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Found 70 results

  1. Here´s the new Jewel Throne single. We´re still stuck somewhere between early thrash metal and Venom/Motörhead style more rocking stuff, so if you're into that kind of thing, check this shit out... Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6HE4hZPjTkz9gS5yNBpdER?si=7UODPUWFRVa7MOGF0Rk8TQ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jewelthronefinland Bandcamp: https://jewelthronefinland.bandcamp.com/ The Metal Archives: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Jewel_Throne/3540456874 ------------------------------------------------ We are Jewel Throne. We are a Finnish thrash/speed/death/old school/whatever metal band with some Venom and Motörhead style rock and roll and some other stuff thrown in too. Confusing? Yeah, probably. Who cares about the genres or subgenres anyway? You either like the music or you don't. Check out our new single The Darwinian Eclipse. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3JABsSpefUdN3cQ9NlN4kD?si=yrhWvprjSJa6Cqu1SOW-YA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jewelthronefinland Bandcamp: https://jewelthronefinland.bandcamp.com/ Metal Archives: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Jewel_Throne/3540456874
  2. I’m a young musician looking for anyone between the ages of 15-19 who are interested in an online metal project. This is a project just for fun. I have been writing music for a bout 2-3 years now and I want to be able to record something.
  3. Denver Colorado based thrash band Havok is back with their aptly titled fifth studio album, “V”. Perhaps the forerunner of the thrash resurgence of the late 2000s/early 2010s, Havok made a name for themselves early on, quickly gaining a following with their first two records, “Burn” and “Time is Up.” “V” has been a highly anticipated release for Havok, as it marks an important moment in their discography. Its no secret to the metal community that Havok has been somewhat in the shadow of their 2011 album “Time is Up”. By far their most popular record, their live set still consists of 3-5 songs from that album - almost 10 years and 2-3 releases later - with albums like “Burn” and “Unnatural Selection” at most seeing a single song of representation (which is a shame, “Burn” had a very distinct style, great song structures, and a plethora of unique moments; its a vastly underrated album). “Time is Up” was a brutally fast, tightly crafted, expertly performed thrash release that had a “Havok” flair. In roughly 40-45 minutes they covered a large amount of ground in the thrash territory, and had established their dominance in the scene as one of the tightest and most talented groups. However, it left little room for a follow up in that space - Havok needed to try new ideas and elements, and push more into their own voice. Unfortunately, “Unnatural Selection” featured very little experimentation, and “Conformicide” - while it did try new things on certain songs like “Ingsoc” - largely fell into the same space, with songs like “Claiming Certainty”, “Circling the Drain”, and “Wake Up.” Enter “V” - an album that both hits and misses the mark. The good news is that the band is trying many new ideas, while still delivering them in the Havok way. For starters, the song structures have been broken out of their typical formula, featuring a range from shorter, to longer and more narrative in format. David Sanchez’s vocals are simultaneously more shrill and more melodic, with sections of screams and singing being overlaid together. Songs have been extremely slowed down, featuring heavy grooves rather than intense speed. There are funky slap bass riffs again, and passages of melodic harmonies and acoustic guitars. Progressive elements - similar to those that, before, appeared solely on the track “Ingsoc” - are mixed in throughout. Some of the lyrics have moved towards a more thoughtful writing style, and are less “on the nose” as previous albums. The mix has is different as well; there is extra space between the instruments, and as a result each one now has more room to breathe, bringing the bass and drums to be the forefront. The musicianship as well is spot on. Reece Scruggs’ solos are fast, feature cleanly executed taps and picking runs, and are catchier than usual. And as always, Pete Webber’s drumming is fantastic; precise, powerful, and with lots of flair, Pete is one of the best drummers of our time. The fact that he doesn’t use triggers makes it all just that much more enjoyable. The biggest downside of the album, is that even though there are these great ideas bouncing around, the band just struggles to pull them together cohesively. Many ideas feel unpolished, as if they ran with the first draft of a song, not stopping to fully refine or polish it. And overall the majority of the tracks lack a hook; they fail to hit the moment that truly grabs you, that will get stuck in your head and keep you coming back. The end result is a collection of songs that meld together rather than feeling distinct. If the riffs had been pushed further, and the song structures tweaked to deliver more clarity, the record could have been much more impactful. All that being said, there is still a strong and unique voice here. Elements are starting to feel unique to Havok; if you were to hear a song out of context you wouldn’t say, “that sounds like a Slayer riff”, you’d say “that sounds like a Havok riff.” Even if this isn’t their most polished release, it does indicate their footing is secure and that they intend to push themselves moving forward.
  4. California based thrash band Warbringer is back with their 6th studio album; “Weapons of Tomorrow”, the first to feature new bass player, Chase Bryant. Warbringer hails from the thrash resurgence era, during which time it had become temporarily trendy to be in a thrash band. However, unlike other bands in the scene, Warbringer was far more than just a torch-bearer of the past, as they brought an new hyper-aggressive approach to thrash, with a plethora of groove and brutality. Warbringer, along with bands such as Havok and Revocation took the genre in a new direction, one that feels distinct from the 80’s scenes. Overall, “Weapons of tomorrow” is a strong but rather “expected” Warbringer release. The band does try things - and while there is a core of impactful songs- much of the record feels like an extension of 2017’s “Woe to the Vanquished”. One piece of the puzzle that falls flat on this album are the shorter and more typical “thrashy” songs, such as “Unraveling” or “Power Unsurpassed”. These stay much within the Warbringer “box”; very typical of their riff style, very safe song structure, and not many new elements being experimented with. While the performances are good, the overall compositions lack energy and feel a bit uninspired when compared to previous works such as “Woe to the Vanquished”, “Worlds Torn Asunder” or “Waking into Nightmares.” Perhaps one of the best things about the aforementioned “Woe to the Vanquished” was the closer “When the Guns Fell Silent”. Long and theatrical were new aspects for Warbinger, who up until that point, had mostly stuck with the short and fast thrash bangers; however the band pulled it off flawlessly, delivering a fantastic and captivating tale that built up tension till the grand finale. Coming in at 11:11, the song barely felt its length and was enjoyable the whole time. Their songwriting style translated surprisingly well into a more winding and narrative format, featuring lots of emotional harmonies and reflective mid tempo riffs. This ability to be diverse helped separate themselves from other thrash acts. On “Weapons of Tomorrow” fortunately, this element is back in full force. Heard in songs such as “Defiance of Fate” where once again we get the epic lament of war, featuring longer passages of clean guitars and lots of catchy and melancholy riffs. “Glorious End” is another song that partially borrows this structure, entering with reflective and inspiring harmonies, hitting hard with faster thrash riffs in the middle, and finally building up into an epic and trudging climax where our protagonist falls, bringing the album to a thematically close. Perhaps the most standout feature of the performances on “Weapons of Tomorrow” are the vocals. John Kevill’s vocals are always strikingly intense; however this time they are back with a bit of a twist, as there is now a very palpable black metal influence. John conjures up a raspy, grasping, and aggressive screech, with lots of high screams, gritty snarls and even some deranged laughter. The vocals fit the ongoing themes of the “glory” and brutality of war perfectly, delivered almost as if someone was barking commands on a battlefield. While the production here is not as heavy as some of their previous albums, it is still quite good. On the bad side; the guitars and drums do feel a tad thin, and the bass could stand to be more audible. On the good side; the mix does put a spotlight on the vocals, which have been brought quite prominently to the front. This, when combined with the expressive performances of John Kevill, helps to personalize and emphasize the themes of the human experience of war and death. A solid thrash album; although some of the traditional style elements may have worn out their welcome at this point, there are still new ideas mixed that keep it fresh and exciting.
  5. Decided to cover this the way they played it in the early 90s. Its more fun this way! Thanks for watching!
  6. Please dudes, i need help. On september 6, there is going to be a fucking awesome metal festival that i intend to go, and i am very exited because this never happens in my country. The problem is, i am underaged and my dad would have to take me. And i woudn't care at all if this was the only thing, but there are going to be Pornogrind, Black Metal and the least "worst", thrash metal (EXODUS IS PLAYING FUCK YEA). I don't know how to show him the lineup and shit... im scared that he shows the pornogrind stuff to my mom and i get grounded for a year for being "satanic and problematic" or whataever. PLZ HELP
  7. Looking for a metal drummer. Blast beats, double bass, fast tempos, etc. Influences include Death, Nile, Havok, Gojira, etc. NY/NJ area. The band: https://youtu.be/y5KETyjZbNk https://youtu.be/2dEYigmRTr4 Thanks!
  8. I was wondering for longtime metal fans to tell me which bands are completely awful live. I've heard of a couple, like Mastodon and Nile, but what do you guys think?
  9. Hi. This is thrash/black metal band Arwat from Croatia with it's first EP. Until there are videos for every song and a bandcamp release, we made this youtube video with every song. Check it out, and give us feedback, it would mean a lot to us. Thanks!
  10. Full length number 19 from overkill certainly makes a splash in the energy stakes, I mean there's some modern thrash bands that are a good two decades younger than Overkill who can only hope to achieve the levels of spunk that New Jersey's finest produce here. That in itself is an achievement, for a band of Overkill's stature and reputation to be able to still sound relevant four decades into their career is no mean feat. Even in the albums weaker moments it never gets redundant and the energy levels remain high. There's a real sense of a band in a state of some renewed vigour, helped in no small part by the addition of Jason Bittner on drums. The former Flotsam & Jetsam skinsman is nothing short of superb throughout "The Wings of War" and seems to have squeezed a little extra out of the rest of his peers. The album kicks of with a great build to opening track "Last Man Standing" and for the first 4 tracks of the album the Overkill crew stomp, bash and groove their way to a solid level of consistency. The lead work is of particular note and Blitz sounds as sneery and scathing as ever. The album is well produced and mixed too with all parts of the thrash machine audible as the five piece hammer away at your skull with the usual blend of chugging riffs and infectious anthems. It isn't even all thrash either, one thing that is also obvious in abundance here is the melody present throughout all 10 tracks. There are weak moments as mentioned but they are more a victim of how good the strong tracks are. In it's own right "Distortion" is a solid enough - if not slightly varied a journey from the last offering - but it just doesn't stand up well against a "Bat Shit Crazy" or a "Head of a Pin". As the album draws to a close you get the increasing impression that the last few tracks are rescued really by some great solos and stomping skin work which is a shame because trimming of a couple of tracks may have made this less obvious. That having been said, last track "Hole in My Soul" is a cracking finisher. As I said though, the energy level is consistently high and there's a real sense of the band having created something they can be really proud of. I am scoring this a 4 out of 5 just for the fact that even at the mediocre stages the album is still another great example of the old guard giving a Metal Music 101 lesson to all aspiring young metal bands out there. 4/5
  11. Hello fellow metalheads Here's the first story of One More Page with our debut album "Illusion of Duality" starting with Shamanic Ritual (YouTube listeners should activate subtitles) and following with the self named title "Illusion of Duality". 10 songs to challenge different angles of our perception in life. We are expecting an honest interaction where you can either bash it with desire or caress with care or anything between those extremes. Hope you to lose yourself in it Here's the Spotify link for the full album --> Here is the full album on YouTube... (Turn on Turkish subtitles for both Turkish and English subtitles) ... and also our YouTube channel where you can find live performances, single tracks and our music videos. Thank you for stopping by for some metal \m/ Waiting your comments
  12. Hi all, I am new on this forum so be kind lol. I play bass for a Thrash Metal covers band called Phantom Lords, we are a loose tribute to the Big 4 as well as other bands, we are playing at O'rileys in Hull on the 16th Feb (this month) and it would be nice to see some of you guys in attendance, we also have a support band called Sleaze Demons. You can find out more about Phantom lords at https://phantomlordsmusic.wixsite.com/mysite I know its a Wix site lol but that's all we can afford at the moment, we also have a facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/PhantomLords/ Hope to see some of you there Thanks for reading
  13. Hi everyone! A few months ago I began listening to Kreator, a thrash metal band from Germany. These folks have been around since the 80s, and they have COUNTLESS great songs, which in my opinion could not be described better than PURE EARGASMS! In one weekend or two I got 30+ of their songs! Here are some of my favorite songs by Kreator: Death Becomes My Light - https://bit.ly/2RPtZKk All The Same Blood - https://bit.ly/2B5n2zl Enemy of God - https://bit.ly/2RTXryY Support these amazing and talented guys by checking their albums (my favorites): Enemy of God (Perhaps their best album to date) - https://amzn.to/2Dk3vws Gods of Violence - https://amzn.to/2ROOAhV Violent Revolution - https://amzn.to/2T7KsuN Phantom Antichrist - https://amzn.to/2K1GNuD Endorama - https://amzn.to/2K0ZeiY I wish you an enjoyful listening, and hope to get your comments, RandomMetalFan
  14. We are Feel No Pain, a thrash metal band from Spain, and we have just released a new E.P. called Into The Chaos, just an intro and 3 songs, but enough to blow you away! We are heavily influenced by epic thrash like old Metallica/Sepultura/Slayer, but with plenty of guitar harmonies á la Iron Maiden/In Flames, and with some death metal hints in the vocals and the drums, there´s no limits! Here is the amazing cover by french artist Remy Cooper Here is a crazy lyric video we made, for the song Sky Burial And here the playlist of the E.P. in streaming in Youtube Hope you enjoy it, follow us on Facebook if you wanna stay updated! Feel No Pain on Facebook
  15. Hi Everyone! We are Needless, a hungarian death/thrash band. Our new music video is out, have a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oo3QQHpuiZ0 If you liked it, our EP is also available:http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjIpTnobusc&t=747sSupport us on social media sites: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/needlesshun/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialneedlessMany thanks for your attention! Stay heavy AF!
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qBuSjUYR6I This is a video from the recording sessions of our forthcoming album. ♦ Recording members: Aggelos Karatzas - Drums Stamatis Zografos - Rhythm and Classical Guitars Petros Peridis - Lead Guitars Vasilis Christodoulou - Bass/Lead and Back Vocals ► Drums recorded between 1st and 8th of April 2017 at Devasoundz Studios, Athens, Greece. ► Guitars (Rhythms, Leads) and Bass recorded between 4th of July and 29th of August 2017 at Acid Fury's Home Studio, Athens, Greece. ► Vocals recorded between 26th of December 2017 and 15th of January 2018 at Fragile Studio, Athens, Greece. ♦ Follow Acid Fury: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Acid.FuryGr/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/acid_fury/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/acid_fury?lang=el ♦ Contact the band: [email protected]
  17. Who are traditionally considered the “Big 4” of Thrash Metal?
  18. Appreciate it guys: Any thoughts on this? I'm pretty proud of it in terms of production.
  19. Empathica Radio is a podcast dedicated to unsigned/independent Metal, Hardcore, & Punk artist. Listen to Steve, Brendan, and Travis as they scour the world for underground artist to highlight on their show. Subscribe for FREE on iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, or on their hosting site Podbean: http://empathicaradio.podbean.com/. Empathica Radio is working hard to help spread the music of these underground artist to a wider audience. Are you in a band and want some FREE promotion???? Submit your bands info & an audio file to [email protected] to get played on the show. Hail to the Underground!!!!!
  20. Hi folks! Check out my new band Misterer! If you like, please spread the word! All the help is appreciated! Blow Up The Backrage, keep those heads moving!
  21. I want to find interlocutors outside of Russia. Metalheads and just interesting people.
  22. Hi guys, My band just released their first single and I'm just trying to get some people's opinions and promote a bit. The production is shoddy and the quality of the song is far from professional, but its free to listen and download. Just let me know what you think and if you like it please support us by sharing it around so other people can hear it and tell us what they think about it. Link to bandcamp where you can listen to the song: https://sleeperuk.bandcamp.com/releases Please listen, share and let me know what you think about it. Thanks, George
  23. Hey guys! Just here introducing myself to the forums! I play lead guitar in my thrash metal band Raider from Ontario Canada! Check us out at bellow social medias! We just released our debut CD "Urge to Kill". Check it out at our Bandcamp: https://raiderofficial.bandcamp.com/ LIKE, SUPPORT and share our music if yah dig it! Cheers, Gabe. FB: https://www.facebook.com/RaiderMetal/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/raider.official/