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Found 14 results

  1. Recently i found on youtube some guy doing this kind of stuff. I was indspired by him to try it because it seems like this is fun stuff. This is also my very first youtube video. Please feel free to check it out, it`ll be much appreciated!
  2. Hello, I'm fairly new to metal vocals and everything seems to be going well; I know how to use my diaphram, ect. and I can get a pretty powerful low and mid already (i'm absolute shite at high screams tho). However, every time I practice, my talking voice drops significantly deeper and lasts for the rest of the day. There's never pain, strain, or dryness, so I wasn't concerned about it before, but now i'm wondering if I should be. Has anyone heard of or experienced this before? I couldn't find anyone talking about it online. My natural voice is deep but not much deeper than the average male, and I can't make it go as low as it does after i've done vocals. I'm trying to think of something I could be doing wrong, but I always make sure I listen to my body and drink water, I never use my throat or do inhale screams, I only practice for about 30 min and I don't do it every day. If anyone has any tips or suggestions as to why this could be happening, I would much appreciate that!
  3. Hails! Aasfresser is searching for session members supporting the newest recordings of unique and anachronist black metal. There is enough material recorded for 2 full-length albums and some EPs, from harsh raw black metal to more epic and even psychedelic metal. Recording examples are shown below. -Vocals Distorted and raspy vocals like those of early Darkthrone, Emperor or Enslaved; Clean vocals as well. -Bass There should be any kind of bass here and it will be audible in the mix. If the bass tracks do more than just following the guitar lines, I will be happy. -Drums Aasfresser drums are quite complex for this kind of music and probably difficult to play. Generally I prefer a rough sound. The programmed drums alreadys come close to what I imagine, though real ones will be better. -Solo Guitars There could be some semi-dissonant old-school solos like that one on Slayers Raining Blood or those of Bathory -Acoustics Additionally, there might be an acoustic intro or something like this. Vocals, bass and drums are the most important thing. If you are interested, send a personal message with own recording examples or post it just here! Recording equipment and knowledge (home studio, garage, bedroom etc) should be available. A professional studio is not required, but sound quality should be adequate for that style of music. There are no intentions for live events etc. https://soundcloud.com/user-595238393
  4. Hey there, I‘m looking for a singer who can do screams/cleans for an online project. Would be cool if you‘re able to record independently!
  5. Once again I despaired in inability to find people who makes the same music as me. I'm Blake, 20 y.o. I dreamed about the epic band career since 2010., I was truly obsessed with the mission. Hard luck, I'm dyslexic (extremely low body coordination - I overcome it year by year). I am not suitable for many works and decided to devote my whole life to creativity, this is the only thing that I can do. I wrote some music about 4 years. The genres I prefer: doom metal, death metal, new metal, progressive metal, experimental metal, visual kei, classical music, the 2000's rock... I've got violin musical education and classical vocal. Practically, I can growl, scream, sing, play guitar. My vocal rage is alto - probably, it's hard to sing 'too low' and 'too high' parts. But 99% I growl & mix. So my music is too heavy, too depressing, it's too alien, it's about fighting. https://youtu.be/0WIGAW07nbshttps://youtu.be/hGJ3Nd_GgZkhttps://youtu.be/tKeazSMcrKo I am looking for ANY cooperation!
  6. Hey there, Call me lunchbox, I'm 29 and from Wisconsin in the US, I would like to know if I happen to be a match for any death metal projects out there. Although I would like to work in person with people I'm open to what ever, been a long time hope that I could entertain people so if you like what you hear below let me know. I have my own Mic, not ridiculous quality but decent, and have been known to pen lyrics about a vast amount of topics.
  7. Hey there, I am new to the forum, as in never posted before, and wanted to get some opinions on my vocals. The following is a cannibal corpse cover of hammer smashed face, an old personal favorite, please comment below what you think. Yes that's an old pic of me, I have lost weight and just wanted something brutal looking to go with it, meh.
  8. Hi! I always find lists about "the hardest songs to sing" including, you know, Mariah Carey and stuff like that or metal related lists with "the best metal female vocalists" but, what about the songs? would you be so kind and tell me your opinion? I think "Face your demons" by After Forever has some very impressive vocals
  9. Appreciate it guys: Any thoughts on this? I'm pretty proud of it in terms of production.
  10. Hello, guys! How's it going? My name is Nahuel Barbero. I'm the lead guitarist for a new solo project I'm starting in South Florida under the name Sentience. I am currently beginning this after my old band (Neuropath) broke up. I'm just here to say, anything you guys need, if you're in South Florida or not, I'm happy to help. I have great connections, studios, venues, anything to help you guys get on your feet as well. You can always email me at [email protected] or DM me at Facebook.com/sentienceband with any music needs. Thanks!
  11. Hello, guys! How's it going? My name is Nahuel Barbero. I'm the lead guitarist for a new solo project I'm starting in South Florida under the name Sentience. I am currently beginning this after my old band (Neuropath) broke up. I'm just here to say, anything you guys need, if you're in South Florida or not, I'm happy to help. I have great connections, studios, venues, anything to help you guys get on your feet as well. You can always email me at [email protected] with any music needs. Thanks!
  12. Hello. I'm new here. To make a long story short, I'm a drummer turned programmer turned studio engineer turned multi-instrumentalist turned aspiring middle-aged YouTuber. I ain't gonna lie. I enjoy quite a few types of music, metal included. I like Leo Moracchioli and he inspired me to start a YouTube channel where I do weekly rock / metal covers of pop songs from pretty much any era. (If you've never heard of Leo, just google "Adele Metal" and he's the first result, guaranteed. You won't regret it) Not to sound like I'm in an interview, but I think the thing that sets me apart is - instead of doing weekly guitar or drum or vocal or accordion covers, I do weekly metal everything covers, produced up to radio quality, and I make a dumb video of the whole thing. Every week. I like suggestions, too. That's about it. My video series is in my signature, but if you need a more direct route, I'll see if I can figure out how to embed YT videos here of my latest creation. I'm interested in seeing what this forum is all about. Thanks for your time.
  13. Hi all! I go by Alex Chaos in the musician community, I hail from Canada, and I initially joined to promote an album I had put forth on youtube about 9 months ago which I hope you will enjoy! It is always nice to meet new people , make friends and discussed one of our favorite topics, that being awesome music! That being said I would like to provide a little background about this album! In 2013, I had joined a local Progressive power metal/folkmetal band as their new lead vocalist. Unfortunately it didn't last long as the band decided they didn't want to be a serious project anymore. Disappointed , I had contacted fellow members a year after to ask permission to finish the album so I could say I had a metal album with my vocals on it. They said it was fine as long as I didn't pass it as my own. Essentially, Obsidia had all the instrumentation written and vocals for 7 of the 9 tracks. I wrote the lyrics for two tracks off the album. In addition everything vocally on the album is me and my own flavor so to speak and how I envisioned the songs and album and I feel there is something for everyone! I have labelled it as a cover and maintain artistic integrity. The album titled " The Prophecy" is a concept album that follows the story of a village burned to the ground by a tyrant king in the Kingdom of Adalon. War ensues and the gods are not pleased by the vulgar display of humanity and ultimately decide to start the world over from scratch. I apologize if the quality is a bit of as the instrumentation was all pre recorded by the band and I worked with my own sound guy and all he could do was mix and master my vocals to the previous recordings. WITHOUT FURTHER BABBLING HERE IS THE LINK!!! I hope you all enjoy it, I worked really hard and due to finances and schedule it took me 2 years to complete! I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback and if you have any inquires, or want to support me on my musical venture do not hesitate to message me here on this forum, I would appreciate it majorly! I really hope you all like it! Keep it metal, and have a wonderful day!
  14. first cover for impostor studios new cover channel! Check it out! \m/
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