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  3. The review for the first full length release of Setoml from Ukraine, called Reincarnation, is online. https://www.orthodoxblackmetal.com/setoml-reincarnation/
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  5. Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics
  6. I like the original line-up,sad to hear about the legal bullshit. When "hospodi" came out, I listened to it, and I liked it. It's great music to listen to when you want to just relax and close your eyes. Now they have a new "ep" out called "raskol", and again, it's the kind of black-metal I listen to when I'm in pain and just need to close my eyes. I find it very relaxing.
  7. That Gaerea album is bleak as fuck. Not ugly bleak though, kind of like a welcoming hug when your pissed off with the world and I kind of found it on one of those moods so it has struck a chord with me.
  8. Every opeth album after WATERSHED. It's so bad, they wouldn't include the lyrics. A couple of cool songs, but everything since then is crap.
  9. Maybe it was easy to write off "yet another dissonant album" in the shadow of Shrines Of Paralysis? I hadn't heard them before seeing their set and I honestly thought they played a better show than Ulcerate that night, I was blown away. They started off as a death metal band and they still have a death metal sense of impact and dynamics in their songwriting, maybe that's one of the things that drew me to them. You're liking that Gaerea album? I gave it a shot but I guess I wasn't in the mood, nothing held my attention and I wound up not quite finishing it. Maybe it needs the "walk in the woods" treatment.
  10. I recall dismissing them at first sitting when it came out. They are more death metal than I recall I thought them being. The suggestion came up from my near constant playing of the new Selbst and Gaerea records and I can definitely hear the grim vibes of the latter in this record but the melodies feel more dissonant as opposed to melancholic.
  11. I miss these punk threads Send More Paramedics from UK. More crossover but I love these guys and they always make me happy. Deserve a mention.
  12. This one has held up really well for me, if anything I like it better now. Amazing live band too, I thought the show was even better than the CD.
  13. I agree completely,every album after ghost reveries is crap. When that record, heritagewas done and they were touring, I got to see them before the record was released. I was amped up to hear the new material, and they didn't play a single song with their "death-metal" vocals. Even the old stuff was all "clean" vocals. Needless to say, I wasn't the only person who left that show pissed-off. I gave them my money for a ticket and a shirt and I had already ordered the record from amazon and when it showed up , I listened to it thinking "did they really do that"? Yup, they really sound like that now. It was the last opeth record I ever bought.
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  15. There was a used music store I used to frequent that finally closed back in May or June. They were barely making it before corona, so that finished them off. That's the only thing that's affected me personally. Beyond that, I'm experiencing the same craziness as everyone else.
  16. Badly Overflowing Septic System TRIP
  17. I feel absolutely no connection to their albums after "Ghost Reveries" but I don't think they sold out. Maybe they're cleaner and more accessible now, but they seem to be doing exactly what they want to be doing. I saw them live a handful of times after "Heritage" came out, and they were obviously having a blast playing those songs. By contrast, when they did that big anniversary tour and played a bunch of old stuff, it felt like they were going through the motions. As disappointing as it is for me, being a huge fan of their first several albums, I think they'd be more guilty of "selling out" if they'd kept churning out cut rate versions of their "classic" stuff. But yeah "Watershed" was kind of the death blow for me.
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