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  1. Does anybody else here like old Western music? Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Marty Robbins, that type of stuff?
  2. I grew up on “coon hunting bluegrass” which includes artists such as Grandpa Jones and Jimmy Martin. But I also like Bill Monroe, along with Flatt & Scruggs.
  3. It’s “Timur Tragedi” by Power Metal.
  4. Here’s some good Japanese power metal.
  5. Who on this forum likes emo music?
  6. What draws me to it is that it’s cheap and that it’s a brand I’ve heard of before. I’ve found cheaper basses around $100-$200, but those are brands that I’ve never heard of.
  7. I’m thinking about getting a Sterling bass as my first 5-string Bass. Do their basses tend to be good basses? I know that there are better brands on the market, but I’m looking for something fairly cheap right now.
  8. Just out of curiosity: If there was a course called Death Metal 101, what do you think it should cover? For starters, I think that the pioneers (Death, Possessed, Morbid Angel, etc.) should be covered, along with the bands that influenced them (Venom, Motorhead, King Diamond, etc.).
  9. I believe while musicians should take their work seriously and really focus on it, that there is a time and place for humor in music. For example, country/folk singer Johnny Cash took his songwriting and recording seriously, yet he was still able to write songs that were humorous to his audience (Cocaine Blues had the line “I thought I was her daddy, but she had five more”, and A Boy Named Sue would make people laugh), and goofy songs such as One Piece At A Time.
  10. Which label is it? I’ll have to look further into that.
  11. A good way to improve your playing is to learn how to play a bit of every genre. Especially if you want to play bass in a band, because there’s all kinds of bands out there with a large variety of genres and styles that they play.
  12. Does anybody here like bluegrass music? I’ve started getting into it after listening to a bluegrass segment on one of my local radio stations.
  13. Not sure about Sevendust, but Bad Brains counts, considering the fact that they fused reggae with punk music.
  14. So I did a speech on the five main subgenres of heavy metal for my college speech class. What do you guys think about it?
  15. The only Saxon album I’ve heard so far is Power & The Glory, so I’ll probably say that’s the best album, at least until I check out more of their albums.
  16. While I had grown up liking the metal songs on Guitar Hero and Rock Band, I didn’t really start getting into metal until I was 16 (3 years ago). I joined this forum and a metal Facebook group, got recommendations, and increased my knowledge of metal. I remember my mother being worried about my “obsession with heavy metal” and being afraid that I was going to start doing drugs, getting tattoos, and worshipping Satan. After 3 years, my mother is fine with my love of heavy metal, and I haven’t done any of the stereotypes. When I was 16, I started with thrash metal since I was already into Metallica. But after a while, I started exploring other sub genres and becoming familiar with many different bands. So far, I’ve learned a lot about music in general since I’ve started really listening to metal. I don’t regret it at all. So here’s to 3 more years, if not 50 more. 🍻
  17. Nazareth - Close Enough For Rock N’ Roll
  18. The Persuaded - Dawn Of Destruction
  19. I always get Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky mixed up for some reason. Probably with the fact that they both end in “sky”. I also forgot to add the first movement of Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 to this list. It sounds a good bit like metal.
  20. Since classical music is pretty much “heavy metal before electricity”, does anybody know any good classical pieces that sound a bit like heavy metal? Here’s some of the pieces I’ve come up with so far: 1. Beethoven’s 5th 2. Tchaikovsky’s Rites of Spring (kind of sounds like “Hooch” by the Melvins) 3. Grieg’s Peer Gynt (In The Hall of the Mountain King)
  21. Since the week of Mardi Gras is still going on, I was wondering: is there any kind of “Cajun metal”? By that, I mean metal with elements of Cajun music.
  22. I’ve been listening to Elvis since it’s his birthday. Also, I’ve been listening to Rammstein during this morning’s workout.
  23. Danzig - Danzig Judas Priest - British Steel Motörhead - Ace of Spades
  24. I saw this funny video about Jim Carrey the other day. He was talking about how he couldn’t get enough of this “thrash metal” music, which he calls Napalm Death. He imitates the vocals, and ends up predicting Metalcore before it’s time.