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  1. Balor

    hi :)

    A lot of great bands there! Hope you enjoy your guitar.
  2. Balor

    hi :)

    Greetings! It's mostly noise and power electronics for me right now. Do you play any music yourself?
  3. Balor

    Hi everyone!

    Greetings! What arts are you interested in?
  4. A little noisier is never a bad thing! I think some cybergrind carries over to Reek too, even though they want to call it "industrial."
  5. I have been meaning to get into this project more after hearing them compared to Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes. How is this one?
  6. It's not my favorite, though I have a soft spot for System of a Down on rare occasions. I think the hate probably stems from the genre's adoption of a more commercial/rock/rap sound. The people who hate it the most are probably those who are also very concerned about remaining in the "underground."
  7. If it is with SW, then I think I should be able to find it! From what I have heard, the split with Evil is pretty good to (at least the Evil side, that is).
  8. I really need to get over it and check his stuff out more seriously. I have liked the few tracks that I have heard.
  9. I keep meaning to check this band out, but the drama surrounding the limitation keeps pushing me away! Some of his stuff recently sold for over $1000 on discogs not long ago.
  10. Out of curiosity, did they release any lyrics from this?
  11. Cool! I need to finally get some patches for my jacket (which has been sitting, patch-less in my closet for the past few years).
  12. Balor


    That's my thought too. I don't go to the album for a well-put-together whole (as I would Filosofem, for instance), but to listen to/treat it as a compilation of great tracks.
  13. Haha! I have to do this every other week it seems!
  14. And NOT on the carpet!