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Found 6 results

  1. VOM = Vision Opportunity of MUSIC https://www.facebook.com/VomRecords Music Label Vom Records is the metal and new alternatives record label. We are a company with a flameless musical mindset and are freely open to producing new music while supporting all artists who have their style. Vom Records was founded in 2020 by two founders, Mr.Phongpan Polasit (Bassman of BigAss band) and Mr.Nattanon Srisaranon (Drummer of Labanoon band), with the focus on serving both music records and other productions. Our aims are to promote, enhance the standard of Thai Metal music to be accepted globally. Vom Records started the company with the idea of combining well-known and top Metal bands of the 2000s, including Ritalinn, Harem Belle, G6pd, Empty Glass Means Nothing, Ugoslabier, Born from pain, Last Dream and Tragedy of Murder, and created the Thai metal music project called “NOW OR NEVER.” With the project, Vom Records became popular in the Thai Metal music industry. In 2021, Vom Records had a new shareholder, Mr.Ayut Intasut (owner of Pra Tu Phee CO., LTD) who shares similar mindsets and preferences in Metal music with the strong ideals to achieve company success. In 2022, we have 9 bands under the Vom Records music label, including Ritalinn, Harem Belle, G6pd, Empty Glass Means Nothing, Ugoslabier, Tragedy of Murder, Oblivious, Dear Tachathat and Charn Pankerd. And this year, we are coming back with the continued project of “NOW OR NEVER 2.” Stay tuned and see you soon! The Red Falls - G6PD "G6PD" Members PISITPONG CHANDAPHOM (TLE) – VOCALS KHAMPANAT CHANTAPOON (BOOM) - GUITAR TORANID KERATIPAL (NAT) – GUITAR WIPOOPONG JIRAPRAPOOSAK (TONGJY) – BASS SINERIN TEJA (MIW) – DRUM We are “G6PD” Thailand metal band from Chiangmai. G6pd was formed on 6th August 2004 by the passionate of Natto create metal music bands. Later on, Tle, the drummer of the Punk band, was interested to change the position to be vocal and joined Nat band. Later on, the band signed a contract and worked with Day One record before releasing 2 music albums and 1 additional EP. In 2010, G6pd started to produce music on its own and performed in concert. With the conflicts and the changes in members for almost 10 years, G6pd had Boom and Miw as band’s members. With the new opportunity coming in, G6pd signed a contract again with VomRecords. Now, the band is focusing on producing new music with Oak producer. And our new song “The Red Falls” just released in February 2022. G6pd Band Facebook Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/g6pdthai
  2. Just passing to introduce myself! I am a vocalist from Spain, have a look at my profile for more info Thank you and see you in the forum
  3. Debut album from Midgenuun, due for release very soon! I had the pleasure of writing the lyrics for this project and I'm very excited to hear the final product. The link takes you to a preview of War Without End. More to follow soon.
  4. Hi guys! If you are into Devin Townsend, Gojira, Periphery, TesseracT and BTBAM check out my band “Derelict Dream”’s latest song Hearts from our EP HUMAN. HEARTS Here’s what people are saying about Derelict Dream’s latest EP “HUMAN”: “In Seconds, the band sounds alternative, sounds brutal and progressive without leaving aside their ability to make good music” -Metal Forever- “Make no mistake - this is a damn fine piece of metal work [9/10]” -MetalNoise- “The sound they produce is one that truly pushes from the heaviest side of the spectrum to the most serene and moving” -Distorted Sound Magazine- “The band’s mix of accessible aggression, harsh vocals, atmospheric orchestral synths, and soaring cleans is a very enjoyable one. I can’t wait to see what Derelict Dream do next” - Indy Metal Vault - Check the full EP out here: Spotify Official Links: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cu3fQNiZ6RI
  6. Hey guys this is my first post and I just wanted to quickly share my BANDS NEW GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH of our NEW TRACK "Suppression" I would appreciate feedback and honest opinions about the band! Peace out <3
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