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Found 9 results

  1. I dont know about you guys, but for me, Nick Menza is definitely a metal legend. The crazy amount of talent that man had is unbelievable. He had this raw, aggressive, fast way of playing, I think one could say he was a beast on the drums. No other like Nick Menza himself! I admire not only his ability to play the drums but his persistence in maintaining a creative mind and the strength needed to not give up after getting kicked out of the band in such way by Mustaine. I mean, if I had gotten kicked out of the band of my dreams 2 days after having a major knee surgery I would've given up on everything, but he didn't. Sure, he struggled for half a year with substance abuse, didn't leave his house at all, but he recovered from it all pretty well and went on to live a full-filling, healthy life. Hats off to Nick for that. I'm a huge fan of his! I wanna know what you guys think about Nick Menza.
  2. Could you tell me please, which version is this? I have never seen that white sided case before.
  3. I am a student and I want to earn money by making heavy metal songs.(like Black Sabbath or Metallica).And I am planning to upload my songs on music platforms like Spotify,Apple music and Deezer.I don't want thousands of dollars or millions of views and streams.I just want to make 100-200$ per month.Do you think can ı earn this money by making heavy metal songs ?
  4. Decided to cover this the way they played it in the early 90s. Its more fun this way! Thanks for watching!
  5. David Ellefson is no spring chicken. Three-and-a-half decades after co-founding the pioneering thrash metal band/institution that is Megadeth, he's put plenty of miles on his body and his soul. Fortunately he's spent the majority of them clean and sober — after making the choice to put the music first — so that it's easier for him to make a "50-year-old's decisions" when gearing up for another trek to bring metal across the globe. That doesn't mean he's ready to accept a role as an elder statesman of the metal world. Far from it. While he may be a contemporary to bands he idolized growing up -- Megadeth is hitting Europe for some shows with Judas Priest and select dates with KISS -- Ellefson is still a vital metal warrior, fueled by coffee and honor-bound to give his fans their money's worth when he takes the stage. He's also still very much a fan of metal. --- So let's talk about the 'Killing Is My Business' reissue, and how business is these days. We're lucky in Megadeth because we can still write and produce compelling, new material, but that legacy of stuff from especially the earliest records -- probably the first, I'd say, four records -- are things of legend at this point, that even young, teen-aged fans that are first learning about Megadeth, they want to hear things off of 'Killing Is My Business' and 'Peace Sells,' 'So Far So Good So What,' 'Rust In Peace.' Those are really the four cornerstone records for us. --- While you're trekking through Europe, Slayer will be on their farewell tour. Is there an element of introspection that triggers with seeing another member band of the proverbial Big Four hang up the axe? Look, groups retire for all kinds of different reasons. Either they've just lost interest, their heart just isn't into it anymore, maybe it's a health issue, for who knows what reasons. And I don't know why Slayer's hanging it up; I've not talked to Tom [Araya] or Kerry [King] about it to know. It's great to see them have this big last hurrah of success. I'd like to think they're not gone forever, on some level, y'know what I mean? Many farewell tours have made for a hell of a reunion tour later. But they've also lost their dear friend Jeff Hanneman, and he was a key writer for Slayer. Me and Dave have been through that, past members have passed away. We've been through a lot of lineup changes and stuff, and when lineup changes happen, it's always kind of a shot in the dark whether you're going to be able to capture lightning twice and recreate the magic. Some of our lineups did and some of them didn't. --- LINK TO FULL STORY.
  6. Music project "Vicious" led by Aaron Baker has released album "vol.1". If you like old style thrash influenced by Megadeth, Slayer etc. you may enjoy this album. More songs should be added in the future for this 4 track album. Listen here:https://vicious.bandcamp.com/releases
  7. Good day to you fellow metalheads! Deepak, from India, been searching for a metal community since a long time now. Playing guitar for a few years, no Joe Satriani though! Totally into melodic death metal, thrash, alt rock, metalcore, other awesome genres! Feel free to talk about anything, anytime!
  8. Hi everyone, As a thrash metal project from Milan, Skull Kollektor is looking for advice by fellow fans of the genre. This is the very first song we have come up with since forming late in novembre 2016. The lyrics tell the tale of someone who brings the dead back to life, then abuses them, then kills them again in an eternal (and infernal) loop. It's like three Slayer tunes put together: "Post-mortem", "Necrophiliac" and "Kill Again"! Big influences (lyrically) were certainly Alice Cooper, Mercyful Fate and Italy's very own Death SS. We are very dedicated fans of traditional thrash metal and would truly appreciate some feedback on this song. Negative feedback is very welcome too, because if we are doing terribly wrong, we might just stop right away!
  9. HEY what's popping guys check out my videos if you're into Metal and Rock music. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks a lot!
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