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Found 19 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm Ash and I'm a musician, incredibly infatuated with metal music and I regularly write and record music. I joined the forum because none of my social circle share the same passion for metal that I do; and also I'm looking for a vocalist too. My favourite bands are Behemoth, Children of Bodom (earlier albums), Mastodon, Gojira, Avenged Sevenfold, Cannibal Corpse, Sinergy.. And a whole load more! Love me some squiggly wiggly guitar licks, and heavy af riffs too!
  2. I'm from small town western Canada, I fix people for a living and kind of an ass about metal but try to be open... All the flesh variations Decapitated, sepultra, vital remains, belakor, arsis, behemoth. I just really love metal and like most of it. More over, I love the community! And devin towsend, a canadian treasure lol. Thanks for having me!
  3. Nice to make your acquaintance ? My musical taste is varied, and while for most of the artists/genres that I like I have (offline) friends to discuss this with, none of them really appreciates metal to the extent that I do. So I figured I that might as well subscribe to this forum. I suppose that I mostly like black metal, in all of its incarnations (which certainly doesn't mean that I like every band labeled as such) including the arguably-trash-rather-than-black first few records of Venom, which were incredibly important to me when I was 15/16 yo. At that time, during the mid 1980s, the distinctions between black, death, thrash and even speed metal were vague; in retrospect the term 'extreme metal' is more convenient (see the next paragraph for examples of my taste). But I also enjoy some more mainstream metal like Iron Maiden, the 2nd and 3rd of Metallica and about half of the oeuvre of Manowar. Some other bands/artists that I like (and in many cases just a bunch of their records, or maybe even just a few songs, not everything): Bathory, Possessed, Exodus, Slayer, Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Voïvod, Destruction, Kreator, Onslaught, Darkthrone, Burzum, Immortal, Ildjarn, Veles, Vlad Tepes, Skálmöld, Blackdeath, Klabautamann, Alcest, Nav' (HABb), Root, Sammath, Todesstoß, Absurd, Akitsa, Al Namrood, Besatt, Book of Sand, Botanist, Brujeria, Darkspace, Enthroned, and more. That seems like a lot, but whenever I read a magazin about Metal, it is always full with bands that I've never heard of! The mystique/drama (whatever you want to call it), that is mostly seen in the black metal scene also has my interest. I find it often both ridiculous and impressive at the same time! Some non-metal music that I like (again, not everything) includes hard rock, stoner rock, krautrock (e.g. the first 8 or so records of Tangerine Dream), psychedelic rock, space age bachelor pad music (I mean the genre, not the Stereolab album; e.g. stuff like Les Baxter, Martin Denny and Esquivel), jazz, classical, so-called 'old music', minimal music (like Steve Reich and Philip Glass), ambient, and more. Well, I suppose I might run into some of you on the forums
  4. Hello! I am completely new to the whole Forum thing, but I thought I would give it a try. I'm more used to Instagram & FB but I feel like where there's a community, there's a way. So I basically run a website where I interview bands and all that Jazz, so that's most likely what I will be doing in this forum, sharing all of that. But I also want to join to gain some knowledge, because lets be honest, no one can know everything, and being able to utilize a community where you can ask questions about a topic everyone can come together on (Cough Cough, Metal) is great. Anyways, I look forward to trying not to make a fool of myself in a new community. MOD EDIT - we don’t need to know details of your website in the intro section. Please read the forum rules for clarity.
  5. Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night to all; first of all I want to thank moderators for letting me be in, as a Metalhead I am a bit young being into the genre for 6 or 7 years but instead of that I like everything that has Symphonic or Folk elements in and also almost all the Eclectic and Avant-Garde stuff in Metal; my TOP 15 artist of that moment should be Eluveitie, Heidevolk, Orphaned Land, 陰陽座 (Onmyō-Za), Калевала (Kalevala), Pagan's Mind, Galneryus, Jason Becker, Violet Cold, Nightwish, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Angizia, ディー (D), Temperance y 新興宗教楽団NoGoD.
  6. I'm Jesse, from the U.S. This forum seems cool but it won't let me log in with Tapatalk, so I'm having to use the browser which is pretty annoying.
  7. Hello. I am a metal fan from England. I love all genres, however, thrash and industrial metal are my favourites at the moment. First Metal Song - Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry First Metal CD - All Hope Is Gone - Slipknot First Metal Vinyl - Master Of Puppets - Metallica Favourite Album - Psalm 69 - Ministry
  8. Hello people i am an 18 year old male from greece that particularly likes melodic death metal , and technical metal. i currently study management of tourist businesses. i also like working out while listening to Rings of Saturn. my favourite game would be diablo 3 (action role playing game , hack n' slash)
  9. I went with my current username for something sort of trendy/cool I guess? Hmmmm?Age of Swords - due to my nordic/viking ancestry and something kind of cool.A few things about myself -I hail from Australia (The Great Southern Outback)I am the younger brother of a twinI have Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English on my fathers side and Thai on my mothers side.I do GFX editing. (for a hobby mostly) I think I am proficient enough in it.I write poetry whenever I get the chance to.(biggest moment having my poems appear on 2000 brochures around my town/city.)I have a little half sister, who has all I mentioned, plus Vietnamese in her.My real name is Edward, you may call me Ed, Ted, Teddy, Eddie/Eddy etc, if you so wishI really like the series Vikings, but more so, Veronica Mars.I dwell in quite a few different music tastes. To RnB to Hip-Hop and Korean Pop, to Black Metal.I've been writing since 2011 and some of my favourite themes to write about are... Seasons, Heritage, Darkness, Religion, Love/Romance, Mental Illness.If anyone wants to ask me anything else, please feel free!Loving the look of the place!Hope to see you all around!
  10. hello all my name is jake and i live in England. i am a music fanatic and i like many styles of music but metal and prog are my fravorite ones, i am excited about being on this forum and sharing the love of metal with fellow metalheads.
  11. whats up everyone ! Hi i am new to this forum and just began to learn how to play guitar. any tips ??
  12. Hello everyone! My name is Alex and I consider myself an extreme metal-head, but I'm not tied down to just one genre. I like a bit of everything from all metal genres, and have been an avid listener since the age of 3. I'm extremely open-minded, and I'm excited to be a member here! I look forward to speaking with you all! Thanks for reading!
  13. Hey, my name is Dima and I have been a metal fan since the young age. I used to and continue to listen to a great variety of bands of any genres. Moreover, i also enjoy playing guitar, which i was doing for years now, as well as creating and producing my own music. I truly hope that in this forum i will be able to share my interests with as many people as possible. Cheers!
  14. Greetings, Metal Forum community. I'm an artist and lover of things metal. My favorite genres/subgenres are, as tagged, progressive, death, heavy, thrash, symphonic, power, speed, and gothic metal, as well as metalcore, djent and nwobhm. My compositions tend to blend or use these genres most heavily. I play drums, guitar, and sing. I also write rock songs but I won't burden you with the details since this is the metal forum after all :D. Posted a thread in the Promote your Band forum, and will try to give feedback to others as I know, being an artist myself, how important that is. Here is the link to that thread: Moderator note: Please keep all promotion in the Promote Your Band Forum (which you are obviously aware of). Sorry Moderator! I wasn't sure if asking for feedback was considered promotion, I made the thread and simply posted a link so hopefully that sorts it out thanks!
  15. Hello! My name is Joel and i am brand new here. I am here to talk about metal with like minded individuals. My favorite genres are Black, Death, and Doom metal. Hope to make some supremely metal friends here
  16. Hi! I'm Dmytro "Talladega" from Ukraine, Chernihiv city. I am a vocalist of Gasoline Guns band. We play metal'n'roll. If you like such bands as Motorhead, Chrome Division, Malignant Tumour, Helltrain - check our music! Gasoline Guns introduction thread. Horns up!
  17. Hello everybody, my name's Luke
  18. Hello everyone! I am a student, in Greece, a girl 20 years of age. English is not my mother tongue, but I try my best. I hope you bear with me
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