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  1. MetalheadFromBama

    New Purchases/Acquisitions

    Just bought Dee Snider’s “For The Love Of Metal” yesterday. It’s a great album overall.
  2. MetalheadFromBama

    What's on your mind?

    There are many upsets going on in college football today, especially in the SEC. I’m starting to worry that Alabama vs Missouri could be the next upset. But as usual, I think the Tide will put this one out.
  3. MetalheadFromBama

    Best Trap Metal Artists

    I’ll have to check this subgenre out. I can’t really get into trap music (except for a tiny bit of Lil Peep and T.I.), but maybe I can get into trap metal.
  4. MetalheadFromBama

    What Are You Listening To?

    Today, I’m just listening to background pop music at work, which usually gets interrupted by someone calling “Code Teal” over the intercom, which means “We need help in a particular department”. But I might listen to some metal after work.
  5. MetalheadFromBama

    What's on your mind?

    I’m going to be performing Greensleeves on the guitar for my music convocation class today. Hopefully I’ve practiced enough and can keep a good grade in the class afterwards.
  6. MetalheadFromBama


    So what is everybody planning on doing for Halloween? I’m probably going to listen to some deathrock, horror punk, and probably some Sabbath and TON for good measure. Maybe go to a cemetery and/or watch Night Of The Living Dead. What about everyone else?
  7. MetalheadFromBama


    Since you like Rammstein, you should check out Eisbrecher.
  8. MetalheadFromBama

    What are you drinking?

    Henry’s Francisco Strawberry Wine. Made in Tennessee.
  9. MetalheadFromBama

    Trump Singing Holy Wars

    Here's a video of Trump singing "Holy Wars". It's actually pretty good!
  10. MetalheadFromBama


    I find traveling to be pretty fun overall. It creates many good memories. Like the time I went to Las Vegas as a 13 year old and got busted in the casinos just for being near the slot machines. Man, I wish I could have gambled back then. Oh well, I'll be going back in 2022 with a friend when we'll both be of age to gamble and see Show Girls.
  11. MetalheadFromBama

    What Are You Listening To?

    Nine Inch Nails - Broken Metallica - St. Anger This is my first time listening to St. Anger. It's not their best album, but at this point, I'm not understanding why people have such hatred for this album. The only negative thing I've found about it so far is that Lars is playing a little louder than everyone else.
  12. MetalheadFromBama

    Proto Metal 1958-1969

    For the 1950s, I would probably say that Charlie Feathers and Slim Harpo had quite an influence on metal. For the 1960s, influences would include The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Beatles, Blue Cheer, Iron Butterfly, Led Zeppelin, and Cream.
  13. MetalheadFromBama

    Songs with acoustic guitars

    Randy Rhoades - Dee Eddie Van Halen - Spanish Fly Throne of Eden - Forever and Always
  14. MetalheadFromBama

    Hell o from Massachusetts

    Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  15. MetalheadFromBama

    General Jokes

    Why did Mozart kill his chickens? When he asked them who the greatest composer was, they all said “Bach Bach Bach”.