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Official Industrial Metal Recommendations Thread

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Re: best Industrail metal music recommendation ! Impera (

) They're very hard to find otherwise so here's a link. Eisbrecher Neurotech (found them on this forum, actually!) ...and that's pretty much my industrial collection.

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Re: best Industrail metal music recommendation ! My ex bands bass player started to play in Diablerie. I discovered them, after the guy invited me to see his first performance with them. Thats something really cool stuff. Check a song here:

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Re: best Industrail metal music recommendation ! Just been listening to the latest Neurotech album, think he's has lost his way a little. NTNR you forgot KMFMD. 5e6jE4Hupnc Also Combichrist' saw them supporting Rammstein a few years back.

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Well, it looks like some industrial metal recommendations were requested, aand I haven't done a video list here yet. I would have just responded to the same thread that everyone else has, but I think I would rather have the official recommendations thread for this section possess a title free of typographical errors. After this post is made, I'll move the other posts over and close the thread. Not sure why a super moderator can't change the title of the thread, but oh well.


Aborym - Humechanical-Virus:

Aborym are an Italian industrial black metal band, and I'm sure that I've posted about them before, but it was probably in the black metal thread. These guys walk the line better than almost anyone, as opposed to just being a black metal band with industrial influences, this is a true fusion of the two sounds. It is professionally done too, nothing here sounds like a gimmick, and neither sound cheapens the other, they enhance each other. Top it off with some stellar vocals from none other than Attila Csihar of Mayhem and Tormentor fame and have a pretty killer album here.

The Amenta - Erebus:

The Amenta is an Australian industrial death metal band that feels the need to play at some fairly insane speeds. The sound here is very aggressive and destructive, with the industrial elements giving it a mechanical feel (not in a bad way), in addition to an atmosphere that feels akin to a machine uprising against humanity. The vocals are a bit monotonous, but fit what the band is doing well, despite not being done in a style or tone that I would normally seek out in another format. Killer stuff overall, though their followup was a bit disappointing.


Anaal Nathrakh - Between Piss and Shit We Are Born:

Anaal Nathrakh play a pretty extreme sound, comprised of industrial, black metal, and grindcore. They might not be quite as overtly industrial as some of the other bands on this list, but they do use programmed drums, processed vocals, samples, and plenty of keyboard melodies and effects that give their music a very post-apocalyptic vibe. Most people are familiar with their newer works, though I tend to prefer the older albums. After this album, Eschaton, they seemed to dumb down their sound a bit, with more breakdowns, less complexity, and less lively songwriting. For extreme industrial metal with a nasty dystopian vibe, look no further.


...And Oceans - White Synthetic Noise:

...And Oceans were always one of the weirder Finnish black metal bands, so when they shifted from a symphonic black metal sound to one infused with industrial and electronic music influences, I don't think anyone was really that surprised. This album can be shockingly upbeat at times, especially when those electronic passages hit, but there are still some great dark melodies and ferocity here, and I never feel like I'm out of place in a dance club when this comes on. The following album was slightly darker overall, but the songwriting was nowhere near as good, and the riffing especially seemed really dull and contrived by comparison. That could just be me too though, don't write it off just because of what I have to say. In any case, I would call for any fan of industrial metal and/or extreme metal to check out this album, AMGOD.


Anorexia Nervosa - Sequence 1 - Spiritus Fornicatus:

Anorexia Nervosa is best known for their symphonic black metal releases, but on their debut, they played some of the most bizarre industrial metal I have ever heard. The sound here is a pretty depraved one, with a very uncomfortable atmosphere, creepy vocals, and really discordant riffs from long before it was popular to do so. There is plenty of gothic influence here too, but in more of a Bauhaus way that something like Sisters of Mercy, with open, noisy sounding passages of moaned vocals and odd sounds. I can't think of anything else that sounds like this, and I'm glad that a friend bought this thinking it was going to be like their later work, only to pass it along to me because it was too weird for him. Get ready for something different.


Arcturus - Nightmare Heaven:

Another band that I know that I have posted here a few times before, Arcturus is truly one of a kind. While they would best fit within avant-garde metal or progressive metal, the fact is that their sound, especially later on, contained a number of industrial elements and a futuristic feel that should strike a chord with fans of the genre. Electronic beats, spacey atmosphere, samples, drum machines, it's all here, and done in a way that sends chills down my spine each time I hear it. Please excuse my fanboy gushing, but this is one of my favorite albums ever, and everyone would do well to at least check it out for themselves to see what they think of one of metal's most unique entities.


Blut Aus Nord - MoRT: Chapter VIII:

That's right, another Blut Aus Nord video. I will not apologize for my blatant fan boy praises of this band, because I love everything I've heard from them. This band has always been an experimental one, and most of their "kvlt" internet bitch fans disowned them when they released this album despite knowing that they had been moving in this direction all along. Oh well, their loss. What we have here is crawling, despondent industrial/ambient metal, with minimal traces of traditional black metal remaining, but this may well be their most terrifying sounding album. The sound is dark and grimy, almost bringing to mind an abandoned waste treatment plant that the band's damned souls are haunting. It may not be for everyone, but you likely won't hear many bands that can make music this disturbing.


December Wolves - Desperately Seeking Satan:

I know that I've posted about December Wolves here before, but it was likely for their black/thrash album Completely Dehumanized. This album, the appropriately titled Blasterpiece Theatre, came next, and took their speed and aggression up to an even higher degree, in addition to incorporating industrial into their sound. All of the songs start with samples, the vocals are processed, and the songs are rife with industrial twists and turns between the savagery on display. These guys are in a class of their own, truly a band that never received the credit that they deserved, any fan of industrial metal or black metal should check this out posthaste.


Dødheimsgard - Supervillain Serum:

Dødheimsgard is yet another black metal band that has transitioned their sound to an industrial black metal hybrid of the years, with this album Supervillain Outcast taking on a number of avant-garde metal traits as well. This is a very ambitious and adventurous album, with plenty of weird stuff going on to catch your ears. The playing is very technical, and the industrial elements are very well done here, enhancing the strange mechanical feel of the songwriting. I can't imagine fans of more straightforward music enjoying this much, but for those looking for something different, this album would do nicely.


Ewigkeit - The Nightmare Institution:

Ewigkeit is a band that varies a great deal from the other bands that I have posted about here. As you may have noticed by now, I tend to prefer the more bizarre and/or extreme bands that fuse industrial and metal, and I guess Ewigkeit still qualifies as bizarre, but not overtly so. The music here would likely appeal more to fans of bands like Rammstein than to the more wild sounds that I've listed above, but something about the way that they compose their keyboard and vocal melodies gets to me in a way that I can't explain. Not my favorite album on the list or in my collection by a long shot, but I can throw it on sometimes and find it enjoyable. Its inclusion here is more to add some variety to the list, which up until now was mostly extreme metal driven.

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I like Laibach. Trough years they became much more experimental, their sound is more post-industrial. Some of the songs are aggresive, some of them ambient. Sadly not all songs are awalable online but on old vinyl records. They are one of the bands that had big influence on others. Once when asked about Rammstein stealing from them, members of Laibach said that "they simply got inspired by their music and that Rammstein seem to be a kind of Laibach for adolescents and Laibach Rammstein for grown-ups".

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  • Our picks

    • No matter how much you dislike Donald Trump, Ministry's overt and constant attack on his administration doesn't mean that "AmeriKKKant" is actually a good album.  I mean it isn't entirely a terrible album either but you will struggle to remember of of it after even a couple of listens, beyond the endless stream of frankly confusing and almost barrage like snippets of Trump audio bites that is, they are the only really memorable part.

      It isn't really an industrial metal album either.  It sound s more like a nu-metal band got sealed into a steel drum with their instruments and got rolled down a big hill.  It doesn't come across as particular caustic or aggressive though, just a bit of a racket made in a Republican nightmare.  

      Not long into the record the message you are constantly force-fed just gets bloating.  There's no rescue or reprise from it as the pace of the album is so inconsistent and frankly repetitive you have nothing else of worth to focus on as a distraction.  I mean you can be really angry and pissed off and still transfer it to audio without being boring (Body Count "Bloodlust" is a great recent example of this).

      Even if Donald Trump is listening, the message of this record is that it is too mediocre a response to the true horror of his administration.  The facepalm on the cover of the album is unfortuantely all too indicative of the quality of the record itself.

      2 horns out 5
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      When I was 14 I witnessed the video on Raw Power TV to the title track from Judas Priest's "Painkiller" album.  "Painkiller" blew me the fuck away!  I mean, what was not to love?  Thunderous drums, a mix of gruff and shrill vocal antics and duelling lead guitars.  I went straight out that afternoon and bought the album on blasted it for consecutive days for the next 3 months.  All in all, not a bad gateway album to the band. 

      The real draw of "Painkiller" was the memorability of the experience was that one run through the record left seared scorch marks across your brain.  For years after I could run through the entire album in my head note for note.  "Firepower" is exactly the same.  A mere 24 hours after it coming into my life and I can sing along with the lyrics, air guitar to near note perfection and bash my fingers bloody to the drums on my desktop.  It's full of anthemic choruses and simple yet effective hooks that just pull you in.

      Try and not headbang to any of the opening six tracks, if you can achieve it you are almost certainly dead inside.  Try not to make ridiculous gurning faces to any of the lead work on here and again if you succeed, check your pulse!  Sad though it maybe that Glenn has confirmed his Parkinson's is now progressed enough to stop him from touring there is no doubt that he can exchange blows, pound for pound with Faulkner and barely break a sweat.

      There's no point doing a track by track description here, if you have read the review to this point you'll get the idea.  Criticisms?  It is too long, by about 2 or maybe 3 tracks.  However, you can easily suffer the dips in the quality here and there as you are rarely away from some truly great music.  It does get a little samey at times too but that's forgivable to me as nobody is looking to reinvent any wheels here this may cause issue with the longevity of the record though for me.  Right now though I love it, I fucking love it.

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    • One of my favourite urban myths is that you will go blind if you masterbate too much you will go blind.  Listening to Portal might make you go blind as you ears frantically take resource from your brain that was needed for mundane tasks such as vision and bladder control as they try to cope with the relentless auditory assault of "ION", however pulling your pud won't affect your eyesight boys.  Science bit over, on with the review.

      "ION" seems instantly more refined than previous outings.  Don't get me wrong here, there's no slick production values been applied and there isn't any venture into clean vocals for example.  It just seems that this time around things are more calculated.  "Phreqs" is like being attacked by a swarm of wasps, as chaotic as it seems there's some well thought out structure to the attack to maximise the impact.  One of the only criticisms I could draw against Portal of old was that sometimes the mental factor was up over 11 and things did tend to get lost.  "Vexovoid" remedied this a lot with its more "Horror" approach and "ION" seems to take that on a notch further combining dark alchemy and atmospheres perfectly.  The build of "Crone" for example is full of creeping dread and menace, finally arriving and proving to be as ghastly as I had hoped it would.

      For all the scientific intimation of the cover things are still more on the experimental as opposed to technical side of death metal.  There's still that pit of the stomach sensation of being dragged into some fathomless void by the spiralling darkness of those fucking guitars and the taunting evil of those drums - they are not just about all out assault folks.  The layers do genuinely seem to be being applied with more structure this time around and the instrumentation is used better than ever to produce real atmosphere.  Favourite release of 2018 so far.

      5 horns out 5

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    • Fucking hell.  Where to start really?

      Nu-metal is apparently alive and well in 2018 and I don't like Nu-Metal, so the prospects for positive words in this review are slim.  It is not that I don't like Machine Head.  I mean I am not one of the mindless internet troll brigade who respond to every release with "These guys made "Burn My Eyes" and listen to this!".  Get over it bell ends, there's no more "Burn My Eyes" nor is there anymore "The Blackening" left to come.  Whilst I will openly admit to enjoying most releases since "The Blackening" there is no denying that the sound of MH has become increasingly diluted over the albums since their "comeback".  "Catharsis" is the end point for me.  It is so diluted it is like wearing my once dark black hoodie after it has been bleach hand washed and then boil washed - it kind of has lost all substance.

      The rapping is back, as if the first time round wasn't enough of a fucking car crash.  "Triple Beam" is without doubt one of the worst pieces of "music" I have ever heard.  When we aren't being treated to poor attempts at lyrical rhyming we are drowning in dreamy, hazy clean vocals that seem to be aiming (yes actually aiming) for harmony.  Yep, there's some catchy riffs but who fucking cares if you have to drink from the toilet to realise all you'll ever find in there is shit?

      Why this all has to go on for 15 tracks is a mystery?  I'll be honest, the skip button got used at least 13 times in writing this review.  For all the (frankly excessive) marketing that has been done for "Catharsis" I don't think I could feel anymore of an anti-climax.  Robb Flynn is all over every mag cover, web and video interview defending "Catharsis" and that's his entitlement, he didn't write any of this for me.  It is still terrible though.

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    • Watain's last album "The Wild Hunt" got slated on one internet review for being "Nu-Dark Funeral with the heart of Bon Jovi".  Whilst a certain amount of butthurt contributed the scribe of aforementioned review choosing such a frankly ridiculous statement, it was unfortunately indicative of the direction change of the album that saw the raw and ferocious nature of the band be trimmed back to make way for more melodic, progressive and accessible aspects.

      "Trident Wolf Eclipse" is a return to that more traditional sound.  Although melody is obvious throughout, it is more restrained.  We have more Gorgoroth here than we do Bon Jovi that's for sure.  No wheels are reinvented on Watain's sixth studio album.  It is pretty standard BM fare, full of raw production values, tremolo leads and drums that can peel flesh from faces.  You won't find a lot here that hasn't been done by Watain before but then again the fan base has been crying out for a return that more "underground" sound for four years plus now.  As opposed to innovation let's just look at this albums raison d'etre as being to rectify the imbalance in their discography.

      Even the album is more BM than your average Bandcamp BM demo release nowadays.  Straight out of a 13 year old boy's maths jotter who gave up on trigonometry weeks ago.  So, depending on whether the kvlt legions of troo black metal want to put their sacrificial goat carcasses down for long enough to give them a chance, Watain are back.  Average at best, but back at least.

      3 horns out of 5. 
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