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  1. Wardruna - Runaljod: Yggdrasil Wardruna - Runaljod: Gap Var Ginnunga
  2. I like it, seems even darker than the last one at first listen. It also feels like it favors more of the modern dissonant DM sounds over their old-school Finndeath influences. But not a departure from their previous stuff, for all that. I'll have to play it more as time permits.
  3. Gorgoroth - Antichrist Krypts - Cadaver Circulation
  4. Vanum - Ageless Fire ...it's not sticking with me right now, I'll have to try it some other time. Gorgoroth - Pentagram
  5. I was just reading about how Harvey Cushing's collection of brains spent decades forgotten in basement storage underneath a dormitory at Yale. Really inspiring to see the living and the dead coexisting so peacefully.
  6. I've seen them do their older stuff live a few times since Heritage came out, and I have to say Åkerfeldt doesn't seem to have his heart in it when he growls anymore. His death metal vocals sounded like an afterthought. I don't like any of their albums after Ghost Reveries, and I miss their angry side, but I'd still rather hear no growls at all than some half-hearted pandering (looking at you, Nick Holmes).
  7. I haven't heard them yet, no, I'll have to find some time away from the family to give it a spin.
  8. Alfa Mist - Structuralism Badbadnotgood - III ...see, black metal bands aren't the only ones who get to use cryptic Roman numerals as album titles.
  9. Zeta - Magia Infinita ...spacey, punky post-hardcore from Venezuela. Interesting stuff.
  10. Tell me some of those soaring melodies and galloping riffs don't make you think of Anders in foam armor riding a rainbow Pegasus towards the field of Nerf battle.
  11. Svartidaudi - Revelations Of The Red Sword Diabolical Masquerade - Nightwork ...the wife asked for something more "uplifting" than Svartidaudi. Marriage is compromise. I'm trying.
  12. Ivar Bjørnson and Einar Selvik - Hugsjá
  13. I recall you saying it was "too Satanic", which I thought was a promising reaction.