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  1. With you here. That alien/robot vocal effect is really annoying and as much as I can recognise and acknowledge the effort it falls on design over content. Highly overrated album.
  2. Bolt Thrower ...For Victory and Those Once Loyal CD's. The debate I have now is whether I complete my collection on CD and get Honour - Valour - Pride and Mercenary also? Vektor - Black Future CD
  3. I don't know where they get the energy from to be honest, 3.5 acres is a fair size for anyone to go at and maintain. My mum just can't sit still at all, she always has to be doing stuff (she's a former gym instructor though). My dad is better staying active usually and struggles a lot with being able to keep still when seated or lay down. Lack of sleep is still their biggest problem. Once the wedding is done (now moved to next year) I need to start looking at what I can put together to pay for any future carer needs for him as he's only going to get worse and state care is usually quite poorly funded and resourced. I am fortunate that my company provides private healthcare and I will look into what I can pay to extend that coverage to a family member if the option exists. Although one of the unfortunate issues we have from COVID is that we are soon to go down to a single income household with the fiancee losing her job so not sure how long she is going to be out of work.
  4. They went into lockdown earlier than the official date from Government due to my Dad's condition. They have kept busy setting up a vegetable patch and painting fencing plus doing the same over at my Gran's when they can. They lost a close friend (non-covid) during lockdown so sadly their own time out was a funeral of all things - and a socially distanced one at that. They have over the past couple of weeks wound up going to the garden centre for 07:30 to get more plants/seeds safely so are slowly but safely trying to get out a little more.
  5. New Gorguts??? Fucking hell, that's made my day. Looking forward to hearing some new stuff from you. Is it Black Harvest stuff? Hear you on the parents front. Seeing mine face to face this week for my birthday and we are hoping the weather holds to maintain social distancing outside in the garden.
  6. In Flames - Colony Nailbomb - Point Blank
  7. Iced Earth - Night Of The Stormrider Fear Factory - Mechanize In Flames - Colony
  8. Hooded Menace - Never Cross the Dead Sinister - Syncretism Boris - Boris At Last - Feedbacker Atheist - Elements
  9. So, as the restrictions of lockdown here in the UK start to be lifted I found myself reviewing the overall impact of living my near perfect existence for a misanthrope in terms of if I am any different coming out of lockdown than I was going into it. About halfway into lockdown I all but quit drinking alcohol. This decision was coupled with the decision I took to return back to a healthier lifestyle that I enjoyed in my younger years some 15 years or so ago of taking regular exercise up to 4 times a week and eating a more balanced diet removing alot of snacks and junk food in the process. 6 weeks into a healthier lifestyle I feel better and genuinely don't miss the booze as much as I thought I would. I haven't become tee-total and do enjoy an occasional beer (one bottle a week or one glass of spirit a week) if I feel like it or if I feel I need the "treat" for hitting targets or celebration of personal or work related achievement (I am a salesman with targets, so any excuse really). Our shopping habits have completely changed. My fiancee is high risk for COVID so going to the supermarket was an immediate no-no. As a result we plan to continue to do only collections from store of internet orders or deliveries. I have started to utilise label/band sites directly for merchandise and music a lot more than I did and have made some neat discoveries on sites that I knew little or nothing about but now go back to as a regular shopper. I have also learned that my day job has the potential to be done with much less travel and time on the road than it did previously. The move away from face-to-face meetings to video conferencing has changed the way I engage with my customers making them more accessible if anything and so I think my time on the road could be significantly less once the restrictions are released in full (if that happens anytime soon, which I doubt). All in all lockdown has been a positive experience for me, even affording me opportunity to contribute actively (albeit remotely) to the fight against coronavirus using my healthcare knowledge and experience which was a strange yet massively fulfiling experience for me. Most of the behaviours I have adopted during the period of staying at home I intend to keep far beyond the end of this pandemic.
  10. Hooded Menace - Never Cross the Dead Druid Lord - Grotesque Offerings
  11. So has anybody heard it? Opinions, thoughts, reviews?
  12. Not bad, I usually take a punt on anything Incantation release nowadays. You know exactly what you are getting with them and that’s not always a bad thing if their existing formula works. P.s. I have a real problem with lyric videos though. Does anybody else find them really distracting as the vocals are all you find yourself focusing on? Had to turn away from the screen to just listen properly. Fuck I am weird.
  13. Hooded Menace - Never Cross The Dead CD