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  1. I really think you'll dig it. Dark as shit. I'd be interested to know what you think.
  2. Isis - Panopticon
  3. Homemade gin and tonic with lime juice and mint. Medicinal purposes.
  4. Starkweather - Divided By Zero ...this is brooding, menacing stuff. The vocalist was kind enough to send me a preview of the full 29 minute track and it's got this great, weird stream of consciousness quality to it - twisted riffs and surreal guitar solos that just erupt out of nowhere.
  5. Well, it sounds like you're in good hands. Hope it all works out well for you.
  6. Oh man, that's terrible, I hope you can get it sorted out quickly. Are you seeing a specialist soon? Good luck and best wishes.
  7. Cavernlight - As We Cup Our Hands And Drink from The Stream Of Our Ache Starkweather - Croatoan
  8. The "average female", huh? Care to expand on this at all?
  9. It's best taken as a whole IMO. Think of it as a concept album. It becomes this bizarre trip, totally unique and groundbreaking. I hear echoes of it in some of my other favorites.
  10. Captain Lawrence "Frost Monster" strong ale - 12% ABV, dark as sin, opaque as a foreign language.
  11. Wow, best wishes Deathstorm.
  12. Ruins Of Beverast's latest album "Exuvia" was fantastic at my first listen, I need to get back to it. Here's a handful of other new albums that come to mind: Sorcier Des Glaces has been around for a long time, but their latest album from last year caught my ear - I don't love the whole thing but there's some good stuff going on if you're in an atmospheric BM mood. Wedrujacy Wiatr's "O Turniach, Jeziorach, I Nocnych Szlakach" is another release from last year that wound up on a few lists - if you're into Furia and Mgla but want something a bit more woodsy and relaxing, you may dig this and their previous album. One of my favorite albums from this year so far is Fen's "Winter", which I know TB is down with - proggy BM reminiscent of 2000s Enslaved, engaging riffs, nice balance of harsh and clean vox, great sound.
  13. There's a link in my comment above - Thrashman started it recently and I think it's a cool idea. Even if there's overlap with the main thread, it might help to narrow things down for people with specific tastes. Since it was mostly me and the OP, I hadn't shared albums that I thought he'd already know, but there are a ton I'm planning to add. I'm sure you would have some great input there, please jump in.
  14. Your delivery needs work.
  15. Try those - the "suggestions" thread is our longest-running DM recommendation thread, with a lot of great stuff, but it can also be a lot to wade through. The "oldskool" thread just got started recently, I'll be adding more soon, but there may be some albums in there that you haven't heard.