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  1. Most anticipated albums of 2017

    Ironic, since this band isn't much different from Arch Enema with playing up the female fronted "sexy" gimmick and stripping their songs down to the poppy lowest common denominator, with just enough edge to give angsty Hot Topic shoppers something to show their parents and friends how "angry and misunderstood" they are.
  2. New Purchases/Acquisitions

    Ramesses - We Will Lead You to Glorious Times Dark Fury - Saligia Root - Zjevení Root - Kärgeräs Divine Eve - Upon These Ashes Scorn the World Eternal Elysium - Spiritualized D Eternal Elysium - Share Arcana Coelestia - Ubi Secreta Colunt
  3. What Are You Listening To?

    Nice, especially those first two. Traveller is outstanding.
  4. Politics

    Apathy and passive acceptance from those "real world beatdowns" is what has allowed the cancerous ideas and institutions in society to prosper.
  5. Immolation

    Here In After is my favorite as well, but Close to a World Below is just as good IMO. Failures For Gods and Shadows in the Light are up there as well, but they've really never made a bad album.
  6. Behemoth

    Better as black metal musicians.
  7. Most anticipated albums of 2017

    For sure, metal doesn't have to be brutal to be good. Many of my favorite bands don't fall along the extreme metal spectrum, but by and large, pop and metal are oil and water. There's a difference between being accessible and pandering with poppy melodies and choruses and banal riffs and rhythms.
  8. Top 10 Albums of Any Given Year

    Yeah, the first 3 Bethlehem albums are (so far anyway) the only ones that most would discuss. They made a couple more after that, but they were industrial rock albums, so many people lost touch with them at that point. They've done a couple of EP releases since then with different vocalists (as per usual), but the only full-length they've released in their classic style recently is a re-recording of the SUIZID album with Kvarforth of Shining taking the vocal spot from Marco Kehren. By all accounts, it's awful, so I've never bothered with it. I've heard that they might be up to another full-length, but I'm not certain.
  9. What Are You Listening To?

    Obituary - Slowly We Rot Obituary - Cause of Death Obituary - The End Complete Obituary - World Demise Obituary - Xcecutioner's Return Obituary - Left to Die
  10. Immolation

    I can't say that I favor the production on the last two albums either. The songs are still there though, they sound awesome live, but then a bit disappointing on the album.
  11. Favourite Nile Album

    Compare for yourself, the main theme is basically identical to this one:
  12. What's on your mind?

  13. Top 10 Albums of Any Given Year

    Sventevith is one that I don't have, so I can't comment on it. Deinonychus is awesome, I discovered them because of the Bethlehem connection, and I'm happy that I did. I'm not sure why they're not more well known because of that.
  14. The Internet is slowly killing Metal

    There is a lot of eBay idiocy to contend with, but it's worth it for the benefits of the format. I prefer auctions to "buy it now" because that feels every bit as hollow as regular online shopping. It's nice when you can coast through the bidding and get a good deal, but those last minute wars when it comes down to who wants it more are fun too, even when you don't win. Used buying avoids a lot of the price scalping bullshit that goes on with eBay, and I would much rather have an original than a reissue. In some cases though, like when an original can only be found for an arm and a leg, reissues are nice. They drive the price down on originals because demand drops, and I like it when they include demo versions and live cuts. Most remaster jobs on the albums I'm after aren't too bad, and some include the original mix and master to give you the option, which is nice. I will grab a bootleg when necessary though, since some albums will just never be reissued for whatever reason. If there is a legit version that's available within reason, that's what I go with, remaster or not, but bootlegs are better than nothing at all.
  15. Favourite Nile Album

    I dig the slower songs on that album, it seemed like they embraced more of their doom influences there. I can even forgive them for stealing that Unas, Slayer of the Gods theme from Candlemass because it still sounds awesome.