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  1. Nostra released its second album Sea of Fertility, after Nemoralis (2019) and two EPs (Transmission(s) in 2018 and Law of the Tongue in 2020). Nostra is a French-Latvian trio based in Riga, Latvia. Sea of Fertility has been recorded and mixed in Latvia, then mastered at Grey Market Mastering by Harris Newman (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Silver Mt. Zion, Tindersticks, Wolf Parade, Crystal Castles). Enjoy! Album on YouTube Videoclip of Delta (2nd single) FB page Bandcamp page
  2. Hi everyone. I released my first single as a solo band on Spotify and Youtube and I'd love to share it with you. It's called "Forsaken Realms and Forgotten Heroes", and it's fairly inspired on RPG music and Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. I hope you like it and I wish I could hear your opinion. I want to keep with this project, introducing some black metal, heavy metal and RPG Synths, so if you like it don't be afraid to follow on Spotify or YouTube. Have a nice day y'all. ❤️
  3. Hey everyone! My names Jackstag and I produce what I call "Instrumetal", or instrumental metal. I write, record, mix, and master all of my tracks and would love for you to hear it! This following link is to my latest release "Short Circuit". If you like this, go ahead and follow my social's too! Instagram - Jackstagofficial (Same for other's)
  4. Preview: https://archive.org/details/pakkaslumi25 mp3: https://archive.org/download/pakkaslumi25/Valovoima - 2022 - Autumn Colours_mp3.zip flac: https://archive.org/download/pakkaslumi25/Valovoima - 2022 - Autumn Colours_flac.zip
  5. Potential | Slash & Burn | 2020 | https://youtu.be/Po0CwUcDJQc
  6. Here's a new music project from Ireland on called 'Waves.' Not exactly sure how to categorise it yet. Perhaps Melodic Doom meets Devin Townsend meets Cloudkicker. Would love to hear your feedback. Hope you enjoy, Tom.First song - 'The Long Now'https://soundcloud.com/waves-irl/the-long-now-wavesSecond song - 'Impermanence'https://soundcloud.com/waves-irl/impermanence-1Third song - 'A Moment Passing'https://soundcloud.com/waves-irl/a-moment-passing-1Check it out and let me know what you think Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVbc74 ... x08UiyP2hwFacebook page: http://www.facebook.com/wavesirl
  7. Give this an ear if you're looking for original musical ideas that don't fit the current mold. Yes. Mold. ...okay, *mould. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve15dncfgO0&t=758s Navigation menu in the description. Each song is substantially different from the next, don't judge too quick.
  8. https://virgils.bandcamp.com First album and EP are currently pay what you want so check us out! New album coming 2018
  9. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and I wanted to share my band GRID's first single off our debut album being released on may 4th 2018. We are an instrumental postmetal band from the Hudson Valley in NY. We aim to be in the vein of Russian Circles, If these trees could talk, pelican, etc. Check out our single if you like epic, orchestral tinged music. Thanks! www.gridband.bandcamp.com
  10. Hi there metalheads! Today I am glad to let you know that finally, after so many efforts compositing, recording, mixing and producing, I have released the first song from my debut album called The First Row. Here I'll give you the YouTube, Soundcloud & Bandcamp links where you can find the song: https://sevenepigonus.bandcamp.com With nothing more to say, just want to you enjoy, share, and suscribe to the channel if you like it! Sure that it will help me a lot! Also, here is my instagram if you want to stay tuned https://www.instagram.com/sevenepigonus.music Thank you so much and lets headbang! Juan Hoyos
  11. Hey guys, back in August I released my first solo ep I have decided to give it away for free as I approach the release of my second ep. I thought the people on this forum may be interested in it, would love to hear thoughts and opinions so i can take some of that into considering while writing the next ep. I did all the composition and production for the record. You can download it free on my bandcamp! Let me know what you think!DOWNLOAD: https://bodhi2.bandcamp.com/releases
  12. Great for listening to while studying, driving or programming. YouTube: Spotify: Bandcamp: https://bloomfilter.bandcamp.com/releases
  13. Hey Everyone, My name is Morgan Wick, I'm a guitarist and composer from Seattle, WA. You can check out my music https://www.facebook.com/MorganWickMusic/ and also check out my band A Sense of Gravity https://www.facebook.com/asenseofgravity/ I look forward to chatting with you all. Thanks, Morgan
  14. Chris Bennett - The Great Blue DivideAvailable for Streaming on YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfFQ-kb10ocPlease SupportMany Thanks
  15. Hello dear metalheads of the world! My name is Thales Krüger, i'm a guitarist, composer and musician from Brazil, and i just released my first single ever! I'd like to present to you "The Corruption of Men's True Power" by me, Thales Krüger, hope you like it! The style is Instrumental Metal, with elements from symphonic, progressive and melodic metal. There are links in the description if you want to download the song.
  16. Hey all, I wanted to share a guitar playthrough video that i made for one of my original songs "With You". I hope you will enjoy it :). If you liked the song then you can stream it and download it for free from the following links: Bandcamp - https://dimasimon.bandcamp.com/releases Thank you!
  17. Hello All! My name is Neil O'Rourke, creator of the "Vanguard" project. It's a musical outlet for whatever ideas pop into my head; it's mostly metal though. I'm new to the scene, and I'm trying to get as much feedback/exposure as possible. If you're looking for some fresh/local music to listen to, head over to my soundcloud, https://soundcloud.com/neil-orourke. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! \m/ Neilo
  18. Hey, I'm a new self producing and self recording artist, Daniel Friedman-Posner. I go by the name Osiden for my music, and I just published my first album, Space Time! to iTunes, Spotify, and many other platforms. In an attempt to get feedback and hopefully promote my music, I'm posting here to let like-minded individuals know about the album! Thank you in advance for all feedback, listens, and anyone you tell about my music!
  19. Hello metalheads! Here's my latest instrumental metal song: Thank you very much!
  20. Hey everyone! My name is Alex, I'm a guitarist from Ukraine, Zaporozhye. In the early days, I used to play in a local thrash-metal band but after that almost 5 years didn't play much and didn't participate in any bands. Recently decided to blow the dust from this hobbie since recording and playing around with mixing has always been a passion for me. So I purchased Dean Evo to start recording some new stuff. Here it goes: I hope you will like it! Feel free to comment either here or on Soundcloud and come up with any suggestions in terms of sound, composition or anything else. If you enjoy this one you may look into some other tunes posted on Soundcloud under my account. Cheers!
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