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  1. Sat waiting for my weekend away at Whitby Goth Weekend. Wall to wall goths. Loads of live bands on in pubs and clubs. Main event at the Spar is Toyah!, giving that a miss. lol That's Friday night, Saturday is New Model Army. Not sure about that one yet.
  2. Its a great sport......... almost as good as hockey. . Into the play off's now, a whole new level of hockey. Pity my team didn't make it but who cares.
  3. I knackered. Helped girlfriend with stuff in her new house over the weekend, 5.30 am starts Monday and Tuesday then gig last night. 5FDP in Manchester, I know most of you don't like them but it was a great gig. I now need some sleep. Got to get in shape for the coming weekend. Ice hockey play offs, all weekend beer & hockey, and a bonus of the team I follow made the finals.
  4. Whispers in the Shadows - My name is Legion
  5. Not my sort of stuff, sounded very dated which to be fair it is. The intro was far to long. 5/10 Much as I'd like to put the fancy youtube link up, so soon as I try my screen goes white and I can't see a bleeding thing, so it's an old school link.
  6. Had some more tattoo work the other day, cover up. My soon to be ex-wifes name done, it was in Tibetan (had it written out by a Buddhist monk) so know one knew what it was. I knew so it had to go, quite pleased with the out come.
  7. satan 59


    Had some more work at the weekend but it was mainly a cover up. Soon to be ex's name is now a nice pieces of polynesian black work.
  8. Love there/his first album but not really taken with anything since.
  9. 1.6mm black bar. Was told the clamp would hurt most but I quite liked it. Doesn't hurt at all now 2 hours after the event.
  10. Dawn of Ashes - Torture Device.
  11. Feck me, nipple piercings make your eyes water.
  12. Not quiet. Ford GT Rousch 600 RE, only 10 made. Ford GT Roush 600 RE Review | Autocar
  13. iTunes Match. Thinking of joining up. Anyone use it and have opinions on it?
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