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  2. Talk about bands you think are underrated, underground, or otherwise not listened, even though people should check them out. I'll start with a dsbm band :
  3. Yes, didn't pick that up. I literally hate waiting a week at a time, but I hate not knowing even more. As for the Walking Dead I honestly lost interest after season 4. I still watch it but I'm not devoted to it like I was once.
  4. I couldn't pick just 3 doom bands, there have been too many amazing bands to choose from. There's one of these threads stuck to the Doom metal sub-forum and I'd highly recommend looking through the video posts made by BlutAusNerd. What I can do is list my top 10 doom metal albums but keep in mind the genre makes up most of my album collection so will be incredibly diverse. 10. "Through The Darkest Hour" - Solitude Aeturnus. This is a stunning example of the epic doom metal style. Rob Lowe is an amazing vocalist backed up by great songwriting. 9. "Forest of Equilibrium" - Cathedral. This is some of the heaviest doom/death you'll ever hear. Despite that the band maintain some of the psychadelic tendencies they'd later be known for. 8. "Exhumed of the Earth" - Paramaecium. Doom/Death from Australia don't let the christian lyrics deter you these guys craft a huge, dramatic, sound. 7. "Psalm 9" - Trouble. Traditional doom at it's finest, once again the lyrics are christian but the music is so heavy and so well written you won't care. 6. "Nightfall" - Candlemass. Another example of epic doom metal this album is phenomenal. Heavy, heartfelt, and memorable songs litter this record. 5. "Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth" - Morgion. This is a more atmospheric doom/death album. Morgion's sound is complex and beautifully crafted. They alternate clean and heavy passages wonderfully well. 4. "Turn Loose the Swans" - My Dying Bride. Crushingly heavy, melodic, memorable, and heartfelt MDB have an amazing sound and really haven't released any bad albums. 3. "The Monad Of Creation" - Mournful Congregation. This is an example of melodic funeral doom from Australia. Memorable, heavy, dripping with atmosphere. Be warned this album (and indeed all funeral doom) is very slow, focusing more on atmosphere then riffs. If that's your thing you'll probably like this but if not you should pass. 2. "Embrace the Emptiness" - Evoken. More funeral doom, this band craft a cavernous sound, crushingly heavy, and with some melody but much less then Mournful Congregation. 1. "Stream From The Heavens"- Thergothon. This is by far the most unique funeral doom album. It's a great shame we only got one album from them. Lovecraftian lyrics, a weird atmosphere, this has to be heard at least once.
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  6. I agree, they went downhill after Midian. I've liked their last couple of albums well enough when I put them on, but nothing has captivated me like those albums did when I was younger. Black Harvest is my project, yes. I've had it on the back burner for a couple of years, but hopefully I'll get back to writing for it at some point.
  7. It depends on the music. Like most people these days I listen to a variety of stuff, and lyrics can be the most important thing for me in some contexts or almost irrelevant in others. If I can barely hear what somebody's growling anyway it stands to reason that I'm going to care less than where a prominent clean vocal is concerned. Good lyrics will certainly add something regardless, though, and bad lyrics will always take something away; just a question of how much really.
  8. For me, I think that lyrical content is very important, perhaps as important as the way it is preformed. Lyrics are a representation of the kind of tone or mindset the artists themselves are aiming for (audience wise) and they (the lyrics) can also serve as a reference point to encourage the listeners to seek out similar bodies of work, as well as encouraging the listener to try to find out more about the source material and inspiration behind the concepts. To give the listeners something to think about, or at the very least, to convey stories or statements. It enhances the experience. I`m not saying all songs are built to provoke thought or articulate statements, but I do think that sometimes good lyrics have an equal impact as the music itself. A person is more likely to pay closer attention to something that resonates with them.
  9. Yeah their early work is wonderful. Back in those years everything was on CDs, and Cradle was basically among the first bands I heard which belonged to that genre. I liked everything from The Principle of Evil Made flesh, and up until the Midian era. After that things went abit downhill for them, music wise (in my opinion). Though I will always credit them as the first black metal band I heard which really made me go "wow!", if that makes any sense lol. Also, I couldn't help but notice your signature. Black Harvest. May I ask, is that your band (or a band your a part of)?
  10. The new Eluveitie whose complex Gaulish name escapes me Mayhem - ‘Grand Declaration of War’ original digipack with sticker. This is my third copy of this album but first digipack. Mayhem - ‘Dawn of the Black Hearts’ DVD case edition. This is my third copy of this live show but my first DVD case.
  11. Three albums that have ruled the roost recently. Children of Bodom - ‘Hexed’. I don’t love this album but I do enjoy it. It definitely falls into the upper 50% of the Wildchild’s output. Don’t know how many spins it will receive when the gloss wears off though. Dark Funeral - ‘Where Shadows Forever Reign’. The last three songs on this are stellar. I love this band and this album. Impaled Nazarene - ‘Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace’. This is only my second IN purchase which is weird because I really enjoy their straight forward sound.
  12. The Foreshadowing - ‘Days of Nothing’ Katatonia meets My Dying Bride.
  13. Licht des Turneils- "Demo 2019" Vargrav- "Reign in Supreme Darkness" Two great new Finnish bm releases
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  15. W.A.S.P. Forget the theatre for a minute here. I knew all about Lawless and co’s stage antics and shock lyrical content, but it was not any of that brazen, cocksure headiness that drew me to the band. Nope it was purely the music. I would argue that from the debut through to ‘Crimson Idol’ they rarely put a foot wrong. Yes, ‘Inside The Electric Circus’ perhaps needed a trim and ‘The Last Command’ too. But neither were turkeys and I played both of them to fucking death as a teenager being energised by the likes of ‘Jack Action’, ‘9.5. - N.A.S.T.Y.’ and ‘Wild Child’. ’The Headless Children’ showed some real maturity with actual structure to the songs and a little more teeth and less tongue in cheek than what had come before (although ‘Mephisto Waltz’ sucked and blowed and the same time). The final piece of the maturity scale came with ‘The Crimson Idol’. To hear a band more infamous for tits n tattle perform a concept record and not get lost in the story and let the music still be centre stage was a real treat. I spent so many of my teenage years playing W.A.S.P. for a good portion of each of them it seems criminal that nowadays I don’t pick up their CD’s off the library shelves more. Key Album - The Crimson Idol Morbid Angel The mind bending sonic wizardry of Trey on Morbid Angel’s first 2 albums just blows me away still to this day. Despite my affection/nostalgia for Obituary as my death metal gateway band, Morbid Angel occupied my turntable/CD drawer for a large percentage of my teenage years also. There was a poise about MA that I felt no other band had at the time. Vincent looked like a shampoo model who ate puppies at children’s parties and the cool menace of his vocals further cemented the image. Sandoval was a fucking beast on the skins and Brunelle worked the riff engine, stoking the fires with near passive effort. ’Altars of Madness’ and ‘Blessed Are The Sick’ change places as being my favourite MA release more often than I change my duds! I even forgave the dry sound to ‘Covenant’ after many years off being put off by it. Hell, even when Vincent has been sacked, had handbags at ten paces with Trey or just decided that Country is his thang, Tucker steps right in and the band molds accordingly, creating some great records along the way. A common theme in my list is bands who mature, whose songwriting goes up a notch within mere years. The step up from the debut to ‘Blessed...’ is so obvious and the whole record is caked in fucking atmosphere to the extent that you can ice it, slice it and serve it dinner parties. Key Album (today at least) - Blessed Are The Sick
  16. Starting with the last one ... it had me thinking that after a one minute acoustic guitar intro, they better bring some Opeth level shit to make up for that or I'm signing off. But they kind of did, so that's a decent enough metal song in the pompous deathsy genre or whatever, not brilliant but good work. Then there is the first one. Hey ... how is this folk metal? was what I was thinking ... then aha. Got it. I guess death-folk makes sense in Romania, much like black metal makes sense in Norway. I want to hear more by that band. None of the other three appealed to me, but I'm very picky. Two out of five must be considered good. And one out of five that's interesting is very good.
  17. Mayhem, Emperor, Darkthrone. Not because there is a lack of other good bands but because those are (still) my three main BM bands. Can I have another three? Satyricon, Tsjuder, Mysticum.
  18. Assuming that you mean to say "GoT fan" ... I very much doubt you're alone in that. I don't like to watch the episodes one by one with the waiting inbetween though. I wait until the DVD release, then I binge the entire season. It's better that way. They can be *nasty* with those cliffhangers. The other "special show" is of course The Walking Dead. They break a few rules too. It's hard work keeping your crooks horrible these days.
  19. Meh ... this is so not my kind of Sabbath. 5/10. Now for some Germans (not Accept) who have made a nice song about Stalingrad.
  20. Hehe ... ska comes with a flavour of carnival. And the 80s. Bad Manners get 6/10. Let's try something along the same lines ...
  21. Early Cradle Of Filth is fantastic. I've been listening to their first four albums a lot again over the past few years. I've been all over the place lately, but at the moment I'm in the mood for riffy black metal. Finally really clicking with Abigor.
  22. Of course, its hard to pick so few, but it makes you think which are your real favourites, I have also a lot favourites but can easly pick top 3 of them. From Doom Metal, I only know early Paradise Lost, I dont know if you can list them on your Doom Metal list, but anyways I prefer their more recent albums. I will check bands you listed, Im always curious about this which I didnt knew before.
  23. I can only pick 3? How do I narrow that down? I'd say Dissection are the top, I love their sense of melody and their more technical mindset. There are other albums I like more but that collection of The Somberlain and Where Dead Angels Lie epitomise melodic black metal for me. 2nd I can't go past Bathory. Those first four albums were hugely influential on what BM would become and set up the Viking Metal explosion as well. I can't justify putting them at the top because their viking metal sound eclipses the BM stuff for me. 3rd is Bethlehem. I'm a huge doom metal fan, and I love when doom and black metal cross over, Bethlehem did it brilliantly with Dark Metal before pioneering the DSBM sound. I'll admit that style is not my favourite but I enjoy the way Bethlehem do it.
  24. Alright, everyone is posting they top 20 bands, so am I, but I will write very shortly with no description since these bands are rather well known (maybe not all), and these are my current favourites, but of course Im discovering new bands often : 20. Korn (its here only because of nostalgia - it was first ever metal band I have listened to when I was 15, with Linkin Park at the time, although now Im skipping that) - Follow The Leader / Untitled 19. Belphegor - Conjuring The Dead / Totenritual 18. Cannibal Corpse - Red Before Black 17. Morbid Angel - Kingdoms Disdained / Domination 16. Satyricon - Now, Diabolical 15. Decapitated - Anticult 14. System Of A Down - Every Album, Period 13. Gorgoroth - Instinctus Bestialis 12. Made Of Hate (if you never heard of it its Melodic Death Metal, something to chill rather, some Pirate Themes also) - Bullet In Your Head 11. Tsjuder - Desert Northern Hell 10. FrontSide - Zmartwychwstanie 9. Deicide - Overtures Of Blasphemy 8. Hate - Crusade Zero 7. Burzum - Filisofem 6. Paradise Lost - Medusa 5. Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas 4. Dimmu Borgir - Eonian 3. Behemoth - The Satanist / Evangelion 2. Darkthrone - Every album has one of my favourite tracks, really hard to choose 1. Bloodbath - Nightmares Made Flesh / The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn
  25. New album of Dark Throne "Old Star" will be released 31 st May this year. Anyone is hyped for this one?
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