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  1. Yes, didn't pick that up. I literally hate waiting a week at a time, but I hate not knowing even more. As for the Walking Dead I honestly lost interest after season 4. I still watch it but I'm not devoted to it like I was once.
  2. I couldn't pick just 3 doom bands, there have been too many amazing bands to choose from. There's one of these threads stuck to the Doom metal sub-forum and I'd highly recommend looking through the video posts made by BlutAusNerd. What I can do is list my top 10 doom metal albums but keep in mind the genre makes up most of my album collection so will be incredibly diverse. 10. "Through The Darkest Hour" - Solitude Aeturnus. This is a stunning example of the epic doom metal style. Rob Lowe is an amazing vocalist backed up by great songwriting. 9. "Forest of Equilibrium" - Cathedral. This is some of the heaviest doom/death you'll ever hear. Despite that the band maintain some of the psychadelic tendencies they'd later be known for. 8. "Exhumed of the Earth" - Paramaecium. Doom/Death from Australia don't let the christian lyrics deter you these guys craft a huge, dramatic, sound. 7. "Psalm 9" - Trouble. Traditional doom at it's finest, once again the lyrics are christian but the music is so heavy and so well written you won't care. 6. "Nightfall" - Candlemass. Another example of epic doom metal this album is phenomenal. Heavy, heartfelt, and memorable songs litter this record. 5. "Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth" - Morgion. This is a more atmospheric doom/death album. Morgion's sound is complex and beautifully crafted. They alternate clean and heavy passages wonderfully well. 4. "Turn Loose the Swans" - My Dying Bride. Crushingly heavy, melodic, memorable, and heartfelt MDB have an amazing sound and really haven't released any bad albums. 3. "The Monad Of Creation" - Mournful Congregation. This is an example of melodic funeral doom from Australia. Memorable, heavy, dripping with atmosphere. Be warned this album (and indeed all funeral doom) is very slow, focusing more on atmosphere then riffs. If that's your thing you'll probably like this but if not you should pass. 2. "Embrace the Emptiness" - Evoken. More funeral doom, this band craft a cavernous sound, crushingly heavy, and with some melody but much less then Mournful Congregation. 1. "Stream From The Heavens"- Thergothon. This is by far the most unique funeral doom album. It's a great shame we only got one album from them. Lovecraftian lyrics, a weird atmosphere, this has to be heard at least once.
  3. I can only pick 3? How do I narrow that down? I'd say Dissection are the top, I love their sense of melody and their more technical mindset. There are other albums I like more but that collection of The Somberlain and Where Dead Angels Lie epitomise melodic black metal for me. 2nd I can't go past Bathory. Those first four albums were hugely influential on what BM would become and set up the Viking Metal explosion as well. I can't justify putting them at the top because their viking metal sound eclipses the BM stuff for me. 3rd is Bethlehem. I'm a huge doom metal fan, and I love when doom and black metal cross over, Bethlehem did it brilliantly with Dark Metal before pioneering the DSBM sound. I'll admit that style is not my favourite but I enjoy the way Bethlehem do it.
  4. It's worth noting that post is 7 years old. Understandably my tastes have changed a great deal it that time and so the criteria set out there no longer apply. On top of that this thread currently serves as a resource for anyone interested in BM to get a feel for the diverse range of sounds that label encompasses.
  5. Trust a Vic to not know how their state is spelled hey Req?
  6. I haven't seen any comments about the film really but is it really surprising the only people talking about it are black metal fans and people prejudiced against black metal?
  7. Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond
  8. I somehow feel as though I'm the only GoT throne on the internet, guess the wi-fi went down along with (spoilers) the Wall? Anyways my take on episode 1 of the finals season: Dany's dragons are voyeurs and Cersei was 100% channeling Bart Simpson when asking about her elephants.
  9. There's no such thing as an undisputed 10/10 song in any genre of music. You're dealing with matters of taste and for that reason alone there will always be a small group of people who don't think a given track is worthy of 10. The same can be said for quite literally any form of entertainment or art. Remember there are kids out there who genuinely think kse, a7x, bfmv, and trivium are the be all, end all, when it comes to "heavy" music. Most here would trash those bands and prefer to pretend they don't exist. Equally that crowd would likely have a low opinion of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Deep Purple.
  10. Solitude Aeturnus - Through the Darkest Hour
  11. I keep being reminded that I haven't checked this band out yet and I don't know why. 8/10, points off because I'm not quite in the mood for this kind of metal right now.
  12. Someone who might actually keep their promo in the right place? You'll make us mods very happy if that's the case. When it comes to your stuff you'll find we're much more likely to check it out if you're an active member of the community.
  13. Meanwhile I'm about to move back to my parent's home. I'm not happy about it but circumstances are such that I have no other option.
  14. Coming down with something just in time for the weekend, isn't that fun? God I hate getting sick.
  15. Final season of Game of Thrones starts on Monday. Eight years of amazing TV all comes down to this.
  16. Welcome to the community. TON are one of my favourite bands as well.
  17. Welcome to the forum. Like FA said we have recommendations threads at the top of each genre sub-forum and a good number of the posts in them have videos embedded as well so you don't have to go elsewhere to hear what a band is doing. Hope you dig it here, see you 'round.
  18. Welcome to the forum. I'm a massive doom metal fan so it's good to have another doom fan to talk with. I'll echo the sentiment on Evoken and Mournful both fantastic albums. Mournful Congregation are one of my all time favourite bands and their consistency is a big reason why I feel that way.
  19. Dark Angel - Darkness Descends
  20. RelentlessOblivion


    Ah that is a mystery I am yet to solve.
  21. RelentlessOblivion


    Could be worse I once left my copy of Stephen King's 'It' on a bus.
  22. Warming things up with my signature chicken curry. If lemongrass, ginger, garlic, chili, cumin, tumeric, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, lime juice, fish sauce, and coconut milk appeal to you I think we can be friends.
  23. Hope your interview went well. While we're on the subject that month of unpaid work is over which means...I'M GOING TO GET PAID!!! Unfortunately it's not going to be enough for me to keep living on my own but it's a start and who knows where I'll be in a year's time.
  24. Footy is finally back, and not just the warm-up games either. Better yet, and much to my surprise, it seems like Port Adelaide might not be starring in Train Wreck: The Season like so many thought they would.
  25. So a brief check of all the tours coming to my home town this year reveals the most interesting acts are Metallica (who I've seen before), Korpiklaani (who I find a bit dull) and Eluveitie (who I've heard of but never bothered listening to). Wonder what's coming to Melbourne...oh would you look at that the same shows plus two nights of Emperor and a Hypocrisy show.