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    I have been into metal for a while now and I am a musician interested in this genre, especially black or death. I love learning new songs and finding obscure bands as well. Elitists, back off.
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    Cincinnati, Ohio
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    Listening to music, playing music, reading, writing, criticizing pop music, raising Baphomet...

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  1. Dark Funeral for me. I listened to a bunch of songs on The Secrets Of The Black Arts and they were very unique. Marduk just...didn't for me.
  2. Maybe your thinking of Beartooth? I'm not into metalcore, but I think I've heard of them.
  3. What are your guys' thoughts on Krisiun? Been getting into them lately, and listening through their Forged In Fury album.
  4. Perdition69


    Cause Of Death is still one of my favorite death metal albums ever. Their self-titled album is okay too.
  5. I was wondering for longtime metal fans to tell me which bands are completely awful live. I've heard of a couple, like Mastodon and Nile, but what do you guys think?
  6. Black Infernal World - Infernal Majesty
  7. Testament started out strong. The Legacy and Practice What You Preach (and a couple songs from Souls Of Black) are absolutely excellent for some classic thrash. They only sold out when they adapted a death metal sound in Dark Roots Of Earth or Formation Of Damnation. Overall, they have some excellent melodies, solos, and songs. I'd rate them good, in fact, maybe even my favorite Thrash bands.
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