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  1. Indeed, my knowledge is boundless! haha Yeah, it was other drama that I will not bring here. The situation was pretty much a guy from the mid 1990s underground turning up after a few decades of nothing and then starting to argue with the few people that still talk about his music (for no reason). Not just "embarrassing" kvlt posturing, but actual stupidity/immaturity from someone who had received longstanding respect in some circles.
  2. At least that stuff lives up to some (albeit stupid) "kvlt" status! I was thinking more of people who reemerge out of the past to embarrass themselves (as a certain underground musician did on a different forum I am on).
  3. My experience on other forums has led me to believe that many black metal bands (especially older underground ones) should probably not join forums/give interviews.
  4. Yeah, that is in the back of my head too. I can plan my year as much as I want, but I still had to sign up for selective service!
  5. Doing alright, thanks! More active on some other forums now, but I still pop in every once in a while. You? It was sort of like that with Venom for me too. When I was first getting into black metal, none of the first wave stuff really clicked with me. But then, just like you, I happened to watch some Venom live videos and loved what I heard. I haven't spend much time with the album material, though.
  6. But the prison synth has to be distinguished from the post-prison stuff too. I actually like those dungeon synth albums...
  7. Balor


    The sound of people eating...
  8. Anything by Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes would fit that description.
  9. Black Mass of Absu is another great USBM band that does not seem to get discussed nearly as much as they should. They sound totally unique - almost doom with BM vocals. Slow, heavy, and drenched in pitch-black sludge! Complete discography:
  10. Early Ulver! Others: Drudkh, Peste Noire, and Beherit.
  11. A day late, but Merry Christmas!
  12. That's that best part, this one has toys in it!
  13. Advent calendars are definitely a thing in the US. I have one for my cats!
  14. I have only began to listen to Venom this year, but I like a lot of it. "Don't Burn the Witch" and "Seven Gates of Hell" are current favorites.
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