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  1. I don't know about above, but between and within might be closer to the truth. I think a massive overarching conspiracy might be giving human beings too much credit. Considering how often people destroy what they have built over time, it seems unlikely that humans could have managed to do something so big and meaningful while also keeping it almost totally secret.
  2. Too late, he already is using something called "bitchute" to post more of the same videos.
  3. I have been struggling to write any music on my guitar for the last few months, but I finally got something that I like. Have either of you read anything by Thomas Ligoitti? His stories are very much Lovecraft inspired. Have you read any Kant? You might be interested in some of his theoretical philosophy if this topic is of interest to you.
  4. However, plenty of people use social media and smartphones for individualizing acts (political protest, sharing of art and ideas, etc.). I think that the killing of free thought is not so much the direct result of this technology affecting people as much as it is stupid people gaining access to platforms to spread their stupidity. That being said, there is probably a reciprocal relationship between the two as well.
  5. His main account and then two backups were deleted by youtube. When I head that Varg had a channel I thought that he would post more about Burzum and bm. Honestly, it felt like his channel was 1/4 him fixing his car, 1/4 of actually interesting bm videos, and 2/4 racist junk. Varg being deleted from youtube doesn't seem to be too great of a loss to me. I wish he would make more music, though. The few videos that he posted of him playing acoustic instruments had me hoping for an acoustic Burzum album (I am sort of surprised that this never came about, actually).
  6. I heard about this a while ago online. I saw also that some people had circulated a petition over the internet in hopes of getting their show reinstated. Unfortunately, things like this happen elsewhere too. Marduk had one of their shows cancelled in California when Antifa pressured the venue.
  7. Its really fun to play on the guitar too.
  8. Welcome, what bands do you like?
  9. "Wotanjugend" - M8l8th / Nezhegol
  10. "Goatmoon" - Goatmoon "Son of the Northwind" - Goatmoon
  11. "Trigger Universal Conflict" - Konflict "Pesta Kommer" - Erebos
  12. I agree, it really is too bad. It deprives a lot of people from an opportunity to trade or buy some really rare items.
  13. Its certainly the most exotic purchase I have made so far. It really surprised me that I was able to order it off of Discogs, though, given that the cdr version is banned.