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  2. Last few: Obsequiae - The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings Fen - The Dead Light King Crimson - Discipline
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  4. Was just looking at my 'bucket list' of things I want to do before losing my sight, and then the standard things I want to do before I die. God damn I'd better get fucking started fucking thing is nearly 3 pages long and that's after removing the things I already did (scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, skydive, hot lap in a V8 supercar, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, dive with sharks).
  5. The morning coffee, and in case anyone was wondering I like my coffee like my metal...black.
  6. Hell o every one! I just launched reaction video series on my YouTube channel where I react to metal memes. Come and see what funny stuff I have found! If you like my videos there, please subscribe my YouTube channel. Metal Regards, Jani Savolainen / Pumpkinned
  7. Blind Guardian - When Time Stands Still at the Iron Hill
  8. Hell o everyone \m/ I'm Jani Savolainen from Finland, the Nordic metal country. I mostly like all the metal genres except nu-metal. I'm into hard rock also, but ordinary and classic rock is usually too lame for me. I play guitar and my gear is 7 string LTD electric guitar. I love metal music and metal memes also! Metal Regards, Jani Savolainen
  9. What's up, guys! So, I'm looking for a metal singer (doesn't matter gender) to be a part of a project that I'm working on. I'm a composer, I have 7+ songs made and I wanted someone to be the voice of my music. Also if you know how to write good lyrics because I suck at writing. I'm hoping on making a online project to post on youtube, a music channel. I want to make as an online project because I can't find anyone who have the same goals where I live, so I'm looking on the internet for some people to do this. I'll link here two of my original songs that I recorded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-JA5yF3Kko https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GXX9uwPPlc
  10. Overkill - Changes UFO - Natural Thing (Strangers In The Night Live)
  11. This was originally in the Black Metal section but since it was a post without explanation and I couldn't definitely say it was spam I moved it the youtube thread. Very odd post.
  12. Hello? What? Who are you and what is going on here?
  13. Amen. As for Christmas decorations, ours went up last weekend, both inside and out. At the front of Castle R I've put some lights in a large-ish tree near the fenceline, as well as some in a (bring me a) shrubbery further back. We also have four large candy canes in the garden strip near the driveway and a reindeer grazing closer to the castle. It's not excessive but it looks cool at night.
  14. Of course you are. NP: Vlad Tepes - 'War Funeral March' Hail Les Legions Noire.
  15. Waking up to sunlight streaming through my window and the sound of Kookaburras calling just reminded me how fortunate I am to live in Australia. I live in a country where I'll never go hungry, always have clean water to drink, and can walk the streets without fear of violence breaking out. Too many around the world aren't so lucky.
  16. Last week
  17. I never loved this band, but The Land Of Rape And Honey is a fantastic album when I want to hear that kind of angry, repetitive stuff. Highly recommended. It's the only Ministry album that I ever find myself reaching for. Psalm 69 and The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste were the big ones when I was growing up, but they both put me off. I remember thinking Filth Pig was pretty cool but I haven't put it on in at least ten years. Don't think I've ever heard Rio Grande Blood, I'll try to remember to put it on the next time I'm in a Ministry mood.
  18. Boy, i actually envy you since you have all the good stuff still ahead of you because you certainly started with the worst. I´ve listened to Ministry for quite some years but the last few albums were a big turn off plus Al Jourgensen increasingly idiotic left wing behaviour. The last album i really enjoyed was "From Beer to Eternity" since it was the last album with Mike Scaccia on guitar and i liked how the brought back some the electronic elements on that one. But AmeriKKKant was definitely the nail in the coffin for me personally. I´d rather remember them for their classic albums instead of supporting the drivel Jourgensen puts out nowadays. I really wish i could listen to "Land of Rape and Honey" or "Rio Grande Blood`` with fresh ears once again. Those albums left such a huge impression on me back then. Curious to see which album will turn out to be your favorite. I know "Filth Pig" is one of their most hated albums but i think it´s a brilliant sludge album, just not what you expect from Ministry after "Psalm 69".
  19. Who cares? Who cares? If you like writing about that stuff then stick to your guns, brother. Besides horror and metal go together like bacon and eggs. And considering how many horror movies exist there is probably always an obscure horror movie you could base your lyrics on. Besides like you said it´s not like there many original lyrical ideas left in metal. And i must say i never tire of listening to Necrophagia who´s lyrics were based solely on horror movies. I even seek out specific bands that concentrate on horror movies based lyrics or image. I really love stuff like Necrophagia, Hooded Menace, Fulci and The Misfits.
  20. Ulvegr - Vargkult Glad to see they abandoned the stupid Egyptian theme of the previous album here. We´re back to just plain furious old school black metal with some great riffing as usual. They keep it short and sweet on this release with only 7 tracks but it´s just enough to quench your thirst for some straight forward agressive black metal. Will be giving this a regular spin for sure. Glad to see them back on track after the previous dud. People can talk shit about Danzig all day but those first 4 albums are just timeless fuckin´ classics and even the newer stuff isn´t half bad. Every few months i return to these albums and listen to them in chronological order. Danzig was one of my gateway bands but unlike with other bands i never got bored with Danzig. Lucifuge is without a doubt his best album by far.
  21. Hi! Added Back Patches section. https://www.etsy.com/shop/BigBoyEmbroidery?section_id=27326675
  22. Look at my post in looking for a musician & see if you’re interested
  23. Satan's Host - By the Hands of the Devil Why isn't more power metal like this? It's dark, heavy, evil sounding stuff borrowing some elements from black metal.
  24. I'm starting to think it's a bit too cliché to base so many of my lyrics off horror movies and stories, but then again what lyrical content isn't cliché in metal these days?
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