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  • Biography John Fedeyko. I am proud uncle of two beautiful. Nieces
  • Location new jersey
  • Interests playing video games pissing off neighbors by blasting metal
  • Occupation Army of Two Merc

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  1. No Dave. What will your precious Lucy think come back to the light
  2. Ted bundy who whould rather be al bundy or macgyver
  3. Can't wait for the Indy 500
  4. English muffin pizzas
  5. Can't wait for the Indy 500. Looking for towards the holiday weekend
  6. Tim curry whould you rather be George Clooney or jack Nichelson
  7. I'm glad she ok man I had a good time at the air show the blue angels were fantastic they are better then the thunderbirds
  8. I like her a a lot she is very pretty I like them they play 7 string guitars
  9. Pizza who whould rather be a bounty hunter or FBI agent
  10. Pizza steak yummy
  11. Semblant what lies behind like that song @Requiem check this band out
  12. Tomorrow I may go the air show to see the blue angels looking forward for the holiday weekend
  13. Chris Cornell rip to one of Seattles founding fathers
  14. Obscura akroasis
  15. World of outlaws was awesome I got to three autographs from drivers Donny Schotz brad sweet and David gravel. Tonight is my nieces concert looking forward to it