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  1. These arrived from China last week: Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes - Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes lp (limited 120 copies) YSY - Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes 7" ep (limited 200 copies)
  2. The split with Der Sturmer and Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes was awesome. Their full length was great too.
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    This is exactly how I felt about the album. I sometimes wonder whether Mayhem is nearing its end. Their more recent studio recordings do not sound compelling, and seem more and more monotonous. However, they are still awesome live. Maybe they should just focus on releasing some more live albums for the time being.
  4. Some random Clandestine Blaze tracks. @Requiem, check this out (if you haven't already).
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    Interesting, I have not heard someone pick it as their favorite before. I will have to check it out again. I think my problem was that I bought the album in a compilation with Grand Declaration of War and Chimera. In my opinion, Maniac was their best vocalist, so placing an album with Attila (who is not my favorite) in such close proximity to those albums made Ordo ad Chao seem much worse in comparison.
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    I don't think that I have even listened to Esoteric Warfare. I was so unimpressed with Ordo ad Chao that I didn't even bother, so I share your hopes for a great comeback. I'm hoping that they will come and play live somewhere close to where I live on the inevitable tour for their new album, as they did for their previous album.
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    Wow, this is definitely one of the best collections (of metal or otherwise) that I have ever seen! I wish I had a signed copy of Grand Declaration of War. How did you get the letters/passports from the Turkish promoter? Also, are you looking forward to the new album?
  8. Wow, what a lineup! Zuriaake, Mgla, and Hellhammer... Overall, it seems a little eclectic, but very interesting.
  9. "Demo 2018" - Grizzly Fetish
  10. I never really thought of Deathcrush as a first wave album, but, upon reflection, it seems to fit in much better with them. I'm not sure where I stand with it - it's really weird, but also super interesting. However, for me Deathcrush's uniqueness makes it edge out over Mayhem's later work like Ordo Ad Chao.
  11. Welcome! What bands and movies are your favorites?
  12. This afternoon's music: "Exercises in Futility" - Mgla Xenophobic Ejaculation / Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes split some Torturing Nurse tracks
  13. While I do not have a top-ten list worked out, there are a few albums that I think should be mentioned. Thus, in no particular order: "A Grand Declaration of War" - Mayhem (2000) As their first full-length album without Euronymous, it makes sense that Mayhem would explore a new musical direction. However, I would never have expected them to move in such an avant-garde direction. I think the technical riffs and spoken word vocal delivery make this album a work of genius. "Areifatoi" - Der Sturmer (2013) While it is only a short ep, I think it shows Der Sturmer at their best. I strongly dislike a large portion of their early material, but they seem to have improved greatly over time. This release showcases straightforward, mid-paced bm. While the first two tracks are good, the final song, "Voices of the Glorious Dead," is astounding - a true masterpiece. "Conflict is Control / Poisonous Gas Thrower of Jigoku" - Konflict / Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes (2016) This split album highlights two of the best active bm bands in East Asian. Konflict (Sri Lanka) play an unrelenting mix of bm/noise/grindcore, and create a massive wall of sound that only relents for short noise interludes. Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes takes similar influences, but instead creates technical, riff-focused songs. Both bands have excellent vocalists and push digital drum programs to their logical extremes. "Estrangement" - Drudkh (2007) While I agree that this is not nearly as great as "Autumn Aurora," I still love this album. The riffs convey a wide variety of emotions (from melancholy to triumph), and the awesome guitar solos provide respite from the otherwise enveloping ambiance (while still retaining the continuity and atmosphere of the song). Also, @Requiem, I 100% agree with your picks for Marduk, Mgla, and especially Drudkh.
  14. Unfortunately, the video is blocked in my country, and apparently no one has been able to upload a replacement. However, I did find a good cover version. I really like the main melody of the song, and the lyrics seem to be very good. The length of the song provides lots of time to build up atmosphere. Overall, I think it is a good song. 7/10. Here is a song that I came across a few days ago.
  15. "Trigger Universal Conflict" - Konflict
  16. Balor


    That does sound pretty terrible. I thought that it was just a remaster of the original.
  17. "Musta Rotta" - Bizarre Uproar
  18. Lots of noise albums/bands (Bizarre Uproar, Grunt, etc.) seem to be pretty well accepted into the metal community in Finland. There are lots of split noise/metal albums emerging from Finland and elsewhere.
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    The videos I saw of the remake made it look pretty good. What's wrong with it?
  20. I'm not sure that Kant is a great standard of beauty. Some of his portraits are rather unfortunate...
  21. Too late, he already is using something called "bitchute" to post more of the same videos.
  22. I have been struggling to write any music on my guitar for the last few months, but I finally got something that I like. Have either of you read anything by Thomas Ligoitti? His stories are very much Lovecraft inspired. Have you read any Kant? You might be interested in some of his theoretical philosophy if this topic is of interest to you.
  23. His main account and then two backups were deleted by youtube. When I head that Varg had a channel I thought that he would post more about Burzum and bm. Honestly, it felt like his channel was 1/4 him fixing his car, 1/4 of actually interesting bm videos, and 2/4 racist junk. Varg being deleted from youtube doesn't seem to be too great of a loss to me. I wish he would make more music, though. The few videos that he posted of him playing acoustic instruments had me hoping for an acoustic Burzum album (I am sort of surprised that this never came about, actually).
  24. Its really fun to play on the guitar too.