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  1. Thanks Murph I know the struggle thanks I’m being post thank you guys for your support
  2. Yeah just that the program I went for disability housing hasn’t come back to me and my supports hasn’t been returning my phone calls my parents are getting old I need to live if my own
  3. I just hope my housing situation comes through
  4. It’s actually next Thursday going to see rockapella the guys who did where in the world is Carmen Sandiego
  5. Trans Siberian orchestra the lost Christmas Eve
  6. Bohemian rhapsody you think your lucky punk
  7. Control Denied the fragile art of existence
  8. Hi shonalika welcome to the forum
  9. Meshuggah the violet reason to sleep
  10. German tech Death band deadborn has new album titled dogma anti god out next week @FatherAlabaster is this your cup of tea
  11. Good luck Murph thanksgiving was awesome
  12. Cool deal buddy some Kung po chicken and miller
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