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    Been into metal since the tender young age of 14. Vinyl collector and black metal fan.
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    vinyl, woodburning, black metal, reading, gardening

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  1. I collect vinyl. I have about 200 LPs and maybe 50 7"s
  2. I have two cats and a tiger barb fish right now. I've had dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, a turtle and even a lizard in the past, but cats have always been my favorite. I would like to get a bunny though, I love bunnies. Like guinea pigs, which are my second favorite pet, everything about them is ridiculous: their big ears, the silly way they hop around when they are happy, the fact that they're always eating & pooping (usually at the same time). I miss my guinea pigs though. I'm thinking of adopting another one sometime soon, maybe from a shelter if they have any that were rescued. I like the guinea pigs with ruffled hair the most. They make great pets and you can keep them in a rubbermaid tote, just spread some wood chips on the bottom and feed them pellets and fresh vegetables, give them stuff to chew on so their teeth don't grow too long and then you can hold them in your lap, put them on the floor and watch them waddle around... they're fun. My lizard, when I had one, was a cuban anole. He could change colors and used to sit on a stick under his heat lamp, eat his crickets, and just chill. When I'd take him out he'd sit on my arm and enjoy the body heat or climb up the curtains. I like pets.
  3. Oh the storylines are 100% fictional, but the moves and stuff are often real enough to be able to hurt someone if they don't know what they're doing. I do think that HHH and Stephanie are married in real life though and it's not just kayfabe for the cameras. I started watching Smackdown right around the time that the two of them became a faction that was prominent for the storylines, so I remember HHH always winning matches and stuff which kind of pissed me off because he was a heel and wasn't that great of a character to begin with.
  4. I know WWE does not allow chair shots to the head anymore after all of the outcry about CTE/Chris Benoit. I really don't need to see people taking chair shots to the head though, that one match where The Rock gave Mankind like 15 chair shots to the head while he was handcuffed was a bit much even for me. I've taken recycling bin shots in backyard wrestling matches and even that is a bit much and those are made out of plastic. I don't need to see a lot of high spots in a match to think that it's a good match. Powerbombs, piledrivers and all that stuff is always dangerous if you do it wrong/have someone doing it that doesn't know what they're doing. Even DDTs can be dangerous if you and the other guy aren't on the same page. That's one reason I never call wrestling "fake". It's "predetermined", but it's never fake. The injuries that wrestlers sustain are absolutely, positively, 100% real. Like Mick Foley really did have his ear ripped off when he went through the ropes one time, his third degree burns from his Japanese death match days were real. It's all real, it's just that the outcome is predetermined.
  5. Was there a wrong era of Sentenced? I forgot that I even liked that band. Down was an amazing album that always reminds me of my deceased buddy.
  6. I used to have like 50 issues of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog series because I was kind of lame as a kid
  7. Right now I'm wondering when my copy of Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk on green vinyl is going to get here, because it's an essential album and I really can't wait to get a hold of it.
  8. Right now, I'm listening to Nokturnal Mortum "Twilightfall" different from all of their other work in that it's more of a doom metal album than black metal. Still really good material for being a demo though.
  9. It's backed up by real-world examples and numbers though. You can find female bass players and guitar players, keyboardists & vocalists definitely but female drummers are rare. None of the women I know who play music (and I know scores of them, like upwards of 30 different women in music) ever wanted to play drums, not even in high school marching band... it was always a guys instrument and the girls would play either woodwinds or brass. Girls tend to like orchestra more anyway in my experience, because it's more... idk, "refined" than marching band. I know one girl who played drums in marching band and she never got that into it enough to play behind a kit. The only female drummers I can think of offhand are Mercedes Lander and the girl who was in Nekromantix for a while when I saw them tour but that doesn't change the fact that female drummers are in the extreme minority because drums are typically seen as a guys instrument due to the fact that pretty much all of the renowned rock and metal drummers are men. My sister works in the music industry and has brought it up before that women do not generally like to play drums because of the fact that the drummer is hard to see behind the kit. Which is why they tend to play guitar or bass (or in my sister's case, violin). Drummers tend to be men because of the jokes that we've all heard about drummers being dumb, sweaty, etc. (How do you know if the drummer's riser is uneven? Check which side of his mouth the drool is coming out of). I have noticed that women tend to be bass players in a lot of cases. Never figured out why this was but I have my guesses based on the same reason why I prefer to play bass than rhythm or lead guitar... Women also tend to be keyboardists and piano players on a much higher incidence than men. I don't know how that's reflected in metal, because I can only think of a handful of them but this information comes directly from my sister who is a working musician as we've had this conversation before at holidays when she would tell me about the projects she was working on. She knows one woman who plays drums and says that she's good enough to get by in a punk band, but can't do much aside from the very basic patterns that punk music requires. Female musicians don't generally tend to be that represented in metal anyway outside of vocalists. There are tons of them in indie rock, emo, alternative rock, hip-hop, punk and whatever else but metal is still a man's game for the most part based on what I know of the industry through my sister's stories. A lot of women who get into music are either session musicians or become idols/pop stars and that's just an undeniable fact because we can name them all off of the tops of our heads: Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Allison Goldfrapp, Jennifer Lopez, Pink, Avril Lavigne, et al. I know like two metal bands that are all women: Astarte and Kittie. The music is generally seen as too aggressive for a lot of women who want to make music, so they don't get involved in the genre because they'd rather make something more mellow.
  10. I was looking for some of their stuff on Hells Headbangers but he doesn't have the two that I wanted to get right now, so I'm debating going through Osmose to see if I can find them. I'm going to actually check Spotify first to see if I like them before I go buying any of their albums.
  11. Blind Guardian is great. I got into them through Tales from the Twilight World and specifically the song "Lord of the Rings". I was listening to them a lot when the Lord of the Rings movies came out. I feel like they are a criminally under-appreciated band & am not even sure if they have anything on vinyl, but I would totally pick up some of their stuff if it existed.
  12. Around the 8th grade, probably the age of 14. I was into Nu-Metal like Orgy, Kittie, and Deftones but that Christmas I had some money and I went out and bought Iced Earth's "Something Wicked This Way Comes" because I had heard a kid at the friday night Magic the Gathering tournaments talking about Iced Earth and I wanted to see what they were about. Shortly after this, I went out and bought Metallica's "Master of Puppets". See in those days, I used to judge albums by their cover art so I saw two albums with cool cover art: Dark Funeral's "Secrets of the Black Arts" and Emperor's "In The Nightside Eclipse" and I bought both of those as well & from then on, I mostly forgot about Nu-Metal (save for Kittie, I had a huge crush on every girl in that band) and started listening to proper metal. It was only a matter of time from there that I was searching "goth metal" online and came across MP3s of a band called Nokturnal Mortum on The End Record's website, particularly the song Unholy Orathania off of the "Goat Horns" album and from that point on, I was fully hooked on black metal.
  13. Nokturnal Mortum "Black Moon Overture" Goat Horns Nokturnal Mortum "The Funeral Wind Born in Oriana" Nechrist Burzum "Dunkelheit" Filosofem Emperor "Alsvartr (The Oath)" Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk Dark Funeral "The Secrets of the Black Arts" The Secrets of the Black Arts (not the true opener but the first proper song) Iced Earth "Angels Holocaust" Night of the Stormrider Rotting Christ "The Fifth Illusion (Furrowed Background)" Non Serviam
  14. I just have a shitty $14 pair of Skullcandy earbuds. I don't tend to use headphones very often because I'm always listening to stuff on my turntable and it doesn't have a port for headphones as far as I am aware. My turntable is a Fluance RT80. Not the most advanced turntable by far, but does the job for me. I have edifier speakers that are bluetooth capable, but I'm not certain what the model number is for those. I eventually want to upgrade my turntable and give the one I have now to my buddy so he can get into vinyl too, but I'm not sure what I would even buy. Probably an RT81 elite by Fluance as I'm not looking to be shelling out tons of money on a turntable any time soon.
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