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Found 17 results

  1. Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts!!!
  2. Greetings, metal folks. My name Is Ilia. I am a metal singer, poet and a vocal arranger. Had record a lot of tracks for different bands. So if your songs need some vocals hit me up with a message Cheer's
  3. Debut album from Midgenuun, due for release very soon! I had the pleasure of writing the lyrics for this project and I'm very excited to hear the final product. The link takes you to a preview of War Without End. More to follow soon.
  4. Hi all I'm currently looking for a metal vocalist who can scream and sing,I'm currently in the process of releasing an ep,I've several tracks already recorded,just need vocals,you will need to be able to track your own tracks,im also open to input on the arrangements of the tracks. Feel free to check out some of my demos
  5. so i've been trying to diversify from the constant shuffle of random songs by toxic holocaust and i found out about this pretty nice band's debut album it was free so that was a perk also this toxic holocaust song just gave me a migrane whoops it's got some groove metal and heavy metal aspects, and implements djenting at some point of one of the songs, overall a really diverse album check it out here (note i am not part of this band mods please don't hurt me): http://heavyastexas.com/
  6. What albums have your favorite "drum tone"? Looking for references for mixing in the future. For me, the best drum tone has the new Judas Priest album (it's so powerful and wide).
  7. - Stone Angel - Always On The Back Of The Mind - ''Always On The Back Of The Mind'' is the third song from Stone Angel's solo album ''Thing Outside'' released online ! The album features 6 guest vocalists, immersive instrumentals and a plethora of musical styles. ''Thing Outside'' was released in September last year and is now available for digital download and on physical CD. You can get your digital copy here : Bandcamp And physical CD here : www.polymusic.eu ~ ( Stone Angel - Thing Outside ) Enjoy : ) Youtube link : Stone Angel - Always On The Back Of The Mind ( Youtube )
  8. Heyo. Wanted to share all the artwork I have done for metal bands over the years. I just made myself a new website for my artwork and so I did a post on my blog sharing all the artwork I have done for various bands over the last decade. Read about it here and see with your eyeballs: https://www.awolfillustrations.com/2018/10/warrborn-album-artwork-and-a-whole-lot-of-album-covers-and-shirt-designs-for-other-metal-bands-over-the-years/ If bands are looking for and artists to tackle their album art, gig posters, or merch, contact me!
  9. Hi community, I'd like to introduce British based symphonic metal band, Danze Macabre. http://www.danzemacabre.com/ Located somewhere on the South coast, the band feature the Owers twins, famously known as "Lionheart" who had a critically acclaimed NWOBHM album, also selftitled, 'back-in-the-day. Musically, they're superb. The musicianship (and production) is second to none! And their vocalist Nell, is a trained opera singer (and comes from a line of pedigree opera singers) Check out the video to lead single Jamaica Inn below... & tell us what you think! Debut 10 track album will be available soon. There will be some live dates, if anyone is interested, but I don't get involved with that! [youtube]D710ut2fRWc[/youtube] My PHP / bbcode skills are a bit rusty, so if the above didn't work, this link should https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D710ut2fRWc To be open and honest, we are their UK distributor, but it is after all our job to tell you about them - It's up to you to decide if you like it, want to watch them live or even buy it! I hope you love it as much as we do! FFO, Heart, Power Metal, Stadiums, Nightwish, Within Temptation.
  10. Hi guys! I'm the guitarist in the melodic black band On The Altar. Recently (October 27th last year) we released our debut album "From Dawn Of Time". Our main lyrical themes are humanity, the power of nature and the old ways of thinking. Would be awesome if some of you give it a listen, even more if you leave a comment! Thanks! Here are some links to the album! SPOTIFY LINK: https://open.spotify.com/album/5XIFq9JZoGbvmCkavSoACD YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7TeuOvBbPs
  11. thePROGmind 9/10: https://theprogmind.com/2017/04/06/hologram-earth-black-cell-program/ progressivemusicplanet 8.5/10: https://progressivemusicplanet.com/2017/03/29/hologram-earth-black-cell-program/ It Djents 8.5/10 Full album streams, enjoy! spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/4jCkeMksqQrmHQojab2Iwd bandcamp: https://hologramearth.bandcamp.com
  12. Hello All! My name is Neil O'Rourke, creator of the "Vanguard" project. It's a musical outlet for whatever ideas pop into my head; it's mostly metal though. I'm new to the scene, and I'm trying to get as much feedback/exposure as possible. If you're looking for some fresh/local music to listen to, head over to my soundcloud, https://soundcloud.com/neil-orourke. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! \m/ Neilo
  13. Annihilated was released on February 22, 2017 and is available for streaming on many different platforms! Choose your favorite:Spotify: Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/album/15449236iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1209457271?ls=1&app=itunesGoogle Play Music: https://play.google.com/…/alb…/Drive_by_Suicide_Annihilated…Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Annihilated-Explicit-Dr…/…/B06WWF32LDYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist…Bandcamp: https://drivebysuicide.bandcamp.com/album/annihilatedCheck out our website and make sure you watch our video of "FUCK THIS" on Youtube!!!
  14. Full album stream: Format: CD Release Date: 27.03.2017 Country: Germany Genre: Doom Death Metal The German band Calliophis presents the second album, which comes after a long break. Between the debut album “Doomsday” released in 2008, that received well-deserved positive response, and the new release many concerts in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Austria were played, the band took part in the legendary Doom Shall Rise Festival, and appeared in a number of thematic compilations. And now, after returning to studio activity, the band brings down to the listener its second album, “Cor Serpentis”, proving high skills and creativity of the musicians who not only managed to consolidate their style found at the debut album, but also to master it in the studio, achieving a dense sound and musical perfection of all compositions. Powerful guitars, deep growl, and a combination of atmosphere and stiffness is what should all fans of high-quality doom death metal expect from this release. Tracklist: 1. The Cleansing 2. Yuki Onna 3. Edge Of Existence 4. Munk (Heart Of Stone) 5. Seven Suns 6. Isolation
  15. Hey all my heavy metal brothers and sisters! My name's Justin Jones. I'm a freelance artist based out of Salt Lake City, UT. I've been drawing, painting and animating literally my entire life, and now that bills are due, I think it's time I started monetizing my talent, don't you? I've been approached to do logo and promo design for dentistry, advertising, and even breast cancer fund raising, but what I've always wanted to do is work with talented heavy metal/punk/rock artists to create stunning and striking designs. I've done a few logos and album covers for my friends' projects, and honestly you heavy metal guys are some of the best clients I've ever worked with! You can check out some of my favorite pieces here: If you're interested, please contact me at - [email protected] - or send a message to my official facebook page, here: https://www.facebook.com/JaundiceJones I'm fairly flexible, and I prefer to discuss pricing directly with you, and it all depends on the level of detail and the size of the project. I know music isn't really a huge money-maker, so I do my best to come to a solid agreement that works out for both of us. Thanks for considering me as your designer, and I can't wait to see what hellish creations we come up with!
  16. ****J.T.H Music Art**** I will make you album art for you or your band!!!! I love making music and album art for everyone!!! I use many programs to make it and sometime may use more than one! I do (most) genres of music spanning from black metal to soft rock and everything in between!!! If you would like to see some demo art work you can E-mail or P.M me what genre of music you are and I will gladly send demos of my art work I have done. You can E-mail me or P.M me (PM will be responded to faster) (E-mail is at the bottom of the page) any question will be responded I have a few rules that follow: NO NSBM/ANYTHING I FIND TOO DISTURBING- I do not support the idea of NSBM and refuse to do anything that may offend anyone MUST PAY IN CASH- I do not accept anything besides cash and it will always be that way MUST PAY IN HALF- I do not accept one full payment and if you must add 3 extra dollars you must add it to the final payment MY PRICING: 1 album is $7.00 If you do not like the art you will get to keep the other one but you will be charged an extra $3 for another anything different will be negotiated ****DEAL**** If you buy 2 album art at one you only have to play $12.00 My E-Mail is [email protected]
  17. RUSTED EARTH https://rustedearth.bandcamp.com/releases This album is influenced by post-apocalyptic themes and musically, it is a mix of black metal, heavy metal, rock and maybe some post-metal. It’s a style that I love and have been listening to for around 20 years. For this release, I made a conscious decision to trim the fat. You’ll notice that the tracks are quite short for this style and that’s because I wanted to have no filler at all. Well at least I don’t think there is. A bit of a rundown for those looking for a quick listen. Silence - Medium to fast paced. Second half is faster. Outsider - The most rock influenced of all the tracks. Darkness - One of the slower tracks. Storm - By far the fastest track. Shards - Starts slowly, has a mid section that gradually builds and then comes the speed. Control - Generally mid paced, but with quite a few different sections. I’ve released the 6 track, 23 minute mini album/ep on bandcamp. I was planning on releasing a full length, but I’ve hurt my back and can’t play the guitar at the moment. I still plan on putting out a full length hopefully later this year. The ep can be listened to and or/purchased here: https://rustedearth.bandcamp.com/releases. It is available as Name Your Price. Thanks for listening.
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