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  1. Are you willing to move to Alabama? If so, I might be interested in playing in a band with you.
  2. who would you rather be?

    I would want to be Lemmy (without the cigarettes and drugs), so I could get a lot of women. Also, I could have that crazy singing voice like he has.
  3. What Are You Listening To?

    Bryan Adams - Reckless. Brings back memories of when I was younger.
  4. What's on your mind?

    I can't believe it's already August. Seems like yesterday was New Years Eve. I'm not much of a better guitarist or bassist, like I intended to be this year, but I have started running more often, so that's one New Years resolution that I've actually stuck to. Anyways, the Giants are tied 0-0 against the Browns. Odell Beckham Jr. got hurt BAD. I'm also ready for McGregor to knock out Mayweather in a few days.
  5. Does anyone here like punk rock?

    I've never been a huge fan of Dead Kennedys, but they have a few good songs. The Clash also have some really good songs. The earlier Misfits stuff is great. I wish the Misfits would get Glenn Danzig back on vocals instead of the frontman they have now.
  6. Does anyone here like punk rock?

    I think Keith Morris did great on the Nervous Breakdown album. It's hard to decide whether he or Henry Rollins was the better vocalist for Black Flag. I guess it depends on what song it is. Green Day and The Offspring are pretty good. I really liked Green Day back when I was in middle school. Now, I like more hardcore punk, but I still listen to Green Day every now and then. I love the Egyptian sounding part in The Offspring's Come Out And Play.
  7. Kyuss

    I listen to Kyuss sometimes. Demon Cleaner is a great song.
  8. Monster Magnet

    I just started listening to Monster Magnet. I really like Space Lord. The guitar playing in Powertrip sounds like Mötörhead with a little less distortion.
  9. Deep Purple!!! :D

    Deep Purple: good band. Machine Head is a good album. Maybe I'm a Leo is probably my favorite song on that album.
  10. Black Sabbath - Live In Paris 1970 (HD) Full Video

    Black Sabbath - Live In Paris 1970 (HD) Full Video Great show. I wish I could find a time machine so I can go to 1970 and be at that show. Only bad thing is I don't know how to speak or understand French.
  11. Does anyone here like punk rock?

    I listen to punk when I'm not listening to metal. Does anyone here like punk? If so, name your favorite artist and song. My favorite punk band is Black Flag, and my favorite Black Flag song is Nervous Breakdown.
  12. Does anyone here like jazz music?

    Monk's Dream is a good album. I like the piano intros on Monk's Dream and Bright Mississippi. I also like the tenor sax intro on See-Ya.
  13. classical?

    I like a few classical songs like Für Elise and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, but I can't really focus on classical music if the song is longer than 2 or 3 minutes. If a song is longer than that, I can only focus on the parts that I like.
  14. Does anyone here like jazz music?

    To me, Smooth Jazz doesn't sound like jazz. It sounds more like funk. Miles Davis was a great trumpet player. I listen to the Kind of Blue album sometimes. It's very relaxing. Right Off is one of the first jazz songs I've ever heard with a wah-wah effect.
  15. Does anyone here like jazz music?

    Autumn Leaves is a good song. I'll check out Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You when I get a chance.