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  1. Hi, welcome.
  2. Death "Symbolic"
  3. Those are the kind of decisions I wish I had to make at work, usually I only remove my shoes to beat colleagues to death with them of course.
  4. Charlotte was her name I think? Anyway, seems like you are happy enough in your work/studies so all good?
  5. "World Downfall" - Terrorizer
  6. I'm packing at the minute for a two day training course, whenever I am packing, cleaning, ironing or cooking I tend to have music on.
  7. Then you could afford two shoes!
  8. I demand an update on your love life immediately!
  9. Sinmara "Aphotic Womb"
  10. Shrine of Insanabilis "Disciples Of The Void"
  11. Primitive Man "Tie$ That Bind And $ever" Primitive Man "Empty Husk" Primitive Man split with Sea Bastard
  12. Whitewurm/Ominous Hymn split Blast from the past!
  13. Tips about the forum or playing guitar?
  14. "Thy Mighty Contract" Rotting Christ
  15. Primitive Man "Split with Sea Bastard"