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Found 8 results

  1. Well, allow me to be first, if I may, since NWOBHM seems somewhat neglected. Saracen, while also being from Matlock (a true biker haunt which is naturally going to appeal to me, as a biker), are a band who truly pushed boundaries and as far back as 1981 (when the album I link to below was released, their first - 42 years ago!!!) was already a true masterpiece that no one who was "into music" knew what to do with. Steve Bettney (vocals) proved not only to have that rocker/heavy metal attitude, but man, he could actually SING. Sure, it may have been like listening to one of your friends being a badass (and not quite knowing how) but he pumped out such energy and enthusiasm that if, even like me, as a lover of the fast and hard thrash, you can overcome the slower pace, but still appreciate the energy and will to experiment and fuck with the norm, you can then surely appreciate Saracen. They were formed in 1976 and released their first album (again, linked below) followed by their second in 1984 (Change of Heart). A third album would require a nearly 20 year wait as it didn't come along until 2003 (Red Sky). Ironically, despite their sound, they would release only two albums in the 1980s and five in the 2000s, possibly attesting to their loyal, if small, fanbase. Many people have opinions about Saracen, and they have also been compared to many bands (my favourite of which, being Yes, which I feel is at least somewhat accurate), but whatever you think, give them a try - they are worth at least a one off listen for the great singing and the heartily interesting and thought-provoking lyrics.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/stormriderofficial/ Check out my band! If you love what you hear please like our page and share! Thanks!
  3. So I just found out about this wonderful band Dragonslayer but can't find any info on it. I look it up and it just brings up foreign YouTube videos and there is a small page on encyclopedia metallum. They were originally heavy thunder. Now, here's where I'm confused. The encyclopedia said they broke up, but since 2005 they have been releasing albums in Spanish. I've listened to these albums and they sound extremely similar to the original comp. Album. They have the same singer and everything. Why did they switch to Spanish? What the fuck is going on? I am so goddamn confused and would love help. Thanks! P.s. the song Satan's soldiers by Dragonslayer is superb.
  4. Greetings, Metal Forum community. I'm an artist and lover of things metal. My favorite genres/subgenres are, as tagged, progressive, death, heavy, thrash, symphonic, power, speed, and gothic metal, as well as metalcore, djent and nwobhm. My compositions tend to blend or use these genres most heavily. I play drums, guitar, and sing. I also write rock songs but I won't burden you with the details since this is the metal forum after all :D. Posted a thread in the Promote your Band forum, and will try to give feedback to others as I know, being an artist myself, how important that is. Here is the link to that thread: Moderator note: Please keep all promotion in the Promote Your Band Forum (which you are obviously aware of). Sorry Moderator! I wasn't sure if asking for feedback was considered promotion, I made the thread and simply posted a link so hopefully that sorts it out thanks!
  5. Hi metalheads, I am new in this forum, but I am definitely a metal lover. Do you have any favourite European Heavy Metal or NWOBHM songs to share? I am looking to enrich my playlists and I would be happy to listen to songs that I don't know or remember. If you have rare ones even better. From my side, I share these ones: Sortilège - Amazone - France 1983 (french lyrics) Westfalen - Devil's race - Belgium 1985 Overdrive - On the run - UK 1981 Randy - Shadows are falling - Denmark 1986
  6. In April 2016 Farseer will release their debut album Fall Before The Dawn; 12 songs showcasing the band’s unique blend of power and progressive metal. Following the release of the album the band are planning an extensive tour of the UK, as well as promoting the album through the rest of Europe and North America. Farseer are a five piece power metal band hailing from the heathen lands of Glasgow, Scotland. Having formed in 2008 Farseer have risen from their humble beginnings to Scotland’s premier power metal band. In 2009 they released their debut E.P. Storm that sold out in a few weeks. Following a line-up change the band spent time refining their sound and songs before releasing their second E.P. Chthonic Visions in 2012 to critical acclaim. Following on from this release the band played numerous support slots and toured throughout the UK. Our first single, the title track of the album is linked below: ↓https://farseer.bandcamp.com/track/fall-before-the-dawn Fall Before The Dawn, by Farseer Pre-Orders ↓http://farseer.bigcartel.com/ (also available on iTunes, Amazon, etc) Home Online tickets and merch shop for power metal band Farseer. ↓http://www.farseerofficial.com ↓http://www.facebook.com/farseermetal
  7. Hello I'd like to sale an ultra rare and hard to find vintage Chroming Rose t-shirt concert from Garden Of Eden Tour 1991. This t-shirts are from personal collections (100% authentic). Superb condition and almost like new with no defective items, no rips, holes or stains found! Buy with confidence. Measurement : 21.6" (Body Width) 27.5" (Body Length) 8.7" (Sleeve Length) If interested you can buying directly through : Link 1 or Link 2 or Link 3 or Link 4 FREE Shipping Worldwide! Package shipped with EMS (Express Mail Service) within 2-3 working days after receiving / clearing the payment include tracking number soon after, so you can track the shipping information online anytime. Import duties / customs taxes are the buyer's responsibility and not refundable under any circumstances, we only guarantee to make total value keep low and mark as personal gift (unless you need insurance guarantee). Go to this site for references "How can I identify a original Shirt" : Oldschoolmetalshirts.com The main things are : The Shirt Tag. Copyright Symbol somewhere on the shirt. Copyright Note from a Merchandising Manufacturer. Feel free if you have any question or make an offer and i will reply within 24 hours. Thanks For Looking
  8. Danish metal band out with new single. If you like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Nevermore, Mastodon and all kinds of metal bands you might like this.This is the first single, 3 more to follow soon. Kind regards /Bjørn/drummer
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