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  1. Never heard of them. Any good?
  2. Hic Iacet - The Cosmic Trance into the Void (album)
  3. Midi


    Just finished the second volume of Kishidanchogoroshi by Murakami. I feel this was probably one of his weaker works I've read so far. The second book also seems to struggle to keep up with the engagement I felt while going through the first. Still an enjoyable experience though. Next up: City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg
  4. Inquisition - Bloodshed... (album)
  5. A solo recording as in a solo album? I did really enjoy Shiro-Ishii and some of Black Harvest repertoire so I'd be interested to look into that project as well as some of your new artwork. I've quit making music quite a while back. The project of which I was part didn't really seem to take shape in a way any of the members, including me, had hoped and it just slowly dissipated. From that point all of us went our separate ways and I haven't really bothered since. I still play chess, although a lot of the theory I had built up has been lost. I don't consider my myself worse though, as I've ne
  6. Thanks, Father. Are you still painting and/or making music these days?
  7. I have to say I don't dislike the last post (Ulwelcome Guests). It does make me want to grab my instrument. I can't however picture it to become more than background music. Nice throwback though.
  8. Well hello... I've been out of the metal scene for quite a while, so I'll be glad to meet you all and hear your recommendations Midi
  9. Love Obscura and Evoken. Never heard of Noisear though. I should look them up soon.
  10. Repugnant - Epitome of Darkness (album)
  11. Just had some mussels (is that what they're called?). It's been ages ...
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