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  3. Saor - 'Aura' Hail epic Scottish black metal.
  4. Paradise Lost - 'Obsidian' "This one way street you're on, is gonna get you killed"
  5. Deicide - 'Legion' Let chaos reign for 29 minutes. Powerwolf - 'Best of the Blessed' The best of this catchy gothic power metal band. Open your werewolf hearts.
  6. Looking for some homo sapiens sapiens to talk to about music ideas and maybe even write some songs I love prog (that includes djent I guess), death metal (gojira/death style mostly) and obviously thrash! hit me up if you have some cool stuff to show me, you don't even need good gear cuz I don't have it either!! as long as you don't hate the styles I mentioned and aren't looking for something too serious, we should be fine!
  7. hey man!! 17 year old guitarist here I'd love to start a band to mess around and have fun, or maybe just to talk to someone interested I really like death metal, prog and thrash, tell me what you're into and maybe we could start trading ideas!! Oh! and also, what do YOU play?
  8. Obliveon - From This Day Forward
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  10. Hails! Drum programming is quite difficult and need both some experience and good software. Although even good programmed drums never can beat a human drummer, they can be improved a lot. Everybody who is dissatisfied with the dull and mechanic sound of the drums of his solo project - I can write new and more detailed drum tracks and feed them to my drum machine afterwards. I work on a raw and natural sound a.k.a. either the very first stuff of Emperor, Immortal, Morbid Angel or newer stuff like Mgla. I use Addictive Drums on all examples linked below.
  11. Type O Negative - Life Is Killing Me Blind Guardian - Imaginations From The Other Side
  12. New Selbst album "Relatos De Angustia" to be released this Friday (Aug 7th) by Debemur Morti. Their self titled was an awesome modern melodic black metal album that reminded me of French and Icelandic BM without being a clone, definitely looking forward to hearing what they've got this time around.
  13. Keep of Kalessin - Through Times of War
  14. Disembowel - Act of Invocation
  15. Taake- "Nattestid... " Fuckin love the drummer on this album
  16. It is, yeah, thank you for checking it out.
  17. My weird Prog Funk Metal band have just released a new EP and video! We were Number 8 on the Bandcamp Prog Metal charts yesterday but are now slipping. If people think they might like it, have a listen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_j86osEXSM https://breakfastepiphanies.bandcamp.com/
  18. Hello, Im Jonas, 30 years old and i live in the South of Germany. My Main Hobbies are Sport, Videogames and Music Im the Singer of VY CMa (Death/ Doom Metal) Cheers and stay healthy! Jonas
  19. Thanks, Is Black Harvest your own project ? Sounds cool !
  20. Antichrist- "Sacrament of Blood" Definitely in my top 5 war metal albums
  21. Welcome to the forum. Shows are nixed but the woods are still open. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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  23. Reino Blasfêmico - Noite Profana
  24. Hello, We are VY CMa, a Death/ Doom Band from the South of Bavaria. We released our first Song in March 2020, you can Download it for free. If you like it, feel free to share it https://musicvycma.bandcamp.com/releases Cheers
  25. Not a huge fan of cattle decap but I have to admit that album is kind of cool ! Crazy guitars and really technical voice but sometimes lack of emotions and personnality.
  26. Thank you for that review, I really think they make a nice effort on that album, the sound is amazing, the bass line are perfects but still it misses something that will make us remind that album for the years to come. The fact is that all those new trash bands are suffering ofthe same problem...
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