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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I hope you like it!! MALKIOTO1 【Japanese Black Metal】 https://youtu.be/8u2thO6KQd4 Malkioto1 Rearrange version #blackmetal #atmosphericmetal #japaneseblackmetal Bandcamp https://arzert.bandcamp.com/track/malkioto1-rearrange instagram https://www.instagram.com/arzert.official/
  2. Hello, I have released a new 3-track-EP with my project Skognatt, featuring atmospheric Black Metal. You can listen right here if you're interested: https://skognatt.bandcamp.com/ Hope you enjoy it, DZ
  3. Hey there, the small but fine label Schattenpfade will release a Split-LP with Bergwacht and my project Skognatt soon. It's going to be handnumbered and limited to 100 and i set up a pre-order option on bandcamp: https://skognatt.bandcamp.com/ Cheers & hope you enjoy!
  4. Hey there, i decided to offer my album for PAY WHAT YOU WANT on bandcamp, so if you're into Atmospheric Black Metal, give it a listen right here: https://skognatt.bandcamp.com/ Cheers, DZ
  5. There's a tons of these in Europe, Wve-Gotik-Treffen, Wave-Gotik-Warsaw, Castle Pary, M'era Luna, etc. It frustrates me to no end that the American scene doesn't unify all the darly inclined like in Europe where its all Dark Culture of Schwarze Scene. It keeps us into isolated groups when we could be massive and theres alot of crossover between music fans. This festival would hopefully be a Legend Valley Ranch if enough registered users join the forum (which collects no personal info and even recomendeds protonmail for privacy). If you are in driing distance of Columbus and want to go to an outdoor festival the like of a spectral and spooky and ghastly Electric Forest or Burning Man join the forum and help me make this happen. I'm sick of the hippies and the ravers haing these spectacular otherworldy Cirque Du Soleil type events with Burning Man with all the art installations and everything. That is NOT the only aesthetic, we can make a Everyday Is Halloween type Morbid Macabre Masquerade type deal. Fire dancers aren't owned by hippies and ravers, and neither are lasers, smoke machines, and all the rrest. If I get enough people to register that are willing to come then I can get the sponsors (Giant Breweries and Microbrews and Liquor Companies generally) to throw money at it enabling the space to be reserved and then vendors dealing in macabre and spooky wares can buy booth space off Etsy and then there is the band budget. So please If you live in Pittsburgh, Philly, Indianapolis, perhaps Chicago if you can stand the drive, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Kentucky, West Virginia, Detroit, or anywhere within tolerable driving distance please register to show that a desire for a Dark Burning Man exists and that we can have dark festivals just as spectacular as Europe (WGT gets 60k), I'm hoping for 5,000. If the url is unreadable its https://noxempiriumfestival.org. This is a Gloom and Doom spooky type festial, blacklights and bluelights and smoke mahines and spiderwebs and funerary morbid themed. Apologies to those who all are hammers and hellfire, this will be a mellow event and hopefully beautifully gloomy. The genres chosen are more geared toward that vibe.
  6. Hello. I'm a one man band, Escaping Aghartha. I create emotional songs, utilizing contrast to increase audial sensitivity. In this, I both soothe and abuse the listener, creating a genre-defying and unique metal album that is boundary-pushing. I released my first album recently, for streaming here. https://escaping-aghartha.bandcamp.com/album/evoke-contrast-evolve Thoughts, criticisms, etc. are always welcome. Cheers.
  7. Nuitville "Nuitville" is Ukrainian blackgaze one-man project, created by the artist and musician Tristan Nuit. The idea of creation and beginning of work took start in 2012, but the final versions of songs were recorded in 2015-2018, the artwork was drawn in 2019. “When The Darkness Falls” became the debut EP album, dedicated to the Night, like to the alive phenomenon, cradle of calmness and inspiration. Links: https://www.facebook.com/nuitville/ https://vk.com/nuitville [email protected]
  8. Aseroe wants to help you descend into despair, madness and complete mental devastation. This intention is only furthered by their horrifying music video, premiering now over at Metal Injection: http://www.metalinjection.net/video/aseroes-debut-music-video-is-ritualistic-decomposition The full EP will be released on cassette, CD and a limited box-set edition which will include both formats, animal bones, a sticker, a note from the band and a crack pipe to really help you push yourself over the edge. Pre-order here: https://greymatternoise.bandcamp.com/album/aseroe https://www.facebook.com/greymatterproductions/ DESCEND INTO MADNESS
  9. Hey there! I am creating Metal music influenced by a variety of different Metal subgenres. Most people have called it Atmospheric Black Metal or Depressive Black Metal, wich I am both ok with. You can find me on https://www.facebook.com/Hathenband/ and https://hathen.bandcamp.com. So, here is some music: https://hathen.bandcamp.com/album/erde
  10. www.mistyvisionsart.com Misty Visions Art is a one-man creative initiative located in small town at the feet of the mountains in southern Poland. MVA focuses mostly on artwork design and photography. My services are dedicated not only to music bands and labels, but also to various companies for whom I design high quality business cards, promotional flyers and other graphic stuff. In general, I draw my inspiration from the nature and the folklore of the different regions of Poland. and more... www.mistyvisionsart.com
  11. Hi! My name is Gonzalo, i'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I want to show you my one-man Black Metal/Blackgaze band called Youth Against Christ. You can find Youth Against Christ's first album, 'Meraki', on Bandcamp, YouTube or Spotify. The album was released this year on June 16th and it was recorded by me in my home. Nowadays I'm finishing the mixing of my second album and working on two differents splits with two blackgaze bands from my country. Here you have the links to listen 'Meraki': Bandcamp: https://youthagainstchrist.bandcamp.com/ Youtube: If you like my album, please feel free to share it with your friends! Thank you very much for your time
  12. Hello everyone! Listen to my project Matanoia - post black metal. my music on Bandcamp https://blackmetanoia.bandcamp.com/releases check it out on youtube: Enjoy the music.
  13. Blaine Rohmer is a one-man atmospheric black/dark metal project from Minsk, Belarus. You can check out and download first full length album "Death's Hall" on bandcamp, youtube or facebook. http://blainer.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/blainerohmerblack/
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