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  • Biography John Fedeyko. I am proud uncle of two beautiful. Nieces
  • Location new jersey
  • Interests playing video games pissing off neighbors by blasting metal
  • Occupation Army of Two Merc

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  1. Thanks morbid for your support
  2. Thanks natassja7 I hope so can I have avoid it
  3. Thanks alabaster for the warm wishes
  4. Gorjira stranded love that song wormed kingshu
  5. I went to the eye doctor one of the blisters broke its look like another 2 months I may have surgery to get a new eye transplant
  6. Hey Dima welcome to the forum
  7. My favorite non metal cd is Brantley Gilbert love that song bottoms up
  8. Eluveitie epona
  9. My eye is doing better feeling positive and happy all the time
  10. Thanks ban for explaining that
  11. Thanks for the information swede
  12. Needs more definition thanks
  13. I got a question does the term blacken death metal combined the elements black metal with death metal or it's just death metal with black metal lyrics
  14. Hi Mary Welcome to the forum
  15. I like immolation Ross Dolan Robert puts out some great stuff just recently pick up atonement