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    Late 20s, in love with metal and guitars since 2006. It is the only thing that really keeps me alive.
    I did play in some non metal bands, as I do enjoy some other music styles (rock, blues, new age etc.).
    Currently working on a TV station as a reporter. In my free time I like to do nothing and listen to metal, or do something, like walking for hours and listening to metal.
    I may sound like a meme, but that is my reality, and nothing has ever made me stay in this world more than heavy metal.
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    Metal, Guitars, Music production, Recording, Comedy, did I say METAL??

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  1. Hi guys, this is our first long play album we recorded this year in Osijek, Croatia. Songs are in English, Croatian and German language, mostly deal with politics, war, religion and just life in general. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and like to have fun. Hope some of you like it, and if do, contact us, we like to make metal friends from all around the world. I mean, we can be cool even if you don't like it haha.
  2. Hi. This is thrash/black metal band Arwat from Croatia with it's first EP. Until there are videos for every song and a bandcamp release, we made this youtube video with every song. Check it out, and give us feedback, it would mean a lot to us. Thanks!
  3. Running Wild - Fire and Thunder
  4. You are absolute right man! I recently watched a documentary about Maori Croatian from New Zealand and how Maori used to call Croatians Tarara because of how it sounded to them when we speak. Have you ever been to Croatia?
  5. Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Riot - Thundersteel Metallica - Black Album Gamma Ray - No World Order Rhapsody of Fire - Dawn of Victory
  6. Vintage V100 Icon Les Paul style guitar with Seymour Duncan pickups. Palmer FAT50 guitar amp combo. Black Cat Wah pedal. At home I play on a small practice amp or use plug-ins in Reaper. Also, I have a Washburn electro-acoustic guitar.
  7. Hello from Croatia, the eastern (not the sea) part. I never really enjoyed Internet forums because "the streets" were my forum when I was younger, and there were a lot more metalheads in my city than now, so that is why I decided to join here. Just typed in metal forum in google and this one popped up first. My favorite metal is heavy metal, and I also like thrash, power, folk and black metal. Besides music, I enjoy SF tv shows like Star Trek, books like Hyperion Cantos, football (soccer) and other not that important things. If you like guitars, metal and things that go with them, feel free to message me. I always like to meet new friends, even if it is "just" online.
  8. Hi, I'm a guitar player from Croatia (27y) and for some time I have the idea of recording a heavy metal album with people from other countries. Basically, a lot of people moved from my city to other countries, and among them were a lot of musicians, and metal is not even the most popular alternative genre these days, so what I would like is to find a drummer, bass player and a singer with whom I can make a heavy metal record. You can be from anywhere, you just need a way to record yourself, and it needs not to be fancy. I can mix the album. I have nothing written except some riffs and couple of ideas, so it would be basically from scratch. For now, you can just contact me and then we can agree on everything. It will be a mix of heavy, thrash, power... If you are like me, and don't have anyone near you to play metal again, contact me, and let's make a fucking metal album. Also just if you want to talk about metal, write to me. Fuck everything else in the world, we are all going to die alone and fucked up, but before that moment we must play metal. My email is [email protected] (also my Skype mail). You won't regret it, I promise.
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