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  2. For all fans of melodic death metal band SynlakrosS on Facebook, please join my SynlakrosS Facebook fan group Malice Murder! http://www.facebook.com/groups/synlakross
  3. Don't forget to pick yourself up a super-great VRP t-shirt! All of your friends will think you're AMAZING while wearing it. Girls dig them, too. http://www.hntrapparel.com/product/vrp/
  4. Exactly. I was thinking the same thing for a while. People are praising their openness to a concerning point (+ most of the people are not as open as they make out to be in the first place). I feel like it is going to be very rough in the nearer future for metal or anything that could 'hurt' someone's feelings in any way. I really don't understand how people can't see that there are valid points to criticize the Islam even objectively. I know even some people from islamic countries who think that way. I don't really think religion ever brought something positive outside of a personal level of someone who is capable of believing in fairytales. On the big scale it just brought destruction and hatred.
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  6. Thinking about the 4th dimension and death a lot today for some reason, as edgy as that sounds.
  7. I'm starting to wonder if I might end up appreciating Illud Divinum Insanus at the end of this road. A troubling thought.
  8. Good thread, I could talk about Death all day ๐Ÿ˜ Hard question, though. First track that comes to mind is Zombie Ritual, but this may require some thought...
  9. The band DEATH, ahh one of the Generes biggest pioneer if not the biggest. There is only one question, which song from there discography is the heaviest.
  10. Grave Miasma - Endless Pilgrimage Abhorrence - Vulgar Necrolatry demo
  11. Panzerfaust - Stalingrad, Massengrab
  12. I think I got really lucky with my bestfriend in school, my this one aunt and the coming of the internet. 2002 was such a good time to lie about your age online so older people would talk to you hahaha and hey they thought I was 16! Great! How old are you, Relentless? ๐Ÿ˜† that took me waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to get, i blame 3 hour evening class on therapy. white pony is always a great album, i think anyone would say so and my favouritest song Pink Maggit is on it and beautiful Maynard, what a solid album. actually if i remember correctly, i only started listening to deftones and getting more into heavier music after watching queen of the damned - that was a great soundtrack. i know what you mean about the prodigy, i don't disagree but i think i am naturally biased with any of their releases so No Tourists grew on me eventually but no particular song stands out.
  13. White Pony was the one that got me into them, but it hasn't aged well for me. Not sure why, maybe I just heard it too much. I still really enjoy some of the others, especially the self-titled and Koi No Yokan. Been quite a while since I put them on, though. NP: Howling Sycamore - Seven Pathways To Annihilation
  14. Necturion


    Yea, I am out a lot so I also don't want to get a kitten right now
  15. Yes we probably are. Really liking the sense of being a community here so far.
  16. Welcome, I am currently revisiting 'White Pony' after 'Korea' popped up on a shuffle playlist earlier this week. Tried to get to grips with The Prodigy's last effort but it feels to commercial for me, not terrible just a bit too polished.
  17. 'White Pony' is about as close to nu-metal as you can get in terms of attitude yet also so very far away in terms of the blending of other musical influences (especially considering the amount of white stuff going up their noses at the time of writing/recording). Delgado drives so much of that record yet Carpenter also chops the fuck out tracks like 'Korea' and drives the metal part of the sound so well. I actually lose myself in 'White Pony' most of the time, considering it is by a band whose core genre is not one I get on with too well this is no mean feat.
  18. Memoriam - Requiem For Mankind
  19. H34VYM3T4LD4V3


    Aww that's sad to hear, poor cat I had a white rabbit many years ago and since then have not had a pet since, would love a dog or cat but I'm allergic to Cats (Dont care tho) and there are long times when the house is empty so it wouldn't be fair
  20. I'd have missed the Dark Funeral show in favour of Devin Townsend... Also didn't know CoF were playing Cruelty, might need to re-think attending that show.
  21. ฮŸne step from the edge track "Behind the walls" from the band's second CD which will be released in Autumn 2019 reached 2000+ views thanks to all of you! Thank you all so much! Stay meNtal! https://youtu.be/xJXbQPyViw0
  22. Great album, in my opinion. Damn, I haven't heard this in ages. I love 'Dominate', 'Where the Slime Live' and 'Caesar's Palace' to name a few. Wow, I really need to drag these old death metal classics out of my collection and give them a spin in my car. I've neglected these guys - and others - for too long!
  23. This thread doesn't get the workout it used to. On my mind is the fact that I bought my ticket to Cradle of Filth's show in which they will be playing 'Cruelty and the Beast' in its entirety this September. With the current line-up of absolute guns, it's safe to say that I'm more than a little excited. Dark Funeral are playing soon too, and I'll go, but live they always lose any definition in the riffs due to their volume of hyperblasting. It sucks. Still, duty calls and I'll be going. Might buy my ticket now actually. EDIT: Cradle are on Friday 6th and Dark Funeral are on Saturday 7th. Full weekend of dark metal for The True Requiem. I could also go and see Devin Townsend on the Sunday night, but I think that's just too many metal events in one weekend for one vampire...
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