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  1. Dude, don't even think about that shit for any reason. As someone who bought a 9mm carbine and began sticking it in his mouth two years ago "just to see how it felt" as my relationship with someone I wanted to have kids & a life with was falling apart rapidly, please go talk to someone right away. The fucked thing about suicide is that these kinds of thoughts are how it starts and it may seem like a beneficial thing for the family, or a way out, but you have to think about the damage that you'd do to the people who survive you and are going to be asking why you did it, even when your financial situation seems insurmountable & horrible. I promise you that even if you think that you have a good reason, people are going to miss you much more than they're going to be thankful for a life insurance payment. I have prior attempts on my own life. I tried to hang myself but the fixture I tried to do it from ended up collapsing. I also tried to OD on drugs and simply just got really high for days (and probably did permanent brain damage and heart damage in the process). I am on meds now that make me realize that suicide is never an option because as bad as things get (and they're going to get bad societally for me in the next few years), I'd rather force the authorities to kill me so I can escape the reeducation camps & political prison than die by my own hand and have the remaining few people who love me wondering why I did it and why I chose to leave them here without me. Don't do it. Talk to someone. There are things that are preferable to life and I get it completely, but those things are not here yet although they are in the process of coming down the pipe.
  2. The worst thing about being a DM is creating a world, writing out a huge campaign, and then having nobody around to play it because they all went to college. This happened to me and it was irritating as hell, and is what made me put away my D&D rulebooks as something from teenage years now gone. The thing is, I probably still have the campaign data somewhere in my house. In some forgotten box in my closet.
  3. NP: No Sun Rises "Ascent//Decay" (I am trying to like this album, since someone gave it to me as a gift but the fact that it's "post-black metal" just doesn't really do much for me.)
  4. "Science" and professionals are the ones saying that it's going to become endemic and eventually everyone is going to get it, and it's just going to have to be something that we learn to live with. The guy who invented the mRNA vaccine already said that "we cannot vaccinate our way out of a pandemic" and the narrative that is being pushed regarding the vaccine by scrotes like Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper is a narrative that is being pushed on behalf of the giant pharmaceutical corporations that have $$$$ to gain by forcing everyone to take vaccines every six months for perpetuity. I'm not telling people not to get the vaccine, if you want to get it then get it, I already got two doses of it. That's enough. I'm not going to be getting a covid19 vaccine every six months for the rest of my life, that's where I draw the line. I already have to take medication every day for the rest of my life & I don't like that fact. That's the reason why I'm not getting the booster. Because I actually know what's going on: I follow real journalism about the subject, because I don't believe a blessed thing that mainstream media says since they got everything else wrong for the past 4 years. CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and the others don't have the best interests of normal people in mind-- they are all sponsored by Pfizer and that's why they are pushing the vaccine so hard: because with the vaccine, Pfizer and others have realized that they can get vast amounts of tax dollars out of the system by lobbying the government to mandate vaccines and provide them at "no cost" to the public. The entire thing is a great big scam and they're going to have people taking covid19 boosters for the rest of their lives, and I'm not going to be doing that.
  5. I like a lot of metal from different time periods, but I can't definitively say that the 80s or 90s were better for metal than the current era. A lot of truly legendary albums came out of the 90s: Goat Horns & Nechrist (Nokturnal Mortum) Thousand Swords (Graveland), In the Nightside Eclipse & Anthems to the Welkin At Dusk (Emperor), Stormblast & Spiritual Black Dimensions (Dimmu Borgir), Angels Fall First & Oceanborn (Nightwish), Wildhoney & Clouds (Tiamat), Sleep's Holy Mountain (Sleep) Down (Sentenced)... I mean tons of great stuff came out of the 90s; a lot of albums that really set the standard for what I think that metal should be, but that doesn't mean that good albums aren't coming out now. Some of the best albums I can think of that came out recently: Evil Sound Screamers (Acid Witch), Eternal Hails (Darkthrone), The Heresiarch (Nupraptor), Worm Ritual (Nekrofilth), Roads to the North (Panopticon), Evil Strikes Again (Witchtrap), Hour of Ragnarok (Graveland)
  6. I just had a salad and some noodles tonight. Nothing fancy. I might have some ice cream in a little bit.
  7. I'm not getting the booster. I feel like I got away relatively lucky with the initial doses because I don't appear to have had any adverse events, but I don't really want to be jamming mRNA chemical concoctions into my arm every six months for the rest of my life and running the risk of myocarditis or damaging my immune system. I did enough damage to my heart and my body from recreational drugs. Gambling on a vaccine every six months isn't something I'm willing to do. I got the initial vaccine, and Pfizer made their money, but that's going to be it for me & vaccines from here on out. Besides, everyone is eventually going to get COVID19. It's going to become endemic. Hell, I could have already had it and just been an asymptomatic carrier for all I know. The fact that people like Stephen Colbert and the rest of the mainstream media are pushing the vaccine so hard naturally causes me to be skeptical of it, but I played along and got the first two doses because I was willing to give it a shot (no pun intended). Also, my governor shot down mandates in the state of Florida.
  8. I haven't checked out a lot by Tristania, Widow's Weeds is the only one I ever had because it was the only one that I could get my hands on back in the CD days.
  9. Got one this afternoon after I got out of work, but I reloaded and the forum came back up.
  10. NP: Burzum "From the Depths of Darkness"
  11. Wildfire was the first album I heard by them, so it was the one I fell in love with and I just ordered a copy of it and Cold Steel for an Iron Age from HHR the other day. Really looking forward to those getting in because Phoenix Rising has convinced me that I legitimately do like D666. Next week I'll probably order Terror Abraxas and some more Cemetery Lust (Rotting in Piss most likely), because I really liked the album I got by them in my last order.
  12. Oh I guarantee if it happened, I was not aware of it. And with some of the places I've worked in my time, it likely did happen. I remember one of my employers tried to not pay me for 10 hours OT that I worked, so on the way out to a jobsite, we drove out to his house with my timecard and forced him to cut me a check out of his personal checkbook. He claimed that he didn't see it, but he was pretty bad about paying people for Saturday work and would always try to find a way out of paying you OT. Then there was a guy who flat out said that he "didn't pay overtime" and that he "just paid you cash" but that was definitely a way of screwing his employees and is why I only worked for him for one week... especially when he wigged out and started slapping his wife in the shop. I don't work for woman-beaters. And to be fair, when I was younger, wage theft probably did happen to me somehow and I was just too naive to realize it because conditions for workers in Florida actually seemed a lot worse when I was younger. Granted they aren't great now and part of the reason I'm at a corporate gig and not in local construction anymore is because construction companies are beyond exploitative to their workers... they basically want people that they can keep as perpetual laborers, run into the ground, and never actually train them to be a qualified journeyman so that they do all the work of a journeyman, but cannot command a journeyman wage. One of my biggest regrets is that I don't know a trade. I know I'm still technically young enough to learn one, but I need to be serious about a job from here on out and stick with something. Unfortunately I think that something is going to be McDonald's which is a thankless job and one that you're treated like a moron by society for doing, but it pays my bills and there is potential to make decent money there as I've already laid out previously if you climb the ladder. It's just hard work, not so much physically but it's just mentally taxing. I quit a job once because they told me that I had to come in at 6am to "get ready for the day" but that I wasn't allowed to punch in until 7am. Not really sure how they got away with that, but remember that Florida is a "Right to Work" state, so employers down here are allowed to get away with the equivalent of capitol murder in terms of violating employment laws. Many construction gigs do not provide you with any sort of PPE to do the job like they would in a union state. But when I move back to New York, I might look into a union construction job again because I always wanted to be a union man and get a lot of pride from work.
  13. NP: Iggy Pop "Hippodrome-Paris 77" (Live album)
  14. Yuck. Supposedly that goes on in America as well, but I cannot point to any examples where I have personally experienced wage theft... or maybe I have and I didn't realize it, I don't know. Exploitation of workers is huge though in America and you usually don't have a lot of recourse because a lot of states, including where I live in Florida, are "Right to Work" (which really just means that labor unions are not allowed & your employer can shitcan you for any reason at any time). It has in America as well. Although most people don't believe that we've had 50 years of Neoliberalism because they actually think that Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were "conservatives" (they were just socially far-right neoliberals, as neoliberalism is inherently right wing economically, "supply side economics" and all that nonsense). Union membership is at it's lowest in America at any point in time in the past 100 years iirc because Reagan set out to bust unions in the 80s and union labor was already on the decline then anyway. In the 90s, Clinton merely finished the job with NAFTA (Neoliberalism Always Fucks The American) and then after 9/11 we really saw the plutocracy take off and the divide between the wealthy and average person got wider than it ever was before until it culminated in the biggest upwards transfer of wealth in human history around the time of the CARES act/COVID19. Like I'm well aware that McDonald's isn't truly paying me what my labor added value is to them, but there's nothing I can do about it so I just make do and don't bitch because it's better than being unemployed like I was for the past year.
  15. NP: Iskra "Ruins" (blackened crust, but more on the crust side than the blackened side. I don't know any of the lyrics and am not going to bother trying to decipher them from the liner notes, because each song's lyrics are really long and detailed despite it just sounding like the chick is randomly screeching)
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