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  2. From this picture I would imagine he has some experience with something way beyond weed 🤔
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  4. I don't think many metal bands manage to pull off a decent genre switcheroo. The one's that come to mind: Bathory - from early black ->thrash -> folk HOWEVER the switch from folk -> extreme metal suck bollocks (Octagon). Switchback to folkier stuff was haphazard but eventually resulted in the two brilliant Nordland albums Behemoth - from black metal -> death metal (though lost plot over years). Carcass - grindcore -> death metal -> melodic death metal Corrossion of Conformity - from hardcore/crossover -> southern style metal Napalm Death -grindcore -> death metal -> groove metal (Diatribes etc) ->back to grindcore. Though output has not been consistent. Pantera - from glam metal -> groove metal Paradise Lost - from death doom -> gothic metal. Pestilence - from thrash metal -> death metal -> cool jazz weirdness with Spheres. Resurrected band is shit. Suicidal Tendencies - from pure hardcore -> thrash -> almost avant garde thrash/punk Tiamat managed to do something awesome with Wildhoney but they lose me after that and I can't comment on whether it's any good as I don't listen to alt/goth rock. Iron Maiden evolved into a prog band and At The Gates into a thrashy death metal band but they're gradual evolutions so I don't think they count.
  5. I LOVE THIS POST! Oh to be a well off American/western European teen/early 20s in 1980s.
  6. This is a lovely album though...but it ain't metal.
  7. High Command album's a winner for me! Love that guitar tone.
  8. Cause it's a great album! ---- Decibel's online portal tends to throw up good recommendations that suit my tastes. I like the writing style - proper journalistic writing instead of "high school hack" or "wannabe philosopher" ala AMG and Heavy blog crap you get with blogs. Up to recently I was buying Zero Tolerance (you can't get Decibel locally and subscription system collapsed when COVID hit and USPS still doesn't post to Australia). Problem with Zero Tolerance is the format - small writing which would be fine except for sometimes you get dark text on a dark backdrop which makes it really hard to read. That and the covermount CDs are shit. I also occasionally binge on Youtube New Wave of Old School Thrash Metal and New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal channels though to be honest these are seldom anything I want to buy,, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD5Ny_jQ8cs9JXVPWXg9iNw https://www.youtube.com/c/NWOTHMFullAlbums Finally I do occasionally binge Gimme Metal radio and get some good stuff from there. I still go to Blabbermouth but it's becoming more about how much Lars sold his house for or which celebrity said what regarding COVID.
  9. Metallica - Ride The Lightning Metallica - Master of Puppets Nekromant - Temple of Haal - NWOBHM/Doom metal. https://nekromant.bandcamp.com/album/temple-of-haal Crypta - Echoes of the Soul - meat n potatos DM with BM-esque vocals. Features a few ex-Nervosa members.
  10. Nekromant - Temple of Haal Swedish heavy metal - mixture of NWOBHM and doom metal. Out 3 December 2021 on Despotz. https://nekromant.bandcamp.com/album/temple-of-haal
  11. Was in the mood for some depraved blackened death today... Dearth - To Crown All Befoulment Ceremonial Bloodbath - The Tides of Blood Ritual Necromancy - Disinterred Horror
  12. A Canorous Quintet - Silence Of The World Beyond
  13. Ron Jarzombek is a robot programmed to play guitar.
  14. Krypts - Remnants of Expansion Entombed - Crawl
  15. Digging through my BC feed this week. Lamp of Murmur/ Submission and Slavery The Temple S/T The new Archgoat and Motiferum are probable keepers for me
  16. Blitz has been seen on video as recent as the last few years still vaping so I while I don't know for sure what shit he puts in that vape I wouldn't put weed smoking past him.
  17. I have two bands in mind: Ulver (Black Metal -> Ambient/Electronic) and Diablo Swing Orchestra (Avant-Garde -> Avant-WTF!?) When both bands decided to explore new musical horizons in their respective moments... I felt how my soul imploded after getting burnt in its spiritual balls using salt, sunlight, lemon juice and Yoko Ono's singing. It was a pretty painful, hard-to-explain experience in my life. I thought "What did I do wrong or what obscure brand of toilet paper did I wrongly and naively buy to make the universe turn against metal?" There are many other examples, including the ones people already pointed out. But those two... man... SERIOUSLY!?!?
  18. Don't see Bobby Blitz as a weed guy. He was more of a hard drinking coke head. Word is he's gotten himself all cleaned up since well before the nose cancer thing even.
  19. Well, it was difficult but I managed to do it: 1) Therion (including their Death Metal albums) 2) Summoning (so bloody EPIC!) 3) Immortal (Blashyrkh's crab dance is all you need) 4) Aquilus (one-man band, the guy is a genius) 5) Spastic Ink (Jarzombek brothers aren't human)
  20. I tend to agree on much of that O Eternal Macabre one. I go through phases. Classic Rock/Punk/Thrash/Post-Punk as a teen, death metal as a young adult, black metal and prog after, goat metal (anything rough, nasty, abusive, and evil) over the past 5 years or so. Most recently I have been cycling through all of these with some regularity. What sounds good to me varies every day. I just like music, so I fill my day with whatever the current mood suggests be it bluegrass or war metal. I'd say my pallette has become well developed. Once in awhile something gives me that feeling I had way back when I first heard one of my favorites, but it's exceedingly rare these days. I guess the one thing that has changed is that I could no longer give any fucks whether or not anyone else likes the stuff I do. At various times that was somewhat important to me because I wanted others to see and feel what I did out of the stuff I really loved. These days I realize that it's just not in the cards. Once in a while something clicks for somebody and it does bring me happiness (my wife discovering acoustic Opeth and Anathema last year for instance). Everyone's different and that's cool. If it happens it happens. As an aside, I was listening to NPR on the way home today and it struck me how the little interludes between pieces reminded me of some newer Anathema. I don't know if that's an indictment of the band or an endorsement of the show.
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  22. Can't say I've quit metal before, but I've had "more" or "less" metal moments throughout months. I've been a metalhead for 25 years and I seriously doubt I'll stop listening completely to this genre. It's so damn good and addictive. One aspect I truly enjoy from metal is its diversity and global transcendence. Metal has been reinvented and adapted countless times. Literally every country has at least one band, in a heap load of languages... yeah, I'm willing to believe even the freakin' South and North Pole has metal bands consisting of penguins, walruses, exiled souls, aliens and whatever creature lurks in there. That's how great this genre has become over the years. Nowadays, I combine my regular metal playlist with any stuff that catches my ear: blues, rock, jazz, punk, "banda" music (very popular/traditional in my country), fusion/tropical (thanks, Cynic), Darkwave, EBM, Aggrotech, Industrial, folk, Dungeon Synth, Dark Ritual, classical, rap and so on. I don't have pals who like metal as much as I do. I'm ok with that. Some of them can't stand Iron Maiden for more than five minutes, hahaha.
  23. I wasn't crazy about it until I saw them live. Looking over my notes, it's likely top 25 rather than just outside the top 10. That linked list reminded me of quite a few releases I've forgotten about. I have the Suffering Hour queued up for tomorrow as one of those that had slipped my mind.
  24. My curiosity is piqued. NP: Opeth - Ghost Reveries
  25. If it helps and the OP returns one day (lol), I recommend Scar Symmetry. Recently I just spotted them again in my playlist. Their first albums are pretty good. "Standard" Melodic Death Metal, one I would say it's great for introductory purposes.
  26. Just joined this place. Tee-hee. I'm not too good introducing myself. Hope you all are having a great time, as a year passes by and the next one arises. Em... I'm listening to Elffor's "Dra Sad" album right now. If you like Dungeon Synth/Medieval Ambient stuff, you gotta give it a try. See ya around.
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