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  1. "Detritivorous Kamigami" - Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes
  2. I am really looking forward to hearing a good live recording of "Duel Angoiseus." Hopefully we will not have to wait too long.
  3. Balor


    I was not too impressed when I heard the promotional tracks for this remix. I think GDoW was (and is) so unique that it just should not be messed with. As a side note, is the ~7 minute track of essentially total silence still there?
  4. I wish I could see that Emperor show. If only they would come to the US!
  5. Have they released the other two live, acoustic tracks yet?
  6. Xenophobic Ejaculation / Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes split
  7. "Dunkelheit" - Burzum (Filosofem): One of the most essential and atmospheric songs ever produced by Burzum (or any other bm band in general). An absolute classic.
  8. Strange, its been a while since they have even visited the forum - let alone posted.
  9. My pick for one of the best closing tracks on a metal album would be "Decrepitude II" off of Burzum's Filosofem. To me, the track not only complements the ambient fade out of the album (though with prominent guitars, thereby reminding the listener that it is not entirely ambient), but also maintains and encapsulates the sense pained romanticism expressed in the rest of the album. Though it is merely an instrumental repeat of "Decrepitude I," the repetition and lack of vocals causes one to reconsider and contemplate the ideas of its namesake.
  10. I am still around, just not posting too much lately due to life circumstances and general business. I will have some free time soon to contribute more (and hopefully finally get some of my own music written/recorded).
  11. "Thee Fyrste Deathe: Serpent Wrything Beneathe Thee Græve" - Reptile Womb "Suicidal Allegiance" - Intolitarian
  12. From the clips I have heard, I really like the guitar tone on this album - and the voice of the vocalist is great too. I will have to check out more of their work. Thanks for sharing.
  13. My world is utterly shattered by these revelations...
  14. I will have to check this out (and I look forward to the next installments of this blog series). I have been trying to get into Finnish bm lately, and appreciate any recommendations.
  15. I find that when speaking with anyone who does not listen to extreme music, it is usually the best policy to avoid too many specifics - that way you avoid weird looks and concerns for your sanity.
  16. Which is bad, the movie itself or the music used in it?
  17. What bands / genres do you listen to most?
  18. Xenophobic Ejaculation / Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes split cd It took a long time to find this, but I finally got a copy. I ended up having to order it from Brazil, but the cost was surprisingly reasonable.
  19. Cool music! I like the guitar tone.
  20. Balor


    How difficult of a read is it?
  21. Honestly, my worry about the film is that it will sensationalize a story that has already been greatly sensationalized/mythologized by the black metal community. It might make an otherwise serious situation into a joke.
  22. It is probably not the genre you are looking for, but Intolitarian has done several songs with spoken word intros.
  23. Yet another quote worthy of a signature...
  24. I was not able to find the collaboration track online (though I only spent a brief amount of time searching). Apparently it involves Bizarre Uproar adding to the final track on "Carelian Satanist Madness." It sounds interesting.
  25. I think all of their album covers are pretty explicit. In the video I watched, there were similar visuals projected on the wall behind them. Really great power electronics though. Apparently, Bizarre Uproar also did a collaboration track with Satanic Warmaster. I have been meaning to check it out.
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