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  2. Krallice - Mass Cathexis 2/The Kinetic Infinite Return To Forever - Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy
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  4. We've talked about this before, but I've been meaning to get a side grade medium-fi reasonably portable option, but mostly for home use that pairs well with metal and rock ($200-400) as an alternative to my IEM's. I've got my "nice" Audeze HP's that I keep in a dedicated rig, so just looking for something that's more low profile or at least plug and play into my Draggonfly USB DACa/amp that I use with my laptop and potentially portable with an Ipod/music player. I'm considering. : Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wired (lowest profile of the bunch) Hifiman Sunandra Sennheiser HD 660, 650 or Sennheiser 6XX(not low profile) Meze 99 (not low profile)-I know Navy is a fan of these If anyone has experience with any of these, holler!
  5. Before: Akercocke - Renaissance In Extremis Cryfemal - Apoteosis Oculta Incantation - Mortal Throne Of Nazarene NP: Grave Miasma - Endless Pilgrimage
  6. Metallica - Master of Puppets (album)
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  8. I'm starting to replace my studio stuff and I got a pair of Technics SB-A27 floor speakers and an old Yamaha receiver at the thrift store. I see people dunking on cheaper Technics stuff online, but I have to say this setup sounds great for what I need. Primarily using them as B speakers to fill in the blanks against my studio monitors. Stereo imaging is very clear.
  9. The Yusef Days Experiment - Live in Malibu https://yussefdayes.bandcamp.com/album/live-from-malibu
  10. Recently moved and I’m having a hard time finding the same caliber mindset musicians that I was with before. Lots of experience and plenty of toys. Hit me up if you’re looking to collaborate! Cheers! -Scar Forgot to mention I’m in central Oregon, but can write/record remotely. Let’s jam!
  11. Hey guys! If you’re still in the market for a remote singer, I’d love to throw my hat in. I’m in west coast US, but I’ve got my own studio setup and have a lot of experience. Here is a link to a single-take clip I did for a project a while back: if you like it and want to collaborate, hit me up. if text is easier, my cell is 1 (208) 637-9814. Cheers! -Scar
  12. So from time 2 time i like doing reviews for my blog and if you have any ideas for me to do reviews feel free to ask. (Example) https://www.rogueotakugamer.com/single-post/another-code-recollection
  13. I appreciate the teaser, my friend! As is my way, I haven't listened to any of the singles ahead of album #19 from my favorite traditional metal band in history. I just can't do it, especially as far ahead of the release date as they put out that very first single (back in October). I'm just not diving into the new material 5 months before the album comes out. So, for me, the new album will be completely brand new from start to finish, and I cannot wait for next Friday! I have heard rumblings that Halford hits some notes that are reminiscent of the "Painkiller" days, which I find absolutely mind-boggling, given that he's into his 70's now. Glad to hear that the rumors are true! You have filled my metal heart with an even greater level of eager anticipation for "Invincible Shield" - something I didn't think was possible. I'm indebted to you for that.
  14. After only one listen I'm okay with it. There is a lot going on there and given some of the songs are 15 years old they might have taken some polishing to get over the line. There is nothing ground breaking there and he's still very much Iron Maiden's singer so expecting something too much different would be silly. Quite a few people seem to not like the new (old) version of If Eternity Should Fail, but I don't mind it. It's probably over produced, over engineered and terrible sounding to many but I don't mind what I've heard so far. I'll give it another listen and see where I sit.
  15. That's an interesting take. I love that album and have from the first second I heard it. Maybe part of the reason it's seen so favorably these days is that nobody has any faith in Azagthoth to really bring the Altars of Madness type of material back. This is also one of those where I feel like sometimes internet underlings spend too much time dwelling on the concept and supposed plot that's said to exist in the lyrics. I've never really taken the time to look through the lyrics, and honestly I don't really care to do so. It has always been about what's on display musically for me, and in that respect it holds it's own even all these years later. NP: House of Atreus - Orations ▶︎ House of Atreus - Orations | Iron Bonehead Productions (bandcamp.com) I am unabashedly going to be 'that guy' and note that listing 'shakespearean' on your MA profile under the "themes" section makes you sound like a drooling cretin. They're from Minnesota as well so they have no excuse for that kind of gaffe. It just needed to be said. Getting back to the music though something about the way they come out of the gate fast and keep everything clear and crisp using folksy black metal tunefulness as a way of resolving their melodies really brings me back to the days when Scandinavian folk was the 'it' thing. Some of these licks would feel right at home on an Ensiferum album from that era. Then as they move along and the folk takes a back seat they change up to a more stark but still energetic mode. Then they keep it up adjusting to whatever style seems to fit the song showing adaptability and intelligence all the way to the Running Wild cover to close things out. Consider me intrigued. I think I'll find one of their full lengths to try and see where they're coming from.
  16. Crypticus - Dedicated to the Impure, Denver CO 2005 Crypticus - The Barrens, 2013
  17. Honestly C Delores Tucker and her types are always going to be looking for pearls to clutch onto and blame for societal ills whenironically they themselves caused it actually lol.
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