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  2. I can't believe that even Soundgarden is getting old enough to be dad rock now! haha
  3. That's the whole idea of the name - to point out they're singing about (literally) bullsh*t and vulgar stuff. The chorus of the song I posted roughly translates like this (in female gender which I can't translate because English language doesn't have a gender when you're addressing someone and Bulgarian does have a gender): You're horrific and look like a robot You're horrific, creepy spectre You're horrific and have a long trunk* You're a nightmare! * as in the elephant's nose
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  5. Ulcerate - Stare Into Death And Be Still Deathspell Omega - Chaining The Katechon
  6. Yeah, they stopped in the mid 90s, some of them moved away, life, etc. Our old moderator BlutAusNerd became friends with their guitarist on another forum and put me in touch with him years ago, and I've been following them since then. Another album that fits the bill for me is Soundgarden's "King Animal". It's basically dad rock and it doesn't have the raw energy of their 90s stuff, but there are some awesome songs and beautiful moments on there. I go back to it a lot. Chris Cornell is sorely missed.
  7. You've Got Another Thing Coming - Judas Priest
  8. I really can;'t think of any bands which may truly be "satanists". The only one in any way associated with metal in this regard is "Twin Temple, and they are not metal, instead doing doo-wop. They just kind of get lumped in with metal because of the satanic angle. Otherwise, it is just an image thing, often growing out of when the artists were still young and looking towards the obvious and cliched, in efforts to shock (and sell records).
  9. What a band name shitting gnomes. Ouch. That's extreme 😂😂😂
  10. Good to hear from you yowie. That makes you most determined metal fan I know. I see most of my gigs in London. Very easy 60 mins commute in to most north London gigs. Which part of world are you from is it Australia? Also interesting point re Max voice. You'd think you'd go lower as you get older but maybe his lungs have lost some of there power after all the use he's given them. 2nd hand Smoke from performing gigs won't help his lungs much either
  11. Thanks alabaster for the info, thought this much as there's a 2013 release but from track listing doesn't look like a typical album with more than typical amounts of demos and live tracks. Just out interest Why was there such a big gap between there inception and there debut? Was it because the band just stopped completely? Thanks for the suggestions too. Will definitely check those out.
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  13. I do like their material after MOP but they will never compare to their first three records, they were the band at its finest, masterpieces for me personally and definitely true to their metal 'label'. I just think that Metallica are that band now that at least every metal head likes some of... they have diversified themselves over the decades to be more appealing - which I personally don't agree with, I prefer it when a band stays true to what defined them. Ozzy was sensational. Well as sensational as Ozzy can be, he's not exactly the staple of being a vocalist; he's just Ozzy and it wor
  14. Does anyone know the missing lyrics in Coronation of the serpent
  15. Cruciamentum - Charnel Passages Desultory - Into Eternity
  16. Cool at least you like mettalica post master of puppets. They weren't the same for me after that album. Maybe one day they will do good again. Then who am I to say. It seems like everyone loves them. But pleased you like the early albums which aren't as easy to listen to as later albums but there for me more interesting and challenging and more metal. Cool that you saw black Sabbath. Definitely one off the bucket list. I assume Ozzy was amazing. Not heard of void but may need to give it a spin. Welcome to the forum
  17. 1. Babooshka: 2. Ravdina: 3. Satyricon: 4. Pentagram (a.k.a Mezarkabul): That's it for now.
  18. I'm from Bulgaria but I don't listen to Bulgarian music much. There is one that I prefer above all others but they're more like rock music with some metal elements - Obraten Efekt. And also Akashti Djudjeta (which translates as something like "Pooping Gnomes"). As for specifically metal, there is one with some good music:
  19. Prestissimo - Heart of an Inferno. Primitive/acoustic instrumentation with epic and ambient vibes. Listen/download on my bandcamp page. To highlight some tracks: Cerebral Ignition: a slow burning guitar and bass jam with some vocal touches. Fire Chant - A melodic soundtrack to your meditation by a warm fire on a cold night. Heart of an Inferno - Getting aggressive with acoustic guitars**. Let's discuss! Let me know what you think!
  20. Imprecation - Satanae Tenebris Infinita / Damnatio Ad Bestias
  21. Thanks! Same here. I mostly prefer their 80's records. I do enjoy later material but still...those classic riffs though That's easy. Into The Void. It sounds amazing live, had the privilege of seeing them in 2013. That was one for the bucket list
  22. I had a listen to Bulletbelt. Not bad. They are from New Zealand
  23. Welcome to the forum. Metallica were the band that got me into metal too. Still listen to them. Think you will get on ok here. I've found people very friendly and knowledgeable. What's your favourite black Sabbath track?
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