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  1. I need to listen to this again. I was really unimpressed with it when I heard it last, as, from what I can remember, there was not very many dynamics? There was just a new reissue, I think, so maybe someone will post it online again.
  2. Balor

    True crime

    It was really bad from what I remember. Ramirez saw his cousin (a killer and rapist himself) shoot his wife, and I am sure there is much more.
  3. Balor

    True crime

    If Ramirez did not end up doing what he did with the life he had, I would be surprised.
  4. Balor

    True crime

    That's something different and interesting. Do you have a link to it? On the subject of Manson, I watched a documentary series on him called Helter Skelter. It was pretty new and circular, but very interesting.
  5. Greetings! What bands/genres do you like?
  6. It's mostly body weight workouts for me right now (plus running outside - but I do not listen to music then). Planks, pull-ups, squats, and so on. I haven't really used weights since I stopped going to a gym a few years ago. But my main music consumption during work-outs has changed recently from mostly metal to neofolk and noise.
  7. I used to paint miniatures and model kits actually! (I have no ability to draw.) I wish that my profile picture was my own work, but it is actually the cover of the reissue of Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes' second demo: Great music too: On topic, I currently either work out or read a magazine while listening to music.
  8. There is something about music and water sounds that do not always click with me, but I think "snorkel drone" could (and should) be a new genre. Your reminder reminds me a bit of The Rita. haha I don't listen to too much drone stuff, but I did get this tape a few months back: https://www.discogs.com/Swarm-Survival-Moss-Conditions/release/6549683 It's two tracks of noisy droning sounds. As for stoner metal, there is one best answer: Electric Wizard!
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