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  1. Quietus - Evoken
  2. Sounds interesting, have a sample?
  3. Blast beats, tremolo picking, and screechy vocals aren't requirements of black metal, nor are they unique to it. All of these elements can be found in other genres of metal, and black metal can be and is often produced without those elements. Even then, all of those elements were introduced to the genre during the first wave, several years before the Norwegian bands jumped on the black metal bandwagon. Sure, new elements were added by the inception of the second wave, something that is to be expected 10 years after the genre's birth, just as some large changes occurred within every metal genre between its birth and its later evolutionary stages.
  4. Double Dødheimsgard, nice.
  5. Last couple: Dødheimsgard - Monumental Possession Cirith Ungol - One Foot In Hell
  6. I believe both of these are repeats.
  7. A Catholic priest and a Presbyterian minister are friends, and are talking at lunch one day. The priest tells the minister that he has an event to be at on Sunday, and asks the minister if he'll fill in for him and take people's confessions. When the minister tells him that he wouldn't know what to do, the priest says that he'll print out a list of sins for him with applicable acts of contrition, so it should just be a simple matter of reference. Reluctantly, the minister agrees and accepts the assignment. Sunday arrives, and the first woman to enter the confessional says that she has committed the sin of anal sex. The priest didn't have a listing for anal sex on the print out, so he tells the woman to wait a moment. He exits the confessional and looks around for help. He finds and altar boy and asks him, "what do you get for anal sex?" The boy responds, "I usually get milk and cookies".
  8. I caught The Book of Mormon musical on Saturday, and it was fantastic. Well worth the high ticket price for such a funny show. I would probably become a fan of musicals if more of them were like that.
  9. Tough call, most of mine (or maybe all) have already been mentioned. Enslaved Opeth Black Sabbath Immolation Celtic Frost
  10. I get the points you're making about Puritanical and Death Cult, but I guess I see it differently. The production doesn't just strip the guitars and drums of their power from sounding so overbearingly digital, those elements would have been lackluster enough on their own IMO. It almost sounds predictable before it even begins, with a bunch of techniques borrowed from the more pop influenced side of metal (European power/melodic death type stuff), and a pretty weak vocal performance. Death Cult would be similar, but it seems like muting all of those elements and letting them support the symphonies and breathe in their own right gives them more life. There's more synergy rather than a flurry of elements trying to grab your attention with cheap tricks. Again, that's just me though.
  11. First wave black metal is black metal, the original black metal, without which there would be no black metal for there to have been a second wave of it. To say that it's not "real" or "true" black metal is a logical fallacy, and the second wave should be evaluated based on the first wave that pioneered the genre and not the other way around.
  12. Other than the My Angel demo from Arcturus, I can't think of much like Thou Shalt Suffer. I'll have to think on that to see if I can come up with anything else, there isn't a lot of keyboard heavy death metal with a morbid sound like that. As for Sinoath, I hadn't heard them before, but the first completed minutes of that smile sounded good.
  13. I had a guitar teach ask me this once, and the idea of "blood metal" fascinated me. However, no, it's not a thing.
  14. Puritanical could be looked at as a fuck you and a sellout at the same time, but I wouldn't add any of those positive attributes about it. They stripped a lot of the riffing variety from their prior album, slapped on a hollow, plastic production and symphonic that could make fairycore bands like Nightwish blush, and Shagrath turns in his most whiny sounding vocal performance. Everything they tried and failed at on that album, they did better with Death Cult Armageddon, but I still prefer their earlier sound. As monotonous as it can become, I like that sombre melancholy of Stormblåst, which sounds a bit less sad and a bit more majestic on the re-recording. I hate the idea of re-recordings, but that album needed one, it took on a very different tone with them, and one that I don't think is a bad one despite the consensus.
  15. I can agree with the sentiment, just not in Bloodbath's case for the most part. The vocals are good on Breeding Death and Nightmares Made Flesh, as is the music, but otherwise they sound dull, trite, and hollow to my ears. There's a fine line between hero worship and creating something that could be considered contemporary of your influences, and Bloodbath often falls to the wrong side of that line. Really? Sure, it was a step down from Words That Go Unspoken, but anything they did would have been. I would put it on our with Choronzon and ahead of their first two albums, but that's just me.