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    Born in Santa Fe, NM to an American mother and a South African father.
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    The Atomic City (Los Alamos, NM)
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    Drawing, writing fiction and metal lyrics, reading good fiction, politics, philosophy and theology
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    Studying International Politics - Working Summer Conference Assistant and Research Assistant

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    : The Capitol Swampy (Washington DC)
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    Drawing, writing fiction, African politics, religion, weapons
  1. What's on your mind?

    Conceptualizing Australian Cthulu gives me a chuckle... "Nothin better on a boggy arvo than crackin open a tinny of VB with me mates ayyy"
  2. General Pics (Holidays, walks, outings etc.)

    Sky only looks like that in Los Alamos if the mountain's on fire again.
  3. What Are You Listening To?

    "On Strange Loops" by Mithras. Once I got past the first two tracks I liked this a lot better. I still think the first two are too monotonous. Very tempted to compare this with Australian band Alchemist (the only group other than Earth Electric to do psychedelic in a style that even remotely appeals to me), particularly on their "Trypsis" album. The ragged spacey roar is common to both bands on both albums and I love it. Incidentally, I remember disliking what I perceived as the monotony of Trypsis on the first couple listens as well. Gotta give this more attention.
  4. What Are You Listening To?

    "Eccentricity" by Lizard Professor. Not quite as avant-garde as they think it is, at least at the outset. This is pretty strong technical prog/death though.
  5. Pop

    I know you've got some fondness for country, you like "Honey I'm Good" by Andy Grammer? Used to dislike it but the lyrics are fantastic. I absolutely love the song's premise of a married man charmingly turning down sex from anyone but his wife, and the framing device of an analogy to alcohol works nicely. Catchy song too.
  6. Pop

    Man you're like the ReturntoCarthage of pop music, your tastes are all backwards. Uptown Funk did get overplayed but it's still a pretty solid tune IMO. By contrast, I absolutely hate Chainsmokers, but that could be overexposure. They're really well-liked here. Definitely don't like "Something Like This". Listening to "Last Day Alive" now, it's nowhere near as terrible as I expected. Chorus is kinda limp-wristed but otherwise not bad. Vocals are probably autotuned but I do like those harmonies.
  7. Pop

    I was talking about "My House" actually, though I gotta say it was disappointing to listen to the lyrics and hear it was addressed to a romantic prospect rather than an old friend.
  8. What Are You Listening To?

    Man, those are some goofy-looking fretboards. "Undulating Waves of Rainbiotic Iridescence" by Gigan. It's Gigan, it's good.
  9. What Are You Listening To?

    "Ressentiment" by Jute Gyte. Man dicks around with the pitch bend, decides to make entire musical style based around that. I can excavate it.
  10. What Are You Listening To?

    Definitely. "...And the Mirror Cracked", "Fall" and "Alone I Stand In Fires", although technically every track is a standout track because they made an effort on all of them... "Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns" by Zornheym. I don't care, this is fun. Pretty cheesy symphonic black/death metal.
  11. What Are You Listening To?

    "Return to the Void" by Execration. I chose this one based entirely on the album art. Turns out it's lower-pitched technical death metal with a surprisingly heavy dose of Akercocke. Matter of fact it might be kinda like Mithras. Pretty happy with my choice.
  12. What Are You Listening To?

    "Terrestrial Mutations" by Droid. Canadian prog/technical thrash in the vein of Vektor. Chalk this up as the third thrash band I've ever been on record as enjoying.
  13. Most anticipated albums of 2017

    Bah. Amaranthe is miles ahead of the absolute dogshit Arch Enemy has become, despite their latest work being lousy. When your band is such ass that not even Jeff Loomis can save you it's time to give it a rest. At least Amaranthe don't make the slightest bit of pretense, their pop influences are front and center - and I personally really like the contrast of linking really sugary bubblegum pop with a squeaky-clean "modern metal" production and riffing style. Matter of fact, I really wish Amaranthe would do more of that. As for anticipated albums - well, the Ordan Ogan album was great, but I am hyped as hell for new Diablo Swing Orchestra. They're the only band I've convinced everyone in my family to like apart from maybe Sabaton.
  14. Say Cheese

    I like the newer costume, although the older one makes you look kinda like Eggman from the Sonic games
  15. Personal favourite album covers

    Listening to this right now and love the craziness of this cover.