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  1. Have a list as long as all of my lanky streak of piss limbs combined to do this weekend and have done the square root of fuck all so far today. Having electricians in yesterday fitting...erm...wires and shit and having no music for all of daylight has made me want to just sit in my ox blood coloured throne and listen to music all weekend. Consignment of Croatian beer arrived yesterday from the beer promoter folks and that is calling my name already just after lunch. Looks like the plan to clear out the storage unit across town and give things to the charity shops is just gonna have to w
  2. Catch up morning on music delivered this week: Negura Bunget - Om Ordinance - In Purge There Is No Remission Wolvennest - Temple
  3. Glaare - To Deaf and Day (feat track "Isky")
  4. Thanks both. Was okay once the initial disorientation got rationalised to my vision. My mother straight up freaked out when they tried to do her once and she just couldn't go through with it. The experience I take from it is if I ever have to do one again don't ask them for classical music through the headphones. With the blaring and grind of the machine it was like being trapped in some godawful German techno nightclub just in time for the "eclectic" DJ set.
  5. Yeah, thanks but the quote of mine was from 3 years ago and I kinda have caught up since then 😂
  6. Heat has finally stepped down a couple of degrees here over the weekend and we are in storm warnings for next few days. Floods down south across London yesterday, Tube stations flooded and all sorts. Glad I live up here in the north west where it is always fucking raining usually. Doubly happy for the drop in temperature as tomorrow I have to spend 90 mins in an MRI scanner having my head, neck and whole spinal cord imaged. Been losing sensation in my hands and feet for weeks now and my neurologist thinks it might be spinal inflammation interrupting flow somewhere, hence the scan.
  7. Please check the forum for existing threads as we have already had this thread up and running (and regularly contributed to) for some time already.
  8. Vouna - Atropos Glaare - To Deaf and Day
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