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  1. Devourment 'Obscene Majesty' - first listen of this. Disappointing start with a scratchy sound to the guitar but picks up nicely after 3 tracks. Necros Christos 'Doom of the Occult' - there's so much good on here that it is almost unforgivable how hard the listener has to work to get through all the instrumental pieces to enjoy the quality of the songwriting and musicianship. 23 tracks people!
  2. Maria Arkhipova is my new favourite vocalist. This fucker can growl some. Been a week of lending my ear to some genres and sub-genres of metal I don't always listen too very much (or have previously dismissed outright) and this pagan/folk metal stuff is sitting quite well at present. Sat here overlooking the fields opposite my house with weather nowhere near as grim as Maria's vocals but still picking up the right vibes nonetheless.
  3. Off on a bit of a "try something you haven't listened to before" vibe today and pagan/folk BM came as the sub-genre I was drawn to. Listened to just this and Arkona all day.
  4. Second spin of the day for this. Can't believe I have only just discovered this band.
  5. Nokturnal Mortum ''Голос сталi"
  6. Acherontas & Horna 'Atavistic Resurgence' Xasthur 'To Violate the Obvious'
  7. Nearly sure there are laws against that.
  8. Opprobrium 'The Fallen Entities' Inquisition 'Nefarious Dismal Orations' Taake 'Kulde'
  9. Anything promo related goes in the promo section period. Nice and simple, no split hairs. I am baffled why you have placed this in General Chat when you are 64 posts in? Moved to Promote Yourself.
  10. First time listening the whole way through as heard 'Bed of Nails' on radio/comp CD the other day and it has been stuck there. Bit if filler in there but decent enough overall. NP: Wolvserpent 'Perigaea Antahkarana'
  11. Hi, sorry a bit late in my actual welcome, was too busy stopping @Coolfire132hijacking your intro thread. Not familiar with most of your listed bands but have more than my fair share of classics in my collection. Enjoy the forum.