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  2. Top 10 Albums of Any Given Genre or Concept

    I'm really labouring the top 10 point by now, but before I relax a bit I want to do an EP list. Requirements: Must be an actual individual stand alone release and not just a glorified single, hence 'Black Winter Day' by Amorphis and 'Reverence' by Emperor miss out. Here they are, my favourite Extended Plays: Requiem's Top 10 Metal EPs 10. My Dying Bride - 'The Manuscript' (2013) MDB have released heaps of EPs, especially early in their career, but they were all a bit hit and miss. This is a really good one, however, and I prefer it to the album that came out around the same time: 'A Map of All Our Failures'. In fact I prefer this to the last few albums. 9. Age of Silence - 'Complications' (2005) This little gem is really underrated. Great vocals from Lars (Borknagar/Solefald), drums from Hellhammer. It's better than their album that came out the next year. Excellent melodic metal. 8. Moonsorrow - 'Tulimyrsky' (2008) This is where Moonsorrow start to get a little bogged down in their own ambition. The title track here is 25 long, slightly boring, minutes, but the rest of this EP is fantastic. The highlight is definitely their cover of 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' by some little known US band. If you haven't heard this cover, fill up your mead horns and get around it. 7. Graveland - 'Impaler's Wolves' (1999) This is one of Graveland's best releases, and another underrated classic. There's something about this two track release. Maybe the fantastic composition, maybe the subject matter, definitely the atmosphere. Total Carpathia. 6. Burzum - 'Aske' (1992) I have the shirt of this. The music isn't quite to the standard of Burzum's best, but it's not far off. The atmosphere and sentiment here are quite magical. 5. Anathema - 'Pentacost III' (1995) The last release with Darren White on vocals, this is epic, doomy and emotional. A great way for him to end his tenure with the band. Goddamn where they've ended up. 4. Katatonia - 'Sounds of Decay' (1997) Basically songs that didn't make it onto 'Brave Murder Day', these tracks are next goddamn level. Mikael Akerfeldt on vocals and that classic Katatonia style. 3. Mayhem - 'Deathcrush' (1987) From the immortal and kvlt intro through to the final notes of 'Pure Fucking Armageddon', this is fresh, exciting, jubilant and couched in history. 2. Cradle of Filth - 'V Empire' (1996) Untouchable vampiric atmosphere. This release has come up in a few of my lists now so I won't gild the (withered) lily. 1. Saturnus - 'For the Loveless Lonely Nights' (1998) My favourite EP. The studio tracks are achingly perfect gothic doom while the live tracks are stunning with the choir. I remember the first time a friend and I heard this back in about 1998, because it was before 'Martyre' came out the following year. When the first few notes of 'Starres' began we just sat there staring at each other, jaws on the floor. What an EP.
  3. Cradle of Filth

    I'm eagerly awaiting my physical copy but I've already listened to it. I really like it and the return to less conventional song structures. It's not nearly as melodic and catchy as Hammer was but more aggressive and darker. I think they could have used Lindsay a bit more but I like it more than Hammer.
  4. Cradle of Filth

    Theatres des Vampires - of course, how silly of me. So 'Cryptoriana' arrived in the mail today, but I went ahead and downloaded it from itunes this afternoon as well because I'm going out into the city tonight and I want to be able to listen to it. More dollars than sense, me. I can't wait. I'll give a full report tomorrow.
  5. Cradle of Filth

    You may know that The Fire Still Burns is a Twisted Sister cover. Naturally, V Empire's competition is Theatres des Vampires' Iubilaeum Anno Dracula 2001. I find V Empire more dynamic, romantic and poetic than Dusk. I enjoy the prominent use of Dani's pitch shifted vocals and I think the interplay between he and Sarah is better. Dusk has a different vibe but is equally compelling.
  6. Favourite metal quote

    What is this supposed to mean? Surely it's still possible to succeed even if you can't handle failure. In fact, not being able to handle failure may push someone further towards success, like an elite athlete or someone. Devin Townsend's annoying.
  7. Aussie Nu Metaler's "Bekoz Eykan" are set to release their first single in late 2017 The bands line up consists of former members of Australian Nu Metal groups such as Skankchaser, Tinman, At What Cost and In.Spiral Theory
  8. Greetings From Australia

    G'day all , avid Nu Metal fan from Australia here, hope the community on here are all doing well
  9. What's on your mind?

    What can I say I'm a die hard, passionate, Port Adelaide supporter.
  10. Male chauvinism in Metal

    Ha, I just saw this. How did I miss this little gem? Firstly, the thought of you dancing around to goth hits is deliciously incongruous, so that raised a smile. Secondly, your attempt to depict bars and nightclubs as these friendly all inclusive places seems a bit utopian. I was going to say 'naive', but you're seldom naive, so I don't know what you're playing at. Ok, you're talking about goth clubs rather than Top 40, but maybe you were mixing with a more sophisticated New York crowd or something, because the nightclubs in Melbourne at least are hotbeds of superficiality, meat-marketism and, unfortunately for too many women, assault. For sophisticated intelligenstia like myself, they're really a once or twice in a lifetime experience. Perhaps one of the reasons why some women find metal and rock clubs/gigs more amiable is because the people who go to them are going because they enjoy that particular sub-culture. It's sort of an end in itself, whereas the regular start-at-1am city nightclubs are - I have no doubt - places where unconscionable men go with the exclusive intention of picking up women, come hell or high water. The Melbourne CBD had a big problem with late night weekend violence until they flooded the streets with police and Protective Service Officers. Once again order was restored in the World's Most Liveable City.
  11. Depends on my mood, but generally Bay Area Thrash. The vocals in German Thrash are not my favorite.
  12. What's on your mind?

    Hey Parker, welcome back. Mayhem have plenty of cool live albums, you should check some out. [/more sarcasm]. Watching football with you must be like an extreme sport in itself. Sorry to hear about the 1 point loss. Just be happy in the fact that they'll always be next year. Anyway, we're gearing up for a Richmond victory on Saturday. Even before now I always called Richmond my second team (after Geelong). Last year was Footsgray, this year could be Richmond. What a world we live in, hey. 95,000 at the MCG last week. YELLOW AND BLACK!
  13. I like both a lot. Dust Bolt has been a band I can't stop listening to this week.
  14. The Internet is slowly killing Metal

    Thought criminal! Arrest this woman!
  15. Overkill

    I really like the song Thunder Head. Hoping to catch them with Crowbar soon.
  16. Hello everyone !

    Thank you and it's pretty cool here. Lots to read 0_0 Sure will. You guys have a lot of information here. Mind blowing at times.
  17. Yesterday
  18. What Are You Listening To?

    Judas Priest - Monster Of Rock
  19. Hell Republic Records/Webzine

    Cool. Looking forward to the webzine.
  20. Overshadowed/Underrated

    I think Taake are a great band, and their albums are really engaging, but I think the fact that Hoest missed the boat a little bit with timing probably has something to do with it. If 'Nattestid' came out in 1995 instead of 1999, when people were a bit over the saturated scene and many of the major second wave bands were moving on a bit with their sound, then I think Taake would have received the dues they were due. No one loves 'Bjoergvin' more than me; indeed, I had a merry time wandering the quaint streets of Bergen with it as my personal soundtrack a few years ago, but coming out in 2002 left them in no man's land a little bit. I think Windir are in the same boat. Another brilliant band that was five or six years behind the major players and it took fans a long time to sort through the buckets of slop to get to the greats like Taake and Windir.
  21. Your Artwork

    Ha! The idea of being able to actually paint? That's so two hundred years ago. These days, it's not really about art; rather, it's about feeling important and unleashing your inner elitist. It's about who you know. Sipping expensive wine and hobnobbing with the wealthy and the superficial. Showing off your ability to see the sophisticated intellect behind seemingly random blotches of ink or the three-dimensional profundity behind a red 2D square. If you walk into an empty room and can only see a plastic spoon resting awkwardly on a blue chair as it is literally displayed, you've only revealed your inner limitations.
  22. Windir

    Windir were an amazing band. Albums like 'Arntor' and to a lesser extent '1184', and an even lesser extent 'Likferd' really conjured that epic yet melancholic atmosphere of the Norwegian fjords. Valfar was a true talent. I recommend everyone goes and listens to 'Arntor' right now and re-experience the greatness. The story of Valfar dying in the snow is also one of metal's most fascinating and tragic tales.
  23. Rotting Christ Χ Ξ Σ \m/

    Rotting Christ are one of the all time great metal bands in my opinion. I like the early material quite a bit, but I think they have generally become better as they've travelled through their career. For instance, I know albums like 'Non Serviam' have a cult status - and I do like that album a lot, but I actually only started buying the band's albums during their gothic metal phase (1997-1999) due to the excellent 'A Dead Poem' and 'Sleep of the Angels'. They really jumped into the Century Media/Woodhouse Studios style and I think it's really cool. But far and away their best material for me is their later works. Albums like 'Sanctus Diavolos' and 'Theogonia' are just brilliant, especially the former album. I did find the band becoming a touch repetitive in their recycling of riffs from around 2007-2013, where Sakis just seemed to use that same (admittedly awesome) riff in every second song. Until... the 'Rituals' album was released in 2016 and became one of my all time favourite metal albums, let alone the best Rotting Christ album. It takes their current style and just perfects it. I can't get over what an evocative and effective bunch of songs 'Rituals' is. Stunning.
  24. Gothic Rock

    This wins 'unexpectedly hilarious call of the month'. Also, I was doing the planet a service by banishing that album to the land of wind and ghosts. It brought great dishonour upon us all. Cursed was the property that held it; yea, and cursed were we who listened to its ignoble complaints. Peter Steele says "I don't want to be me". Well, Pete, "I don't want to listen to you being you" when you write songs like that. Edit: Apart from realising that 'I Don't Want to be Me' isn't even on this album, I feel like I still mildly just owned Peter Steele. But yes, my 69 Eyes bad luck is profound.
  25. What Are You Listening To?

    The Misfits - Astro Zombies
  26. recommendations?

    What do you guys think about the new Satyricon album? It dropped this friday, and I've had a few spins this weekend. I listened through it as a whole while kayaking down the calm, still waters in a river deep in the woods yesterday - recommended! I think it's a strong piece of work, and so far 'To your brethren in the dark' and 'The ghost of rome' are my favorites.
  27. Hi there!!

    Hi there, greetings from Spain
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