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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! Going to check them out right now!
  2. Greatly appreciated! Thank you for the welcome ! I do find it semi hard to narrow down. My favorite and is HIM, and as of late Slipknot, Disturbed, Divine Heresy , Nightwish, Metallica, Black Sabbath, symphony X , and Revocation have been on my playlist recently! So far no issues but will keep that in mind!
  3. Greetings to the community! I am Alex, ( AKA Sasha), and go by Alex Chaos in my local music community. I came to this forum with the purpose of meeting other awesome people who like good music to talk, share, discuss and marvel at the wonders there of. Also to promote some of the stuff I have been working on in the last little while which I already have posted on the band promotion forum so if anyone wanted to check that out, that would be awesome! That aside, hope you are all having a good day and I look forward to sharing and discussing music with you all, and hopefully make some friends and fans in the process ! See you all soon \m/ Please don't hesitate to message me if you want to say hi! - Alex Chaos
  4. Hi all! I go by Alex Chaos in the musician community, I hail from Canada, and I initially joined to promote an album I had put forth on youtube about 9 months ago which I hope you will enjoy! It is always nice to meet new people , make friends and discussed one of our favorite topics, that being awesome music! That being said I would like to provide a little background about this album! In 2013, I had joined a local Progressive power metal/folkmetal band as their new lead vocalist. Unfortunately it didn't last long as the band decided they didn't want to be a serious project anymore. Disappointed , I had contacted fellow members a year after to ask permission to finish the album so I could say I had a metal album with my vocals on it. They said it was fine as long as I didn't pass it as my own. Essentially, Obsidia had all the instrumentation written and vocals for 7 of the 9 tracks. I wrote the lyrics for two tracks off the album. In addition everything vocally on the album is me and my own flavor so to speak and how I envisioned the songs and album and I feel there is something for everyone! I have labelled it as a cover and maintain artistic integrity. The album titled " The Prophecy" is a concept album that follows the story of a village burned to the ground by a tyrant king in the Kingdom of Adalon. War ensues and the gods are not pleased by the vulgar display of humanity and ultimately decide to start the world over from scratch. I apologize if the quality is a bit of as the instrumentation was all pre recorded by the band and I worked with my own sound guy and all he could do was mix and master my vocals to the previous recordings. WITHOUT FURTHER BABBLING HERE IS THE LINK!!! I hope you all enjoy it, I worked really hard and due to finances and schedule it took me 2 years to complete! I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback and if you have any inquires, or want to support me on my musical venture do not hesitate to message me here on this forum, I would appreciate it majorly! I really hope you all like it! Keep it metal, and have a wonderful day!