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  2. Master Of Puppets - Metallica
  3. Agreed--- really cool cover for this album I've been listening to Neurosis' first album " Pain Of Mind" a lot lately and if anybody here are fsns of the band---- do you like Psin Of Mind? Its very different compared to the later metal stuff.
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  5. I’m looking forward to the freshly recorded version of Agent Orange on the upcoming EP. Different album to PM, I know.
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  7. I would say Slayer. I would also boot Megadeth out of the Big Four and insert Testament in their stead. If Exodus didn't lose their greatness after Bonded by Blood I'd boot Anthrax out, too...
  8. Yeah man! Christ Passion what a song thats my fave from that album U.D.O. - Network Nightmare
  9. Well the top 5 im listening to most at the moment are; Raven U.D.O. Saxon Riot/Riot V AND OF COURSE Motörhead
  10. Sodom - Persecution Mania Seem to appreciate this album more every time I listen to it.
  11. No idea, sorry! I absolutely love the Baphomet cover (don't know who that's by either, but it really does it for me) ...but I always found the Banished one to be a little silly. Art is so subjective though eh. But yeah, for my money this is definitely where it's at.
  12. Looking forward to the new album I really enjoyed Gore... much as I have hardly listened to the CD since I bought it, for some reason.
  13. Seconding what FA said please include album titles, it's a major pain trying to fix things otherwise.
  14. Happy I can finally share one of the pieces I worked on earlier this year - a cover illustration for In Human Form's upcoming album "III":
  15. Master Of Reality - Black Sabbath
  16. At war with reality - At the gates
  17. Legion of Wolves - Heavy mass of murder
  18. It would be great if you'd describe these a bit and mention why you shared them, but at the very least, edit your post to label them so we can fix the links if they get broken down the road.
  19. Katharsis - VVorld Without End. Album is utterly schizoid and infernal. Nonstop Satanic racket. I also enjoy the production. Title track slays. Opening track is like a gate to Hell bursting open in front of you and you get bukkaked hard by the worst cacodemons imaginable. Sanguine Relic - Vampyric Will. Okay, so they're USBM try-hards doing the lo-fi thing to the nth degree. And yet I enjoy the kind of fuzzy muffled butthole sound...
  20. Post 1999 Saxon resonates most strongly with me. Lionheart, Thunderbolt, Metal Head, Killing Ground, Battering Ram.
  21. Speaking of Mayhem, it took me a while to like A Grand Declaration of War. The first several times that I listened to the album, I was totally thrown off by how weird it is. I listened to it without realizing that it represented a deliberate attempt to reinvent the band's sound, so I had expected it to sound like Chimera. I have never been a fan of spoken word, and was initially really disappointed by Maniac's vocal delivery. Now, though, I have grown to like it more than any other Mayhem release, and I think that that was because it was so different from anything they (or any other bm band) have ever done. It is a work of genius, and such things can often only be recognized for what they are after spending a great deal of time with them.
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  23. Is the album art ( I assume its the cover art I found on the YouTube listing for Banished) done by the comic book artist Tim Vigil? Vigil did the incredible horror title Faust. It looks like a Vigil piece.
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