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  1. Potential | Slash & Burn | 2020 | https://youtu.be/Po0CwUcDJQc
  2. @Cavewolfsoul I agree. solid performances, well produced, but just lacking that special bit of shine.
  3. haha, your welcome! Glad it was in the ballpark of what you were looking for!
  4. Denver Colorado based thrash band Havok is back with their aptly titled fifth studio album, “V”. Perhaps the forerunner of the thrash resurgence of the late 2000s/early 2010s, Havok made a name for themselves early on, quickly gaining a following with their first two records, “Burn” and “Time is Up.” “V” has been a highly anticipated release for Havok, as it marks an important moment in their discography. Its no secret to the metal community that Havok has been somewhat in the shadow of their 2011 album “Time is Up”. By far their most popular record, their live set still consists of 3-5 s
  5. Dunno if you're into more atmospheric black metal as well, but Guardians by Saor, and Griseus by Aquilus are both great albums and have that "saga" feel you're looking for.
  6. California based thrash band Warbringer is back with their 6th studio album; “Weapons of Tomorrow”, the first to feature new bass player, Chase Bryant. Warbringer hails from the thrash resurgence era, during which time it had become temporarily trendy to be in a thrash band. However, unlike other bands in the scene, Warbringer was far more than just a torch-bearer of the past, as they brought an new hyper-aggressive approach to thrash, with a plethora of groove and brutality. Warbringer, along with bands such as Havok and Revocation took the genre in a new direction, one that feels distinct fr
  7. Igorrr is a band that hails from France, and although they really can’t be associated with any singular genre, broadly speaking they are considered an experimental metal. “Spirituality and Distortion” is Igorrr’s 4th full length studio album to date, their last being 2017’s “Savage Sinusoid”. - Its hard to describe, to pin-point this album. Raw and bursting with emotion, “Spirituality and Distortion” is 14 tracks of absolutely no compromises. In the space of a little under an hour, Igorrr has successfully crossed the expansive seas of genres, and crafted a perfectly blended sa
  8. Fantastic Album! Still provides brutal riffage, while also conveying such raw and powerful emotions.
  9. Late to the party on this one, but some good ones: Lazarus AD Revocation Evile Warbringer Havok Municipal Waste Power Trip Morbid Saint
  10. Decided to cover this the way they played it in the early 90s. Its more fun this way! Thanks for watching!
  11. Looking for a metal drummer. Blast beats, double bass, fast tempos, etc. Influences include Death, Nile, Havok, Gojira, etc. NY/NJ area. The band: https://youtu.be/y5KETyjZbNk https://youtu.be/2dEYigmRTr4 Thanks!
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