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Found 20 results

  1. Hello Talented Singers! Does anyone want to help form a fantasy-themed symphonic metal/rock band? πŸ“œπŸŒ€πŸŒŸπŸ’  My name is Hawksearcher, an up-and-coming independent YouTube artist who specializes in Celtic, fantasy, and symphonic metal music. I have been utilizing the vocal talents of some of my acquaintances for some time now, but I want to form a potentially long-lasting artistic partnership with a male or female vocalist who can grow with me as my channel starts growing. This post will: 1. detail the kind of vocalist I would love to make music with, and 2. show some of my own music up until this point :). First, some of my favorite vocalists of all time are Dustin from Starset and Fabvl. If you are able to sing in a heavy-rock, melodic screaming style (or able to switch between melodic singing and heavier emphasized vocals), then you're exactly who I want to form a friendship with :). Here are two reference videos that offer a great base point for that kind of singing I'm in love with: Starset: Fabvl: Secondly, more about my own music: I am currently working on my next single, called "Mage," which is a fusion of some medieval instrumentation and (what I would love to be) heavy-rock/metal vocals. Here is a link to the sheet music of the song itself (it's still a midi though, so the instrumentation doesn't sound awesome yet): Copy of Mage - Noteflight Community For an additional reference (I guess you could say showcasing my mixing and compositional talent), here is my most recent release, "Crescent," which features quite a few vocal layers. My next single "Mage" is not nearly as chant-like; it is more of a symphonic-rock type of song with heavy influences from Sawano Hiroyuki: And finally, here's an example of some of my actual symphonic metal in the past :). In conclusion--would you like to join me and become a fantasy version of the band Starset? I think we have a lot of potential :D. Respectfully, Hawksearcher
  2. I am looking for Metal musicians who bring it for colab and performance etc. I have loads of material ready to go. All ya need to do is learn to play it. I work hard and play hard and I expect you to do so as well. #melodeath, #blackmetal, I am located in B.C. Canada
  3. This is just a 40-second preview of my new upcoming single. Please let me know what you think! I need fantasy and metal experts to weigh in on whether fantasy elements and symphonic metal can synthesize well as a music genre. I wrote this symphonic metal song with fantasy and magic elements as an ode to anyone lacking the strength or courage to face their trials and traumas head-on. I believe that by connecting to your inner mage, knight, or god/goddess, you can accomplish remarkable things. Whenever I listen to my inspirations such as Starset, Within Temptation, Cepheid, Amaranthe, or Evanescence, I find that I am able to transcend my basic humanity and connect with that inner imaginary persona that represents power and passion. Maybe you can learn to harness your inner power as well, whether through your own will or by the grace of your God. This is my attempt to help my wife connect to her own shadow work. Similar song: Starfire: My mission is to help other people feel powerful enough to overcome challenges in their life. Music is what helped me overcome so many trials and tribulations personally, which is why I want to help inspire and motivate people to do the same. πŸ‘ If you like my music or my mission, give me a thumbs up πŸ‘. I'm a small, independent composer, so any engagement you give my videos goes a really long way in helping me uplift people musically. βš”οΈ If you like this genre I'm trying to create, be sure to subscribe so you don't miss its official release! https://www.youtube.com/c/Hawksearcher?sub_confirmation=1
  4. Anfitrite is a Venezuelan symphonic metal band founded in 2012 whose lyircs are inspired by Greek Mythology and other themes. Currently they have just released their third album which is already available in physical CD and digital format at: http://anfitrite.rf.gd/Online-Stores.php For more information about the band you can visit their official website: http://anfitrite.rf.gd Follow the band on: https://www.instagram.com/anfitriteband/ https://www.facebook.com/AnfitriteBanda/
  5. Awesome Symphonic metal from Russia Their latest vΓ­deo released in late January has passed half a million views
  6. Anfitrite is a symphonic gothic metal project originally from Venezuela founded in 2012 by keyboardist, arranger and composer Sting Weiss. The vast majority of the songs of this group focus on Greek mythology. It should be noted that Sting Weiss has collaborated with great musicians within the Venezuelan and international metal scene, such as Itea Benedicto (former vocalist of Niobeth), members of MortuoriuM and former members of the Spanish band Dark Moor and Retribution. In 2014 they managed to release their first album in digital format through the Bandcamp platform. Since then they became one of the most influential bands of the genre in Venezuela and also managed to become known in the rest of the world. Currently the band is working on what will be their third musical work that they plan to release under the name of "Helena de Troya" in digital and physical format (CD and USB) in limited edition. This material will be the first production created by the new line-up of the project, which is now integrated by Ysis Vivas (ex Hekla singer) as lead vocalist, Sting Weiss on keyboards/orchestration/guttural vocals, TJ Richardson (Salvation's End) on guitars and JosΓ© Mendoza (Jihad) on bass. But, in order to complete the recording they need the support of all those interested in lending them a helping hand. This is due to the serious political, economic and social crisis that Venezuela is suffering at the moment, making it very difficult to complete the EP by their own means. Consequently, they have decided to officially launch a worldwide crowdfunding campaign. Through this campaign they seek to encourage donors by offering an interesting reward based on their valuable contribution. All the details related to the Crowdfunding campaign can be found at the following link along with some samples of the material they are preparing, a more complete biography and more details about the album: https://bit.ly/3eboCSn Although, for those who wish to access directly to the donation section for the campaign, a quick summary of the campaign and the rewards to be distributed among the donors, just click on this link: https://bit.ly/3tpkNzH official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AnfitriteBanda official website: https://artistecard.com/anfitriteband source of the official campaign announcement: https://artistecard.com/anfitriteband#!/news/2021/72738
  7. Good afternoon! We are a symphonic metal band DemUnillusions. We are from a very distant northern city of Russia. The city of Severomorsk. We create our own music and try to show it to the world, to say that we are here. Perhaps you can watch, and most importantly, listen. You might like it. Perhaps you can listen to our material and share your opinion, tell someone about us who might like it. We really want to move on, but there is no metal industry in our country. And we just ask for all possible help from everyone who loves this kind of music. You can listen to us in all our resources - we really need support to move on. Perhaps with your help, bit by bit, we can take the next step. The most important links are below. Perhaps someone will help us on Patreon, someone will just join us on Facebook... We are here. And we continue to write symphonies and metal. Thank you for your attention!) Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/demunillusions_official Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/demunillusions Official Site -https://demunillusions.com YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4tdZZRSwWyCfZh7o1_6yhg?view_as=subscriber
  8. Anfitrite is a symphonic gothic metal band from Venezuela. Here a preview of their new song entitled "Esmeralda Bajo las Llamas" (Emerald under flames): https://soundcloud.com/ysis-vivas/anfitrite-esmeralda-bajo-las-llamas We invite you to share it with your friends and if you want you can also help us to finance the recording and mixing of our next EP! For this you can make a small donation of $ 1 or a little bit more to this Paypal address: [email protected] and in return we will include your name in the list of special thanks in the EP! official page: https://www.facebook.com/anfitritebanda [email protected]
  9. Little did I knew it would be my last concert in a long time.
  10. An amazing band from Germany that i discovered last weekend, opening for Visions of Atlantis
  11. Kull are a symphonic metal band from Sheffield UK , featuring all 4 musicians from Bal-Sagoth and a new vocalist Their debut album 'Exile' will be released through Black Lion Records in April/May 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAnl_QYs9fk Pre Orders for the album can be made here : https://kullblacklion.bandcamp.com/album/exile More information can be found at : https://www.facebook.com/Kullmetal
  12. Hello people, as the title suggests I am new in here, hopefully this forum/site will help me to find what I am looking for My name is Jo, i am from Romania, currently living in UK, also lived in Italy (yes I know italian as well) xD i am 30 years old, symphonic, dark metal addicted. I am a contralto/alto vocalist, lyricist, also artists and in the search of a family (band) My favorites bands are Kamelot, Seventh Wonder, Conception, Ghost, Serenity , Avantasia, Nightwish, old APC, Queen mostly symphonic metal, but loads of progressive metal, heavy metal, but I listen to loads of metal, period. Classic rock, alternative rock but also popish stuff like Lana del rey (gotta love Gods and Monsters) and whatever is a bit weirdish with great vocals I joined this site in the hope that I will find people that I can make a band, but also interact. Take care people, nice to meet ya
  13. Hi guys, vocalist/lyricist in here, alto range, I am looking for band members for a symphonic, prog, metal band in Uk located. Or maybe an progressive one kinda like Seventh Wonder, Dream Theater, Riverside etc. I am 30 years old and very committed I love anything metal with great vocals, but heavy, symphonic, goth, dark song are kinda my favorite. Also the acoustic. Fav bands are Kamelot, serenity, Ghost bc, Nightwish, Ayreon, Avantasia, Seventh Wonder, anything symphonic and heavy metal basically I can't wait to meet ya This is me singing Kamelot's ballad Veil of Elysium and under there's a a DOOm symphonic version of Freak on The leash, by Korn made with the famous UK bases band Cyclocosmia
  14. Yes, Space Vikings! New EP just released! https://spacevikings.bandcamp.com/album/eternal-destiny
  15. Tenebres is a black/gothic metal band and they have just released their first official video entitled Pain Eternal.You can watch it here:
  16. Greetings, Metal Forum community. I'm an artist and lover of things metal. My favorite genres/subgenres are, as tagged, progressive, death, heavy, thrash, symphonic, power, speed, and gothic metal, as well as metalcore, djent and nwobhm. My compositions tend to blend or use these genres most heavily. I play drums, guitar, and sing. I also write rock songs but I won't burden you with the details since this is the metal forum after all :D. Posted a thread in the Promote your Band forum, and will try to give feedback to others as I know, being an artist myself, how important that is. Here is the link to that thread: Moderator note: Please keep all promotion in the Promote Your Band Forum (which you are obviously aware of). Sorry Moderator! I wasn't sure if asking for feedback was considered promotion, I made the thread and simply posted a link so hopefully that sorts it out thanks!
  17. I saw this band open for Sonata Arctica. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zFRSctjyks
  18. Style: Modern Symphonic Power metal Line Up: Gregory Kryukov - vocals, lyrics Andrey Zvonaryov - guitars, composer, keyboards, arrangements Alexey Zvonaryov - bass, composer Pavel Salikov - guitars Bio: http://beorn-metal.com/biography Album: Bandcamp iTunes Google Play Spotify Reviews: The Metal Gods Meltdown - Rating: 9.5/10 Mastersland - Rating: 9/10 Metal Harem - Rating: 8/10 Skull Fracturing Metal - Rating: 4,25/5 Palace of Rock - Rating: Nice Behind The Veil Webzine - Rating: 7/10 Links: Official Website Beorn on Facebook Beorn on YouTube
  19. Arcantis is a Brazilian Symphonic Metal Band. This is our first Official Video Clip!! Give a like in Youtube if you enjoyed it! \m/ \m/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_JxZNoZoo4 > Songs of Arcantis Band: https://soundcloud.com/banda-arcantis > for like our facebook: http://www.facebook.com/arcantianos?fref=ts > Videos of Arcantis Band: http://www.youtube.com/user/bandaarcantis/videos > Our facebook: http://www.facebook.com/banda.arkannian?fref=ts >>>Thanks a lot for this force!<<<
  20. Chek out this band..., u won`t regret it...! https://www.facebook.com/Ocularis-Infernum-317682312152/timeline/ Ocularis Infernum started it's deed back in 2002 as a Raw Black Metal project with the name "Blood of Maids". With the joining of Kristiana (vocals), and Magnuss(keyboards), bands music got a bit more melodic and, gaining their special sound, they conquered their place on Latvian metal stage, including victory at the Fresh Blood 2007 contest. Ocularis Infernum have shared stage with such bands like Shining, Impaled Nazarene, The Exploited, Tiamat, Cradle Of Filth, Kawir and more. After several drummer changes and the departure of the keyboard player (which gave the band a darker sound and a different atmosphere), Ocularis Infernum are back with a new steam and ready to thunder everyone with their performance!
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