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  2. I am looking for Metal musicians who bring it for colab and performance etc. I have loads of material ready to go. All ya need to do is learn to play it. I work hard and play hard and I expect you to do so as well. #melodeath, #blackmetal, I am located in B.C. Canada
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  4. Buying the right coaxial cable can be confusing! You have different “RG” designations, multiple shielded variations, and even different outer sheath (cable jacket) options. Adding to the confusion are two different center conductor types. In sorting through this confusion, we will address an age-old debate as to whether you should opt for solid copper center conductor coaxial cable, or if CCS or copper clad steel is “good enough”. Keep reading to learn about the difference between solid copper and copper clad steel. Coaxial cable has been provided in two primary center conductors types for some time: Copper clad steel (CCS) Solid copper (BC or bare copper) Let’s look at an illustration of how coaxial cable is constructed to give you a better idea of what part of the cable we are talking about: Perhaps the standards setting organizations like ANSI/TIA, SCTE, or some other organization will help clarify which one is better? The ANSI/SCTE 74 specification allows for either one to be used. No help there. The ANSI/TIA 568.4-D BroadBand Coaxial Cable and Components standard makes no distinction between the two in regards to performance. Still, no joy. The ANSI/TIA 568.0-E Generic Telecom Cabling Standard only separates the two in regards to the amount of pulling tension that can be applied to the cable while installing it. The specification states copper clad steel may have up to 75 ft/lbs applied and 40 ft/lbs is tops for solid copper. Helpful, but still coming up short! So, what will it take to get the answer!? In truth, the answer is “yes, kind of”.  Confused yet? Let’s untangle the difference between solid copper and copper clad steel before people start popping anti-anxiety meds. Coaxial cable constructed of copper clad steel relies on what is known as the “skinning effect”. In other words, the signal travels down the copper coating to the destination and it is perfectly fine for data transmission. There is no measurable loss in data transmission between copper clad steel and solid copper center conductor coaxial cable. As long as the copper coating over the steel remains intact, all is good. Where solid copper coax cable really puts copper clad steel to shame is when it comes to cable runs requiring voltage. Now, we don’t mean AC voltage here. We are referring to low DC voltage for powering up a satellite dish, for example. In fact, copper clad steel will lose TWICE as much voltage over the same distance as solid copper. Finally, we see a big difference between the two! This is why satellite installers and satellite system designers require solid copper coaxial cable. Satellite dishes and receivers use a LNB (Low-Noise Block downconverter) that requires power across the coaxial cable. Considering you may be installing coaxial cable in multiple environments, it makes little sense to stock and keep track of both. A simple mistake of grabbing the wrong spool will bring your install to a halt if you have to backtrack to the shop to get the right cable. There is also the possibility of the future to consider: What if down the line someone needs to install some sort of power injector onto that coaxial cable? If you used copper clad steel, you just caused yourself a replacement or an angry end customer. If you install for a living, be prepared to educate your end customers about this. Things You Need to Know: Both CCS cables and solid copper ones have the same maximum run distance. Solid copper does not get you more length. Both CCS and solid copper have the same data transmission characteristics, so solid copper does not get you more bandwidth CCS cables are less expensive than solid copper CCS can withstand more pull tension during installation than solid copper, but realistically not enough to make a purchasing decision. The upper limit of 40 ft/lbs maximum pull tension for solid copper is more than enough. Solid copper coaxial is far superior for applications requiring voltage to a device Solid copper is strongly recommended for satellite installations Solid copper is the better choice for A/V (audio/visual) applications CCS can and will destroy cable cutters. Many cable cutters designed for low voltage communications cable (like Ethernet for example) use thin razor blades to do the cutting part. A thin razor blade will end up royally wrecked if you try to cut CCS with it. CCS requires durable cable cutters with hardened steel jaws for the task. KLS provides Copper Composite Panel,stainless steel clad plate,contact us for more information.
  5. Going by the videos I've seen there is definitely a backing tape but I don't think Blackie is miming, at least not for the whole concert. However with that silly contraption he calls Elvis on stage it's quite easy for him to hide from many cameras.
  6. Currently listening to the cheesiest cock rock playlist ever in the hotel room post WASP/Armored Saint gig tonight. Both were pretty damn good. Most of WASP's was likely piped in, but it was still pretty awesome. Never thought I'd get a chance to see WASP, so it was pretty cool. Only complaint was they played 2 medleys which would have been way better had they played the full songs, but otherwise both sets were solid. And John Bush is fuckin awesome live. Can't believe that guy still sounds that damn good.
  7. We just watched the new Netflix series 1899. I loved it. Doesn't spoonfeed you. Period drama, psychological thriller... alternate history? Techno-surrealist allegory? Sci-fi? It kept my interest sharp, anyway, and it's visually stunning at times. Great design throughout. Keep dubbing off and subtitles on, the language barriers are important to how the characters interact.
  8. Goatroach - Plagueborn, Finland Cult of Extinction - Gnosis of the Wicked, Germany Kortirion - In the Territory of Witches, Ireland
  9. Yeah, I guess I did. I think we both have the ability to self reflect. Self awareness. To Thine own self be true. We are all a work in progress.
  10. Not stopping when it's clear is the reason roundabouts work, but unfortunately most cops around here don't think the same thing when they see someone roll through a stop sign. I've never had a parking fine in the car, but I have had one speeding fine and one failing to stop. In the truck I've had everything from seatbelt to speeding, to illegal parking, to overloaded. I also once had a shadow for a week after the roads corp pulled me over for a broken indicator and then kept appearing everywhere I was the following days to check it was fixed 'in due time'. The bastard even got to the point of waving to me as he stopped at intersections where I was. I always drive in the middle of the road at night around here too because in most places on coming vehicles can be seen through the trees, but the risk of wildlife coming onto the road is everywhere. I've hit plenty of roos doing anything from scratches to major damage, yet I've never hit another car whilst riding the white line, but explaining that to a cop, even one whose spent his life in the country is nearly pointless unless they are in a good mood. Thankfully though I've only been warned not fined for it.
  11. Everything up to 2007's 4-Way Diablo is killer afaic.
  12. Obviously I stop when I'm in town, or in traffic, or if I can see cars coming on the cross street, or if there is an obstruction blocking my view of who might be coming. I just don't see the point in coming to that complete standstill at intersections when I can clearly see there's no one around on my approach. The only traffic tickets I've gotten in the last 25 years are parking tickets, seat belt tickets, illegal lane usage (no trucks in the left lane of the Verazzano bridge) off the designated truck route tickets and talking on the cell phone tickets. But all of those were in the work truck in the city where the cops apparently have nothing better to do than hassle the drivers of commercial vehicles. I never get pulled over in my car. Last time I did was in the mid 90's, I encountered an unexpected police checkpoint on some little residential back street in front of a school less than a mile from my house on my way home from work one afternoon, and the dude caught me not wearing my stupid seat belt.
  13. Great band. Saw them live in concert around 1995 part of their Dopes to Infinity tour. People should listen to their albums before Powertrip, actually even a few albums since the 2000's are great as well.
  14. Some intersections I do, some intersections I cut, but generally I stop when the sign says so unless I know there is no one around. Last time I was pulled over was for running a stop sign, it was 18 years ago and I got let off with a warning, but I guess some times rules stick. I do know that for 18 years I have always stopped at that one intersection even when I can't see any cars.
  15. TBF I myself treat stop signs as a mere suggestion rather than a rule. Might give the brake pedal a light courtesy tap as I slide on through. And as I've said many many times, red is just a color. Black Beast - Arctic Darkness, Finland Fire Magic - Undying Revolt, USBM Virginia
  16. TBF there is a lot of Aussies who have no idea about roundabouts either. It doesn't help that every state has slightly different rules and many of those who quote a rule quote it wrong. In some place here Stop signs are treated as a suggestion rather than a rule. NP: Evil Dead - The Underworld
  17. I'm not against them myself, I would personally like to see more of them as opposed to the hundreds of thousands of traffic lights we have here, but I understand the concept of how to use them and where I'm meant to go. Most Americans have no clue. When no one is sure who has the right of way that's when the teardrops start fella. I had many conversations about roundabouts with my late wife who when she first moved to the US was incensed about our plethora of traffic lights that seem to always be red for our side and green for the other side, and bemoaned our lack of roundabouts. Also our ubiquitous 4-way stop signs where every vehicle coming to the intersection from all directions must stop before they can proceed enraged her as well, because many Americans don't understand about rights of way and will come to the 4-way stop and just sit there and look at each other for 10 seconds not knowing whose turn it is to go. She felt whichever road was the main road with the higher volume of traffic should be able to proceed unfettered while only the side street traffic should be required to stop and look.
  18. Yes, but my obvious riposte is imagine this volume of traffic held up by traffic lights!
  19. There are exceptions to every rule and the only thing that would improve intersections like that is eradication of vehicles...and maybe people.
  20. Some dude Steve Vaught writes: One of the great terrors facing any American attempting to drive in Europe is the dreaded “roundabout,” a bizarre and incomprehensible (at least to most of us red blooded Americans) automotive whirlpool relentlessly hurtling speeding cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles to their collective dooms. For a neophyte driver in Europe, how to get in, where to go once you’re in there and, seemingly hardest of all, how to get out of a roundabout is the stuff motoring nightmares are made of. Invariably, in describing their near death encounters with the sinister roundabout, American survivors of this horrifying ordeal like to say, “Thank god we don’t have those here!” This is, in actuality, not entirely true. There are a number of traffic circles (as we call them) throughout the United States today. Columbus Circle and Dupont Circle are the two most famous. Why there’s even one here in California down in Long Beach. But these are rarities indeed. Americans just don’t like them and reject them out of hand as effete, immoral and perhaps somehow socialistic or even communistic. So what this tells me is traffic circles can only be as effective as the idiots using them.
  21. Nothingness - The Hollow Gaze of Death, Minneapolis MN 2019 Occulsed - Crepitation of Phlegethon, Atlanta GA 2021, one of the dude from Father Befouled and Encoffination's many other bands.
  22. Depressive Witches - Distant Kingdoms (BM, France, 2022) Getting strong Inquisition vibes from this. Loving it so far.
  23. Says the guy who's town is just a bunch of circles!
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  25. Saw them - and her - at Hymns To The Dead in Hobart in June. And I agree with all this.
  26. True. Canberra is roundabout heaven, Fuck traffic lights. Suffer in yer jocks. MAGAZINE - The Correct Use Of Soap MAGAZINE - Real Life Howard Devoto's vocals are an acquired taste I guess, but his sneering sardonic tone has always suited me. Apart from weird jazz, Magazine was one of my go to listens in the 1980's, and I enjoy coming back to them now and again.
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