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  1. Hell yes, Nat’s back. Good t see ya!
  2. This was originally in the Black Metal section but since it was a post without explanation and I couldn't definitely say it was spam I moved it the youtube thread. Very odd post.
  3. Ha ha, no as in an old iron for ironing clothes.
  4. The dark lady of the house is insisting the Xmas decorations go up and so I retired to the shed outside and did some work restoring an old iron I found in the log store. After lots of wire brushing and a couple of coats of rust eradicator I just managed to get a coat of black paint on it and hopefully tomorrow I can get the flat iron side of it painted so it can add to the rustic style of decoration in the house (not Xmas related decoration).
  5. Toxic Holocaust - Primal Future: 2019
  6. Welcome to the forum, we are low on selfies here so hopefully shouldn’t be too much time to find the good stuff. Who are some of your preferred bands?
  7. Topic unlocked following a strokey beard meeting.
  8. I am a cruel and harsh taskmaster I know but in all seriousness when there’s nigh on 6 weeks of the year left (approx. as it was at time of creation) I didn’t want an endless list of spam from lurkers just joining to post one list without taking any opportunity to explain why the albums made the list and then beggar off again. I think we will open it from next week and I am not saying war and peace is needed against every list but there has to be some quality control here instead of just pages of “here’s some records I bought in 2019”. p.s. for Xmas I want thumbscrews!
  9. Cover CD from latest Zero Tolerance magazine. Some good shit on here for once. Namely, Sathamel, Vultur, Toxic Holocaust, Creeping Death and Ectoplasma (Greece). Creeping Death - Wretched Illusions
  10. It has been on the radar for a while but only just got around to listening. There's some good stuff on there but then large parts of it just pass me by. It is one I really have to sit down with too which doesn't bode well for it as time is an ever increasing premium these days. Seen it top a few early year end lists but can't say it would feature too highly on mine.
  11. Blood Incantation - Hidden History of the Human Race
  12. Cerebral Rot - Odious Descent Into Decay