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  1. For national and international bands? Hate to say it, but, Katatonia. They've been great the past few times I've seen them but the first US tour was terrible. Bad sound, no stage chemistry, awkward, uncoordinated, Jonas was straining for every syllable. Glad they got their act together. The second worst has to be Cradle Of Filth, again with a combo of bad sound and substandard performance. I hear they're doing a lot better these days too. I won't judge any band too harshly over one or two bad shows, or even a bad tour, there's just so much that can go wrong. I've been underwhelmed by a lot of big-name acts, but I think that's less to do with their performances than how the material translated or whether I even liked them to begin with. Nile played fine the two times I saw them, but I've never been a fan.
  2. Grey Heaven Fall - Black Wisdom Blut Aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry
  3. Don't take it personally. Sharing opinions is fine. Duplicate posts are annoying. They make it look like you didn't read the thread. If you want to make a point and someone's already made it, you can always quote them and express your agreement. And yes, that album cover sucks.
  4. Those two are good, and the two in between them are good too -- "Phantom" and "Morke Gravers Kammer". They kind of lost their charm for me after "Krek".
  5. Wet. Lots of trash and ducks. My phone's about to find out if it doesn't drop this auto-correct nonsense.
  6. My phone doesn't get me at all. I keep on having to retrain it on all the classics. And yesterday I was texting my wife something about it being a nice day for cocoa and it tried replacing that with "cocaine".
  7. Caravan - In The Land Of Grey And Pink
  8. I couldn't get into this one, but I think "Nid: Hymner Av Hat" is really good. Lots of classic second-wave vibes.
  9. You're on a roll. Are you sure you don't want to change your username to "Deathman"?
  10. Gotta disagree, for my own taste this is the best cover they've had. It's recognizable, grotesque, creepy, and emotive. I love the textures.
  11. The only one I know of theirs is "Welowie" - great record. How's their other stuff?
  12. Svartidaudi - Untitled Sinmara - Hvisl Stjarnanna Nokturnal Mortum - Verity ...finally connecting with this one more, I liked it well enough when it came out but never felt the urge to go back to it.
  13. I ate the last of my frozen hash brown patties with some eggs this morning, but I do have a bag of chopped roasted potatoes with peppers and onions in the freezer too. I'm the Jeffery Dahmer of the potato world.