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  1. MaxFaust

    What Are You Listening To?

    Leprosy by Death. Which is predictable, it's one of my all times.
  2. MaxFaust

    Discovering the New Wave of British Heavy Metal

    Meh. This is an old canard that attracts opinions from a bunch of fucking kids who weren't even there when the shit hit the fan. The concept NWOBHM itself was an invention ... but it's never the less very interesting to hear how "thrash mertal" was a genre waiting to be born out of that early 1980s sound. You should probably not waste a lot of time on trying to "understand" what happened ... only accept that it was that moment in time and space, that required heavy metal to make sense.
  3. MaxFaust

    Skills vs. Personality

    The only interesting angle left in this thread is whether one may cover the other in this respect ... meaning that you can hide a lack of "personality" within the discipline of some very competent musicmanship. Or you can hide your lack of real talent behind an affinity for working the audience ... which is a real thing that takes real talent, to be sure, but it's got fuck all to do with music. Either way, it remains a question where "talent" really comes from and what it's all about.
  4. MaxFaust

    New Purchases/Acquisitions

    I happily bought the Covenant album with a C rather than a K ... which is very geeky.
  5. MaxFaust

    Who are your current top 5 bands?

    My current five big bands are Death, Vader, Emperor, King Diamond and Gojira. Or those are what I play the most anyway.
  6. MaxFaust


    Alfred North Whitehead is famous for a number of things ... but all we need to focus on here and now is that he once claimed that all of western philosophy is little but a series of footnotes to the work of Plato. Was he right? Did he have a point? WTF is this even about? Amusement value dictates most of all that people do. In the world of rock, the kick value. Or impact. There's no denying the fact that once every blue moon there's something which seems to hit "everybody" ... which may or may not be a real mystery, but there's no denying the fact that if an artist sells a lot of records, the whole shebang is going to include a respectable bit of cash that's up for grabs. Anyway -- The question here is whether all of "heavy metal" is little but a series of footnotes to Led Zeppelin. I don't care who you are or where you're from ... it's a fact that everybody who decides to really get into the music of Led Zeppelin seems to have some sort of Blair Witch reaction to the whole idea. They get lost. They don't come back. They see the light. Who knows? Point is that there's no getting around Led Zeppelin if you want to understand why heavy metal came to be. They have it all down. Every trick in the book. Every lick, every groove. They've been there, done that. What is the entirety of metal music if not a series of footnotes to Led Zeppelin?
  7. MaxFaust

    Heavy Metal Bands

    We got a little stuck in the Mercyful Fate thing. Be that as it may, say any motherfucker whatever they like, MF is "traditional metal" in the best possible way. I'm saying this in an age where even Iced Earth is considered traditional metal ... and fully remembering what a kick it was to discover Melissa for the first time, in 1983. (It might have been 1984 though, when I first heard it. It gets fuzzy trying to remember all the shit from that long ago. Nor does it much matter anymore.) Perhaps the "message" gets confused with the "music" ... because Melissa was radical in its blatant "satanic" style for its time ... even though that path had been explored quite a lot before, only not as musically satisfying. A band like Witchfynde comes to mind ... although most will probably say they were NWOBHM. Here's something I think is "classic" in the traditional metal sense:
  8. MaxFaust

    Favourite lyrics

    Another town another place, Another girl, another face, Another truce, another race, I'm eating junk, feeling bad, Another night, I'm going mad, My woman's leaving, I feel sad, But I just love the life I lead, Another beer is what I need, Another gig my ears bleed, We Are The Road Crew Another town I've left behind, Another drink completely blind, Another hotel I can't find, Another backstage pass for you, Another tube of super glue, Another border to get through, I'm driving like a maniac, Driving my way to hell and back, Another room a case to pack, We Are The Road Crew
  9. MaxFaust

    Rate the song above you!

    That band -- Shadows Fall -- may be a little inspired by Sepultura. Which is far from the worst thing that you can be inspired by, but it's also not what I personally find interesting ... so I'll give it a 5/10 for being able to rock and roll, above the minimum standard. Here's what I bring to the slaughter:
  10. MaxFaust

    Thoughts on metal and negativity

    Aye. I am. Which is probably why all those black metal boys like me so much. There's nothing admireable about the human race. We're basically just stupid monkeys, not even smart enough to recognise the good shit that we've got. So we fuck it up and turn it all to worthless crap. Again and again, with the idiot dance of "success" and sieg heil to the industry and corporate mindlessness. BTW ... the word "occult" means hidden. As in hidden from sight, from the obviousity of rational thought and logic. In many ways, sex is occult ... because it's a thing that's hidden and feared, something that everybody has to figure out for themselves, what it means and how they wish to relate to it, but it's an important thing to most people so it will not be denied.
  11. MaxFaust

    80's and 90's metal vs. nowdays metal

    I don't mean to sound as if the old stuff is worthless. Fuck me if I do! The problem is rather that I know a lot of guys who got stuck in their perfect loop, like when they were young and good looking and all the music was radical and impressive ... whereas now they are fat and gone, working with some bullshit that destroys the earth, whilst trying to deny their own kids the pleasure of discovering rock'n'roll on their own terms. But what can you do? That's how life rolls. You will see.
  12. MaxFaust

    Rate the song above you!

    The above says "video not available" so I shall give Boris -- a favourite of mine -- with Merzbow -- another favourite -- the accolades they deserve, with respects to the video above the one right above ... a fine 8/10. I love that sort of thing. All they miss to make it a perfect day is Attilla on vocals ... The Cumshots is what's passing for "mainstream death'n'roll" in Norway these days.
  13. MaxFaust

    Heavy Metal and Monarchy

    The King, by Equinox ... from back in ye aulde days ... 86 or 87, I believe.
  14. MaxFaust

    Rate the song above you!

    Dude, that's cheating. Everybody loves Rotting Christ !!! 9/10 ... and the one off clean ten is only on account of the fact that they've made better songs than this specific one ... which is still vastly superior to most of the boring droll out there.
  15. MaxFaust

    Heavy Metal and Monarchy

    Very well. If you accept the premise that Ghost represents the metal form of Catholicism, the you should accept Devin Townsend as a representative of the principle of royal succession (by the grace of god). PS ... I am mostly looking like the bearded dude, whereas Devin looks a lot like my son.