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  2. Belated welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here 🤘
  3. Think this was a festival was in Germany, did you attend? If so how was it
  4. Apparently hundreds of people got sick at the Download Festival, I myself would never eat a venue no matter how hungry I was. Anyone else had this experience? https://www.metalsucks.net/2024/06/20/so-many-people-got-the-shts-at-download-that-theres-now-an-investigation/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=
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  6. Not a fan of NuMetal really either, some tunes are okay, but hey if you dig it then who cares what others think. I would agree Sevendust would be a decent start. Might be a little hard to find something closer because NuMetal has been pretty much dead for a few years at least. I will ask around and get back to you. 🤘
  7. From Hungary, reminds me of Running Wild a bit Darkthrone
  8. I mean, I don't like Nu-metal, but I wasn't being sarcastic with my answer... Theyre not perfect matches but Mudvayne, Sevendust, Cold and Adema were the first bands that came to mind when i listened to the band you posted
  9. Alright now get this straight old man. Mark doesn't have an accent. 😉 I have an accent. You have an accent. Carlos has an accent. I'll go out on a limb and assume that the Orca has a broad Aussie accent. Blivvington is a bit younger than the rest of us so his accent is probably a bit milder. All things considered I reckon Aussies have got to have the hardest accent to listen to out of the entire English speaking world. Kiwis have an accent that's fairly similar, but not nearly as grating as most of those from the land down under. And I love the way Kiwis pronounce the word "head" as "heed." I'm fascinated by the way Kiwis pronounce the word "you" because try as I might I just can't replicate that vowel sound. Brits have all kinds of various accents, most of 'em are alright, although some are more pleasant to listen to than others. Don't really like the Brummie accent. I'm dying to know if Jon-O Blade has lost his Kiwi accent and talks like a Brit now, or if he's still Kiwi to the bone. Scots can't even be fookin' serious with their silly accents, although I do quite enjoy hearing it, and I like that they say cunt a lot. The "oop north" Geordie accent is pretty cool too. The Irish have a mellifluous accent which I personally find a bit more pleasant to listen to than all the rest of the English speaking world. Especially the chicks, I'd follow an Irish chick anywhere just to be able to listen to her lovely accent. But at the same time I'm glad I didn't get stuck with it. I'm not even in love with my own accent, but it's mine and I'm used to it now. When Russians speak English I love that accent. I'd trade my New York accent in for that one in a heartbeat. Italians have a fantastic accent, at least the chicks do. Was married to a Greek girl once, but I don't really like the Greek accent. When the French try to speak English that's probably the worst accent for us Yanks to have to endure. Fucking brutal. No offense Ari!
  10. Like John Farnham, yes, an Aussie institution - but not yet compulsory. And where does a Yank get off talking about annoying accents? 😏
  11. Isn't Mad Max an Aussie institution? It's like your Star Wars. Otherwise, we wouldn't have to suffer through the annoying accents.
  12. You'd never catch me on twitter or FB. I don't have a problem with criticism, in fact some of it is very valuable, but most social media is not valuable criticism it's just bullshit spewed by people who have nothing better to do. Except for the part where his death gained wide notice that could be me 😃 Gawd help the person who goes through all the weird stuff I have written here. If they do read it all at least they'll know I never died alone, all the voices in my head kept me company! It also reminds a bit of the intro to Clive Barker's Book Of Blood. I could never write something that short. I just read it to my wife, who also had the writing bug for years, and she refuses to admit that the voices in her head are demonic but she agrees with the idea of the story.
  13. I agree with everything you said, as much as I understand things. You’re discussion on your work and how you feel it necessary or not to alter things. I left twitter for that very reason back in the day. But you reminded me of an old work of mine, that I will bring back for you. It’s got its flaws but it’s intriguing to say the least. But it seems like this guy could be someone like you… in some bizarre other reality. The Novelist The novelist's death had gained wide notice, for he had left behind a cryptic message, found in a desk drawer and soon brought to light. Once the following letter was published, it quickly caused a frenzy in the media, for some had read his books, while others hadn't, and a genuine concern began to grow. But it also sparked a broader interest to read his work despite the author's wishes. The message left behind upon his death: "Life was well worth it, though in misery, for The Demon has given me back my life, and I never thought I would find such peace. But I wish to set things right before I die. Just know that I wrestled this vile creature, who filled my ear, compelling me to write. Please, heed my warning: Never read a word within the pages of those twisted volumes. They are filled with demonic spells, elusive, dark magic, that could destroy a person! Or lead to a life of strictest servitude, like me, powerless to resist its will! Regardless, I shall make a sincere effort to seal these books, if at all possible, and plead with you to consider the payment: the cost of my own life, ended in blood!" [This was the entirety of the note as found in the desk where he slumped inside his chair.]
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  15. Exmortus - Slave To The Sword
  16. To be fair I guess we all write for others to some degree. When I was writing and publishing I still had an audience that I kind of wrote for, even though I wrote for myself. Some scenes I would change because I knew a few of them wouldn't like the straight out gore. But I never let those thoughts completely dictate the writing. Sometimes I took it as a challenge, like trying to x rated gore scenes for a PG audience, sometimes I'd write two versions, but the story wouldn't change because of it. To my way of thinking writing any kind of verse is the hardest writing to get critical thought for. People can be turned off verse writing simply because of the way it's written. For instance if you write a poem where every second line rhymes and its easy to read in a rhythm people see it as a poem and their brains accept it as a poem. Write the same sort of thing in open verse and many people's first judgement is that it doesn't rhyme therefore it's not good. When writing open verse the first hurdle is too often the readers mind, not what they read and that can make it hard to get an honest opinion from someone. The other difficulty with verse is never having the reader on the same page as the writer. In a book, even a novella there is pages and pages to build the story. Lots of space to build the scene, and build characters. In some cases there is almost no limit of how much time a writer can spend word building. But in your chosen area of flash fiction it's all done quickly and you need to get the reader hooked almost immediately. If you haven't hooked someone in the first few lines you're not gong to get an an appraisal based on the story you'll get an appraisal based on the words. That's part of the reason I don't make a good critique for such writing, my mind set of writing is in a different realm to yours and I have to force myself into yours. Other people may not put that limitation on themselves. That shouldn't stop you posting here though (in the right place obviously). I'll still read it, I just wont be hugely critical. Or maybe what I should say is that if I do say anything it shouldn't be taken as a critique rather just a personal thought.
  17. Thanks for the food for thought. This was my stance when I first started some 8 years ago. But I enjoy writing for others more so than for myself. But I totally agree, because even then I still write the kind of stories I like or want to see. Not to mention I write in blank verse and there’s no shortage of people who speak up to tell me I should write in normal prose fashion. But, today, now that I’m at least a little competent, those complaints come less and less, and my readers might even enjoy the form if I can continue to do it justice. Anyway, thanks for your generous response and I will mull it over a bit more and glean what I can from it. Much appreciated. Sincerely, Dizzy
  18. Jesus you guys really hate nu metal eh? Well thanks for the help anyways
  19. I'm not a good critic, I don't pay enough attention to detail any more. But writing, as with all art, is subjective and you should always write for yourself, not for others. Sure the objective is to be heard by others but you're never going to be heard by everyone who is listening, or in this case reading. And as soon as you start changing what you do for a small audience of critics you risk losing a wider audience of people who actually like what you do. Maybe years ago if I'd have paid attention to others and written more 'acceptable' forms of stories I could have sold those stories, but I chose not to because I was doing it for myself. Whether that was a good move or a bad move I'll never know, but what I do know is the stories that followed were what I wanted to say, not edited to fit some book, magazine or whatever. To my way of thinking you should be doing the same, but that is solely my opinion. I've never been a huge fan of flash fiction, I've always written on a larger scale. From novella size to large novel size has always been my forte. The only things I've every written that were under 500 words were poems and even some of them waffled on into the 500 word category. But none of that means that what you're writing doesn't have an audience, just that I'm not really one to critique it.
  20. Sweep picking is a technique I have never been able to add to my repertoire, watch this one from time for inspiration, dude shreds through the mode like no tomorrow
  21. Andy James is another guitarist I would recommend, this is may particular favourite
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