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    I am making a life size replica of Stonehenge in my garden out of ear wax, I collect toe nail clippings (not my own) and have a sideline training ninja elephants.
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    The Cursed North
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    Tight pants, oil rigs, soy sauce, eczema, polystyrene, salad leaves and ice cubes

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  1. Blood Incantation - Interdimensional Extinction (2015)
  2. Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Mardom (2019) In Aphelion - Moribund (2022)
  3. 32 degrees here today. Fuck this. I demand Autumn to appear right now. This is not part of what I signed up to by living in the UK. Spent the last four days endlessly tipping bags of slate chippings out into the far corner of the garden in an effort to make it look less like a weed jungle (there is literally an inch thick layer of weed control cloth under there now also). Not the weather for that activity most certainly. Another 25 bags should cover it though. On the plus side though, I can sit outside my house or in the front room most days and watch the farm traffic go by as the local farmers harvest. Occasional neighbour walks by (there's only 12 houses in the row and everyone pretty much keeps themselves to themselves. If I am outside a simple "hello" is all that is needed, nobody wants prolonged conversations based on small talk and pleasantries only. Just civil acknowledgement of our existence is all local folk need here. Fella down the street now has chickens in his back garden, judging by some of the folks he has visiting him I still suspect he is a knob though but he's a knob with a great source of protein on his backdoor doorstep. When the apocalypse comes he'll be on an all egg diet as the rest of us live on rat and fox.
  4. Wiegedood - There's Always Blood At The End of The Road (2022)
  5. Morning (well it is here anyway), welcome. Hope you enjoy the place.
  6. The Mist From The Mountains - Monumental - The Temple of Twilight (2022) This mornings random listen to previously unheard and not searched for music takes me to Finland for some melodic black metal. A brief scan of the one review on Encyclopaedia Metallum tells me that this is "..a greasy tray of chips to the sickly sweet, iced cakes of Dimmu Borgir." I like iced cakes, I don't like Dimmu Borgir. That review is false in its reference points. I would call this a meat and vegetables main course only instead of gravy there's jus all over everything and the broccoli is that tenderstem variety that goes limp too quickly if you over cook it.
  7. I mean it is niche I grant you, but not rare unfortunately. The theme of deranged/half-dead/half or full goat/paranormal beings doing horrible things to women all has one consistent element in that it is males depicted as doing it. Would it be any better if it the tables were flipped and we had women figures gleefully hacking man parts of prone and/or restrained males? Not really, it would just be kind of refreshing. I tend to ignore this type of artwork because although I don't particularly like the concept of females constantly being portrayed as hapless victims it doesn't particularly offend me because it is so juvenile in construct. At the end of the day there's the choice of whether to listen to it or not let alone support the artist by buying it. 15 year old me was fucking fascinated by Cannibal Corpse album covers but a) I don't need therapy (at least not for that frailty of my psyche) and b) even young, dumb and full of cum Macca needed more justification than a mutilated pair of tits on an album cover for me to part with my sparse cash. Anyway, I listened to Weregoat earlier and my limited research shows me the drummer is also in Mournful Congregation where he is not called Sadoseducer. His bass playing counterpart in Weregoat "Nocturnal Hellfucker" (how do you fuck hell?) is the live bassist in Incantation apparently. Not my cup of tea musically as it turns out either.
  8. Mantar - Grungetown Hooligans II (2020)
  9. Saw someone who I didn’t know had posted in loads of threads and logged in to ban them, saw these posts were all genuine, rethought my life, said “Welcome’ then logged out again. p.s. GG is obsessed that with Activity button. He’s like a guy caught in a boobies storm reaching up and somehow catching dicks without that button to guide him.
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