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  1. I played with a guy (no Names) that was heavy into music theory. He is a great player and we wrote very complicated music. The problem is that after a while it all had the same metronome soulless sound to it. He would always tell me I couldn't write this or that a certain way because his training said these things were technically illegal. We all need a little theory in order to write decent music, but too much and only a guitar teacher will want to listen to your 15 minute opus with 45 parts to it. Remember what Salieri said : "You have to give them a good bang at the end so they know when to clap."
  2. Break the song up into sections. Usually these are repeated throughout the song sometimes with variations. Intro - Main riff - Chorus -Bridge- Solo Rhythm - Outtro Learn each section individually then stitch them together. When I tab out new songs for our bass player I write each section with its own header. Like each part is its own piece of music. He learns the songs like this then adds his own ideas. Learn how to count the measures each piece is played before the next change comes. Tap your foot to the beat. How to count is usually the most difficult part. I usually rely on the song meter for that. Say the intro for the song is 4 measures and it has 4 beats per measure. So it would be 16 counts for the intro. The next riff starts on beat 17. Lets take the intro for the trooper (G5 is the first octave above G ...fifth fret 3rd string- E5 is octave of E ... 7th fret 2nd string) There are 2 counts per riff here so there are 32 counts in this intro. E5-E5-E5-D-B D-D-D-C-A C-C-C-A-G D-G5-D - Play 4 times The next riff is the bridge to the main riff...play that 4 times, and on and on. Map the song out so it makes logical sense. Learn each part then when you play them keep time with the kick drum ( if possible.) With a map in your head you will know where you are going and if you can keep the count you will know when the change is upon you. It takes time to learn this stuff, but eventually it is second nature. This probably doesn't help, but I'm trying. Crusader is right . . . play the riff slow when you are learning it. Then speed it up after you know it well. If you are making too many mistakes slow back down and keep working it. I sometimes write riffs I cant even play. I hear them in my head then pick them out. My fingers are going WTF? I have to play through the riff slowly until I do not have to think of every movement and change before I play it. When muscle memory takes over I can play them faster. If the tune is a fast one it might take some time before I can even play my own riff up to speed. Of course if I were Dave Mustaine I wouldn't have to do all that.
  3. I use the Dunlop XL Jazz III series picks. They will help you play faster.
  4. Hiwatt 100 Amplifiers Gibson XPL custom guitars - Khaler Flyer Tremolo (USA) Jackson Kelley Guitars - Floyd Rose Tremolos (German) Gibson Les Paul - Hard Tail Peavy Sheffield Cabinets (I like the sound with the Hiwatts) Rocktron Intellifex Midi Effects Unit Sure Beta 58 Oil Filled Microphones Sure in Ear Monitors Voicelive Floor Unit (for vocals)
  5. I am a fan of serious music. However I do like humorous music like DR. Demento type stuff (I was a kid once) I have been told that I shouldn't make people laugh when we do live shows, but people seem to like it when I make them laugh. I think it's fun.
  6. I think the crux of the question is not evolution, but the development of talent over time. Some bands do not develop well because there was very little imagination to begin with. Other bands just seem to get better and better because they are more experienced and hone their craft to a fine edge over time. What do you call an old guitar player? Really good Sabbath's first record was great but a little raw. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath was very polished. Megadeth's first album was great but a little raw. Youthanasia was very polished. A band ought to get better with time, but many just run out of ideas and rehash what they already did or just decline. It is hard to keep coming up with tasty tunes. I am afraid every time a make a new record that my well will run dry. Requiem : your calculation on the payment for album sales is right. The industry standard is about 1 dollar per CD payed to the artist. Split that among the band and then pay taxes. I have had 4 record contracts and made more money selling them at shows then the record company ever paid. My first record I sold about 35, 000 copies and made decent money. The record company sold about the same and we got paid way less. When High Roller republished it on vinyl they gave us more than the original record company did, so I was happy about that. High Roller is a good label to work with.
  7. I got 2 front row tickets to see Iron Maiden and Judas Preist in High School. My buddy was like, "who are they?" I didn't really know either, but hey it was front row! After that concert I realized that other concerts I had seen really sucked. I didn't know any better until then. I bought every Judas Preist and Maiden record in the following months and never looked back. I also got a guitar, but that is another thread.
  8. I cant get Teutonic Terror out of my head . . .
  9. Maiden rules. They are one of the greatest bands ever. Thanks for the link.
  10. Iron Maiden writes a lot of songs about history Trooper - Charge of the Light Brigade Run to the Hills - Indian Wars Aces High - Battle of Britain Pashendale - Pashendale Etc
  11. I am Maxx. I think I was on this forum a long time ago, but I don't remember. I write, record, publish, and perform music. I also do CGI graphics for a few game companies. Music and art are my passions. My favorite band ? Black Sabbath . .. of course.
  12. Doomshade is almost done recording their new record, Ozymandias. The Doomshade debut album was with Open Grave Records and we toured from 2007 - 2009. We have some new music you can hear at www.reverbnation.com/doomshade We just posted a few live videos on Youtube. Our video budget is non existant so we did it ourselves... Thank You
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