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    True crime

    Also, I have a personal hunch that there are a lot more people would could do what these serial killers do, but just never had the right set of circumstances to provoke the behavior. There are so few actual serial killers, statistically speaking, that it is no wonder that so many warning signs/contributing factors appear in each case. I would be interested to hear what your brother might have to contribute!
  2. Balor

    True crime

    I think genetics might play some sort of role, but most is probably environment. In other circumstances, he might have gone on to work in a competitive field (where being a sociopath might be a benefit!), or to become just another closeted though harmless freak. But I am no psychologist!
  3. Sounds good. Drudkh is perfect for solitary nights!
  4. I don't think their stuff is too hard to get in the US, as their record label has a US distro: https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?p=1&q=drudkh
  5. To the best of my understanding that is correct for the most/best of their albums. I think there are a few albums, however, that do have printed lyrics that are not attributed to a poet.
  6. Somebody has to keep the lights on on the farm! Something tells me he makes a lot more money that we might expect from Burzum.
  7. But were any of the post prison albums really necessary either? (kidding!) I don't know what the situation was like when this was released. Maybe it was put out instead of a repress of the earlier albums?
  8. I feel like quitting might be a really strong word to use in this context. I have moved away from metal in recent years, but it was less to avoid it and more to pursue a new musical interest.
  9. Balor

    Horror Films

    Gummo always seemed way too weird for me to ever want to see it - despite the Burzum music!
  10. Balor

    Horror Films

    Agreed. It feels much more like an art film to me.
  11. Blazebirth Hall was a collection of Russian bm bands that was around for a while in the 90's. I can't say that I am an expert on them, but they originated the sound that bands like Drudkh/Hate Forest picked up on. I usually only hear good things about them. https://www.metal-archives.com/labels/BlazeBirth_Hall/3260 I second this. It works really well for US buyers. Also, NWN is a solid distro. I ordered from him before, and would recommend him for anyone into war black/death metal.
  12. Listen to any Blazebirth Hall stuff?
  13. Try the early releases again (especially the second and third demos and Mors Orbis Terrarum). It is definitely worth it. There is really no need to check out their recent material, though the newest album has some good parts.
  14. Abstract art is always fun to experiment with. I agree that it can be overdone quickly. People really underestimate the skill of the masters. My collages are made from newspaper images, but mostly text. No ideas yet for death metal, but I will be sure to share it here when (if!) I get it done.
  15. I have been working on a few collages, and I am technically supposed to be writing a death metal song for an online contest - but I have really been slacking on both! Did you inherit any artistic genes from your mom?
  16. At least it is memorable, I guess! CGI will never replace good, hand-done artwork, that's for sure.
  17. It is a monstrosity - pure and simple!
  18. Glad you like it! Right, it is definitely a comedy, but a good one. The series is pretty consistent, so they are good all the way through the end.
  19. I agree on 1 and 3. However, I think I would prioritize atmosphere over energy. I think intensity/energy can be a type of atmosphere, though.
  20. Ha - neither do I (but I want their demos/first album at some point!). I think there is also a live album out now/soon. The new album is pretty good, but not on the level of their classics.
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