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  1. I guess I am still not "settled" in my music tastes (within metal as a whole). I find a lot of stuff speaks to me on different levels at different times or moods. Nostalgia also plays a huge part in me revisiting stuff I have most certainly moved on from in my listening trends in recent years. I find myself putting on an Iron Maiden album more out of the need to remember how good life was when I first discovered them living at home with my parents with zero responsibility or fucks to give. When they release a new album I make no effort to pursue listening to it, they have had their day with me now and I know I will not ever get that same impact from anything else they release now. I will never feel the same about music I discovered growing up by way of comparison to more modern/current output because I have been on this shit for 30 years plus now and I ain't that young, dumb and full of cum teenager anymore, most certainly (although there are days when I am dumb as fuck still). Hell, I don't even feel the same way about some of the music I listened to for days on end back then (how did I listen to Chaos AD so much? Why? Oh why?) I have come to understand in recent months how many of my less then desirable moods are actually linked to depression and the positive I can take from this realisation is the music I have discovered in trying to find a connection with something that helps with that awareness. I doubt I will ever find my "niche" and that is fine. I am just as comfortable with that as I am with maybe one day finding that plateau and sticking with it.
  2. I am struggling to find time to listen to that ASM through in one sitting (life is so hectic at present) and so I keep getting snippets or individual tracks which just don't work on their own. I am hoping the sum of all parts will be more entertaining.
  3. Kill the Thrill - Tellurique it is like Swans and Killing Joke had a baby and left Godflesh to raise it.
  4. December Metal Academy Radio Playlists are up. The Gateway playlist (Alternative, Grunge, Nu-metal, etc) can be found at the link below:
  5. I suffer from burnout too when trying to keep up with new releases and this year is the first one in a while where I have bothered to try and keep up. Now I am curating content for my other website that I frequent I am needing that drip feed of new releases and so I tend to go off what I see posted here as well as on aforementioned other website. I get a decent update of releases on Spotify provided I don't just let it play me any old shit and let it know what I do and do not like. I hit Invisible Oranges a fair bit as well but am a lot less hot on the blog trail than I used to be. YouTube for me tends to be the last resort of being the place to go if I cannot find an album on streaming service or Bandcamp.
  6. Noisy bunch aren't ya? Not entirely my regular bag but obviously well done stuff.
  7. First snow yesterday here in England. Not being too far from the coast we don't often see much snow in Merseyside but it did a good couple of hours yesterday and stuck to the field opposite the house - helped by the first below freezing temperatures of the season last night making me doubly grateful that I didn't have to get up and move the car this morning. Can tell the temperature is changing as my eczema has started to flare up a bit on my hands - not helped by storm Arwen (or whatever they called it) pulling my fence down and me having to plug gaps in the hedgerow behind it to ensure next door's pet dog didn't sneak through. Was planning on taking that bit of fence down actually so saved me a job, however it taking out the bird feeding pole when it fell wasn't such a bonus.
  8. I need to check this out. Heard the title track and although not blown away it was way better than expected.
  9. Paysage d'Hiver - Schattengang (vinyl), listening through Steineiche this morning as it started to snow made me long for more Pd'H so off to Swiss websites I went and now I am another €40 light.
  10. We just ended up with some coffee from Harvey Nichols which I had no idea had even been ordered. My horror over the potential price tag was cut short somewhat by the fact that it is a really nice brew to kick start the day with. Just one cup like, I am not a fucking animal!
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