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    hey there im a bass player who loves thrash/black metal.
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    playing bass and listening to "kill em all"

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  1. hey there im a bassist and i would love to get in touch i am 14 btw so if that's not ok that is completely fine but i have also never been able to find a band that has my same passion for the style of metal so please respond back to me.
  2. mike200


    how i didn't realize that you guys didn't like thrash but those black metal guys are pretty weird.
  3. hello my name is Mike I'm 14 and live in SoCal I.E i play bass and i'm looking for a guitarist, drummer, and singer. im looking to do this with people my age (14) through 16 my influences are metallica (before the black album), panthera, korn, slayer, dio, sabbath, and iron madden. so please respond if you are willing.
  4. hey shoot me a email (i'm a bassist) [email protected] will be happy to get in touch
  5. mike200


    hey everyone big thrash metal dude here.
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