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Found 19 results

  1. Hey Metal lovers and psychonaughts exploring ethereal realms, 🎸🌑 Looking to explore the depths of mind, but worried about civilization collapse? 🔥🌍🔥 Enter " A Molochian Nightmare" which reaches into the otherwordly ambience at the edge of awareness and get punched in the face with brutal technical deathmetal guitar shredding. A Molochian Nightmare is a concept album exploring how the process of life, death and rebirth (Samsara) gets prevented due to the domestication of humanity. So we just get sicker and suffer more until the inevitable collapse of civilization. Moloch is a monster that we all create in our every actions, like an arms race we keep finding ourselves doing things that create a world that no one wants to live in. https://domesticatedminds.bandcamp.com/album/a-molochian-nightmare If you like Slice the Cake, Revocation, Archspire, Alluvial, Contortionist, Painted in Exile, L'Enfant De La Forest, You'll dig this album. Post in the comments your favorite track. This album has a huge dynamic range from blissful openness and builds to some of the most cathartic and expressive vocals and guitar. It is very experimental and questions many musical conventions. This album was recorded while I wrote a book on socioeconomic system change that suggests new ways of being founded on Cognitive Science and Buddhist 8 Fold Nobel Path. In a way they both play with similar concepts and you can think of them as a pair. find more at MarcusBarrick.com Reject being Domesticated 🧠 and stay metal! 🎸 🤘 Marcus from Domesticated Minds
  2. Edit: I decided to record the vocals myself. If you're interested what release it is: https://tegara.bandcamp.com
  3. How good were these 3 albums when they first came out? For me they changed the meaning of progressive metal, but which one is best? I know they are completely different so comparisons are hard, but they came out in roughly the same period and are top 3 progressive albums of the decade (IMO). My favourite is Masstadens, it's so unique I can't get over it and the production is absolutely mental. Such a good album.
  4. Greetings, My band is looking for a guitarist for an experimental/progressive extreme metal band. Bands influences are Ihsahn, Leprous, Ne Obliviscaris, Blotted Science, Death, etc... Guitarist is to be experienced, reliable, has the ability to record and use online tools, we're all from different countries (UK, USA, South Africa, Lebanon) and are looking forward to releasing our first album in mid 2021. ~ Long Term ~ May have to travel for live performance. Thank you. - Mike
  5. Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum and wanted to share some of my mixing work. I'm currently offering a discount to mix your band's next single/album. I specialize in metalcore, death metal, deathcore, progressive, and doom. If you want lush ambient leads over low sludgy aggressive instrumentals, send me a message on here or email me at: [email protected] I have a base price of $100 per song, and $25 for post production/editing. Message me before the deal is up. I only have so many openings this next month. Here's some of my past work:
  6. https://malevolent.bandcamp.com/ Malevolent is a one-piece raw melancholic ambient black metal project from West Tennessee. Harsh vocals, distorted guitars, raw sound, and dark ambient elements. If this is something that interests you please check it out. Thanks.
  7. Hello there, My name is Josef, and I am one half of Waterlife, a metal/ambient band from Chicago, IL. We love metal and epic soundtracks, so we've decided to combine the two in our latest self-titled EP. I invite you to listen to our latest release "Reflection". You may find us on Spotify and all streaming outlets on November 23rd. We hope you enjoy our music. Josef
  8. Hey guys! Ive just released my debut album. 14 twisted tracks for your ears. Really appreciate any feedback. http://fromthethicket.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-thicket
  9. Hello everyone,We are <Crescent Sky>, an instrumental metalcore/prog metal/ambient (you name it) band from Belgium and we just released our Debut EP "DAWN".You can listen to this EP on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and many more.Also on Youtube (full stream) : https://youtu.be/3rgyBYyC1u8 --> Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2ELkqFn Find us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/csky-book Let us know what you think of it. Getting feedback is important to us in order to evolve and grow. Influences: August Burns Red, Chon, Polyphia, Animals as leaders, Modern Day Babylon, TesseracT, etc...Spread the word. Sharing is caring Thank you !
  10. So I made a new thing. I decided to ditch playing in bands, writing metal that was "listenable" and went deep into DSMB (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal) and I can see no turning back. This music has connected with me for so long and jumping in head first was the only option. So here is my newest (and probably best as of yet) track. Hate to shamelessly promote myself but I just want people to hear what I have to say. Any feedback is welcome. Also, this is free for download if you want it. This isn't for fame or for money. Just my love of the genre. https://theloachandthemoonlight.bandcamp.com/
  11. Great for listening to while studying, driving or programming. YouTube: Spotify: Bandcamp: https://bloomfilter.bandcamp.com/releases
  12. On August 31,, When Bitter Spring Sleeps will celebrate the return to underground metal with the stunning new full-length, Star-Thrown. While honoring WBSS' pagan black metal roots, Star-Thrown adds choral vocals, and space atmospheric elements to its underground sound. In a bold move, the vocals performed by Lord Sardonyx are now entirely choral in style, somewhat akin to a cloister of secluded monks. Combined with the black metal guitars and ethereal guitar synth leads, this achieves not an "orchestral" sound, but the feel of a sort of "Cosmic Cathedral". Star-Thrown creates a cosmic atmosphere without sounding like other atmospheric metal acts. Instead of cold, digital synths, only purely analog instruments are used to conjure all sounds on the album. Instead of screeching, or roaring vocals, a chorus of ethereal chants. The metal part of the music itself claims inspiration from acts like Summoning and Bathory. Mastering of STAR-THROWN was performed by the almighty Andrew D'Cagna, owner/engineer at Sacred Sound Recording and Mastering as well as member of such amazing acts as OBSEQUIAE, NECHOCHWEN, IRONFLAME, and COLDFELLS. For a preview of the album, a new video for the track "CosmiCathedraLumination" can be viewed HERE. When Bitter Spring Sleeps' Lord Sardonyx comments: "All previous WBSS albums contained unifying concepts told through mythical tales. The concept for Star-Thrown is much less specific, but all the tracks share my belief that nature does not end at the Earth's horizon. She is merely a part of the universe and all of Nature was previously part of dying stars. All of this will someday be destroyed, transformed, and reformed into new matter. When the mighty Earth is consumed by our dying sun, everything will be thrown to the universe on a possible path to rebirth as new lifeforms or merely inanimate matter. These songs tell a tale of destruction, transformation, and rebirth on a cosmic scale." "I am very pleased with the sound of the album. I believe it is the best sounding album I've done. You will not be destroyed by the crushing intensity of it, because that was not the intention at all. I strived to create a smooth, warm atmosphere that was also very powerful and uplifting. There is a bit of sorrow and dreamlike darkness within, but mostly I feel that it portrays a very positive vibration concerning the transmission of our material to other worlds. A celebration of freeing the spirit from the physical body." Star-Thrown is When Bitter Spring Sleeps' THIRD full-length album, following full-Length albums COVEN OF THE WOLVES and SPIRIT IN FLAMES, a self-titled demo, and a split album with the mighty PANOPTICON. Previous album SPIRIT IN FLAMES featured a very raw and heathen sound with heavy Bathory and Summoning leanings. Pagan black metal with clean vocals. Before that, COVEN OF THE WOLVES featured theprimordial beauty of nature, cast into songs of melodic, earthbound pagan doom Just this year, When Bitter Spring Sleeps' song "The Sky Has Not Always Been This Way" was also covered by German pagan black metal act HORN on the very well-received album "Turm am Hang" and Lord Sardonyx performed lead vocals for the song on HORN's album. where the album can be pre-ordered in the following formats: --Digipak CD --Digital Download Featuring a cover and layout by Misty Visions Art (Wędrujący Wiatr, Stworz, Fall, etc.) Star Thrown track-listing: 1. CosmiCathedraLumination 2. Lost Amidst This Moonlit Verdure 3. Astral Blood 4. From Soil To Stars 5. Eternity Speaks When Bitter Spring Sleeps online: www.paganflames.com http://whenbitterspringsleeps.blogspot.com When Bitter Spring Sleeps online: www.paganflames.com http://whenbitterspringsleeps.blogspot.com
  13. Hope you will like it. I did the best I could to "paint" my favorite season, the Summer. This 22 minutes depicts a Summer day, from dawn to evening.
  14. I just released my debut album, you can preview on SC - https://soundcloud.com/officialbitterlake/sets/distortions-in-sombre-out-may or stream on Bandcamp - https://officialbitterlake.bandcamp.com/album/distortions-in-sombre Youtube full stream - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIDlAyoJWcU&feature=youtu.be Thanks for reading and all criticism and praise is appreciated! ---- https://www.facebook.com/officialbitterlake/ https://www.reverbnation.com/officialbitterlake https://soundcloud.com/officialbitterlake
  15. Hey there! First of all, I'd like to say hi because it's my first post here! Let me introduce myself. My name's Lenny and I've started my solo project called Lengbleu in 2012. In the past few years, I only posted my originals and covers on soundcloud. In 2016, I decided to work on a full album and it's finally out now! I've spent most of my weekends of 2016 working on this one... It might not be to everyone's taste but this album was a great therapy for me. I've done everything on my own. Except for the guests appearances I would classify it as Instrumental Progressive Metal.. But It also has some Post-Rock influences... I'm quite bad at putting my music into a category! The album was released on the 28th of Feb. Check it out over there I hope you will like it Feel free to be honest and share what you think of it here! Lenny
  16. We are a UK based Progressive Metal band from the West Midlands. I personally have been producing and writing the material for the last year but we are getting ready to approach labels and be gig ready. Hunting Humans Facebook Link Please find a sound cloud link on our home page to a demo we wrote purely for testing engineering, material will be soon available once the tracks are recorded. We'd love to hear your feedback! We will greatly appreciate any support we can get while getting this band up and running. All we want to do is get out on the road and give our best at every show.
  17. Hey guys! Hope you're doing well. Our band has just released a new single and would love it if you could check it out! Here's a link to Bandcamp for a free download: http://bit.ly/self-bc And a link to our facebook page: http://bit.ly/surreal-fb Thanks
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