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Found 10 results

  1. We Russians, Caucasians, have our own big stereotypes. And if you imagine a Caucasian metalhead, it sounds pretty funny to us! (if you're wondering why, I can describe it later.) And then the Caucasians created their own Black Metal album! In fact, it's very unusual for these places. And what about this album... He seemed very good to me. except that the first track seems to me very low quality I like the philosophy of the band more. She is focused on love for the motherland, her loved ones and patriotism. I really liked the history of their album, I advise you to read it) (it is available on the Internet) I personally talked to a member of the group, which is why I wanted to write my review like this They also announced a new album, which will be released on March 23. They promised that it would be better than the first one. Well, I hope I like it. So what do you think about it?
  2. Forskruz is a French Black Metal band from Draguignan. The first demo "Blasphemous Blood" is now available to buy online at: Bandcamp •Follow us on Youtube •Follow us on Instagram •More information at: Encyclopaedia Metallum
  3. Hey there I'm Aave. I run Silent Throne Records based out of Iron Mountain, MI. I currently have two artists under Silent Throne, a one man raw black metal powerhouse in SMOG, and the ethereal aural experience that is Aave. Keep in mind though both artists are just hobbyist mostly self taught. If you have any comments or feedback please feel free to express them. Thank you for the time and thanks for the listen.
  4. Aseroe wants to help you descend into despair, madness and complete mental devastation. This intention is only furthered by their horrifying music video, premiering now over at Metal Injection: http://www.metalinjection.net/video/aseroes-debut-music-video-is-ritualistic-decomposition The full EP will be released on cassette, CD and a limited box-set edition which will include both formats, animal bones, a sticker, a note from the band and a crack pipe to really help you push yourself over the edge. Pre-order here: https://greymatternoise.bandcamp.com/album/aseroe https://www.facebook.com/greymatterproductions/ DESCEND INTO MADNESS
  5. Imperceptum is an atmospheric fusion of raw black metal, funeral doom and dark ambient music that stands far apart from any conventional definition of metal - His only concern is with the end of all life, the complete collapsing of the universe into nothingness, and the atmosphere of the encompassing void. Every track is a tribute to the cosmic darkness, nothingness and the true force of nature: Death. Stream two tracks from the latest album now and pre-order tapes below! Official release date is August 10th. https://greymatternoise.bandcamp.com/album/heart-of-darkness
  6. The debut album from raw USBM band HEATHID EQUIS is out now! Misanthropic solitude and uncompromising spite - Slowly twisting the knife in the belly of the human race! Out now through Grey Matter Productions. Full Album Stream and Tapes: https://greymatternoise.bandcamp.com/album/fields Interview with Decibel Magazine: https://www.decibelmagazine.com/2018/07/27/demolisten-heathid-equis/
  7. New USBM band AKASHA debuts two tracks from their debut album Consuming The Soul! Raw vampyric black metal featuring guest vocals from LORD II of BYYRTH. Stream and preorder below. Hail the unholy vampyre kult! STREAM: https://www.nocleansinging.com/2018/06/18/an-ncs-premiere-akasha-moonlite-rituhell/ PRE-ORDER: https://greymatternoise.bandcamp.com/album/consuming-the-soul
  8. "CONQUERING SPECTRAL DOMINION FOR THE GLORY OF HEATHEN DARKNESS" The Next Chapter In The Book of DunSun has been revealed. One Man Ritualistic Raw Black Doom Metal Project from Virginia Beach - USA BRINGS FORTH MIND CAVING TORTURE AND WAR CRAVEN SPEED TO DEVOUR THE LISTENERS' SUBCONSCIOUS WHOLE! Cassette Coming Soon! Full Streaming And Download Available! GET IT HERE: https://dunsun666.bandcamp.com/album/conquering-spectral-dominion-for-the-glory-of-heathen-darkness YOUTUBE STREAM: $4 & $5 CASSETTES AVAILABLE! $4 Cassette Version of "EPIDEMIOLOGY OF ARCHAIC CONTAMINATION" AVAILABLE! GET IT HERE: https://dunsun666.bandcamp.com/album/epidemiology-of-archaic-contamination $5 Cassette "A COMBINATION OF REGRETS" STILL AVAILABLE! AVAILABLE HERE: https://dunsun666.bandcamp.com/album/a-combination-of-regrets-compilation-cassette JOIN THE KVLT ON FACEBOOK: Facebook.com/dunsun666 DUNSUN666.BANDCAMP.COM
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