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    After several days in a larval stage, I have finally achieved immobility, and am currently digesting my own former body while I wait for new jaws to form.
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    Death metal, black metal, grind, guitar, vocals, painting, Star Trek, books galore

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  1. Blut Aus Nord - 777: Cosmosophy Queens Of The Stone Age - Villains
  2. Forhist - s/t @Balor, you heard any of this yet? New melodic BM from Vindsval of Blut Aus Nord.
  3. David Wayne's Reverend? I used to play them a bit, "World Won't Miss You" was a cool album.
  4. Ad Nauseam - Imperative Imperceptible Impulse Suffering Hour - The Cyclic Reckoning Rush - Hemispheres Rush - Permanent Waves Rush - Moving Pictures
  5. It's been around a long time. Go to "Activity" to see new posts first.
  6. Suffering Hour - The Cyclic Reckoning Return To Forever - Where Have I Known You Before
  7. Totally unimportant tidbits. Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, and Glen Benton of Deicide were all big contributors to the "Florida death metal sound" and they all relocated from the Buffalo, NY area before they broke out. Several of the big names from the 2nd wave BM scene in Norway started off playing death metal, but abandoned the style before ever doing much with it. More than anything it just makes me wonder how things might have gone differently.
  8. I really enjoyed the doom sections, felt like the BM parts made a nice contrast but maybe needed a bit more of... something? Anyway, it seemed cool. NP: Cradle Of Filth - Cruelty And The Beast
  9. MRSA - Misanthropic Retaliation Sacrilegious Ardor ...blackened death/doom (or death/doomened black metal? hmm) EP from 2019, maybe something for @Thrashman https://mrsadoomed.bandcamp.com/releases
  10. Ad Nauseam - Imperative Imperceptible Impulse
  11. Black tea, hot because I'm not a heathen, plain because I'm not a monster.
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