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  1. Opposition - Demo CD + T-Shirt OUT NOW Opposition - Demo CD Official CD Edition of OPPOSITION's 2020 Demo. Digipack CD limited to 300 handnumbered copies includes exclusive Bonustrack "Foul Awakening" Opposition - 666 T-Shirt Limited to 50 copies, Gildan Heavy Cotton S-XXL Availalable Official T-Shirt Stream "One Final Death" Order here: https://deviant-records.de/order/information https://soldeviantrecords.bandcamp.com Please notice if you order through the Online-Shop, shipping costs will be calculated individually and you will get an email with the total costs. Please also CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER if you didn´t received an answer after 24 hours.
  2. OUT NOW Blood Red Fog - Vampir LP Previously unreleased album from 2006 with tracks that were supposed to appear on a split that was never realized. Professionally mastered at Trollhouse Audio in 2021. Black Vinyl, limited to 200 copies Order: Vampir LP Bandcamp: https://soldeviantrecords.bandcamp.com/ Stream on Youtube +++ Sombre Figures / Moon Oracle - Split LP Two mystic and absolutely morbid Finnish black metal bands with distinct and personal approaches join forces on a split recording that studies the funereal aspects of gravestenching death while both participants reach the subject from different angles. Special concept EP in Finnish language with the most cryptic atmospheres possible. Sepulchral voices from beyond... Black Vinyl, limited to 200 copies, Insert Order Sombre Figures / Moon Oracle Split Bandcamp: https://soldeviantrecords.bandcamp.com Stream on Youtube
  3. On behalf of Thorybos: After some cursed attempts German jawbreakers THORYBOS will finally return for selected live desecrations, for the first time in 7 years at the notorious House of the Holy Festival 2023 (June 14-17). https://www.facebook.com/FUNKENFLUGSOCIETY Furthermore, the band is honored to reveal none other than Ross Bay Cult elitist Ryan Förster (Blasphemy, Conqueror, Death Worship and others) as their new bassist. Bareknuckle Blasphemy. Blood and guts, saliva and black venom upon us.
  4. OUT NOW on DEVIANT RECORDS >>> Black Steel from the Heart of the World LP Edition United under the heraldic grouse are exclusive songs by: ABYSSION, SOMBRE FIGURES, SAMMAS’ EQUINOX, EMANATING VOID, POISONER, PANTHEON OF BLOOD and BLOOD RED FOG. Black Vinyl, limited to 200 copies comes with Poster, Insert, Sticker Mastered by Henri Sorvali / Trollhouse Audio >>> Black Steel from the Heart of the World T-Shirt Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt with Jyväskylä - Cirlce Design Limited to 40 copies S-XXL Available Order: Single LP T-Shirt LP & T-Shirt Bundle New Items in Distro: Ara - Gurre LP Black Steel from the Heart of the World LP Afsky - I Stilhed Digipack CD SVRM - Розпад & Червів майбутня здобич CD Ultha - All That Has Never Been True Digpack CD Ymir - Aeons Of Sorrow Digi CD Vampyric Tyrant - Schwarze Schwingen Tape Black Steel from the Heart of the World - T-Shirt The Temple of Satanic Warlord Zine Nr.5 Please notice if you order through the Online-Shop, shipping costs will be calculated individually and you will get an email with the total costs. Please also CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER if you didn´t received an answer after 24 hours.
  5. Bandcamp Fiday on November 4th, 2022 20% discount on all Bandcamp titles at: https://soldeviantrecords.bandcamp.com/ code: blackautumn CDs and LPs of Blood Red Fog, Eternal Majesty, Shores of Ladon, Shroud of Satan, Nordal, Taaken, Trest, Flagras, Thanatomania, Noctis Aeternae, Odal ...
  6. Bandcamp Friday on October 07, 2022 20% discount on all bandcamp items at https://soldeviantrecords.bandcamp.com/ items from the following bands are available: Shores of Ladon, Shroud of Satan, Cold Earth, Blood Red Fog, Sombre Figures, Trest, Noctis Aeternae, Flagras and more.
  7. CD REPRESS OUT NOW SHORES OF LADON - Witterung CD SHORES OF LADON - Heimkehr CD Second Edition, identical to first Press Order here: Bandcamp: Band: https://shoresofladon.bandcamp.com/ Label: https://soldeviantrecords.bandcamp.com/ Onlineshop: https://solrecords.de/order/information * Please notice if you order through the Online-Shop, shipping costs will be calculated individually and you will get an email with the total costs. Please also CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER if you didn´t received an answer after 24 hours. Regarding the Shores of Ladon / Kôr vinyl editions, we have confirmed the test pressings and are awaiting the announcement of the dispatch date.
  8. Coming Friday! There is limited capacity to camp at the location. BLOOD RED FOG LIVE-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDUqZ0m4tjQ FANEBÆRER LIVE-> https://youtu.be/9nufGSSN9wI THROMOS LIVE-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFE5TK38z6I Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1473202576446385
  9. Due the continued high demand, the sold-out CD versions of SHORES OF LADON's "Witterung" and "Heimkehr" will be re-pressed again. These will be available at the Ghosts of Dinmin Festival where Shores of Ladon will be performing live. The records will be identical to the first edition. Regarding the Shores of Ladon / Kôr vinyl editions, we have received the test pressings which are currently being listened and checked. So you still have to be patient here. Listen Witterung: https://youtu.be/1JdADCPj6Rg Heimkehr: https://youtu.be/zMLjp4QkjdY Ghosts of Dinmin 2022: https://www.facebook.com/events/2767754260207924
  10. Reviews of Flagras' debut album "Lohe" incoming: Voices from the Darkside (Eng): https://www.voicesfromthedarkside.de/review/flagras-lohe/ by Rauta / Imperium (Fin/Video Review in August): https://www.impe.fi/reviews/1/23116][i]https://www.impe.fi/reviews/1/23116 Stream: Flagras - Lohe Full Album Buy: Sol Records Bandcamp Flagras Bandcamp
  11. On behalf of Shroud of Satan: Good evening, we usually do not spam everyone with the useless "news" you can read in social media about plans for new album, revealing song titles and album covers, posting studio pics or about the latest fart we did, but this time there is a lot to announce concerning Shroud of Satan to make an exception. The process of creating Shores of Ladon "Witterung", "Heimkehr" and the Kôr album was exhausting so we did not touch any instruments for almost one year and all Shroud of Satan related stuff what was already written, prepared and even recorded was postponed until we find motivation to go on...what more or less happened in the last weeks. So here we go: personnel: Long time bassist M. (aka Heavy P. or "Gasmasked Flagellant..." in Thorybos duties) decided to quit all band activities for a while. Shroud of Satan will continue as the dual entity which started 10 years ago. new recording session: We are currently rerecording all demo songs which we created in the last years, 14 songs total, 100 minutes playtime. To be released as a new album and maybe some splits or EPs or we delete half of them, we`ll see. Drums already recorded, guitars in the making. new Shroud of Satan related project: In 2019...or 2020 there was a spontanous recording session after a heavy dose of a certain finnish band which only released a demo/7", a MLP and a split LP in their short period of existence. See this as a tribute. We cannot deny the influence on Shroud of Satan those recordings had. This will not be released under the Shroud of Satan moniker, project is called "BLACK MYSTERIIS". So pretty much the same relationship Kôr has to Shores of Ladon. "Litany to the Moon" rerelease "Litany to the Moon" will be rereleased in an extended shape consisting of the initial 4 songs + the song from the split 7" with NORNS, an unreleased song called "Dark Monastery" and "One Shining Star" - a coversong from another certain finnish band whose influence we cannot deny. All songs from the same recording session so it will not feel like a compilation but like something which belongs together. Slightly remixed and first time mastered professionally. Plan is to finish the aforementioned recording session first and then making plans how to release all this. Expect CD releases. We recommend to spare that mandantory "when comes the vinyl" question. You all know the situation. Purchase Music: Label: https://soldeviantrecords.bandcamp.com/ Band: https://shroudofsatan.bandcamp.com/ Stream Shroud of Satan - At the Behest of Time Full Album
  12. Deviant Records & Kombinat Schwarz Metall BLOOD RED FOG (Fin) https://youtu.be/J04lqsFLv1M FANEBÆRER (Dk) https://youtu.be/YEmfBYwuNJ8 THROMOS (Ger) https://youtu.be/AvSiR5Ibl6g Date: 19.08.2022 Entrance: 5 PM | Start: 8 PM Ticket: 25 Euro [b]FOOD & BEVERAGE included! [/b] Contact: [email protected] | [email protected] Location: Kantine „Zur Schleuse“ Lehnitzschleuse 11 16515 Oranienburg (near Berlin) Germany Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1473202576446385
  13. Heres a video review for the "Black Steel from the Heart of the World" Compilation by Rauta: https://www.youtube.com/embed/zsq6MynL0Kg
  14. Full Stream of Flagras Debutalbum "Lohe" on Sol Records Youtube Channel: Stream Flagras - Lohe Atmospheric Black Metal from Northern Germany 6-Sided Digipack with 8 page Booklet in june 2022 Tape Edition already available by the Band -> https://flagras.bandcamp.com/ Some Future Live-Performances: Ghosts of Dinmin 16.-17.09.2022 https://www.facebook.com/events/2767754260207924 Schwarz Metall für schwärzeste Wälder 26.11.2022 https://www.facebook.com/events/534811981340818
  15. A few reviews for the same titled NOCTIS AETERNAE debut ep: No Clean Singing: "...they have the atmosphere of an infernal blaze creating a frightening glow high up on pitch-black mountains looming over villages where people huddle in fear..." Read: https://www.nocleansinging.com/2022/05/01/shades-of-black-walpurgisnacht-edition-negative-plane-mondocane-noctis-aeternae/ Asphyxium Zine: "...The best way I can describe something like this is walking through an ancient ruins at midnight all alone with nothing to accompany you but fear itself and mystery..." Read: https://aeafanzine.blogspot.com/2022/05/ep-review-noctis-aeternae-noctis.html Seelenfeuer BM Online Magazin: "Mit Noctis Aeternae tritt eine weitere spielerisch starke Band aus Deutschland aus der Dunkelheit." Read: https://seelenfeuer666.wordpress.com/2022/04/25/rezension-noctis-aeternae-noctis-aeternae-ep-sol-records-2022 CD here: https://soldeviantrecords.bandcamp.com/album/noctis-aeternae >>>Stream<<<
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