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  1. I, personally, very much enjoy modern metal. Home recording obviously had a huge impact on the scene and there's currently a flood of releases. Sure, there's some meh stuff, but we have the opportunity to listen to musicians who previously wouldn't have gotten a chance to release their music at all. I mostly linger around the black metal area, and the genre is currently going through some sort of renaissance, which I'm welcoming with open arms. Second wave is obviously great, but I also like how the newer bands are exploring song structure, chord progressions and so on.
  2. Altar Of Plagues - White Tomb (album)
  3. Panegyrist - Hierurgy (album) A good avant-garde/prog-ish black. Really liking the chord progressions and song structure.
  4. Grima - Will of the Primordial (album)
  5. Vitogh


    Thanks for the kind words, mate. Really appreciate it! And I totally agree with your thought about knowing when to stop painting is a skill. In a way I feel that's a skill at everything creative. Same with writing a song for example. When is it done? What if I used another chord there? Is the mix good enough to call it final? It can quickly become a never ending process. With time I think we get better at these, so called, judgment calls.
  6. Sorry if somebody mentioned this before, I didn't read through the whole conversation. But Abbath is also a member of Bombers, a Motorhead tribute band. So I guess it's not a coincidence that the singing styles might seem similar.
  7. Vitogh


    These are amazing, Alabaster. Not much else I can say about your art, simply breathtaking.
  8. Vitogh


    Photoshop. For a while I tried using Corel Paint that came with the purchase of the tablet but you know how it is. If you've been using certain software for a certain period, it's really hard to make that jump. Sorry if misunderstood, but do you paint as well? If so, I'd be interested in seeing some of your stuff.
  9. Vitogh


    Thanks man. Much appreciated. I wish I had more time for it though. It's all about work these days, it seems.
  10. Vitogh


    Those are really good. I paint a bit as well, digitally. Mostly for hobby, although I do an occasional commission here and there. Similar to Sketchosoph, my stuff is also in the realm of fantasy and sci-fi.
  11. Thanks, mate! It's always difficult to point out bands, if nothing else, because there are so many that make great music. Although I tend to hang around the black metal and prog metal, my taste in music is pretty broad. prog-rock, occasional jazz... Bands? I guess Enslaved are definitely one of the favourites. Thanks for the heads up on those threads, I'll be sure to check them out, maybe even share some of my own stuff.
  12. Haven't read through the whole thread, so apologies if somebody already said something similar. I do like the feeling of owning a physical copy of a good release. I grew up with it, going to the shops, browsing for something good and then spending my allowance on it. Times have changed though and there's so much music being released nowdays it's impossible to keep track. I listen to a lot of music. My work is bound to a computer and spend most of my time behind the desk playing something while I work. I have a humble but growing collection of vinyl and CDs so, come weekend, I put one of
  13. Hi everyone. I recently found this forum and decided to take a peak. My name is J.G. I'm in my late 30s and I was into music stuff since I was a kid. I recently started writing again, slowly setting up my humble home recording 'studio'. Outside of music, I paint a bit, I like a good read as well, and love going outdoors. Hope to meet some interesting people here.
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