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  1. Yeah man, I can certainly understand that sentiment. I enjoyed every song on "Hardwired", so I'm hopeful that if they give us one more album, it'll be similar or even better. But yeah, totally agree that we'll never see the purely thrash version of Metallica again. The hunger and ferocity they displayed on those 80's classics seems long gone, and it's unfortunate. I enjoyed "St. Anger", too though, so I guess I have odd taste! Flotsam and Jetsam - "Doomsday for the Deceiver" (album)
  2. Man, that's awesome! You're in for a great experience listening to this beast of an album. The musicianship is fantastic, and the production is crystal clear. A great album to kick up your feet and let the wonderful thrash-y goodness sweep you away!!
  3. Ah man, no way! Dude, I'm incredibly jealous! A fantastic album; not a bad song on it! The artwork is pretty awesome, too.
  4. Love/Hate - "Blackout in the Red Room" (album)
  5. My favorite Metallica album. It's a shame they essentially fell asleep for 20 years after that. I thought "Death Magnetic" was pretty good, and "Hardwired...to Self-Destruct" was awesome.
  6. Excellent choice! I've been playing a lot of Artillery lately, especially their newest release from 2021. Killer stuff! The vocals have a power metal feel to them at times, set to the backdrop of some crushing thrash. Rock on!
  7. Ripper has done some great stuff in other bands, too. Charred Walls of the Damned, Beyond Fear, and The Three Tremors are all projects of his. He's a phenomenal vocalist, and I enjoy all of that stuff. I thought the KK's Priest album was awesome and haven't stopped playing it since its release!
  8. There are quite a few modern thrash bands putting out killer stuff! My top 4 new wave thrash bands are: Havok, Angelus Apatrida, Warbringer, and Evile. In Malice's Wake, freaKings, Warfect, Skeleton Pit, Terrifier, Traitor, and ThrashWall are some other newer killer thrash bands. Happy headbanging!!
  9. That's awesome, man! Yeah, "Eternal Idol" is a fantastic album. Martin is a great vocalist, and I wish his work in Sabbath was more highly regarded on a wider scale.
  10. Haha totally support that. Yeah man, Motorhead cranked out 22 albums in their career, which is truly an incredible output. I enjoyed the more rock 'n roll sounding albums as much as any - like "Sacrifice" and "Snake Bite Love". Motorhead embodied the rock 'n roll lifestyle as well as anyone ever has!
  11. Yeah man, "The Years of Decay" has so much great material on it. "Playing with Spiders/Skullcrusher" is such a killer track right in the middle of the album. "Who Tends the Fire" is another menacing tune. "The Birth of Tension" is a great song, too. The entire album is legendary! I do enjoy Motorhead quite a bit! There's the obvious choice of the "Ace of Spades" album, but I enjoy some fairly recent albums a lot (relatively speaking), like "Overnight Sensation", "We Are Motorhead", and "Inferno". Lemmy just had the perfect voice for rock 'n roll/metal!
  12. You're kidding?? "The Electric Age" is my favorite Overkill album in their entire catalog, and I own all 19 of their albums to this point (and will certainly be grabbing the new one when it's released). They've really been on a solid roll since 2010's "Ironbound". These last 5 albums all stand up to any of their classics, in my opinion. I'd rank all 5 within the top 10 of their discography. In fact, "The Electric Age" and "Ironbound" would be my top 2, respectively. I love the classics like "Taking Over", "The Years of Decay" and "Horrorscope", too, of course. They don't have any bad albums to me. There are just some I like more than others. I'm into their groove-oriented stuff, too. Albums like "From the Underground and Below" and "Necroshine" are albums I play quite often. Great to see a fellow fan of the Wrecking Crew!
  13. Absolutely! "Headless Cross" is my favorite Martin-era Sabbath album. Dio is my favorite Sabbath frontman, but I think the Tony Martin era is highly underrated. He's a fantastic vocalist and sometimes gets overshadowed by the fact that legends like Ozzy and Dio had fronted the band before him. Really looking forward to the solo album from Martin. Also, not sure if you're into Overkill, but I'm seeing them live on March 12! My favorite thrash band of all time, and at age 31, I'm finally getting to see them live. Man, I can hardly wait!!
  14. Blood Tribe - "Infernal Acts of Man" (album)
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