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  1. Bal-Sagoth – Atlantis Ascendant Been quite a long while since I've last listened to them...
  2. Drinking some "Carolus der Starke" (Carolus the strong), a nice stout with 7.5%.
  3. No CDs, but just ordered new Shirts: Doctor Livingstone Sektemtum Hegemon Svart Crown
  4. Halphas – Dawn of a Crimson Empire
  5. Diamond Eyed Princess – Korlgueläal
  6. Haha, that's awesome! It's basically always like that when you buy things directly through the band, you get in contact with them and have a chat with them. Did he mention the name of his solo project and/or when and how it will be released? Now that I know of it I'm so damn excited for it.
  7. Wow, that is absolutely amazing to hear! I know Pavor but I'm not as much a huge fan of their music as of Rainer's vocals. Do you know him personally?
  8. Rainer Landfermann, Dave Hunt, Gaahl, Famine, Spellbound. Probably more that I simply forgot.
  9. Depends on my mood, but in general I fancy melodic (with that I don't mean keyboards) and/or "brutal" Black Metal.
  10. Ah, these days when you wanna see nobody at all and just sit at home with a liter of beer in front of the computer. Socialising at its best.
  11. Yann Tiersen – Comptine d'Un Autre Été
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