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    So, i am 15 and i feel like nobody likes the same things i do. I found this forum and it seems quite interesting for someone in my situation. Also, i like Trash Metal and video games. Just a basic metalhead teenager :/
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    South America
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    Video Games, Playing guitar, etc.

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  1. What's up dudes! So, i wanted some recomendations on doom/stoner bands with death influences... can you guys help?
  2. What's up my dudes! I'm kind of new in this forum so they said for me to introduce myself. So, i am a teenage metalhead, guitar player and crazy for moshing. My favourite genres are thrash, death, grind, black, doom and stoner. Hope to make some buddies around here!
  3. Yeah man, Blackened DM is fucking awesome! Belphegor is my favourite for sure... have you ever listened to "Conjuring The Dead"? It's just so fucking deliciously heavy
  4. Oh man i actually love those old school death metal you know? like Vader, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Morgoth, Nile and so on... :)
  5. So, i need some new death metal bands to listen to! I've always listened to old school death metal and shit but lately i've been getting pretty bored... What are you guys reccomendations for modern DM bands? Preferably with thrash or old school elements. Thanks :)
  6. Yeah i went to the show and it was A M A Z I N G... when Exodus play´s Toxic Waltz the mosh go fucking INSANE!!! Thanks for the help my dudes \m/
  7. Number 3 sounds perfect haha! Thanks dude i'll try 6... wish luck for me bud ?
  8. Please dudes, i need help. On september 6, there is going to be a fucking awesome metal festival that i intend to go, and i am very exited because this never happens in my country. The problem is, i am underaged and my dad would have to take me. And i woudn't care at all if this was the only thing, but there are going to be Pornogrind, Black Metal and the least "worst", thrash metal (EXODUS IS PLAYING FUCK YEA). I don't know how to show him the lineup and shit... im scared that he shows the pornogrind stuff to my mom and i get grounded for a year for being "satanic and problematic" or whataever. PLZ HELP
  9. I really wanted to start a battlejacket but i live in a country filled with normies and i cant find anywhere that sells decent patches for me to buy it. Does anyone knows a good place that sells it online? (Sorry if i said anything wrong, english isnt my native language)
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