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  1. Demolition Hammer - Tortured Existence
  2. I am split on this record, definitely prefer the debut with Rampage on vocals. Find Pharr a bit preachy and a sense of amateur dramatics with the lyrics. Still some great tracks on here just a patchy affair I find.
  3. The above two would be of interest to me but if I am honest I am kind of taking a backseat on new releases this year in the main. I got to a point last year where I was just listening to anything just because it was new and was almost forcing myself to listen to things which is just ridiculous (of me). Good thread though and am sure lots of contributions to come in here.
  4. ^ Merged from the random thread created for just one band.
  5. Of course, mates rates innit.
  6. My best work is done by moonlight. Not so good at reducing tensions or anxieties though, once people realise I am taking their souls things get pretty screamy if I am honest.
  7. St Peter's Gatekeeper Golden Ale - the bottles this brewery use are very old school ans resemble medicine bottles of old.
  8. Gorguts - Colored Sands Heathan - Victims of Deception
  9. We have a festival section which is where this should have been placed. Utterly pointless thread given the complete lack of consistent traffic through here. Thread locked.
  10. Testament - The Gathering A decent, if not front heavy, thrash record. I reviewed it for another site recently and noted how unique Chuck's voice is in the world of thrash metal. That gruff yet powerful style marries so well on some tracks here and also sounds completely at odds on others. Lack of solo/lead work makes this album feel somehow longer than it is too but when it rips it fucking goes for the throat. 3/5 Gorguts - Colored Sands I can't stop listening to The Battle of Chamdo. I fucking love the drama in the composition of it and the menacing atmosphere throughout. There's an energy and synergy to this album that most records lack. With the obvious prowess of the musicians involved it is hard to expect much of anything else, but it just all feels so effortless and free flowing. 5/5 Sepultura - Arise For my current reviewing duties elsewhere on the internet I am tasked with showcasing 90's thrash metal of which this is an absolute joy to be able to play again as I review. The last great Sepultura record that crowned that golden age of their continuous development from fledgling amateurs to established and respected artists. 4.5/5
  11. Well now permit me to bunch up my panties for a second and call out a clumsy post right here. You’re right to listen to what you want. You’re wrong to throw insults around at those that object to controversial content, it’s their right to make that choice. Been nice having you around. Now you’re banned.
  12. Hello. *waves* Like the painting, Blood Incantation might want you for their next album cover with that cosmic theme. P.S. @True Belief never asks me about my hair when I post a pic 😪