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    After several days in a larval stage, I have finally achieved immobility, and am currently digesting my own former body while I wait for new jaws to form.
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    Death metal, black metal, grind, guitar, vocals, painting, Star Trek, books galore

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  1. What Are You Listening To?

    Pan.Thy.Monium - Dawn Of Dreams Origin - Echoes Of Decimation Finnish Radio Chamber Choir - Piae Cantiones Also been going back through Augury's "Fragmentary Evidence" a song or two at a time, that album has grabbed my undivided attention lately.
  2. Whatcha Eatin'?

    Pesto tortellini with chicken sausage and peas in tomato sauce. It's a good meal, but I've had entirely too much pasta lately and fear that I may be turning into a ravioli, or perhaps a stuffed shell.
  3. 2017 Top Tens

    I have yet to really dig into In Times and I haven't even heard all of the newest one yet. I think Axioma is pretty great. Isa seems to me like it should tick all the boxes for @Requiem as far as newer Enslaved goes, but the fact that I think that leads me to doubt that it's actually true...
  4. 2017 Top Tens

    I'm surprised that Isa doesn't get you going at the very least. A step up in production, Cato Bekkevold's drumming, energetic and catchy songwriting, seems like it should appeal to your sensibilities. It's my second favorite of theirs after Below The Lights, if I'm forced to pick.
  5. Say Cheese

    They're both adorable.
  6. What's on your mind?

    Not five minutes ago, my son informed me that he is now "the father" and I am "the baby" and so I have to sit there in diapers and whine a lot and I'm apparently not allowed to have the chocolate chip cookies that I made, because he says so. This is after two days of staying home from school with a fever and an awful cough, only to bounce back bright and early on Saturday morning and wake me up asking to play video games. - Alabaster's "Joys Of Fatherhood", Chapter XXI, Parable iv
  7. What Are You Listening To?

  8. What's on your mind?

    I used to feel the same. All of that magic got kind of killed for me by having to walk or bike through it and work in it as it slowly turned to garbage-infused death mush. I'll probably feel better about it again if I ever move out of an urban setting.
  9. What Are You Listening To?

    It really is. I keep finding more great stuff from the early 90s. I'm becoming convinced that I've been gaslighted by the space-time continuum; I'm either constantly and unknowingly skipping into alternate universes where more and more good albums were recorded, or bands keep time-traveling back to the 90s and cluttering up our timeline with new "classic albums". No way I could have missed all of this the first time around... NP: Infera Bruo - In Conjuration ...I'll be seeing them play later tonight. Apparently the show is at a sushi restaurant, which gets extra super bonus points.
  10. What's on your mind?

    First snow of the season started piddling down here around 10 or 11 this morning. Now it seems to be coming down more heavily, but it looks like we'll only get a couple of inches of accumulation, guaranteed to turn into a mess of gray sludge over the next day or two. Yay winter.
  11. What are you drinking?

    It was delicious. I ended up making more. I've had well over a quart so far. I can handle a ton of coffee when I'm waking up, but for some reason it makes me feel pretty crappy if I drink it in the afternoon. I think my wife would protest at the grounds that inevitably wind up at the bottom of the mug, but it's very flavorful this way and I'd have no qualms about drinking it again.
  12. What are you drinking?

    My coffee was extra krieg this morgen. We ran out of filters so I ground it really fine, let it brew in the pitcher until the grounds had settled out, and then poured it carefully off the top.
  13. 2017 Top Tens

    I do the same, but I guess I've finally warmed up to the idea of taking an arbitrary snapshot of new releases I've enjoyed so far. There's nothing definitive about it. Time will tell if they stick around.
  14. What Are You Listening To?

    Atrocity - Todessehnsucht
  15. What Are You Listening To?

    I'll check it out. I've enjoyed some other stuff along those lines - Fall Of Efrafa and Oroku. Lots of moody potential in a cello, I've always loved the sound.