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  2. Yeah, this account seems totally legit, I'm really looking forward to that intro post.
  3. Hi man! Nice! If you want you can send some song of yours in my mail and i'll check it out and give your a return if i'm able to sing your music style or not! Cheers! [email protected]
  4. Hey! I haven't found yet. I'm in brazil but most of the time I'm online
  5. The forum has a pretty low file size limit for uploads. I always recommend uploading to another site - your own website, Facebook, Imgur, whatever - and then copying and pasting the image URL. It should embed automatically.
  6. I created a page for my cd artworks that I'm selling & licensing. https://www.facebook.com/dirgevowsstudios
  7. Thanks for the welcome
  8. Hello, you can start your own introduction thread as your posts may get lost in just responding to other poster's threads.
  9. Today's lesson. If you go to give blood, apparently it has to be your own.
  10. Welcome back! Saw this post and realised you'd been last active than normal. Good to see you around.
  11. Pat O'brien has the sickest V guitar set ups for one, and Alex Webster is perfection to me with his bass playing. I love 18V pickups and speed ramps. The growl, groove, and speed. My favourite albums by Cannibal Corpse are in this order, Kill 2006... because of The Time To Kill Is Now and Make Them Suffer back to back, 1 and 2, just sets the whole album up perfectly. Then comes Gallery of Suicide... 1998... I Will Kill You and Gallery of Suicide are just phenomenal pieces of musical art. Followed by Butchered At Birth, I feel like that album is a complete masterpiece, from the artwork to being produced by Scott Burns...my favourite song off that album is Covered With Sores and is one of my top 3 Corpse songs. It is so fantastic, it still gives me goosebumbs after all these years. Tomb Of The Muitilated 1992....Entrails Ripped From a Virgin's Cunt and Hammer Smashed Face are the other two of my all time favourite Corpse songs. Follwing that and in this order, Eaten Back To Live 1990, The Bleeding 1994 (track number 3 please), Vile 1996, Bloodthirst 1999, Gore Obsessed 2002, The Wretched Spawn 2004, Evisceration Plaque 2009, Torture 2012, and finally, A Skeletal Domain 2014.
  12. That's awesome about releasing Nordicwinter, GravenDusk, and Dark Covenant. I'm from Canada also. \m/
  13. I feel the need to update my list with a couple of new entries; they're highlighted in blue. 1. Theatres des Vampires - Bloody Lunatic Asylum 2. Cradle of Filth - The Principle of Evil Made Flesh 3. Cadaveria - The Shadows' Madame 4. Darkness of Blood - A Dream of Vampires in Astral Dementia 5. Symawrath - Scaena I - Incestuous Overture in the Crystal Auditorium 6. My Dying Bride - As the Flower Withers 7. Dimmu Borgir - Spiritual Black Dimensions 8. Moonspell - Wolfheart 9. Deinonychus - The Weeping of a Thousand Years Cadaveria's debut is outstanding. The Shadows' Madame is blackened heavy metal masterpiece shrouded with gothic undertones. This is Witch Metal meant for drawing down the moon. Cadaveria is a femme fatale, and her visceral vocal performance and presence alone deserve high magic's praise. I've already exalted Symawrath's debut elsewhere. This album doesn't just meet the vampire standard; it's a blood overdose that won't let, or let you down. Bands like Anathema, Evenfall, Paradise Lost, and Type O Negative will have to battle for the final spot.
  14. I started doing cd artworks lately, here's one of them. I have more here.
  15. I think mostly because they each have their own style. When you hear one of those band's music you know what band is playing.
  16. The top one is Pantera. The one under it looks familiar, but I can't place the lettering with the band... the one under the Korn logo is Annihilator, and below it is Children of Bodom.
  17. Actually, Marilyn Manson smells like children. Hail the first four albums! Nearing twenty years since Holy Wood's release. An ominous opening sets the tone of the album; it's bleak and black.
  18. Fukk yeah! NP: Kristallnacht- "The Funeral Years (1994-1998)" Raw and simple yet effective. The vocals and keys on 'A Strife... A Victory' are epic. The highs are so nasally that they rival even Donald Duck.
  19. True. I've always thought My Dying Bride, given the nature of their music, might be a difficult band to sit through live, no matter what they play. Perhaps their first album would sound great in its entirety live due to its death metal energy.
  20. It's been too long since I last listened to them. I'll give Redemption Process a spin sometime soon. When you're done gluttonously gorging on Anorexia Nervosa, I recommend Symawrath's debut album Scaena I - Incestous Overture in the Crystal Auditorium. Like nearly all bands of this 'genre', these sanguinarian symphonies from Spain feature familiar female backing vocals, vebosely vampiric vernacular as seen in song titles immortally married to magniloquent lyrics, albeit all absurd and ambiguous. Not to mention, a band of brooding poses to strike fear into the hearts of mortals at mere glance. No, this is metal not meant for the mundane. The audio quality of these youtube uploads seem sub-par to me.
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  22. Vampyrique


    I'm unraveled, you're unrivaled. Now, let's all commit to a coma with blue pills and soma.
  23. Dragged Into Sunlight- Terminal Aggressor II out earlier this month.
  24. Sodom Carcass Deftones Immolation Ov Shadows Cruciamentum Malignant Altar ...to name a few.
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