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  1. Thanks for listening and writing Will, I appreciate it! It's quite interesting that you describe it that way, as I've hardly heard any classic punk, and so I personally cannot elaborate on that. I do enjoy old school thrash, which as I understand it came from the hardcore punk arena, so maybe there is some connection there. Similarly, I also once in a while listen to some metalcore and alternative metal, which both despite containing the term "metal" may not be actual metal according to a lot of people. But yes, Hypocrite to my ear is like a grungy, metal-rock fusion, as opposed to squarel
  2. XD yes those are the only two iirc with that word coincidentally. Thanks for the honest feedback.
  3. If you could, please listen to some of my songs and videos, check this out: For metal styled songs, I'd recommend "Hypocrite" "Shredding Session" "The Escape" "No Second Chances" "Thorn in my Side" "Modern Prophet" "Twilights Threat" "Here But not There" "I Run" "New World Order" or "Enemy of my Enemy." If you are able to listen to a song or two and let me know what you think I'd truly appreciate it!
  4. Greetings, Metal Forum community. I'm an artist and lover of things metal. My favorite genres/subgenres are, as tagged, progressive, death, heavy, thrash, symphonic, power, speed, and gothic metal, as well as metalcore, djent and nwobhm. My compositions tend to blend or use these genres most heavily. I play drums, guitar, and sing. I also write rock songs but I won't burden you with the details since this is the metal forum after all :D. Posted a thread in the Promote your Band forum, and will try to give feedback to others as I know, being an artist myself, how important
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