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  1. Burzum - Filosofem This album has a perfect atmosphere that pervades through each track. It is equal parts enchanting, meditative, and powerful. Or: Drudkh - Autumn Aurora My favorite Drudkh album. It feels closer to a painting that music.
  2. Listening to the album felt more or less the same. I don't think that Bathory is one of those bands where each track flows into the next, and the album is a unified whole so much as a collection of great tracks. I will probably get along in the future by just checking in with a few favorite tracks every once in a while. Yes, they were Warhammer stuff - mostly demons. Your art sounds interesting! Have you posted any on the art thread here? I have thought about looking for a teacher before, but it sort of sounds wrong for the genre. Total self-sufficiency feels like some sort
  3. They are pretty good. I would recommend them!
  4. I haven't listened to Kalmah in a long time, but always liked them. Extreme but still catchy.
  5. I was talking about bands like Venom and Bathory. I realized earlier this year that I had never listened to a Bathory album all of the way through - though I had listened to many tracks. At least I managed to change that. Haha I always wanted to write good black metal, but I have realized that I do not really have a mind for composing it. I still try every now and then to do so, but I think I am overall better suited to noise. It's really hard to balance work/life stuff with hobbies. That was the main reason that I have essentially stopped painting. I used to paint a lot of mo
  6. Old thread, but I will share some of my more recent work: Hail the black noise!
  7. I don't even know what I was referring to at this point, but probably first wave bands and other second wave bands beyond the few biggest ones. Definitely Bathory (and I have gotten flak on other forums for not listening to them enough). I probably would have done that too if I had not started listening to noise. Actually, as I think about it, getting into noise really changed the music-writing goal as well, as everything I have done has pretty much been noise!
  8. Sorry for the way late reply. I probably would not call them that, though I am no expert on death metal subgenres. They sound more like traditional death metal (no technicality, etc.) to my ears.
  9. Haha, this takes me back a while! I think I actually did do most of this (apart from listening to more old bm). However, painting has definitely taken a significant backseat in the face of other, more pressing things. Your goals look good too, and I wish you the best in achieving them!
  10. Is that the guy from Slipknot?
  11. Not exactly new, but this year I did come across the band Fornicator - who play some, to put it lightly, rather graphically-themed brutal death metal. it's fun when I am in the right mood.
  12. How did I miss this thread? Peste Noire is easily one of my favorite black metal bands (and, in my mind, the pinnacle of French black metal in general). I tend to prefer the early albums and demos, as they are more melodic and complex than later releases. Of particular note is the alternative version of "Dueil Angoisseus" on Mors Orbis Terrarum. I never bothered with the new rap "split" album apart from a few of the promo tracks. To me, it was just Famine's attempt to troll an NSBM label by getting them to release a rap album (even if he/Militant Zone were serious about
  13. Depeche Mode - Violator So I listened to it, and I liked it. I have always enjoyed electronic music (noise is still under this category!), and I think that listening to Depeche Mode as a kid might be the reason for that. For me, the strength of the album is its use of electronic instruments in ways that highlight their full potential. Some songs are symphonic and catchy, while others explore darker, more unusual sounds. I could see a group of musicians listening to this album and all coming away inspired to do something totally distinct from the others. Also, the vocals were grea
  14. I think I should give one of their full albums a proper listen next, so I think I might start with that one. As I was mentioning above, I know nothing about them apart from their radio hits, which means that this will be going into something totally new to me. This should be interesting.
  15. Recently, I have been listening to: various noise tracks (Ramleh and Bizarre Uproar) Depeche Mode greatest hits off youtube - I really need to listen to them more seriously. They have always been in my musical peripheral vision, but I never really looked into them beyond what is played on the radio. Metallica - Master of Puppets
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