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Found 149 results

  1. Third Jewel Throne single of 2020 is here, like it or not. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2OPgdOKH5b2vwbdMcpnrjW?si=AEgAek-OSGaXfZQpZXEM2g Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jewelthronefinland Bandcamp: https://jewelthronefinland.bandcamp.com/ Metal Archives: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Jewel_Throne/3540456874 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here´s the new Jewel Throne single. We´re still stuck somewhere between early thrash metal and Venom/Motörhead style more rocking stuff, so if you're into that kind of thing, check this shit out... Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6HE4hZPjTkz9gS5yNBpdER?si=7UODPUWFRVa7MOGF0Rk8TQ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jewelthronefinland Bandcamp: https://jewelthronefinland.bandcamp.com/ The Metal Archives: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Jewel_Throne/3540456874 ------------------------------------------------ We are Jewel Throne. We are a Finnish thrash/speed/death/old school/whatever metal band with some Venom and Motörhead style rock and roll and some other stuff thrown in too. Confusing? Yeah, probably. Who cares about the genres or subgenres anyway? You either like the music or you don't. Check out our new single The Darwinian Eclipse. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3JABsSpefUdN3cQ9NlN4kD?si=yrhWvprjSJa6Cqu1SOW-YA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jewelthronefinland Bandcamp: https://jewelthronefinland.bandcamp.com/ Metal Archives: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Jewel_Throne/3540456874
  2. The Finnish death/grind band REFUSAL's second full length album 'Epitome of Void' will be released on 11th of January 2019 by Great Dane Records. The album will be released in CD and digital formats. There will be also a very limited C-cassette edition.The previous album 'We Rot Within' was released in 2016 by FDA Records.The first single from 'Epitome of Void': Cover art by Sakke Vinko https://www.facebook.com/refusalband/http://www.refusalband.com/https://www.facebook.com/GreatDaneRecords/
  3. Adversus from London, Ontario. FUCKING AMAZING live band saw them with Born of Osiris and Oceano not too long ago. https://open.spotify.com/album/4u63iSOzrwNFCljbMpIRYF
  4. its been quite a while since i've done any projects, and i'm getting back in to writing/recording. Could really use a drummer or even an electronic drum programmer who can write tracks using cubase or fruity loops or something like that...let me know if interested at all..This is really my biggest passion in life and i would absolutely love nothing more than to get some full tracks produced and see where it goes...( i guess i didnt mention, i'll be playing and recording guitar) Here's a track i did some time ago..I'm not the greatest drum programmer/writer and i've revised the song and made it way more tech..so this is old and just a draft, but you can still get some idea of my style i guess.. link: https://clyp.it/nbvi551b PLEASE message me if interested at all, im in USA by the way, but doesnt really matter.
  5. A young death metal band (Immortal Obscurity) looking for a rhythm guitarist, bass player and drummer. Need members that can play anything from slow to fast tempo death metal. The band is mainly reminiscent of old school death metal influences with some slam, melodic and occasional tech part making its way in. Located in Johnstown, New York. Preferably looking for members in the Tri-city areas (mainly Troy and Albany) from 16-19 if possible. Demos for a 6 song ep have already been written, but are up for any changes depending on your style. Thank you for reading, contact me if you're interested, I'll send you the demos and I'll make sure to stay contacted to make it work as best as possible. Hoping to meet up together whenever possible. Thank you for checking it out, have a good day.
  6. Igorrr is a band that hails from France, and although they really can’t be associated with any singular genre, broadly speaking they are considered an experimental metal. “Spirituality and Distortion” is Igorrr’s 4th full length studio album to date, their last being 2017’s “Savage Sinusoid”. - Its hard to describe, to pin-point this album. Raw and bursting with emotion, “Spirituality and Distortion” is 14 tracks of absolutely no compromises. In the space of a little under an hour, Igorrr has successfully crossed the expansive seas of genres, and crafted a perfectly blended sampler of seemingly every genre to have ever existed. Truly its all in this one package; from European classical arrangements, to electronic breakdowns, to more Middle Eastern inspired themes, to polka, to a cappella interludes, and then of course back to extreme metal. In a time where music is so heavily categorized (looking at you death metal, with your technical, progressive, slam, melodic, brutal and other such sub genres), its great to have an experience that truly throws that notion of categorization to the wind and takes so many risks. There are very few “safe” moments to be found here. Metal bands commonly work non-metal elements into their albums, typically seen as distinct intros or interludes, but almost always return to a focus of metal at their core. Igorrr have instead decided to treat each element with equal weight, an approach not often heard. What is perhaps most impressive, is how easy of an album this could have been to mess up. Without careful songwriting and structuring each piece could have fallen victim to over-saturation, and have confused and frustrated the listener. Especially since the songs follow a more linear approach, each one sharing a separate glimpse into this distorted universe Igorrr paints, not relying on the verse/chorus formula as often. However, Igorrr pulls it off seamlessly, writing simple yet effective melodies that weave all of the vastly diverse instruments together; melodies that often culminate in a plethora of impactful pays offs and engaging moments. All of this is tied thematically back to the song titles, album artwork, and album title, providing a subtle commentary on the religions and beliefs found throughout the world. Referenced by the inclusion of so many distinct genres, each one a twisted or distorted version of what it would be on its own, there is an underlying stance of things not always being what they appear to be, or rather, that things are not always black and white. Some highlights of the album would include the gorgeous vocal harmonies in “Polyphonic Rust”, the groove-laden “Camel Dancefloor, which continues to layer upon a simple yet catchy foundation, and the build up in “Himalaya Massive Ritual” featuring acoustic instrumentation, bells, and intense vocal harmonies, all which descend into powerful guitar riffs. This final touch that seals the deal is the fantastic production. Intense and with crystal clarity, the precision of the production amplifies the very tight performances of all the musicians involved. The guitar tones are crushing without being over-gained, the bass is punchy and audible, the drums sound like cannons, and the vocals are robust and soaring. Really, there are no criticisms here. This album is a breathe of fresh air, and a testament to any who claim “there isn’t any good new music”, or that metal died in the 80s. Give this album a listen. Or a few. 10/10
  7. I’m looking for a death metal/ deathcore band that needs a vocalist, I’m really trying to get back into metal and would love to hear and share/ write lyrics. Hoping to get some feedback, would love to hear from someone
  8. Looking for a metal drummer. Blast beats, double bass, fast tempos, etc. Influences include Death, Nile, Havok, Gojira, etc. NY/NJ area. The band: https://youtu.be/y5KETyjZbNk https://youtu.be/2dEYigmRTr4 Thanks!
  9. Purbawara, metal band from Malaysia. Released their first album "Aphorism" in late 2018 Now 2020, teasing a new single for 2020 Click here for video Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/purbawaraofficial/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purbawaraofficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/purbawaraMY Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_45DTPU4fCewxhtyY9yFZQ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2jBvUzZRKxPEg4aLjKOWF4
  10. Hey guy I just finished a new album for my blackened death project Sorrow Enthroned. If you have time it would mean the world if you give it a listen. Stay evil. https://sorrowenthroned.bandcamp.com/album/the-embrace-of-nocturnal-sorrow
  11. I was wondering for longtime metal fans to tell me which bands are completely awful live. I've heard of a couple, like Mastodon and Nile, but what do you guys think?
  12. Hi all, My name is Nathan and I am a guitarist who is looking for a new project, I don't really mind where the project is as long as we can work the details out as I am from a very bad place for music in the UK. I have been playing for about 10 years now and I have been gigging many times. I am very committed to music and I want to actually achieve something in music. I hope to hear from anyone as I am willing to work things out for the right project and I really want to get back into music fully as soon as I can
  13. Perdition69


    What are your guys' thoughts on Krisiun? Been getting into them lately, and listening through their Forged In Fury album.
  14. I am a vocalist looking to join a Deathcore, aliencore, nu-metal, metalcore, or something like the style of Attila. I can do a variety of Vocals as well.
  15. Rock and metal music is all about the energy, we all know that on this forum. I want to offer any musicians on here a damn near free deal for getting their music mixed. Its not a huge deal if it is just a guitar cover, a demo, or a fully produced original song. There is no catch, I do business through a freelance site and I'm building a portfolio and need more musicians to work with, especially in this genre. Prices: Full Mix + Guitar/bass reamp + Sample reinforcement (5$) I can work with anything from a 2 track acoustic song to a 70 track metal mix Mixing includes (but is not limited to): Proper leveling for each instrument or vocal line Automation Autotune (if desired for some odd reason) Use of professional grade plugins to bring your song energy - Waves, Fabfilter, etc Post-production effects Reamping of guitars or bass (custom tones) Drum sample reinforcement (or replacement) My preferences: Tracks that were not clipping when recorded (Trust me, its for the best) Reference for generally what sound you want In tune guitars/bass Tracks played in the correct tempo The best source sound you could of gotten Understand that without reamping or sample replacement I am limited to the source sound that you provide. The better your source sound/performance = the better results of your song. I can work with midi drums/bass/synths as well! I have a wide range of inspiration, and know how to work with any given genre of metal or rock. Anything from Judas Priest , to Led Zeppelin to The Dillinger Escape Plan to At The Gates to Cannibal corpse, I want to share the vision of your art. Contact + Samples:
  16. Hi, I'm thinking about buying a guitar for playing death metal and black metal. Have you goys got any sugestions of what brand the guitar should be or with one it should be? I was thinking LTD or Ibanez. Let me know if i'm thinking right (btw, I'm from Belgium)
  17. What’s up guys!?! I’m totally new here but I’ve been working on a one man extreme metal project and I’d love some input! I pull from a ton of death/black metal influences with some added melody and raw production. If any of you guys could give it a listen and offer tips on songwriting and/or mixing it would mean the world to me. Thanks in advance 🤘🤘🤘 https://sorrowenthroned.bandcamp.com/ I have a couple songs posted on the link above with possibly more to come down the road
  18. Hey there, I am new to the forum, as in never posted before, and wanted to get some opinions on my vocals. The following is a cannibal corpse cover of hammer smashed face, an old personal favorite, please comment below what you think. Yes that's an old pic of me, I have lost weight and just wanted something brutal looking to go with it, meh.
  19. I personally prefer Satanic music by behemoth but that's not quite the case I'm confused.
  20. ADMIN/MOD: if this is in the wrong forum, please move it and pm me to tell me where it went. Thanks. Not really a songwriter/artist, shit just kinda came to me so I put pen to paper. The war verse was added later. Looking for feedback and suggestions, suggested styles of music, etc. Partially inspired by Hush by Hellyeah (link in sig), but I think this would be much more death metal. Not really a death metal guy, disturb's older shit is about as hard as I usually get, but someone suggested Gojira's style, and I can fuckin hear that shit. Links to Stranded and Art of Dying
  21. Were a 3 piece Death metal band out from Vancouver!! Not too much stuff comes out from Van so check it out :)) https://grozadeath.bandcamp.com/album/demo-2019
  22. Hi all, My name is Zid, from a symphonic / blackened death metal band called Purbawara. We just released our first album "Aphorism" in 2018. You can listen to it via spotify Latest music video Hope to spread our music worldwide.
  23. Im looking for a band to do any kind of metal.
  24. Hi i'm McBlaster, a guitar player raised with metal, especially extreme metal. I am here to introduce my new little project! Creepy Joe and the Chicago Massacre Quartet, a brutal blues, bluesgrind and swingcore band with mental health issues. https://creepyjoe.bandcamp.com/releases https://open.spotify.com/album/2pxlLh800R26YnJ1mONCtd https://www.facebook.com/creepyjoeandthechicagomassacrequartet/