05:36 Show lyrics 12. Hourglass 04:21 Show lyrics 13. Sage and Jester 06:58 Show lyrics Total running time: 59:29 Songs 1-6 is part of the "A New Dawn" story and the rest is just mixed standalone songs. The story will continue with the same principle on the next album. For those confused regarding what Vikingagillets Kväde, it is an intro for Sailing Away. Title in English: The Viking Feasts Poem An ode to Odin Translated Lyrics: To our fathers and to beer In the moonlight the wolves howl And the raven fly over father´s stone Before our journey, a feast for Greybeard We raise our horn for the good of Æsir If I would give a short note on each song it would look something like this: 1, Ancient Lithdor: Intro made by our old keyboardist Lennie Spetze (check out his band Havamal..!!), I guess the intro builds up one to believe they are up for a epic power metal journey. Well, you couldn´t be more wrong haha. Even if it can be epic at times the first song gives you a punch straight in the guts all the way up until Therése starts singing. 2, Melhínis Death: I always thought this song was a bit too heavy and "slow" to have as the first song on the record, but it seems to have been liked by many and after all it is the first song in the story (and also the first song Sadauk ever wrote back in 1996) This song has some Black Speech that can confuse people since it goes back and forth between that and English. 3, Cursed Land: An old favourite and one of the few songs with no female vocals. Lots of fun riffs to play and some elements where Joppe talks instead of screaming. 4, Battle a God: While recording this song I really went all in with the guitars during some parts. Details most people won´t probably even hear but it was great fun to record. In this song Therése has a bigger role. 5, Funeral Among Roses: For the recording of this little epitaph we went to a beautiful church where they had a big organ, and the guy playing it is a freemason. No clicktrack was used and we did this in just a few takes. Theréses vocals are completely improvised, we just gave her the words and asked her to mess around a bit. 6, Eleanna´s Prophecy: This was a song that I had made a few months before we went in to the studio and I was uncertain if it would fit Sadauk, but when Joppe heard the demo he was blown away so there was no chance of it not being on the record. This is also one of the songs where only Joppe handles the vocals. 7, Vikingagillets Kväde: This is the intro to Sailing Away, we actually recorded this live in the studio while celebrating Sadauks 20th birthday in April 2016. So we were like 10-15 people drinking and yelling in the studio while Joppe spoke his lines. One guy was to drunk and missed the recording session since he was puking outside the facility at that moment. 8, Sailing Away: This has always been a favourite song for me, a bit folkish in the sound. We first had the intention of having Johan Hegg on vocals but unfortunately he did not have the time to do this so Joppe did it himself, and if you listen closely you will hear a clean voice dubbing Joppes voice, this is Daniel (our bassplayer). On this song our old bassplayer Stefan Östlund jumped in on session, he´s a great bassplayer so you can hear some cool stuff in it. 9, As they sleep behind the Horizon: I never liked this song much at all and was one of the opposers of it being on the record. It´s a song from the 90s and I just thought it sounded like crap. But as the other ones did not agree with me I had to first learn and interpret it and during that process I came to like it a lot. I made the outro-thing I just for shitz and giggles to mess with the others but it turned out that they liked it and wanted to keep it like that. Another fun thing is that while Jesper was arranging the keys for this song he told me there were a perfect place in the song for a guitarsolo, and my response was of course "Great, record a solo then". That´s how and why he came to play the solo. 10, Tears of the Sun: Back in 1998 Sadauk recorded a demo (unreleased) called "Tears of the Sun" and the title track I really, really liked. This was a song that no one else in the band really wanted to have on the new album but that was out of the question for me so I got them to record it anyway and it turned out great. When I sent the song to Mats (Ereb Altor / Isole) for him to record the vocals it was stripped down to only drums and guitars. I also did not give him the original demo to listen to since I wanted him to do something different with it and the outcome was in my ears amazing and so different from the original. 11, Who is King in Paradise: This was the first song I wrote to Sadauk and I still think it´s one of the best songs I´ve ever written. The chaos in the ending is orchestrated by our singer Joppe with guests like Mike (Stormburner) and no other than myself on vocals. If I remember correctly it should be (in order) Therése, Rodde, Mike, Mats (me), Jesper/Daniel, Snickars, Emil, Joppes kids, Joppe. 12, Hourglass: Starts like a nice ballad and change gears to the darker side. Really fun song to play live. 13, Sage and Jester: This song was the one I thought would be liked the most by our audience, but it seems it´s often overlooked. Vocals are handled by Therése, Daniel and Joppe. The outro is a fun thing we did in the studio just to close the album. Thats all I can think of right now, I might update this post frequently.
  6. Dark30 is a female fronted heavy metal band. The vocals are melodic with occasional screams. High attention to melodic riffs, counter melodies, intricate drums and meaningful lyrics. Music is available of Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc. If you like us, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and stream us on Spotify.
  7. WHAT AWAITS US (Hämeenlinna, Finland) creates music with melancholic melodies and technical heavy riffs with an attitude. Check us out at Spotify (click here), Instagram (click here) and Facebook (click here). Also, check out our YouTube (click here) for video content. We would love to hear from you guys, please leave comment below or on one of our social media pages to let us know what you think of our creations!
  8. Watch new music video ”Scattering ashes” : https://youtu.be/QGO0xkMOQnw Album ”Frozen Beneath” will be released September 14th by Mighty music.
  9. Hi guys, vocalist/lyricist in here, alto range, I am looking for band members for a symphonic, prog, metal band in Uk located. Or maybe an progressive one kinda like Seventh Wonder, Dream Theater, Riverside etc. I am 30 years old and very committed I love anything metal with great vocals, but heavy, symphonic, goth, dark song are kinda my favorite. Also the acoustic. Fav bands are Kamelot, serenity, Ghost bc, Nightwish, Ayreon, Avantasia, Seventh Wonder, anything symphonic and heavy metal basically I can't wait to meet ya This is me singing Kamelot's ballad Veil of Elysium and under there's a a DOOm symphonic version of Freak on The leash, by Korn made with the famous UK bases band Cyclocosmia
  10. Greetings fellow metalheads. We are Obsidian Eyes hailing from the small town of Coshocton, OH. We are a female fronted melodic metal band, combining many different styles in to a unique package. This our first single released titled, Roses to Fill an Ocean. It's dedicated to those with the lung disease Cystic Fibrosis. We hope to have the album released in its entirety by the end of the year. Hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think.
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