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  1. I love Altarage. I saw them few years back together with Eskhaton in a super tiny venue with max about 20 people present there. But Altarage made a huge impression on me. I liked them before the concert, I loved them after it. I have their latest on pre-order without listening any of it yet. Still has to arrive, so still patiently waiting for it. Listening to this very pretty EP: deiquisitor - humanoid
  2. JohanV


    Reading latest novel by Thomas Olde Heuvelt. Orakel. He wrote Hex and Echo. Two very good books that really are different and can be considered horror.
  3. Sulpur - Embracing Hatred and Beckoning Darkness
  4. Personally I am very excited by this news!
  5. This was my Bandcamp Friday: Acid Age Semper Pessimus The Plague Within Death Unflesh Inhumation Unflesh Savior Empty Throne Glossolalia Ageless Oblivion Suspended Between Earth and Sky Slithering Decay Aeons Untold Inhuman Condition Rat°God Devils Reef Chosen by the Sea Drawn And Quartered Congregation Pestilence Inoculation Celestial Putridity Molten Dystopian Syndrome Domination Campaign Onward to Glory The Day of the Beast Indisputably Carnivorous The Ember, The Ash Fixation Pupil Slicer Mirrors And som
  6. Sombre Héritage - Alpha Ursae Minoris
  7. Thanks for the feedback on Sanguisugabogg. For me it is a miracle that Century Media signed this band. Also I think it is more the gimmick behind it that made them to be signed. For the music is average at the most. There are plenty better releases this year.
  8. What's your verdict on this release? Is it overhyped indeed or is it a brilliant signing from Century Media? Bhleg - Ödhin (Recommended on the metal-fi page)
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