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  1. I can see it now! Thanks. You were right. I just looked them up and ordered their new cd.
  2. Is "Blood Metal" a thing? I watched a youtube video earlier this week where it was mentioned, along with black and death metal, as a metal genre with an extremist ideology. (I also was not aware that there was a "death metal ideology"). Or is this just somebody who has no idea what he is talking about? Here is the video:
  3. Necrobutcher
  4. No Emperor logo? Also, what band's logo is under Dark Funeral (just above the logo on the bottom left)?
  5. Look up the youtube documentary on Mayhem (I think it is called "On the Road with Mayhem" or something). It focused entirely on Necrobutcher, and discussed his response to Dead's suicide in depth. It was really interesting.
  6. You like The Ways of Yore over Dauði Baldrs? I like Varg's dungeon synth stuff, but have yet to really get into his new stuff. The simplicity of Burzum is actually something that I really like. It made the writing of music seem more doable to me. Beyond that, it is really cool that Varg was able to achieve the atmosphere that he did, despite the structural simplicity of his songs. I like to listen to Burzem while painting too.
  7. Yeah, I thought they were dungeon synth. Thanks, I will look them up.
  8. Cool, good finds.
  9. Burzum - The Crying Orc
  10. Is there such a thing as solely instrumental black metal? If so, any recommendations?
  11. First pressing as in from the 90s? How much did you pay? I see Burzum cassettes going for several hundred dollars. Why must they be so expensive!
  12. Thanks, I will have to check it out. I am considering getting Hvis Lyset Tar Oss of of amazon from the same seller that I bought Filosofem from. The only problem is that I think the Filosofem was a bootleg.
  13. I have been playing the guitar for close to twelve years now, but have only started playing metal about six months ago. The rest of the time was spent learning and playing classical music. Looking back, I think that I was inspired to play the guitar by some System of a Down song played on the radio. Now, I am trying to blend fingerpicking and black metal in the music I am writing (which I started doing for the first time about two months ago).
  14. Where did you get the Burzum album? I am having difficulty finding them online for reasonable prices.
  15. I usually listen to music as I paint.