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  1. In that era, it seems that there are a lot of bands that use a cover concept like that.. I don't know exactly who you're looking for, but this is one of those themed covers..
  2. The easiest way, of course, is to upload it to a platform that is easiest for everyone to reach.. soundcloud, bandcamp, youtube! besides being free, I'm sure the 3 platforms are still very potential for newcomers!
  3. IwanRuby


    reading a book will probably be on my list of things I'm laziest to do! but a few months ago I got a job to paint the walls of the city library in my city, during break I started to look at some books that were around me! there's a book titled "Orang-orang Biasa" by Andrea Hirata! after seeing the cover, I don't know I'm interested in reading it.. since then I have started to be a little interested in reading other books!
  4. Megadeth, at first I liked them because there was Marty Friedman at that time! but the longer I listen, actually they have a very dynamic music riff.. despite frequent personnel changes, their music still has a strong and unique character!
  5. both of them are certainly very cool with their respective characters, but if i have to choose i will choose Bruce Dickinson! i think his voice character is much better for singing various types of songs with different tempos..
  6. The first type of music i listen to is "campursari" a type of traditional music from Java which combines several types of traditional music as well! but, if its metal music the first time i listen to it is "Power Metal - Satu Jiwa"
  7. things like that are common, many bands that release songs in demo or single versions will be slightly different from the versions on the album! what's the goal, of course only the band knows.. but for some reasons, sometimes it's just a promotional need!
  8. maybe it would be better if you search for information about metal bands in your area first, at least by knowing the metal bands in your country you will know what metal genres are the most popular there! because the genre of metal music is so broad, it's not necessarily the same taste even though we like metal music..
  9. Matti Tilaeus from Skepticism (Finland funeral doom metal band)
  10. even though only released 2 albums, i think Lost Horizon is one of the best power metal bands ever.. it was heard that they were going to make a new album, but it seems that until now the news were just rumors
  11. Power Metal is a band from Indonesia! MOD EDIT - wiki link removed. YouTube links only (or Bandcamp please) "Timur Tragedi" is one of their hit singles from the album "Power Demons (1993)" they are the pioneers of the power metal genre in my country!
  12. IwanRuby


    my country condition is chaotic because of the covid pandemic, and some of my friends have died because of it! these few weeks i always meet them in my dreams..
  13. for bands; Helloween, Angra, Sonata Arctica, but so far Avantasia in my opinion is a very impressive power metal genre project!
  14. their new album "Helloween" i think it's all fans' dream, if previously the three vocalists were often compared.. now they sing together! I'm one of their fans, and I really enjoy all of their work regardless of all the controversy that occurs behind it!
  15. Hey, everyone.. My name Iwan Ruby from Malang, Indonesia, actually I'm quite confused what to write in this introduction My daily job is to do screen printing business and playing band as my hobby, but sometimes I also write articles on my blog about various things that are going on in my head or review anything that I think is good to publish..
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