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Found 22 results

  1. voc. (Randy Blythe style) searching for a band, any style. or can sing for project. located in EU demo- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UOPwKbyTo4 and where are couple more tracks same channal.
  2. Hey guys! My band just put out a new song on Friday, I’m pretty excited about it. Thought I’d post it here and see what you guys think!
  3. Greetings, metal folks. My name Is Ilia. I am a metal singer, poet and a vocal arranger. Had record a lot of tracks for different bands. So if your songs need some vocals hit me up with a message Cheer's
  4. Hello everyone! Hope Within Despair is looking for a vocalist for the new album Depths! I've included some links here to the album, as well as a couple individual tracks so you can get an idea for it! If you are interested, please, let me know! I can't wait to hear from you! Thank you!!!
  5. Hi all I'm currently looking for a metal vocalist who can scream and sing,I'm currently in the process of releasing an ep,I've several tracks already recorded,just need vocals,you will need to be able to track your own tracks,im also open to input on the arrangements of the tracks. Feel free to check out some of my demos
  6. Hello! We are looking for a committed singer who likes old school black metal like Panzerfraust-era Darkthrone, Immortal, and Mayhem as well as being accepting of people (from all walks of life). The current members of Azarot are as follows: Margoth: Guitar Misanthropocene: Bass I am Misanthropocene, if you are interested hmu on Instagram crossp425 or email [email protected] we are looking forward to working with you!
  7. So im having a dilemma. I wrote some lyrics for a song that was never used and my vocalist wants to use them for a new song we wrote. The title was Quetzalcoatl, the mesoamerican Serpent God, and the lyrics are about him and the known rituals involving him. But he didn't want to use the name for fear of "cultural appropriation ". I explained to him that my grandparents are from Mexico and I'm half hispanic. But because I'm fair skinned like my mother he claims it appropriation. So the name was changed but the topic is still there. I feel it's more insulting not to give that credit to that/ my cultural background and not name it for who its about. I was inspired to write this because of my family history in Mexico and I wanted to write a song about one of their chief gods and express my love for my deceased grandparents. And what drove me to this is that one of our first songs we wrote was about the Brazilian mapinguari. Mind you he wrote the lyrics to this with no complaint or objection. I want to know what the metal community thinks. Am I wrong to write this because my father had a ginger fettish and my skin should or would keep me from writing songs like this? Please give your opinions but be polite.
  8. I’m looking for a death metal/ deathcore band that needs a vocalist, I’m really trying to get back into metal and would love to hear and share/ write lyrics. Hoping to get some feedback, would love to hear from someone
  9. Hey guys, I'm Patrick from Germany and as my title already tells you I'm looking for a tech death online project. Just write me messages if I caught any of your interest! Here are some examples of my vocal range. There is much more possible but it all depends on the sound and that it fits :) Currently I'm playing in a melodeath band called The Course is Black: MeloDeath: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzZFNhE8GvY I did some vocals for a local Deathmetal band from my city: Death: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcfsB2vmQ24 I want to do this quite serious, because Tech Death is exactly what I want to sing/play. Just hit me up! If you got any questions feel free to ask.
  10. Hi! I’m a 18yo vocalist from London, I’m seeking a metalcore/hardcore/post hardcore/ deathcore if you’re interested please contact me, here or instagram @pvssycore
  11. As in title, I am looking for musicians to finish off the atmospheric doom metal project, I got 80% of guitars done, need rest of people to finish it and go further
  12. I am new here so this is me saying hello fellow metal heads. I am a bassist/vocalist. Bass for 15 years and vocals for 10. Recently the status of the band i have been in for 10 years now has changed to a hiatus that has given me more time to explore different avenues in music. I hope to accomplish a long time goal of mine which is to sing for a metal band. A couple main influences of mine are Devil Driver and Lamb of God. I live in Auburn, CA, (between Lake Tahoe and Sacramento). I am 29 years old and music is something that has been close to me ever since i can remember and I push to one day make a living by doing something music related.
  13. here is my old band album. I am the lead vocalist and I’m looking for a new band to make great music and have a great time! Please message me if you’re interested
  14. Hi, My name is Jovana and I work as session vocalist Website: http://singer-for-hire.com/ YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/rockjovana/videos
  15. Detroit, MI ---- I'm looking for some dudes to jam with. I sceam. Check out my profile for a sample of my sound. Here's something I did recently: https://keepsinking.bandcamp.com/
  16. Im looking for a band to do any kind of metal.
  17. Hello people, as the title suggests I am new in here, hopefully this forum/site will help me to find what I am looking for My name is Jo, i am from Romania, currently living in UK, also lived in Italy (yes I know italian as well) xD i am 30 years old, symphonic, dark metal addicted. I am a contralto/alto vocalist, lyricist, also artists and in the search of a family (band) My favorites bands are Kamelot, Seventh Wonder, Conception, Ghost, Serenity , Avantasia, Nightwish, old APC, Queen mostly symphonic metal, but loads of progressive metal, heavy metal, but I listen to loads of metal, period. Classic rock, alternative rock but also popish stuff like Lana del rey (gotta love Gods and Monsters) and whatever is a bit weirdish with great vocals I joined this site in the hope that I will find people that I can make a band, but also interact. Take care people, nice to meet ya
  18. Hi guys, vocalist/lyricist in here, alto range, I am looking for band members for a symphonic, prog, metal band in Uk located. Or maybe an progressive one kinda like Seventh Wonder, Dream Theater, Riverside etc. I am 30 years old and very committed I love anything metal with great vocals, but heavy, symphonic, goth, dark song are kinda my favorite. Also the acoustic. Fav bands are Kamelot, serenity, Ghost bc, Nightwish, Ayreon, Avantasia, Seventh Wonder, anything symphonic and heavy metal basically I can't wait to meet ya This is me singing Kamelot's ballad Veil of Elysium and under there's a a DOOm symphonic version of Freak on The leash, by Korn made with the famous UK bases band Cyclocosmia
  19. Calling all metal heads \m/ I am a Scottish based guitarist and I've been thinking for a while now about a project wich would include members from across the globe all brought together via the Internet, no certain metal genre in mind just wanna see what can be created trying somthing like this, give me a shout if this is interests you, peace!
  20. Looking for Metalcore band near Sheffield/Rotherham area Alright, I'm 17, living in Rotherham. Looking for a metalcore ban to join, or maybe form with a few people. I play Guitar (lead or rhythm), along with being able to grown, scream etc to what i think is a decent standard/sound. I'd be willing to travel so long as its not way too far. So yeah, I'm looking to join a band as either, Lead/Rhythm guitarist whilst also doing some backup vocals, or lea vocalist ('Screaming'), not clean vocals. Cheers, Joe Twynham. Email - [email protected]
  21. Looking for an epic power metal singer (Think Gloryhammer vocal style) to record and possibly gig. This is the music style: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rl7d75qkojptoyg/novox.mp3?dl=0 Lyrics and melodies already written so just want someone to come in and record them. Based in south wales but location is not important if you can record at home / locally and travel for final recordings.
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