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  1. Hi guys, hope you're all good and well. I've been working on my black metal project for a while now and it's at a point where the songwriting is done and all the instruments are recorded. It's currently in the mix/mastering stage. That said, In the process I was left without a vocalist (unfortunately too busy with his main band), so I'm hoping to find someone who's interested enough to step in. I'm also looking to get more releases done after this one, so preferably this would be an ongoing project for you too. Regarding the expectations - really the only requirement is that you can pull off black metal vox (preferably higher pitched) and have some recording gear, maybe some experience with writing lyrics, but we can also work on this together. Regarding the project itself - it's a black metal project. Nothing too raw, rather melody driven. The songs tend to be a bit longer then they usually are in this genre and they also explore different influences outside the BM realm (different chord progressions, odd time signatures etc). I'd also like to think it's got good production value. Currently it consists of two people. I'm doing the writing/track guitars and the bassist who's also taking over the engineering part of it. Let me know if any of you are interested. I'm happy to send over some demos, so you can hear what the previous vocalist did and what's 'expected' for the lack of a better word. Both, the bassist and I are easy to work with, so if you're looking to be a part of something like this, let me know. Best, V
  2. Hello everyone! We are SMRT. A two-man black metal project that formed during the pandemic. Our favorite bands are Immortal, Mayhem, Watain, Mgla, Batushka, and Dimmu Borgir. We actually saw Mayhem last night at The Orpheum in Tampa, Florida. They were amazing!!! We look forward to networking with some awesome people and sharing our upcoming EP soon. Thanks for having us!!! \m/ \m/ Our debut EP and music video links are below!!!
  3. Hey guys. I'm developing my basic false cord skills. Looking for some band/project, to collaborate online with, on a song or 2, to try out my voice on for fun/experience. I can try to sing some clean too if that is what you're looking for
  4. Hi everyone! The name's Clara and I'm a huge fan of everything with a true/80s/melodic vibe! My favourite genres are heavy metal - traditionnal and not with a too modern sound -, progressive metal and black metal. I'm always looking for new bands to listen - classics or new stuff - so feel free to share some links, Cheeeeers!
  5. Hello, I have released a new 3-track-EP with my project Skognatt, featuring atmospheric Black Metal. You can listen right here if you're interested: https://skognatt.bandcamp.com/ Hope you enjoy it, DZ
  6. Hello everyone. Novichoke is a Russian black/death metal band named after chemical weapon, which has become synonymous with political assassinations. On the one hand, this name emphasizes the venomous sound of the project, on the other hand – anti-authoritarian political views. The first demo "Wounds" is inspired by cavernous death and war metal bands, but I wanted to create something particularly ugly and insane by adding a noisecore vibes. This EP is about hopelessness and trauma. I also wanted to draw attention to the problem of torture in Russia. In particular, the title track tells of the inglorious end of the executioner, who was abandoned by the government and found himself alone with his wounds. Bandcamp All links to streaming platforms and socials are on Bandlink. The cover is a painting by the extremely talented artist Luis Perez Banus – you can find him here: https://www.instagram.com/perezbanus/ The sound from the wall of noise was created by Andrea Lenoci (it wasn't easy because of the method of recording guitars): https://www.instagram.com/andrea_molrec/ I would be grateful for any feedback and happy to answer questions. If you need a code for Bandcamp, write about it in the comments or a private message. Spasibo.
  7. Hello! I'm currently looking for a talented singer (male or female) that wishes to join my band: "Volixe". I'm near the release of the demo/EP. I just need a cool person that has nice vocals to finish it. I'm from Chile so this would most likely be an online collaboration. Every song for the demo/EP is already composed by me and a couple of lyrics are already done too. The band has thrash, death, black, progressive metal and even classical music influences. It's somewhat experimental. You can listen to these tracks to kind of know the style I'm going for: Requirements: - Advanced or native english. - Must like to party - Being friendly - Having a decent mic and interface Optional: - Being able to do growls/screams - Having a bullet belt - Party listening to nuclear assault - Chugging beer in less than 3 seconds If interested or want to listen more stuff that we've done or want to know more about me or the band PM me through here or you can send us a mail to: [email protected]
  8. So Behemoth just released a four track EP named A Forest (with a cover from The Cure of the same name). Track Listing 1. A Forest (feat. Niklas Kvarforth) 2. A Forest (feat. Niklas Kvarforth) Live 3. Shadows Ov Ea Cast Upon Golgotha 4. Evoe As a die-hard Behemoth fan I'm kind of disappointed with A Forest, Niklas' vocals seem kind of distracting and over the top; and I can't help but feel that Nergal could have done a better job at it. The musicality of the cover is fantastic though, and I feel that it would have been a better rendition with a different vocalist. (Any suggestions?). I wouldn't stop listening to it because of the vocals, but it could have been something more. The latter part of the EP is far superior. It's fast, thrashy and dark; keeping in Behemoth's themes. All in all I'm kind of torn on how I would rate it, have you guys listened to it? What did you think?
  9. !ATTENTION! Stix River Records is now open, and ready for musicians! We're a non LLC Black Metal Label. We are currently working on getting an LLC, but we can still sign, pay, and even books shows, and more! Feel free to visit our website and register to the community at stixriverecords.enjin.com (THE MOBILE SITE ISN'T 100% THE SAME AS THE DESKTOP) or visit our facebook or instagram at Stix River Records. We welcome you to a label for musicians who are underground, or starting off, to get out there and begin creating dark, kvlt music. We hope you take the time to visit the sites and communicate with us! Have dark day and infernal blessings.
  10. Here is new upcoming Ep From slovenian psot-black metal band Zorya. https://zorya.bandcamp.com/album/primeval
  11. Are you looking for professional death or black metal vocals on your track? Contact me for rates: [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/AouameurRedo... Why not hire a professional vocalist with nearly three decades worth of experience in the game. My name is Redouane Aouameur, I’m the lead singer and guitarist of Lelahell, one of Algeria's most critically acclaimed metal acts. For twenty seven years now I have performed in a number of well known death metal bands, providing brutally heavy vocals that have reached the ears of millions around the world. I am well known in my country for revolutionising the local metal scene with my distinct voice. Using professional studio quality gear, I will quickly craft the perfect vocals for your track in high quality .WAV format. I can do a range of metal styles from death metal all the way to grindcore screams and pig squeals. I’m bilingual and can do vocals in any language, not to mention I also write lyrics in English, French and Arabic. There’s nothing I love more than helping other artists succeed. So when you book with me you’re not just getting great vocals. You’re hiring a lifelong supporter of your music that will go to immense lengths to create something that not only sounds great but sells more records.
  12. Hey everyone, Our project Haine Eternelle's first EP is live on BandCamp. Super stoked with how it's all come together! It's a mix of death/black and melodic metal and I figured here would be a great place to start promoting it! Hope you enjoy it. https://haineeternelle.bandcamp.com/releases?fbclid=IwAR1Lx5XDZ36n3wQLM0Q6WQJwUi_imTD3AC3rz1t6wAaTTUobS5g4Rhb96MY
  13. Hello! We are looking for a committed singer who likes old school black metal like Panzerfraust-era Darkthrone, Immortal, and Mayhem as well as being accepting of people (from all walks of life). The current members of Azarot are as follows: Margoth: Guitar Misanthropocene: Bass I am Misanthropocene, if you are interested hmu on Instagram crossp425 or email crossperd[email protected] we are looking forward to working with you!
  14. Hey there, the small but fine label Schattenpfade will release a Split-LP with Bergwacht and my project Skognatt soon. It's going to be handnumbered and limited to 100 and i set up a pre-order option on bandcamp: https://skognatt.bandcamp.com/ Cheers & hope you enjoy!
  15. Please dudes, i need help. On september 6, there is going to be a fucking awesome metal festival that i intend to go, and i am very exited because this never happens in my country. The problem is, i am underaged and my dad would have to take me. And i woudn't care at all if this was the only thing, but there are going to be Pornogrind, Black Metal and the least "worst", thrash metal (EXODUS IS PLAYING FUCK YEA). I don't know how to show him the lineup and shit... im scared that he shows the pornogrind stuff to my mom and i get grounded for a year for being "satanic and problematic" or whataever. PLZ HELP
  16. Hey there, i decided to offer my album for PAY WHAT YOU WANT on bandcamp, so if you're into Atmospheric Black Metal, give it a listen right here: https://skognatt.bandcamp.com/ Cheers, DZ
  17. Hello! My name's Jakub and I'm the guitarist and bassist of the melodic black metal band Voidfire. We're releasing our debut - a 45-minute concept album - on 28th of February this year. We are based in Białystok, Poland. It's difficult name any inspirations in particular, but I think (or hope ) most fans of black metal will find it at least interesting. Enjoy! https://voidfire.bandcamp.com/album/ogie-pustki
  18. Greetings, My band is looking for a guitarist for an experimental/progressive extreme metal band. Bands influences are Ihsahn, Leprous, Ne Obliviscaris, Blotted Science, Death, etc... Guitarist is to be experienced, reliable, has the ability to record and use online tools, we're all from different countries (UK, USA, South Africa, Lebanon) and are looking forward to releasing our first album in mid 2021. ~ Long Term ~ May have to travel for live performance. Thank you. - Mike
  19. The Black metal Mag. are looking for content contributors to join our black crusade, help spread black metal's majestic black orchestrations and alluring dark arts. If you are to assist us in converting as much lost souls as possible and desire to become one of our 12 demonic disciples, submit your inscriptions on the following topics to our : · BM News · Band reviews · Shows reviews · Dark arts, paintings or illustrations. · Local black metal Updates · BM Videos Disciples will be required to: · An active member · Good command of English. · Have basic knowledge of Wordpress Our perverse Perks: · Feature on TBMM honorary disciples list. · Bask in his unholy glory & exclusive discounts. · Get paid for featured articles. If you feel that you can contribute to our growing unholy communion, please PM directly or fill the forms on our website. To submit your own band for review, please read the "Contributor" section on the magazine's site, where you can find nefarious guidelines for submission. Stay dark. Blackmetalmag.com
  20. Misery Spell is an atmospheric\depressive black metal band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The name speaks for itself - their music is rooted deep in Burzum's dark fantasy world, with its atmospheric black backbone. At the same time, the coldwave influence in their guitarwork surely reminds us about desperate nihilism of Roman Sidorov's projects. And if all that has been said sounds formulaic, there is undeniable presence of punk and hardcore in some of their tracks that sure adds to the overall agressiveness of sound. Speaking of which, one cannot deny its distance both from lo-fi and modern black metal. https://miseryspell.bandcamp.com
  21. https://youtu.be/mZrwFyh_NPs
  22. Hey everyone, This is my first attempt to branch out to the metal community about a black metal webcomic I started a while back called Dark Tome. I would like to follow the rules and possibly post the comic where appropriate. I can do more digging but it would save me a tremendous amount of time if someone would point me in the right direction. The comic is updated every Monday. If I can't upload on the forum then here is my link tree to read Dark Tome on facebook, instagram, tumblr, and tapas. Instagram has the most content. https://linktr.ee/dark_tome Thanks, Dark Tome P.S. Here's some PROMOTION!!! When you hear your favorite song!
  23. Nuitville "Nuitville" is Ukrainian blackgaze one-man project, created by the artist and musician Tristan Nuit. The idea of creation and beginning of work took start in 2012, but the final versions of songs were recorded in 2015-2018, the artwork was drawn in 2019. “When The Darkness Falls” became the debut EP album, dedicated to the Night, like to the alive phenomenon, cradle of calmness and inspiration. Links: https://www.facebook.com/nuitville/ https://vk.com/nuitville [email protected]
  24. Nekrart Productions official releases and updates topic AVAILABLE NOW! RITE006 - IFERNACH "WASTOW: THE SORTILEGEOF WINTER" A5 DIGIPACK Ifernach’s new album. 2 new tracks about ancestral mi’kmaq’s legends and mythological characters: Kesik, literally “Winter” & Kluscap, the creator and master of the wilderness. Ticking over 20 minutes, Wastow is the music of lore and frozen might, heroic and bone chilling. This edition comes in a full colors A5 digipack, and contains the Ifernach’ side of the long sold-out Vestiges gaspésiens split cassette, and 2 unreleases tracks – including a Burzum cover sung in Mi’kmaq – as bonus. Limited to 250 copies. Stream: https://youtu.be/C-_iX_e8wCk Order: http://www.nekrart.com/en/shop/cds/ifernach-wastow/ RITE005 - ELFFOR "DRA SAD II" MC For the very first time, Elffor is released in cassette format. For this occasion, in conjunction with the maestro himself, it has been decided to reissue his last two masterpieces. Dra Sad II, the second of two reissues, is an exceptional heroic, epic and medieval Dungeon Synth / Ambient Black Metal album. Pro-cassette, limited to 100 copies. Stream: https://youtu.be/fcHUJ_YX8FM Order: http://www.nekrart.com/en/shop/cassettes/elffor-dra-sad-ii-mc/ RITE004 - ELFFOR "DRA SAD" MC For the very first time, Elffor is released in cassette format. For this occasion, in conjunction with the maestro himself, it has been decided to reissue his last two masterpieces. Dra Sad, the first of two reissues, is an exceptional heroic, epic and medieval Dungeon Synth / Ambient Black Metal album. Pro-cassette, limited to 100 copies. Stream: https://youtu.be/sHByLevaikI Order: http://www.nekrart.com/en/shop/cassettes/elffor-dra-sad-mc/ RITE003 - IFERNACH "GAQTAQAIAQ" CD Ifernach has returned with its new album « Gaqtaqaiaq »! This Gaspesian (Quebec) savage metal band’s style is further defined with this new opus, oscillating between traditional Black Metal, melodic and epic parts, atmospheric passages and other more “instinct” and “punk” driven tracks. The native theme still has the spotlight here, with lyrics screamed in French with hints of Mi'kmaq. Original and deeply reclaiming what once was, MÉTAL SAUVAGE GASPÉSIEN. Stream: https://youtu.be/zuavhwgqXWU Order: http://www.nekrart.com/en/shop/cds/ifernach-gaqtaqaiaq-cd/ RITE002 - IFERNACH "Maqtewek Nakuset" Digipack CD Newcomer in the Québec scene, Ifernach stands out with it’s themes, exploring mainly ancient native american tribe’s folklore, ancestral mysticism, nature, conflicts and betrayal. Musically rooted within traditionnal Black Metal with some hints of punk, Maqtewek Nakuset offers ravaging music, interspersed with ambient parts. A mixture of melancholy and aggression! Stream: https://youtu.be/Qbmf-i1FBe0 Order: http://www.nekrart.com/en/shop/cds/ifernach-maqtewek-nakuset-cd/ RITE001 - WENDIGO "Hymnes d'Outre-Tombe" Pro-MC 10 years after the release of their Ivresse demo, Wendigo (CAN) spits, once again, their disgust toward the modern society. Compiling, both, a remastered version of their original demo, as well as 2 bonus tracks, Hymnes D’Outre-Tombe issues more than 20 minutes of a sordid Black Metal, strongly rooted in the 90s scene and, through which, the artist spills out his venom and his anger. Limited to 100 copies. Stream: https://youtu.be/ieLtaUci9Bc Order: http://www.nekrart.com/en/shop/cassettes/wendigo-hymnes-doutre-tombe-mc/ IFERNACH "Black Metal Butchery" LS Gildan Heavy Cotton TearAway Longsleeve, 2-sided, printed sleeves, B/W Limited to 50 copies. Order: http://www.nekrart.com/en/shop/new/ifernach-black-metal-butchery-ls/ IFERNACH "Gespegewagi Black Metal" Patch Embroided circular patch, 4 inches Limited to 60 copies Order: http://www.nekrart.com/en/shop/new/ifernach-gespegewagi-black-metal-patch/ IFERNACH "Maqtewek Nakuset" TS Gildan Heavy Cotton, 2 sided, BW Limited to 60 copies Order: http://www.nekrart.com/en/shop/new/ifernach-maqtewek-nakuset-ts/
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