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    What's the REAL deal?

    Right now, I like music that is extremely harsh. Black metal, grindcore (various varieties), and power electronics are what I am currently listening to the most. Bands like Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes, and every band associated with the label Filth and Violence (perhaps filthy and violent would be a better characterization that harsh) that I have heard thus far (Xenophobic Ejaculation, Snuff, etc.).
  2. Balor

    Maybe a song by DOWN

    I am not familiar with Down's music. I think that your best chance of identifying the song, if you have not already done so, would be to message whoever produced the video.
  3. Balor

    Upcoming Albums, 2019 Edition

    I really like the name too. They are a noisegrind band, prior to which it was a one-man ambient project. They only released one demo (of two tracks). They were really good, but it sounds as though they have broken up. I listed them in the war metal thread.
  4. Balor

    Picks for Tremolo Picking

    I am considering purchasing new picks, but am unsure of what to get. What kind of picks are best for black metal tremolo picking?
  5. Balor

    Upcoming Albums, 2019 Edition

    I am hoping that the new Paysage d'Hiver albums will be coming out. A few months ago the record label website listed two, as of yet, unreleased albums under their discography. They were removed shortly afterwards, though. One appeared to be a compilation of the tracks used in the split albums (with Drudkh, Nordlicht, ect.) and the other was likely new material. Also, I am hoping that the planned split album featuring Phosphore Blanc, Chaos Cascade, Konflict, and Fogged by Fleshflies will finally be released.
  6. Balor

    music theory

    I think the problem comes about when the musician makes exhibiting their knowledge of theory/technical capabilities as the end of their music rather than as a vehicle for expressing something. That is not to say that doing so is intrinsically bad, it is merely another aesthetic that one can like or dislike based upon their own taste. For instance, while I dislike most tech death that I have heard, I love Mayhem's "Grand Declaration of War." I thought that by incorporating technicality into their music, they were able to highlight how they were reinventing their sound after the death of Euronymous. I think theory is like a tool that one uses when expedient, but can exchange when something else would work better for a given situation. There is never too much or too little theory, only good and bad uses of it,
  7. Balor

    War Metal

    Another round of recommendations: Death Worship: A war metal super-group featuring members of Blasphemy, Revenge, and Conqueror. Intolitarian: This is a noisegrind project (not war metal) that has been influential to a number of the bands listed above. The vocalist has collaborated with RotUGF, Konflict, and others. Nyogthaeblisz: A war metal band from Texas, USA that has a particularly chaotic sound. Grizzly Fetish: A Japanese war metal band with added experimental and atmospheric aspects. Caveman Cult: An American war metal band with a harsh and bestial sound. Necroholocaust: A Canadian war metal band that retains the pure essence of the genre, eschewing the noise that many others now incorporate. Godslaying Hellblast: A Turkish war metal band that, much like Necroholocaust, retains a pure black/death metal sound.
  8. Balor

    What Are You Listening To?

    Der Sturmer / Wehrhammer split "Demo 2018" - Grizzly Fetish This was very good (black/death/grind with experimental and atmospheric influences) , I would highly recommend it.
  9. Balor

    music theory

    The soulless sound found in a lot of technical metal music is what drove me away from death metal. Being complex for the sake of complexity accomplishes very little. I think that too many people view music theory only in the traditional sense of a scientific method of generating music, rather than simply as another concept from a collection of ideas that one can base their music on.
  10. Balor

    Батюшка Controversy

    Any thoughts about the fracturing of Батюшка? It is sad that a split like this has occurred in a band that has seemed so promising. I am not sure who to believe at this point, but the man in the video sounds pretty convincing.
  11. Balor

    Батюшка Controversy

    That's what I thought... I think that it was new material playing in the background, and he wanted to show fans that he was actually working on the music.
  12. Balor

    Where can i find decent patches?

    It is likely best to simply search for the specific patches that you are looking for, and then purchase them from whatever online retailer sells them. I don't know what you are specifically looking for, but that strategy has generally proved successful for me.
  13. Balor

    New Purchases/Acquisitions

    The new Konflict album arrived a few days ago in the mail, and I really like it so far. It sounds like there is much more power electronics influence this time.
  14. Balor

    What's on your mind?

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  15. Balor

    Hello there from Latvia

    Their early material (the demos and the first few albums) are excellent. Peste Noire's newer songs are still good, but not nearly as much as what came before.
  16. Balor

    Hello there from Latvia

    Welcome! Your path into metal was very close to my own, and I like several of the bands that you listed (especially Burzum - the greatest!). Since you like hip hop and black metal, are you planning to get the new Peste Noire album?
  17. Balor

    The Year In Anything Besides New Releases

    I really like this idea for a thread. In regards to music, 2018 has been a year in which I have greatly expanded my interests. I began to listen to power electronics, various varieties of grindcore, and continued to delve deeper into the world of Black Metal. For me, the most importance discovery of the year was of the band Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes, and since then they have become one of my favorite bands. Through them, as well as their amazing split with Konflict (another band that has greatly broadened my musical horizons), I have discovered War Metal, as well as a host of great bands (Goatpenis, Kapala, Tetragrammacide, Nyogthaeblisz, etc.). These bands have greatly influenced the music that I try to write, and have revitalized my interest in collecting and listening to metal (not that it had ever been lost). May next year be even better!
  18. Balor

    What Are You Listening To?

    That's a pretty good idea. I always like when people do covers of a song, but then change the style in which it is played. "Demonic Filth Ceremony" - Chaos Cascade and some random noisegrind/grindcore.
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  20. Balor

    What Are You Listening To?

    I think that many fail to recognize how extreme music is double-sided. On one hand, it can cast down convention and demolish societal expectations - which make one radically free. Many fail, however, when they reach this point. They can replace the old ways with new ones, and can rebuild their world around themselves. Nonetheless, they often become trapped in an aesthetic of extremity that they have built up around themselves, and consequently do not see farther than their own self-image. To a great extent extreme music is freedom, but freedom requires forethought.
  21. Balor

    Black Metal Vocals

    Try checking out Xasthur, early Peste Noire (especially the demos and the debut album), and maybe Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes. All have great vocalists that are closer to the screaming/screeching side of the vocal spectrum.
  22. Balor

    What Are You Listening To?

    "I Loved You at Your Darkest" - Behemoth I thought the album was good. There was solid musicianship throughout, and the composition and structure of the songs were skillful. The guitar solos were a bit too much for me, though. While I dislike commenting on music based on ideology, I was nevertheless put off by Nergal's preaching. He claims to want freedom, but then asks listeners to simply agree with his interpretations of out-of-context quotations from the Bible - not to say that he is wrong in what he thinks, but rather that he appears to discount the importance of knowledge and critical reasoning (both of which seem important in order for one to possess true freedom). Moreover, the use of children in some of the first songs seems to go against this as well. He asks those who are too young to make a truly free decision to come and help him to peddle his beliefs, which, in a way, makes him what he hates. "Ataraxia/Taraxis" - Pelican
  23. Balor

    Guess I should introduce myself...

    Welcome! Do you play any music yourself?
  24. Balor

    What Are You Listening To?

    I always liked the Burzum demo works. They were so varied, but they always gave glimpses of what was to come. Have you listened to the previously unreleased demo that was posted on youtube a few months ago?
  25. Balor

    What Are You Listening To?

    Was this a demo version of a later track? "Phalènes et pestilence - salvatrice averse" - Peste Noire "Pulverize the Human Race" - Goatpenis Due to the high praise that this is getting here, I will have to check this out.