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  2. Im 33, male, single, looking for a platonic date that likes to rock. No tricks, no games, ill buy tickets, just need a companion to go. Contact 734.347.7705
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  4. strawberry i have a recommendation. its reckoned to be very much inspired by all the early gothic metal such as paradise lost, my dying bride and later stuff bit too, i read some of other gothic bands you like, i reckon youd like it. its really very very catchy but good. the band is called officium triste there from Holland and album is called death of gaia. let me know what you think of title track. obviously if you hate it id be interested to know why. keep it metal ☠️👻
  5. I also had the same experience with the new CC album. Inhumane Harvest I really like, but the rest fell pretty flat for me on first listen so I didn't order a copy (just downloaded that single track on Bandcamp). I have, however, watched every single one of the ten million interviews posted on YouTube with members of the band in support of the album - really can't seem to get enough of them as characters! And I will definitely be giving both albums another try at some point.
  6. My mood wasn’t the best either on my first couple of runs through. Had the same problem with new Cannibal Corpse today too. I am just hard to please in these kind of moods.
  7. lindt 65% cocoa milk chocolate. its so good. its got a great cocoa taste and the lovely milk flavour which lindt has as its signature and so smooth as well. am i just weird with this? do other people like the higher percentage cocoa milk chocolate. am i just being different again 😂
  8. The talking is the worst! It sounds like his old videos. But I agree that the music is good.
  9. Stratovarius - Episode (album)
  10. Scar Symmetry - Pitch Black Progress (album)
  11. I’ll be interested to know whether it grows on you or not. I wasn’t impressed enough to buy it on first listen, but I perhaps just wasn’t in the right mood for it...
  12. The last two are both the same story for me - I really like the instrumental tracks, but can't stand it when Varg starts talking/folk singing.
  13. Memoriam - To The End Early listening to this is leaving me a bit cold if I am honest. Requiem for Mankind sounded complete and stacked full of huge riffs, whereas this one sounds tired by comparison. There's a lack of cohesion on some tracks that suggests the quality control filter on what made the cut for the album wasn't exactly firmly in place. Giving it a few spins before writing it off altogether.
  14. Law and Order This is one of my favorite tv shows of all time. An interesting blend of investigative detective work and legal drama. There are great actors/characters throughout every season.
  15. macabre eternal sir, have you got any favourite murder mystery tv shows. colombo perhaps.
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  17. Burzum - The Ways Of Yore / Thulean Mysteries (I just downloaded all of the completely instrumental tracks from Bandcamp and burnt myself a compilation CD) (Also downloaded all of the tracks I like from Fallen and Umskiptar and burnt a CD of those earlier on : )
  18. Line 6 should work so....what DAW are you using for recording? And to get more dynamics recording on the highest possible bit rate worls best, i am now on 48000khz recording and 24bit mastering. The new one sounds warmer, but all 80s heavy metal was almost done on the Marshall plexi's and jcm 800s with some kind of pregain overdrive pedal on clean boost settings. Even now in metal this formula is used to get thicker chuggier tone.. A thing to try and possibly also in front of the 5150 in the line6.
  19. Goatpenis might be exactly what you are looking for.
  20. Welcome! my name is Ricky, and I am looking to start a metal band I unfortunately haven't had experience in the vocal industry in any way, but I am very passionate about metal and music in general so as I have explained nothing is set in stone right now as this is my first time searching for something like this and would love to find others such as guitarist, bassist, drummer and would just love to connect with others who are searching for the same thing and would like to help with planning and naming and everything in-between so here is a little about myself, so you can get an idea the ty
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