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  1. I eat any strangers I sleep with before they get chance to become all friendly...
  2. I really want a coffee now and coincidentally I have to go downstairs.
  3. Tonight's poison? A pure green tea. My (near) zero alcohol policy has seen me adopt some new hot beverages also beyond my more traditional everyday teas and the occasional coffee. I now like a couple of green teas per day (none of that peppermint shit - I ain't a fucking Koala Bear am I?) as it aids my digestion and makes me marginally less stabby throughout the day.
  4. More hardwork by the Brothers Grimm as I call them over at Metal Academy. Now with a Featured section for each clan every month to showcase a release. Also an anniversary section to celebrate releases birthdays'. Awww! (Bring cake!) Hall of Judgement, Clan Challenges and a massive database of metal bands and releases to search for, rate and review at your leisure. Also each new member gets a toe nail clipping. (Last sentence is a lie).
  5. Angel Olsen - All Mirrors Taatsi - Amidst The Trees
  6. I thought we had a thread for this already but I can't find it (guess my gold colored football from the 94 World Cup is in the same place because I can't find that either, or my dignity for that matter). I think it is a risky one from a moderator perspective because we will end up with all manner of bloggers promoting their stuff (which is what I would do) so I am going to lock the thread, but not hide it then anyone wanting to reach out to someone via one of the other social media can do so via PM. Great idea but sadly we have problems with spammers that make this a challenge.
  7. Yep, yet to get to Negativa. Cheers for the link. I am writing a discography piece for Gorguts for inclusion wherever on the internet I deem suitable, need flesh out some paragraphs on the debut and Pleiades' Dust then hoping to get it out in August. Since Colored Sands I have been hooked on this band I have to admit and I have been playing catch up on their discography to the point where I just need the debut on CD (although not the $275 offering the guy on Discogs wants) to complete the collection.
  8. Gorguts - From Wisdom to Hate On the notes in the CD booklet, Lemay describes this record as one he is very proud of. "We were able to maintain the musical vocabulary and aesthetic found on 'Obscura' but in a less abrasive and chaotic way...Now, with a step back, it seems to me that 'From Wisdom to Hate' would have been a more natural and logical progression to 'Erosion Of Sanity'" I agree with him on the less abrasive front, but to be honest I kind of wanted a bit more of that on this record. Compositionally it does start to lay groundwork for Colored Sands I can hear but I often used to debate that this should have been, as Lemay describes above, the album between the sophomore and Obscura. I think whichever album came after Obscura was going to be a step down in terms of that chaos that Luc alludes to in his notes. Some how though if history had been different and Colored Sands ended up following Obscura I still would have loved both records.
  9. Pictures of trees are kvlt! They are literally my go to picture thing whenever I go anywhere. I think I put some up from my visit to Fairy Glen a couple of years back somewhere on this thread. Like the reflections photo in particular too. Cool stuff. Reminds me of an artist I follow on Instagram who used to be called Old Hag but has had issues with her stuff being stolen so she changed her account and I can’t remember what it is called now. She’s married to the guy out of Arckanum.
  10. Closed back slippers have saved you. Open back slippers and not liking Judas Priest would have been a disaster. If I ever find myself over at @FatherAlabaster’s place and he’s shuffling around like some monk in open back slippers then the Ban Hammer’s coming down right there and then.😂
  11. Nile - Annihilation of the Wicked - 2005 The last great Nile record for me, the band's 2005 release cemented their place in metal history as one of the best technical and brutal death metal bands out there. It showed a fully blossomed deftness for balance making the album more than just a scathing experience, charged with powerful riffs yet legible structures still being allowed to form even in the more chaotic moments of the record. Drudkh - A Few Lines in Archaic Ukranian - 2020 A compilation of tracks from split releases with Hades Mighty, Grift and Paysage d'Hiver over a 3 year period. As usual, heavily poetic and charged with that trademark raging yet melodic style of black metal that they deliver so well. I normally steer clear of comps but this one has me hooked. Paysage d'Hiver - Schattengang - 1998 Is it a demo? Is it an EP? Is it a mini-album? No one knows, I don't care. Whichever part of Tobias' ongoing story this release refers to, it is a real tour de force. Track two twists, shifts and turns multiple times but never loses itself somehow coming back to the sense of narrative it began with. I only have the three track version so no side B for me to listen through (although I presume YouTube would deliver this) but I love it without the final 18 minutes even.
  12. Paysage d'Hiver Schattengang The track that closes this demo/EP Atmosphäre is real brain soothing stuff.. Bleak ambience with bleeps and blimps to maintain an astral theme that makes me feel the rotation of the planet as I listen with eyes closed allowing the trance-like state to kick in.